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08 Oct 2018 17:04:04
NY gets Butler and Jones

MIN gets Hardaway, Mudiay, Noah 2 firsts.


1.) 08 Oct 2018 18:30:39
Ah yes, the classic trade of take our two terrible contracts, 2 firsts that would likely not be anywhere near top of lottery because we just opened up another max slot. oh, but we will give you the ultimate bust of Mudiay if you give us promising jones.

Certain homers are just obnoxious.

2.) 08 Oct 2018 21:44:09
The only thing I disagree with on notdrainer is "promising" Jones. He's promising to turn into the next Patty Mills.

But overall, the firsts are enough to unload the bad contracts. You are essentially getting Butler for free.

3.) 08 Oct 2018 22:13:59
Somebody actually thought this trade was believable. Wow.

4.) 09 Oct 2018 19:52:29
Jones can only hope he turns into Patty Mills.



02 Sep 2018 23:00:30
Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Wagner


John Wall



1.) 03 Sep 2018 02:50:21
Lakers say no.

2.) 03 Sep 2018 04:16:57
James did more with less last year, but that team wouldn’t get to far.

Not cake walking through the east anymore,

every one of his championships he had a “big 3” that’s only a big 2 without the shooters surrounding him that he works well with.

Guys skill is undeniably great but that shows u, no one good enough to win alone.

There’s at least 5-6 better teams in the west even with wall on the lakers. West is a dogfight with one team being more like a bear (gs)

3.) 03 Sep 2018 17:35:08
I’m not sure anyone is giving up a ton to take Wall on the super Max.



02 Sep 2018 22:55:12
Marcus Morris Jaylen Brown and a lottery protected pick

For Jimmy Butler and a future pick swap



1.) 03 Sep 2018 03:38:26
I like that trade for both.

2.) 03 Sep 2018 04:19:59
One year rental bad deal for celtics.

3.) 03 Sep 2018 17:46:05
I just don’t see any reason to trade Brown or Tatum unless it’s for an elite young big or for a top 5 or 6 player without questions.

4.) 08 Sep 2018 00:08:51
Shiller I believe for the cletics to to this they would need a commitmit from butler to stay and if he does that i think its fair.



29 Aug 2018 22:46:22
SA receives Kyrie and Theis

BOS recrives: Murray, Aldridge, and an unprotected first

Rozier/ Murray
Hayward/ Smart
Tatum/ Brown
Aldridge/ Morris
Horford/ Rookie



1.) 30 Aug 2018 02:37:50
Spurs say no. They are high on Murray. Aldridge is their stud. They like Kyrie, but he is injury prone. To trade Aldridge and Murray they would have to get a boat load of assets.

Besides, nobody wins trading with Boston and Lakers. No deal with these two teams unless you are desperate.

2.) 30 Aug 2018 05:04:40
Spurs don't do it unless irving signs extension.



21 Aug 2018 17:41:51
BOS gets Butler

MIN gets Brown, Smart Theis and Mem pick.


1.) 21 Aug 2018 18:02:27
Are you high? I wouldn't trade Brown straight up for Butler, never mind the rest of the package. Butler is not that good.

2.) 21 Aug 2018 18:23:01
I wouldn’t give up Brown for Butler because of Butler’s personality and contract situation, but he would be the best all around player on the Celtics imo.

3.) 21 Aug 2018 19:44:26
Butler would be a rental. Celtics won't have the cash to max him out. Besides, no way he's worth a starter, two other rotation players and a moderately high No. 1 pick.

4.) 21 Aug 2018 20:16:46
Um. Yes he is worth that. The only reason not is due to his contract situation.

Do Celtics fans want to win this year or just keep going In The future? Seems like the latter.

5.) 21 Aug 2018 20:33:12
Butler is a really good player but this package is more valuable than what raps paid for Leonard.

6.) 21 Aug 2018 21:25:48
Spurs hands were tied, ninny’s aren’t . yet.

7.) 21 Aug 2018 21:39:33
If Ainge really wanted Butler, he would have traded for him long before he was traded to Minnesota.
I know Butlet is a good player, but he cannot defend like Brown.

To answer your questions, Knicksfan, of course they want to win, but they would be further away by trading a top starter and 2 valuable rotation pieces aND a good 1st rd pick for someone who wouldn't replace what they are losing.

8.) 21 Aug 2018 21:57:09
Comme on, the only reason Boston wouldn't do this is the contract situation.

