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07 Aug 2022 14:05:39
So LeBron, Irving and B-Simmons are all pissed and being drama queens, so they form a 31st team called the Drama Queens located In Queens NY

Starting lineup:
C) Bringing Ilgauskas out of Retirement
PF) B-Simmons Will play deadly defense
SF) Bron In true position
SG) JR Smith Will Always follow Bron
PG) Kyrie Will run the Ball alongside Bron
6th) Darko Milicic gets another chance
7th) they need another scorer so they add In Nick Young
8th) they try to confuse people so they also add In Thaddeus Young
9-15 undrafted players

This also unlocks the possibility of Supersonics coming back to nba

Lakers Will have a 20-62 Record

Durant Will lead his Nets to a respective 27 wins..

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07 Aug 2022 16:02:27
So you think that's funny?

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07 Aug 2022 19:37:23
Do you want them to also get off your front yard?

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07 Aug 2022 10:41:51
Who would you rather have on your team now ?

1)J Butler and D Lillard or K Durant and CP3
2)Doncic and D Mitchell or Tatum and T Young
3)Embiid and J Morant or Jokic and D Murray
4)P George and B simmons or K Leonard and Irving
5)J Brown and Haliburton or J collins and Fox

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07 Aug 2022 13:26:34
Butler Lillard
Luka Mitchell
Tough but i'll go embiid morant
Kawhi kyrie
Brown haliburton.

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07 Aug 2022 15:52:56
JB and DL
LD and DM
Jokic/ DM
Toss up. I’ll go w Brown/ Haliburton.

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08 Aug 2022 02:44:56
Jimmy/ Dame
Tatum/ Trae
Embiid/ JA (Ja>Murray by far)
Kawhi/ Irving
Brown/ Hali.

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02 Aug 2022 22:46:15
I made a comment about it, but should the NBA just ignore tampering during the dead period? It really doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Does Brunson’s agent making a preliminary deal with the Knicks change the actual outcome? I don’t think so.

I think that teams should be free to discuss deals the day after the Finals end. Why not?

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03 Aug 2022 03:01:12
Not sure teams in the Finals are prepared to make offers at that time. They are usually doing close out interviews.

Teams that fire coaches/ GMs should be given time to make hires before FAs can talk deals. The GMs & coaches should have feedback on those players.

GMs/ FOs should not be distracted with FA signings at the same time they are scouting and mock drafting for the NBA draft. Just be focused on one thing at a time.

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03 Aug 2022 20:19:03
I think the biggest thing to consider with that is that teams would still be tampering, they'd just be doing it during the playoffs, which would be worse.

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01 Aug 2022 18:28:36
Orlando Magic situation

I believe this team gonna make play in tournaments get in the playoffs

If Magic made playoffs before Kings

I'm talking whole lot smack to Fredman u better be ready for this smoke coming to u

Kings better make playoffs

Healthy Magic team will make playoffs

Imma prove all these peoples wrong

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01 Aug 2022 20:24:16
Magic will get another 1st round pick.

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01 Aug 2022 21:22:54
Sorry. I blocked you for your constant stupidity.

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02 Aug 2022 16:11:26
@Fredman - please share how to block lmao.

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03 Aug 2022 03:03:21
Mentally, windrapsfan, mentally.

MD's posts are like farts in the wind. Stink bad, signify nothing and blown away quickly to be replaced by another fart.

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04 Aug 2022 14:11:21
Ah yes. but at least when I see him credited I know it will be an Unbelievable without even reading the details. certainly there's value in saving those few seconds considering the volume.

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31 Jul 2022 20:52:00
RIP Bill Russell. You were one of the truly great ones

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31 Jul 2022 07:52:56
Orlando Magic situation

Paolo Banchero is better than Ben Simmons as a rookie!

He already have jumper

Ben Simmons doesn't lol

Paolo Banchero can be great defender

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02 Aug 2022 04:01:23
Simmons would’ve been 1st overall in this draft 10/ 10 times. He’s better at Banchero at every aspect of the game other than shooting. People underrate him hard now.

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25 Jul 2022 20:00:40
Question for Celtics fans. Rumours are out there that Boston has joined the bidding for KD, and that Brooklyn wants both Brown and Smart, as well as a trove of picks, to do the deal. How do you feel about giving up both for Durant, and the odds of Celts management be willing to do it?

