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09 Sep 2021 05:23:39
Who you got? Prime matchups

Howard or Embiid
Melo or PG
Bosh or Siakam
CP3 or Dame

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09 Sep 2021 07:49:27

09 Sep 2021 08:33:58

09 Sep 2021 08:35:10
Bosh or Siakam?? Lmao

09 Sep 2021 08:55:25

09 Sep 2021 14:31:47
People really don't know how nice prime Dwight was. His defense was out of this world.

09 Sep 2021 19:09:59
I chose Howard Bc he led his team to the finals as the best player and beating Bron. The best rebounder and defender when he played in prime plus could still drop 20ppg.

09 Sep 2021 19:47:11
That 20ppg was on offensive rebounds and alley oops. Dwight was never a skilled offensive player and his defense doesn’t make up that difference against Embiid.

09 Sep 2021 21:04:48
NBA16 said it best: Dwight took his team to the finals. Not only that but he did it with no all-stars on his team.

09 Sep 2021 21:34:46
In today's NBA Ebiid always beats Howard.

09 Sep 2021 22:34:12
Smuro, his defense and “non skilled” offense led his team to a final.

10 Sep 2021 02:53:33

10 Sep 2021 11:29:49
Not Siakam lmao.

11 Sep 2021 00:04:25
In fairness to Pascal, he did get named to allNBA 2nd team in his 3rd season, Bosh didn't reach that peak until his 5th. Siakam won a MIP that Bosh never did. Bosh obviously has more allstar appearances and career achievements than Siakam, but SpicyP has only played in the league for 5 years.
So yes, I take Bosh over Siakam, but it's not as cut and dried as you might think, and may not hold over the course of Siakam's career.

08 Sep 2021 22:11:57
This time we turn to ESPN's NBA insider Brian Windhorst, who appeared on The Jump on Wednesday to discuss a number of basketball topics, and when Simmons' name came up he had some interesting information gathered from parties close to the situation:

"One of the messages that Ben has sent back towards Philly is that it's not his job to fix his trade value. It's not his job to correct his trade value or raise his trade value. That is not something that is on the menu for him.

"With that out there, I'm not covinced he's interested in coming in and trying to change the situation.

"And one thing that I think is interesting is that, his contract is structured in a way that he's going to get half of his money by October 1 - $16.5 million of his $33 million comes before he has to worry about getting fined a single dime, 41 of his games. So he's going to have a warchest and he can just sit this out. "

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09 Sep 2021 03:28:27
Just curious if it is harder to trade for Simmons knowing you have to pay $16 mil immediately on 1 Oct. Mote likely deal gets done after Simmons gets paid by Philly?

09 Sep 2021 13:16:58
I've never heard of this being an issue before. is Simmons contract unique? or does the league allow teams to balance the salaries on a perday basis like the cap is calculated? I'm pretty sure Philly doesn't eat the whole 16M on the cap if he's dealt on October 2nd.

09 Sep 2021 16:02:22
Salary cap amounts are a summation of the salary payments for that season. Teams and agents can negotiate how much of that annual salary is paid throughout the year. Stars tend to get paid more upfront than say a vet minimum deal.

09 Sep 2021 17:39:37
Players can ask for up to 80% of their salary before November 1 per the CBA.

I’m not sure how that works with trades. I’ve never heard anyone talk about it before. I’d guess the team that receives the player would compensate the other team? But I don’t know.

I wouldn’t think it would stop a team from trading for him. You know you’re getting into that contract. When the payment is shouldn’t be a huge factor I wouldn’t think.

09 Sep 2021 17:47:44
@BMiller, I don't think teams have to compensate Philly for the $16 mil if traded after Oct 1st but they are still on the hook for Simmons $33 mil salary cap number.

I am just wonder if that $16 mil is enough for teams to say that they will get serious about trading for Simmons once Philly has paid that salary. Just an interesting little wrinkle in my mind.

