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24 Mar 2021 22:52:47
According to SI.

Noting that the Celtics seem poised to use “some or all of its $28.5 million trade exception” generated by the departure of veteran forward Gordon Hayward in the offseason, Mannix relates that the team has “swapped offers with Orlando and have shown a willingness to deal All Defensive team guard Marcus Smart” to the likely chagrin of many fans.


1.) 25 Mar 2021 10:29:13
I don't buy Smart involved in a Gordon trade unless there's a 3rd team involved. Wouldn't the value of Gordon and Smart be about equal? If it was a straight up trade, it's a lateral move for Boston, and I would think Orlando's wish list would be shooting, a 3, and picks.

2.) 25 Mar 2021 13:20:40
Value is probably not equal based upon rosters. I really think that Boston needs to do something about having Tatum and Brown on the wings instead of trying to play at the 4. Getting Gordon (or Barnes) and putting them at the four "balances" the starting lineup better.

I get what Smart brings to the team, but being able to bring in a "starter" with a longer contract for a "bench" player is almost always a smarter move.

3.) 25 Mar 2021 13:22:29
Also, I think Orlando wants "assets" over the trade exception created by sending Gordon's salary to Boston.

4.) 25 Mar 2021 19:40:11
Gordon's and Smart's contracts are the same length and Smart plays starters minutes, without looking, maybe more minutes than Gordon.



22 Mar 2021 22:28:51
Assuming that the Kings can get the following draft capital for players.

2023 second from Lakers for Whiteside
2021 second from NY via Philly for Bjelica
2021 first from Toronto for Holmes

Then the Kings send all this draft capital to Houston along with Bagley + Joseph (partial guaranteed next year) + Parker (expiring) for Gordon + Wood.

Fox/ Halliburton

If Houston is serious about trying to dump Gordon's future salary. Plus, Wood is a perfect match to build around Fox and Halliburton.


1.) 23 Mar 2021 06:58:45
Rivers for Bjelica.



22 Mar 2021 21:59:14
The Sacramento Kings have made the No. 2 pick in the 2018 NBA draft available for a trade, with the Kings recently being turned down by the Detroit Pistons, having offered Bagley III for promising rookie Saddiq Bey, league sources told Yahoo Sports.


1.) 23 Mar 2021 07:00:28
Bagley is defensively top 5 worst defenders at his position.



19 Mar 2021 11:54:39
Report: Raptors turned down Powell-for-Drummond trade offer from Cavs.


1.) 19 Mar 2021 12:18:28
Powell has been our leading scorer in the past few games. He has a well rounded game and plays excellent defense. Not going to give him for I-don't-wanna-play Drummond.

2.) 19 Mar 2021 15:28:53
I'm not sure it means much other than the Raptors think its a better team with Powell in the lineup than with Drummond. It really doesn't say anything about whether the Raps want to resign Powell or not, because the return just isn't worthwhile anyway.
His defense is actually what might keep Toronto from giving him the money another team might offer in the offseason. That and what to do with Lowry. I don't see Toronto being able to keep both into next year.

3.) 19 Mar 2021 17:18:35
Nurse likes his big to be able to stretch the floor.

4.) 20 Mar 2021 13:03:16
I thought it more a statement on Drummonds "low" trade value.



11 Mar 2021 15:48:41
Expanding on a previous trade rumor

Toronto trades Lowry + Davis
Toronto receives Harris (Denver) + Green (Philly) + two 2021 firsts (1 from Denver, 1 from Philly)

Denver trades Harris + Barton + 2021 first.
Denver receives Lowry + Davis

Philly trades Green + 2021 first
Philly receives Barton.

The only side issue that I see is that this trade puts Toronto slightly over the Luxury tax line. So maybe swapping Davis with Stanley Johnson may be a necessary tweak to this deal.


1.) 11 Mar 2021 16:03:11
Like Barton to philly, but not enough improvement over Green to include a 1st rd pick. and greens expiring contract frees up 15 mill un cap space for sixers at seasons end, that flexibility is also gone . I'd give green and knicks 2nd rd 2021 for Barton, but not our 1st rd pick.