It's a good package.
J Brown is a good defender and show potential, but he isn't a starter, playing behind Hayward and Tatum.
The memphis pick is top seven protected, so it must be a loaded draft to give that pick value.

I would hesitate doing this trade, because Smart is a really good rollplayers.

But the Celtics should do this trade, they get a two way top ten player without giving up Tatum, Hayward, Irving and Horford.

9.) 21 Aug 2018 21:57:20
JoeB, the guy who was on the defense 1st team this year can’t defend like Jaylen Brown? Brown was a good defender last year, but come on.

10.) 21 Aug 2018 21:58:15
Butler is a top tier defender, how can he not defend like Brown? He's a 4 time all NBA Defensive Team, including last year.

I like Brown, but has he become one of the most overrated players in the NBA if you wouldn't trade him for an all star in Butler? It's not like you're giving up a top 5 pick, that Memphis pick is protected for two more years.

Brown is also only locked in for two more years, then you likely have to pay him a huge contract. So you're paying someone an enormous payday one way or another. Might as well take the superior player and try to win a ring now.

11.) 22 Aug 2018 00:37:20
Yeah butler is worth the package but salaries for C’S are already peaking I think we will just keep what we have and keep those draft picks.

12.) 22 Aug 2018 05:31:29
Lmao the bias by celtics fans, butler is a better defender then brown, better score, better passer, better at everything and if they traded brown for butler straight up would be favored to win the title this year.

13.) 22 Aug 2018 05:32:03
i shouldve said would win the title.

14.) 22 Aug 2018 13:20:59
C’s fans are ridiculous. Butler is better than Brown in every way.

As everyone else non-delusional above has stated, the reason Boston doesn’t, and shouldn’t make this deal is Butler’s pending FA status. A lineup of Irving, Butler, Tatum, Hayward and Horford would be ridiculous though.

15.) 22 Aug 2018 15:00:51
Butler is way better than Brown, Brown is younger and should look more explosive than Jimmy buckets. If Ainge had a crystal ball and saw that Boston would win if they made this trade then Danny would make it, just for the title. But DA doesn't have a crystal ball and this trade is NOT going to happen.

With Hayward back in the fold I can see Brown being moved at some point, either at the deadline or next summer. But i'd Hayward gets injured there's no way that Browns get moved.

16.) 22 Aug 2018 16:33:43
Billj, Hayward has been pretty healthy through his career and a break isn’t really a risk for reinjury, once it’s healed. The only real risk is that his leg isn’t as strong and he doesn’t have the same explosiveness.

17.) 22 Aug 2018 17:19:45
Hayward and Tatum are SF, brown is a SG. Until Hayward or Tatum shrink and add significant ball handling to their skill set brown is the starting SG.

18.) 22 Aug 2018 17:49:18
I think the C’s will use Hayward at the four in a death squad lineup to be able to get Brown and Tatum on the floor with the starting unit.

19.) 22 Aug 2018 18:14:19
Hayward is a considerably better ball handler than Brown from everything I've ever seen. Also, if you trade Brown, you're getting a guy that can be a primary ball handler in Butler. Boston would have three point guards (Irving, Smart, Rozier) and two more wings that can run the offense (Hayward, Butler) . And they'd have one of the best point centers in the NBA in Horford. Boston would be one of the strongest ball handling teams in the NBA.

Is there any difference between a SG and SF in the NBA any more? I think they should move to three positions: Point, Wing, Big. There's still some grey areas, but it's more realistic to what the NBA is.

20.) 22 Aug 2018 19:05:06
Brown was the starting 2 all last season even opening day when hayward was injured. Why would tatum take browns place and Hayward all of the sudden a 2 instead of a 3?

21.) 22 Aug 2018 19:21:26
Tatum is projected starting in the PF slot.

22.) 22 Aug 2018 19:44:41
Celtics cannot trade Smart until after January 15 by league rules.

23.) 23 Aug 2018 01:55:32
Wow Btec is absolutely clueless! Ok keep overrated Jaylen brown over jimmy butler haha I never thought I’d have to write something so stupid! Boston can’t beat golden state anyways but you keep dreaming brown turns into half the player butler is.

24.) 23 Aug 2018 04:41:46
I said the raptors paid less for Leonard and butler is a really good player. What are you talking about Cde2812? I'm serious I have no clue what you are talking about?

25.) 23 Aug 2018 15:19:02
Im still cracking up at the person who said that Butler can't defend like Brown.