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25 Jul 2022 22:10:55
The rumor is Boston offered J Brown+ White+ one first round pick.
The Nets wanted Brown+ Smart+ 3 first round picks

The Nets should have taken that Boston offer.
Simmons-Brown is a great combo to start a rebuilt.

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25 Jul 2022 22:23:22
I'd be the wrong person to ask because at this point I'm more about the chase than I am about winning it all. I don't want KD at all even if it were a lopsided trade in Boston's favor. If they gave up Brown, White, and picks, I wouldn't be happy but I'd understand. If it were Brown and Smart I'd be pissed.

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26 Jul 2022 00:20:59
@Nightcap - I'm kinda where you're at as a Raptors fan. I know KD would raise the odds for a chip, but I like the way they are building and it's fun to watch them grow. Celtics with Tatum and Brown and Smart have the same kind of vibe going. I also have a huge amount of faith in the management team in Toronto, so whatever they do, I'll be good with. But I'd hate to see them trade away the character of the team. I'm pretty sure they won't part with 3 of the core 6 guys, which pretty much eliminates Barnes. Do you think Boston management would include both Brown and Smart even if it pissed you off?

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26 Jul 2022 10:01:40
No I don't think they would do it and I'm not even sure that the "offer" they supposedly made was anything more than talk. On the other hand, if Boston thinks Brown won't re-sign in 2 years, they'll need to move him at some point.

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26 Jul 2022 15:13:53
In the Celtics’ case, The Athletic has reported that Jaylen Brown, who turns 26 in October, Derrick White and a first round pick were offered. One source disputed that to Heavy, but the question of offers and counter-offers often comes down to a matter of semantics.

“You may ask a team what they think of a certain one of your players, and the next thing you know they’re telling someone you offered him, ” said a general manager. “You didn’t, but that’s how this thing works sometimes. It sucks — for you and for the player involved — but it’s the way it is. ”.

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26 Jul 2022 17:44:11
If Boston wins with KD, then the narrative is KD gets the credit for the Championship, instead of Boston getting the credi.

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26 Jul 2022 19:56:13
Yes Fredman, part of the reason I don't want him.

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27 Jul 2022 03:44:03
I'm more of a ho about all those diamonds on the chip ring. I don't care if KD gets the credit like Kawhi did last time, but it's a hell of a feeling to watch your team win it. Still don't want them to include Scottie though lol.

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27 Jul 2022 15:16:29
But wouldn't it have been so much sweeter to win with Derozan, who wanted to be there?

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28 Jul 2022 03:19:21
I was more in the school of thought that it was never going to happen with deRozan because they just didn't play defense well enough. I guess that's why I'm kinda interested in doing a Durant deal, but absolutely don't want Mitchell. Durant would contribute to the defensive identity, where Mitchell would require Toronto changing everything they do on defense.

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25 Jul 2022 18:06:30
what team could trade for B Simmons and what is his value?

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26 Jul 2022 00:26:21
value is always in the eye of the beholder, but all anyone can see right now is a former DPOY candidate and All-Defense regular coming off a year off and then back surgery. a hugely risky proposition to give up anything of value and pay that salary for a dice roll. For Indy to take that risk at this moment could make sense. I think Detroit is too far in to their rebuild to risk it. Maybe the Rockets or Spurs could make it make sense and hope to cash in if he turns out healthy and better than ever. And Brooklyn can't afford to be wrong on this. they can't trade him for nothing to see him then become an AllStar again. They pretty much have to keep him and let him prove his value on the floor.

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26 Jul 2022 16:43:17
I think you have to factor in mental toughness pretty heavily as well, which makes me think he'd be better off in a "smaller" market like Sac, Indiana, Portland, OKC, Minnesota, Utah, etc, just to name a few examples.

Next you have to consider which of those teams has the assets to trade for him, along with who would have the personnel left over after a trade to best insulate his weaknesses, and finally which of those teams has assets that actually interest the Nets.

Utah has the draft capital after dealing Gobert. Maybe Simmons heads there as part of a larger Mitchell trade (if it happens, to the Knicks for example) .

Spurs? Grizzlies? Hornets?

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26 Jul 2022 17:47:26
There has been local rumors of Simmons for Barnes+Holmes+pick to SAC if the Nets need to move Simmons to accommodate another Nets trade.

It's kinda feeling like the Kuzma/ Harrell for Hield trade from last off season.

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