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16 Jul 2018 18:54:52
Deadline Trade

Lakers get Leonard and hill

Cavs get Lakers 19 first and second plus deng

Spurs get kcp Ingram and Cavs second





09 Jul 2018 06:00:42
Bulls get Deng and 19 first and second pick for Lopez. There getting a top 24 pick and another pick for having Deng for one year.




06 Jul 2018 02:27:02
Lakers dream trade.

Trade Deng kcp Ball, Ingram, and wagner plus first 19 at deadline for Davis and Holiday. Davis value not super high because he only has two years left with player option for third so by deadline he would have a year and 2/5 of a year to play.

Trade rondo Stevenson kuzma 21 first and Hart for butler



1.) 06 Jul 2018 20:38:42
So, you trade 9 players for 3, which won’t work roster spot wise, and you suggest that Davis doesn’t have super high value because he only has two plus one left? There is not a player or combination of players other than LeBron that the Lakers could offer this year to get AD, period.



05 Jul 2018 00:45:45
Will James win MVP and scoring title this year plus average double double in points and rebounds


1.) 05 Jul 2018 02:47:10
Career ending injury is more likely than mvp. He lacks shooters.

2.) 05 Jul 2018 15:11:05
Rondo/ Ball/ fa
Pope/ Hart/ Engram
Ingram/ Stephenson/ Mykhailiuk
Lebron/ Kuzma/ Deng
McGee/ Zubac/ Wagner

8th seed at best, not winning mvp - an over used yr old LeBron more likelyto get hurt.

3.) 05 Jul 2018 17:21:51
I think that Laker team is anywhere from a 3 to 8 seed. Obviously warriors and rockets are better. Okc, jazz probably on the same level as Lakers, and Denver and Portland maybe there as well. Pels, Spurs, and twolves all take a step back.

4.) 05 Jul 2018 17:51:32
Spurs and pelicans are better than lakers.

5.) 05 Jul 2018 19:48:50
Are Lakers favorite behind golden. State. This Lakers team is better then last year Cavs.

6.) 05 Jul 2018 21:24:05
ll. No way are the Lakers favorites behind only Golden State. Your logic is seriously flawed. Both Houston and Boston (with Kyrie and Hayward back) are much better then the current Laker squad.

7.) 05 Jul 2018 21:52:35
This dude said Spurs are better! Hahahaha just stop!

8.) 06 Jul 2018 10:33:21
If that's their final lineup. they ain't making much noise.



03 Jul 2018 20:04:43
I think Lakers should go after a star shooting guard like derozan. They give up Hart, wagner and kcp 2019 pick on deadline. Think Lowry goes to the suns. At deadline Trade deng and 2021 pick And 2023 first for George hill.
Think they sign Howard/McGee

Regardless what happens the Lakers waive hill which counts 1 mil towards thereCAP. Stevenson be a free agent and rondo that clears 31 mil including hill 18 million.

They will have 19 tied up to Ingram ball kuzma hill

James will be 36 and derozan 28. Well have 25 to 26 for Leonard. Maybe James contact will be a lil less in 2019 to give Leonard 29.

Ball/sign veterann pg
Derozan/Stevenson resigned for the most they can give
Resign Howard and mcgee


1.) 03 Jul 2018 20:15:38
Delisional fan, derozan and lowry not going to west or anywhere, bc lebron left.




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14 Jul 2018 15:08:21
James wade bosh melo. Vs Irving Leonard green and Klay


1.) 14 Jul 2018 16:12:49
In their prime or now? Assuming it's now and Kawhi is even 50 percent of what he was, the 2nd team dismantles the 1st. Melo isn't good any more, Wade is a marginal player, and Bost hasn't played in 2 or 3 years.

2.) 14 Jul 2018 18:23:19
All in their primes its pretty even. I think the Thompson, Irving team has a slight shooting edge. I lay my bet there.

3.) 14 Jul 2018 18:51:12
All n there prime.

4.) 15 Jul 2018 13:39:46
dwade and bron in their prime were/ are better than all the players on the other team. 1st team no question.

5.) 15 Jul 2018 23:23:17
The first team has the better players, the second one the best team.
K Leonard can guard LBJ, so i think the second one wins.



13 Jul 2018 06:34:13
Next year Lakers trade Deng and 19 first for something like denver Just did. Or at deadline Trade Deng and 19 first and second for George hill. King James went to the Lakers for a reason something big happening next year and it starts with Deng getting traded for nothing or part a deal for a star


1.) 14 Jul 2018 19:08:22
Wishful thinking.



12 Jul 2018 02:13:06
Since the 76ers couldn't beat the Celtics without heyward and Irving, how much better are the Celtics then the sixers now. Easily favorites or close. I say easily favorites


1.) 12 Jul 2018 04:53:51
ll, . what's with the middle school sixer hate? I've noticed it in a number of your posts. Hey, I'm all for supporting your own team, but just trying to understand your need to throw shade?

2.) 12 Jul 2018 05:54:29
Chandler and maybe gasol or even Leonard would even things up considerably. And Fultz getting over the yips.

3.) 12 Jul 2018 11:59:31
Even with trade boston better. Philly needs to trade for a star and sign one to get on boston level.

