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17 May 2023 04:15:43
Lotto Mock

1. Spurs - Wemby C
2. Hornets - Miller SF
3. Blazers - Scoot PG
4. Rockets - Thompson PG
5. Pistons - Thompson SF
6. Magic - Dick SG
7. Pacers - Walker PF
8. Wizards - Wallace PG
9. Jazz - Black SG
10. Mavs - Whitmore SF
11. Magic - Smith G
12. Thunder - Hendricks PF
13. Raptors - George G
14. Pelicans - Miller PF

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17 May 2023 05:55:18
I don’t want Nick Smith he is trash! I want Hendricks @ 11.

17 May 2023 14:40:32
I wouldn't be surprised to see Raptors take Leonard Miller or Rayan Rupert at 13. Might be a reach, but if either are still available they fit the Raptors profile.

17 May 2023 15:12:55
Too bad MD, I say you’re taking Smith so it’s happening.

17 May 2023 16:20:28
NBA16 🖕🏿 all I got to say.

17 May 2023 16:35:10
Dick has a better chance falling to #11 than Hendricks. There are quite a few online mock draft people who are starting to have Hendricks as their clear #1 PF (assuming Wembyama is a C) .

I do like Wallace to the Wizards thou. I have a suspicion that he may bloom like quite a few Kentucky guards do once they are drafted.

18 May 2023 03:24:09
I haven’t seen Hendricks over Walker, but depending on what teams want then I could see it.

18 May 2023 22:18:45
Also, starting to see a lot of Leonard Miller @ #12 to OKC as well.

17 May 2023 00:23:24
Orlando Magic Situation



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16 May 2023 15:56:44
What is your dream outcome for the NBA Draft Lottery tonight?

Mine? Chicago moves up into the top 3. The pick that Chicago owes Orlando does not convey AND Dallas moves down to #11 and that pick gets sent to the NY Knicks.

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16 May 2023 17:29:12
Houston picks ahead of the Spurs in the 1st round, which will result in Houston picking 33 in the 2nd round. Celtic own Houston's 2nd, top 32 protected. If that pick does not convey, Boston gets Portland's at 35.

16 May 2023 03:08:53
What if Harden leaves, any chance Embiid request a trade?

And what would it take to get him from Philly?

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16 May 2023 15:49:41
Sabonis and 2023 first + future first?

15 May 2023 18:59:44
Just starting watching the draft prospects and wondering which player/s you see pairing well with which team/s.

Lets keep somewhat realistic with where they are projected to be picked and lottery happens according to odds (even though it wont)

If you want a team to select a player out of position include a hypothetical trade...

1- Pistons
2- Rockets
3- Spurs
4- Hornets
5- Blazers
6- Magic
7- Pacers: Jarace Walker
8- Wiz
10- mavs
11- magic via chi- cason wallace
12- okc- dick or trade down for sensabaugh
13- raps
14- pels
15- hawks
16-jazz via min- bilal coulibaly
17- LAL
18- heat- sensabaugh
19- warriors- leonard miller
20- rockets- jett howard
21- nets via phx
23- blazers vi NY- take cissoko trade dame
25- grizz- murray
27- hornets- julian strawther
28- jazz
29- pacers
30- clippers

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15 May 2023 21:00:55
I will bring shocked if Kris Murray falls past Miami @ #18 or GS @ #19.

15 May 2023 23:34:39
Boston will have either 33 or 35. Any decent project bigs around there?

15 May 2023 23:50:20
I want Gradey Dick.

16 May 2023 02:29:30
Beast I'm glad you're not one of those people who just refer to others by their last name.

16 May 2023 04:28:24
Are we seriously just letting it go that MD wants dick?

16 May 2023 12:56:41
I thought he said he wanted grade a Dick. Lol.

16 May 2023 18:22:37
To be fair, no one wants grade F dick.

15 May 2023 17:16:12
Is it just me or is Mikal Bridges STARTING to look like Indy's Paul George?

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15 May 2023 20:36:47
Let’s see a full season. PG got pacers to playoffs. Nets got most of their wins before deadline. Not hating but looking at least as big trending up.

15 May 2023 09:13:20
Celtics vs Heat
This is the 4th time they face in Eastern Finals.. 2012(Heat), 2020(Heat), 2022(Celtics) and 2023..
2-2 season series
Tatum vs Butler,
if only Herro is uninjured he will matchup with Brown..

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15 May 2023 17:21:25
I just don’t see the depth for the Heat to compete with Boston.

15 May 2023 21:04:49
I think Boston has the perimeter defense designed to disrupt Miami's hot 3-point shooting.

I just get concerned with Boston settling for 3s instead of continually attacking the paint.

14 May 2023 23:05:43
So BOS winning it all? I dont see anyone beating them out of the 3 remaining contenders.

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15 May 2023 02:19:37
I think Denver would be tough, think they could tire out the Lakers. They should not lose to Miami.

15 May 2023 02:33:58
I think Denver-Boston could be interesting as KCP + MPJ have a better chance defending Tatum + Brown. I don't see any of the Boston bigs slowing Down Jokic.

15 May 2023 12:43:39
i hope J butler gets his ring.

15 May 2023 16:36:53
I think it’s Denver. Though Boston has the guys that can defend Jokic as good as anyone (specifically Horford) .

I don’t think I’d be shocked if any of the remaining teams won it all, but I’ve got Denver beating Miami in the finals right now.


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