08 Sep 2021 06:49:25
Prayers up for Nico Mannion

The picture of his weight loss looks scary

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08 Sep 2021 06:32:30
Award predictions for next year

1. Doncic
2. Giannis
3. Jokic
HM: Bron, Embiid, Harden, Curry

1. Cunningham
2. Green
3. Suggs
HM: Mobley, Barnes, Giddey, Sengun

1. Simmons
2. Giannis
3. Gobert
HM: Green, Embiid, Bam, Jrue, Turner

1. Rose
2. Clarkson
3. Haliburton
HM: Bogdanovic, Ingles, THJ, Herro

1. Porter Jr
2. Morant (biased, I see 23+/9)
3. Lonzo
HM: JJJ, Garland, Haliburton, Mik.Bridges

1. Nash
2. Donovan
3. McMillan

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08 Sep 2021 09:16:38
Also want to add Coby White to HM 6MOY.

08 Sep 2021 13:37:52
Wouldn't be surprised to see Hield moved to a 6th Man role with Halliburton starting.

08 Sep 2021 13:51:01
Looks reasonable but unsurprising.

Since I follow the Celtics, these are the people I give chances to win awards from least likeliest to more likely.

5. DPOY Marcus Smart.
He always gets consideration but the award normally goes to a bigger player.

4. MIP Robert Williams
It's all about health. If he plays 30 minutes a night and 70+ games, he'll be among the league leaders in rebounds and blocks.

3. MVP Jason Tatum
He averaged 26.4 last year with a bad case of c.v. and he's still improving. Boston should be much improved, and if they can find their way into a top 3 seed, he'll be in the running.

2. 6MOY Dennis Schroeder
He was runner up not that long ago and he has plenty of motivation.

1. COY Ime Udoka
The Celtics will play their asses off for this coach and should be much improved. How improved they are will tell Udoka's story.

08 Sep 2021 17:14:53
What does anyone disagree with? I don't even think any of this would happen, just saying if a Celtic won an award. People should comment instead of just pressing a like or dislike button.

08 Sep 2021 19:58:04
It’s getting dislikes because none of those scenarios are plausible.

08 Sep 2021 20:41:47
They are not plausible? I would say they are, but my premise was which player on Boston had the best chance at each award. As far as the agree/ disagree buttons, this forum would be better off without them to promote more discussion. Any dope can press a button and say nothing.

08 Sep 2021 21:11:54
@Nightcap. Don't ask a question if you don't like the responses.

08 Sep 2021 23:39:15
Just hoping for something that makes sense and takes thought Fredman.

08 Sep 2021 23:45:58
Nightcap imo I would switch Williams and Smart. I think Williams as a starter would have a good chance at DPOY since it doesn’t typically go to guards. Also if Smart is the starting PG and primary playmaker I could see his averages jump. Maybe like a 16/ 17 ppg 7 apg and 5 rpg.

07 Sep 2021 13:00:32
If you could add one player to your favorite team, who would it be and why? I'll go first:

Zion Williamson to the Pistons. Him and Cade would be a dynamic duo going forward, and their games complement each other. A Cade-Zion pick-and-roll would be the bread and butter of our offense.

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07 Sep 2021 14:16:22
I'll add PJ Washington to my Celtics, trying to stick with something realistic. I think he could be attainable, and a starting lineup of Smart/ Brown/ Tatum/ Washington/ Rob Williams is very appealing and they're all around the same age. I'd be happy to give up some combination of Pritchard, Langford, Grant Williams, and draft picks.

07 Sep 2021 14:26:57
Embiid to the Kings.

07 Sep 2021 14:49:04
@Nightcap forget about realistic, choose anyone you want regardless of availability and contract status.

07 Sep 2021 15:18:58
Zion or AD to Portland. I lean toward Zion because of his age. Zion/ Dame P&R would be insane. Zion/ Nurk P&R would be scary. Shooting surrounding Zion. It would be great.

I assume most answers would be Zion or Luka.

07 Sep 2021 16:01:19
KD/ MPJ to Grizz

We need that No.1 option mext to Morant and his playmaking. I think MPJ has a super high ceiling if stays healthy.

07 Sep 2021 16:26:22
If I was picking for the Celtics, I would probably go with Jokic. Kills two birds with one stone in terms of addressing the big man they need and the playmaking they're missing.