2.) 11 Mar 2021 16:12:05
That works for me, but don't you think Denver is giving up too much wing depth?

3.) 11 Mar 2021 16:33:21
I don't think philly has cap space with Harris embiid and Simmons getting paid.

4.) 11 Mar 2021 18:41:53
@TTP. The "freeing up $15 mil in salary cap space" is a fallacy. Philadelphia is already projected to be over the 2021-22 salary cap ($112 4 mil) with $117.6 in guarenteed salaries and 6 empty roster spots.

Also, I doubt what is currently projected as the 46th pick motivates Denver to trade Barton.

5.) 11 Mar 2021 20:05:22
Fred I actually agree you just put my comment in way better terms.

6.) 11 Mar 2021 21:01:13
Harris' 20M for next season might be more than the Raptors want to take back. Denver is not likely a place Lowry wants to go though, and I doubt the Raps will send him anywhere he doesn't approve.




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21 Apr 2021 15:40:46
Chances that Doncic gets frustrated with the Mavs and just takes his 5th-year Qualifying Option to leave as a UFA?

I am going to say "small" like 25%. But it would be interesting and possibly be a shockwave throughout the league.


1.) 21 Apr 2021 16:11:20
That'd be surprising.

2.) 21 Apr 2021 16:33:10
I see Zion doing that before luka.

3.) 21 Apr 2021 17:19:25
II, I was thinking about Zion as well, but went with Luka first because he hits that 5th year a year before Zion does. Also, considered that it is hard to be frustrated with a team when Zion is the one that has missed quite a few games so far in his young career.

Also, don't see Ja leaving Memphis anytime soon.

4.) 21 Apr 2021 17:49:46
i think little chance, unless Dallas fails to make the playoffs

I can't see Zion leaving, he already had some injurys and NO has enough picks to get extra talent.

5.) 21 Apr 2021 18:49:10
I have a hard time believing he gives away ~25 million for that year. It’s hard to turn down 200 million when his career earnings are 32.

6.) 21 Apr 2021 21:33:55
BMiller, the QO would be $13 mil so its really a turn down of $12 mil to be "free". He can make that up in "local sponsorship" if he were to go to say NYC.

If Mavs loose play in, the chances significantly increase.

7.) 21 Apr 2021 21:58:22
Zion has to take the max extension after year 3. Injuries are too big of a concern to not take the guaranteed max extension as soon as he can.

8.) 21 Apr 2021 22:07:01
The money for a luka will come. Yes super max is 50 million more but that’s like 3 east endorsement deals today.

9.) 21 Apr 2021 22:58:58
Cuban won't let Doncic leave, and why would Doncic leave money on the table?

10.) 21 Apr 2021 23:47:44
For all that I would sign a one year max deal with another team to make Dallas match but it’s only one year then leave afterwards.
I just say New York for Zion cause that’s his favorite place to play and Tatum for lakers cause Tatum idolized Kobe and would love to win in LAkernation for Kobe.

11.) 22 Apr 2021 05:16:33
No chance Doncic leaves.

12.) 22 Apr 2021 13:48:00
Fred: his starting contract is just under 40 a year. It’s a loss of 25 to take the QO.

A significant increased chance is maybe 5x the chance. But that’s going from 1% to 5%. Still slim.

13.) 22 Apr 2021 17:03:49
Nice catch, BMiller. I was unaware that Doncic will probably become eligible for the "super max" extension as a rookie if he makes the All-NBA team again this season or next. I was tracking him at the "regular" max 25% of salary cap, not the "super" max of 30% of salary cap. ($35.7 mil in 2022-23) as he can not qualify for the 35% max because he is less than 7 years of "service".

So I guess that does make it less likely for him to just accept the QO.



19 Apr 2021 15:25:52
Whiteside: 12 and 10 in 19 mins

Porzingis: 9 and 11 in in 37 mins

Kings also went 9 mins with 6'9" player being tallest guy on court.


1.) 19 Apr 2021 19:12:56
What is crazy is that Doncic had 37pts/ 8rbs/ 4ast/ 3blk and was still a +/ - score of -20 for that game against the Kings.

2.) 20 Apr 2021 06:52:14
Must be really hard to be a Kings fan.