Don't hate on Philly there just getting over valued because the east so weak, I think there process failed because they drafted wrong in the beginning like with Noel annd okafor so there not deep they should be especially building through the draft.

4.) 12 Jul 2018 15:53:40
jvong, seems a bit like a pot calling the kettle black here. Pretty certain your hatred for the celtics and the knicks is unending.

5.) 12 Jul 2018 22:36:01
Welcome back Hamburger.



09 Jul 2018 00:21:20
Only way Leonard win if he join LeBron next year or get traded to boston for something like smart who takes qualifying offer, Morris, and filler and sac pick and boston 2019 and 21.
With rozier brown and Tatum would be deadly big 3 bench

Or with

With Hart kuzma and whoever else they sign for bench mob.

Only way he can beat warrior's or rockets. Joining Lakers or getting traded to bostonn without giving up there 5 best players


1.) 09 Jul 2018 02:58:49
Tatum absolutely starts over Baynes.

2.) 09 Jul 2018 03:52:11
I don't think Leonard is going to the celts. He won't commit past 1 season. This is a pissing contest between he and Popovich. Popovich has to get real about a deal to LA or get almost nothing dealing him as a rental. Or nothing at all but an opt out next June.

3.) 09 Jul 2018 06:42:03
I say Celtics a great place But there top two player's are in expiring deals so don't think Celtics do deal but they will be contenders to golden state and Houston. But I think they will do a swap Leonard for Irving and try to clear cap for Butler next year on the spurs side to pair with Irving and boston will still be contenders with Irving for Leonard swap.

But no matter what happens with Leonard if he sign with Lakers as a free agent that works be his best option especially if Lakers can clear Deng for expiring contactlakers add first by trade deadline.
Lakers line up can be
With others and 5 mil in cap and and mle.

4.) 09 Jul 2018 20:06:34
@ II the celtics are a fine landing spot but Leonard isn't interested according to nearly 100's of reports. Besides that he is not playing nice guy with pop. He's saying LA or nothing knowing pop doesn't like that. It's like a bad divorce, it's personal.

5.) 09 Jul 2018 21:43:13
Don't believe the reports I'm going by best opportunity to win.

6.) 10 Jul 2018 02:39:42
C's are only in it to jack up the price. Spurs need to play hardball with Kawhi and trade him where he doesn't want to be.

7.) 10 Jul 2018 05:24:43
I hope the spurs do trade him where he doesn't want to be. 1 season is nothing for leonard and spurs still won't get much without a long term commitment from him.



07 Jul 2018 04:21:30
If Leonard traded to Philly boston still be better and never get better then Boston especially if embiid get hurt then there done.

So Lakers add him as a free agent will be best option for him to compete.. they can trade Deng who will be expiring contact next year along with a young player and a couple draft picks for a star or borderline star


1.) 07 Jul 2018 05:37:19
If the Lakers wait they can deal Deng or buyout the 1 remaining season and stretch or waive and stretch after the deadline next season. I like the deng for Anthony deal it helps both teams considerably.

2.) 08 Jul 2018 00:23:54
Okc need cap relief. Trad9ng for deng doesn't help them.

3.) 08 Jul 2018 04:34:31
After this season I would rather trade Deng and a young player plus pick for a star then to waive him. Plus sign Leonard would be best option for Leonard to compete and get money. Deng and two frst plus Hart for an upgrade center
Whiteside easiest choice.

4.) 08 Jul 2018 05:30:43
Whiteside isn't a star. The Heat just want rid of him right now. I doubt the Lakers have any interest in him.

5.) 09 Jul 2018 03:07:14
Heat not using him right.

6.) 09 Jul 2018 15:53:39
If he's not going to try on defense and dominate the glass, what is he doing for you? It's not like he's an elite offensive weapon. He's an average at best post up scorer that is going to do the bulk of his scoring off put backs and lobs. It's not like you can run an offense through him. He's a black hole once he gets the ball and he can't shoot.

7.) 09 Jul 2018 16:38:21
Whiteside would do just what Jordan does protect the rim not there to be the super star and average 20 and 15. Just 10 and 12 would be great and give 6 hard fouls. Block shots and keep players out the paint. Lakers aren't built on shooters there though defenders and can create for themselves.

Rondo ball Ingram Stevenson James not good shooters but defend and create. But Whiteside would catch lots of lobs and has more height And can jump higher then TT so James will enjoy that.




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15 Jul 2018 20:44:49
Like about sac melo should wanna go to Brooklyn to prove he can play to get a new contract.




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15 Jul 2018 20:42:50
Melo should wanna go to a team to be the man to prove he can play to get a contract next year. Like sac.




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14 Jul 2018 23:45:47
Nets want to tank and get high lottery pick and have cap for Butler AND Irving.




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13 Jul 2018 22:56:11
They may wait till next year draft to trade him because it would be expiring contract then.




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13 Jul 2018 04:52:12
I don't think he over paid he in the third year of his contract and with the cap changing his max should be around 40 mil being third year of contract so he getting 15 mil less then max. Plus if draymond was under new cap his contract be different so the change of cap is y players contacts look messed up.





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