07 Sep 2021 18:53:23
Yea if it can be anyone it's Jokic.

07 Sep 2021 19:02:56
For Toronto I'd take Giannis. too bad that ship has sailed. maybe he'll demand a trade in a couple of years. I think he fits the way the Raptors want to play perfectly.

07 Sep 2021 19:55:00
Wow, I totally spaced Giannis. Yeah, him. I want him over anyone else. Not sure how I forgot about him when I was thinking about this initially.

07 Sep 2021 20:21:30
Klay to LAL. Perfect fit.

07 Sep 2021 22:16:24
@usa I was also thinking Klay for the Lakers. A young star would be nice considering how old they are, but they're in win-now mode anyway. Klay would make them absolutely devastating on offense.

07 Sep 2021 23:23:50
Stephen Curry to Indy.

09 Sep 2021 01:46:19
Steph Curry to the Plels.

07 Sep 2021 06:33:13
Bulls deep rotation


1rst rotation


Lavine and vucevic should play most min

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07 Sep 2021 08:11:27
So, 5th seed in the East?

11 Sep 2021 00:45:28
I can see a 3rd seed with this team. Philly is a question mark. As is Boston. One injury and either of those teams are outside of the play in. The Bulls are pretty deep except at C.

07 Sep 2021 00:09:36
Starting Centers Ranking

N. Jokic
J. Embiid
B. Adebayo
K. Towns
R. Gobert
N. Vucevic
D. Ayton
M. Turner
C. Wood
C. Capela
K. Porzingis
J. Valanciunas
J. Allen
J. Nurkic
R. Holmes
S. Ibaka
B. Lopez
M. Robinson
T. Bryant
I. Stewart
S. Adams
W. Carter
J. Wiseman
D. Howard
B. Griffen
J. Peoltl
K. Birch
M. Plumlee
D. Favors

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07 Sep 2021 11:11:54
No complaints about Birch. He's nice but nowhere near as good as the people above him.

07 Sep 2021 13:04:01
Vooch over Ayton is an interesting debate. Vooch is clearly the better offensive player, but I can’t help but feel like Ayton’s style is more conducive to winning. I’ll give Vooch the edge for now.

07 Sep 2021 14:11:31
1. N. Jokic 2. J. Embiid
3. K. Towns 4. R. Gobert
5. B. Adebayo 6. N. Vucevic
7. D. Ayton 8. C. Capela
9. K. Porzingis 10. C. Wood
11. M. Turner 12. J. Valanciunas
13. J. Allen 14. B. Lopez
15. J. Nurkic 16. R. Holmes
17. M. Robinson 18. R. Williams
19. S. Adams 20. S. Ibaka
21. W. Carter 22. T. Bryant
23. D. Howard 24. B. Griffin
25. J. Wiseman 25. M. Plumlee
27. J. Poeltl 28. K. Birch
29. D. Favors 30. I. Stewart.

07 Sep 2021 14:28:49
Kinda interested in the gap between Adams and Valanciunas. I see them as very similar players.

07 Sep 2021 15:23:30
I think Adams and Val were really close in 2019. Adams has dropped off quite a bit and Val has improved.

Vooch vs Ayton might also be how you interpret a list like this. They were roughly similar players last season. Which means I absolutely expect Ayton to be the better player next season, because Ayton’s trajectory is straight up while Vooch is who he is.

07 Sep 2021 15:24:45
Also, Nurkic>Porzingis.

07 Sep 2021 16:03:47
Adams averaged 7 and 9 last season where Jonas averaged 17 and 12 while improving his outside shot. I think he’s continuing his way in climbing up the center rankings.

08 Sep 2021 01:37:39
Gmaster, you have Stewart as the worst starting center in the league?

05 Sep 2021 19:51:24
Any ideas what Memphis is going to do with their 17 guaranteed contracts and 1 more on the way with Dunn-Edwards-Hernangomez trade on the way?

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06 Sep 2021 00:47:07
My guess would be Merrill Konchar Porter will be gone first

Unless they make a big trade packaging multiple players.

06 Sep 2021 21:40:22
They’re waiving ja Morant and JJJ.

06 Sep 2021 23:34:47
We laughed.


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