17 Jun 2016 23:49:17

Philly - #2 pick

Lakers - J. Okafor and their 2017 1st rd pick back.

1.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 04:30:55
Lakers are not interested in Okafor.

2.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 08:01:12
No way the sixers would have to give up Okafor Plus the 2017 1st round pick. If they want Okafor it would be a straight swap, maybe even Lakers throwing in someone. Brandon Ingram who will be picked #2 is a multi-year project. He has a lot of potential, but is a big project and depends on him putting on weight/ muscle which will not happen overnight. Okafor is proven low post scorer which is something the lakers desperately need. Also, Lakers owner Buss needs to win now, not 4yrs from now to prevent his sister from taking over the team.

3.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 14:43:17
Philly would have to give up more then just Okafor to have the Lakers give up #2. The deal would have already been done if it only cost Okafor.

4.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 15:44:52
Scuba pro is officially the most dillusional sixers fan.

5.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 17:19:31
I think this fair for both teams. Lakers get a lot back for the two pick. Okafor fills a big need. They get two of the three top players from last years draft and now have the ability to tank again and get another top pick.

6.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 19:50:34
Tre. You think anything and only, when the sixers get a top 2 for okafor is it fair. Here's a hint. Lakers didn't take him at 2 last year thinking he was solid at low post offense. Ok at rebounding. Bad at defense. He's done nothing to improve on that. So now they give up a FAR better two in Ingram for a less valuable okafor. Riiiiiiight.