09 Apr 2021 22:58:28
Lets assume Orlando and OKC (via Houston) do not end up in the top 4 of the NBA lottery. What are the chances that they trade those picks to move up into the top 4?


1.) 10 Apr 2021 13:17:58
Magic are keeping the picks to draft Jalen Green and Scottie Barnes.

2.) 10 Apr 2021 17:20:48
the question was built on the assumption that the Magic are not in the top 4. do you expect Green will be available after the 4th pick? . fredman's point being you (Magic) may need to trade up to get what you want.

3.) 10 Apr 2021 17:29:20
so you would rather have a Green + Barnes over Mobley?

The reason I ask is because the top 3 picks (Cunningham, Mobley and Suggs) don't really fit well with Minnesota (unless they think Mobley can play as a modern-day PF) . I think if Minny (or someone jumps up into the Top 4) that they could be looking to trade down if they are looking for wings.

4.) 12 Apr 2021 22:17:52
I think Minny takes Cunningham, trades Dlo.

5.) 12 Apr 2021 22:18:13
Cunningham can also play the 3 and still be the facilitator for them.



02 Apr 2021 17:04:22
Never thought I would see the day when the Kings are actually favored by Vegas in a game against the Lakers. Kings -4.5.


1.) 03 Apr 2021 05:22:23
Sorry they lost.



31 Mar 2021 18:11:31
According to NBA. com today.

"Kia Rookie Ladder: Tyrese Haliburton climbs to No. 1 after strong stretch in starting lineup
The rookie takes over the top spot as he continues to provide a steady hand to Sacramento's playoff push. "

"Since then [Bagley injury and Halliburton moved into starting lineup], the Kings have gone 7-1, outscoring rivals by 5.8 points and shooting 50.6% to their foes 48%. As for Haliburton, the No. 12 pick from Iowa State has averaged 15.8 ppg on 11.8 shots, hitting 51.1% overall and 42.5% of his 3-pointers. His 4.5 assists have come at the expense of only 1.6 turnovers. He even has been talking like a veteran in addressing Sacramento’s improved play. "

This ROY of the year race is starting to remind me a lot of the "Zion vs. Ja" debate.


1.) 31 Mar 2021 19:51:54
Do you trade Bagley even if it’s not a great return?

2.) 31 Mar 2021 20:17:17
Probably not. Have him come off bench in his last year before being a RFA. Not matching any offers.

Been floating the idea of drafting K. Jones and letting him spend a year in G-League for more development. Replaces Bagley with his departure.




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22 Apr 2021 22:18:59
@gasupo. May be reaching a little here, but Mobley may be projected like the next C. Bosh. Randle, at least for this season, is CURRENTLY playing like C. Bosh with C. Bosh shooting a better percentage, but Randle having better assist numbers.

What you are trying to do is trade Chris Bosh for what you hope to be the next Chris Bosh. Not sure that is a solid strategy to follow.




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22 Apr 2021 18:34:59
Not sure the Knicks can trade Randall after this season. I think the fanbase would smoke them.




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22 Apr 2021 16:09:55
I don't think its that easy for Charlotte as they have to decide what to do with Monk and Graham. In order to have the cap space for Horford, Charlotte would have to not offer Monk and Graham Qualifying Offers.

The other side of the coin is that I do not see many other teams in a position to get Horford as well. Toronto? They have the cap space but it is dependent on what happens to Lowry (S&T with Toronto taking back some salary? ) and resigning Gary Trent Jr. San Antonio is in a similar situation as Toronto with DeRozen.

I guess I am not understanding OKC "desire" to move on from Horford right now. Even with Horford's salary on the books, OKC is around $40 mil UNDER the salary floor. Are there some FA signings that OKC expects to make with all this cap space?




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21 Apr 2021 17:28:15
I keep seeing Minny wanting to draft Cunningham and playing him at the SF (6'6")

Dlo/ Edwards/ Cunningham/ McDaniels/ Towns.




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21 Apr 2021 17:26:39
its really a reach, but.

I keep seeing PG13 on the Warriors (Wiggins + Minny pick + extras) .

Steph/ Klay/ PG13/ Draymond/ Wiseman.





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