02 Dec 2019 18:36:05
Another big one. 4 teamer. Complex but I think everyone gets a little of what they want.

Atlanta gets Adams
***Don't care what some fans say. They lack a defensive anchor in the middle and are underachieving. This deal doesn't sacrifice too much and gives them a solution at the 5.

Knicks get Turner, Roberson, Len
***Attacking their lack of cap flexibility and pf logjam is a must. This gives them better roster flow and a much needed mulligan after spending all their money in FA on the same position.

Sixers get Gallinari, Gibson, 2020 Denver 1st, second via okc, second via knicks
***May lose everyone here. But I don't think Tobias Harris is the answer in Philly. He eats up sooo much cap and they need to pay Simmons soon. What they need is a spacer not necessarily a scorer. This deal gives them depth, a great shooter, and the room this summer to retain Simmons without killing cap.

Okc gets Randle, Harris, Knox, their 2020 and 2022 firsts back from sixers and hawks
***I suppose that they want to move Paul before anyone else... but this would be too good to pass up.

Paul, Schroeder
SGA, Diallo, Burton
Ferguson, Knox, Nader
Harris, Bazley, Muscala
Randle, Noel, Patton

1.) 02 Dec 2019
02 Dec 2019 21:38:11
Okc Homer trade still.

2.) 02 Dec 2019
02 Dec 2019 22:19:11
How does Gallinari and Gibson fit end with other bigs like Horford, Embiid and Simmons? Harris may be a bad fit, but how are these two a better fit?