Mind you, Butler made 4 of the last 5 all defensive teams, and all nba the past 2 years.

Brown made an all rookie, second team. Nothing else.

That should give an idea of the inflated values Celtics fans put on their players.

26.) 23 Aug 2018 17:20:43
I don't understand how Toronto paid less for Leonard. They gave up an all NBA player that is as good as Butler himself. Plus a young player and a first.

I'd take Derozan (a 4 time all star and two time all NBA player), Poetl, and a first over Brown, Smart and a first any day.

27.) 23 Aug 2018 19:32:46
Butler is better than derozan and Leonard is better than butler. Poetl and theiss are pretty even and smart and brown are equal to derozan but the grizzlies 1st is more valuable than the Raps 1st. It could be a late lottery choice.




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12 Aug 2018 18:29:54
What's a good fit for Hassan Whiteside?


1.) 12 Aug 2018 19:27:44
He'd be good with the Lakers but not at 25-27 mil. The tandem of McGee and he would be solid rim protection. Lakers, if lbj decides to play D would be one of the best defensive teams in the league if not the best.

2.) 12 Aug 2018 21:07:44
Maimi: T Thompson+ Korver+ 2rnd pick
Cle: T Thompson.

3.) 12 Aug 2018 22:08:48
Who plays fourth quarter? Neither McGee or whitesides good at line and both are bonehead with 20 plus minutes played.

4.) 12 Aug 2018 23:45:36
They'd be iffy on perimeter D as well but overall with the bad free throws and iffy perimeter D I still think they would have one of the best Defenses in the league with whiteside especially rim protection.

5.) 13 Aug 2018 14:04:15
Whiteside is the perfect example of someone playing great for a contract. Since his big contract, he has declined incredibly in all areas of the game, minus stats. His defense at this point is average. If you check his on/ off stats related to defense, he literally made no difference this past year. I don't think he has value on any team. unless its a contract year. So perhaps getting him next year would be great.



10 Aug 2018 22:12:28
Chicago, Denver and NY will shock a few people next season.


1.) 10 Aug 2018 23:49:47
Denver could and possibly Chicago, but the Knicks won’t have Porzingas for atleast a long stretch of the year. I can’t see them being competitive without him.

2.) 11 Aug 2018 01:27:27
Chicago will be improved but I don't think they'll make the playoffs. Denver could be really good or barely hanging in the west for a playoff bid. NY is going tank mode with lots of minutes for Fizdale to figure out who his core is. Big season for knox, ntilikina, hardaway, burke, mudiay, kornet, baker. Make or break time in NY. The knicks will be involved in deadline trades and draft and offseason trades is my guess and waive noah first week in Sept.

3.) 11 Aug 2018 03:31:49
Denver’s being picked as high as third in the West. Are you saying they’ll be bad and shocking? Or good and “shocking”? (I think they miss the playoffs)

Chicago is interesting. If healthy, those young guys could be really good. Could be a 40-42 or 41-41 playoff team.



09 Aug 2018 21:42:07
NY gets: Asik, Felicio

CHI gets: Noah.


1.) 10 Aug 2018 00:41:33
Ny would waive noah before doing this.



30 Jul 2018 23:17:03
CHA gets Macolm Brogdon, Tony Snell, future first

MIL gets Kemba Walker.


1.) 31 Jul 2018 01:42:11
Bledsoe and Brogdan for walker.



15 Oct 2017 21:54:14
Why hasn't anyone signed Monta Ellis? He could play a key bench role on teams like NO, HOU, LAC and OKC.


1.) 16 Oct 2017 11:19:07
Undersized SG and a ballhogger.
A big mismatch on defending players plus he's not an explosive player like his time in GSW and Dallas.
If only he is a good 3pt shooter, some teams will surely sign him.

2.) 16 Oct 2017 11:20:45
Rather see David Lee sign, with a good basketball IQ and still a better player than David West IMO.




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05 Sep 2017 01:48:10
ok well how would u build a trade get the Morris Bros in BOS? I think it would be a good fit.




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18 Feb 2017 13:53:45
Throw in James Young




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14 Feb 2017 20:43:16
Good trade




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30 Jan 2017 22:21:37
I like this trade. The Mavs would look promising (post Dirk) and Russ would have some real wing players filling the lanes. Plus Matthews is a pretty good 3pt shooter.




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15 Dec 2016 22:15:37
I like it for Chicago and okc. Sac might want picks.WCS is still young





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