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06 Apr 2019 02:10:07
If Phoenix can't draft Morant or Zion

LA: Booker
Phoe: Ball+Ingram+Hart+ 1rnd pick LA

Sign K Walker 139M for 4 years
sign D Jordan 20M for 2 years
Resign McGee vet min
Sign M Williams vet min
Sign R Gay vet min
Sign Bullock 8M for 2 years
Sign Rondo for vet min
Sign KCP 5M for 1year

C: D Jordan/McGee/Wagner
PF: Kuzma/ M Williams
SG:D Booker/Bullock/KCP
PG: Walker/Rondo/Bonga


1.) 06 Apr 2019 06:04:19
3 guys who play decent D for a guy who can score but plays no D Lakers pass .
Suns already Have 3 Wings why need Ingram anyways.

2.) 06 Apr 2019 06:14:07
Lakers say no i’d rather trade them all for Beal.

3.) 06 Apr 2019 21:58:31
The best part is the vets are telling him to stop getting that last stat padding bucket and he goes out the next game to do it again. I have never known a great player to shamelessly stat pad so blatantly. #'s are a guideline for players, and basketball illiterate owners, not the whole story. Sad he thinks so simply, wrongly, and materialistically with his talent. It's a young, immature, uninformed, attitude, and hopefully he grows up a little next season. Magic says no to protect his laker stats from hollow, stat padded Booker records overwriting his own real ones. Former greats really disrespect stat padding.



28 Mar 2019 14:05:02
Boston should aim for KAT if Irving leaves

Boston: KAT+Covington
Minny: G Hayward+Baynes+ 1rnd pick Sac+1rnd pick clippers+ 1rnd pick Boston+ 1rnd pick Memphis 2020+ 1rnd pick Boston 2020+1rnd pick Boston 2022

Resign Rozier 45M for 3 years
Sign I Thomas 10M 1 year

C: KAT/R Williams
PG:Rozier/ I Thomas


1.) 28 Mar 2019 15:13:33
It looks like a minimum guy and I don’t see the Timberwolves being willing to even talk KAT right now and if they were, they would want something ridiculous.

2.) 28 Mar 2019 17:15:53
Hayward, LAC 1st for Wiggins, '19 1st.

3.) 28 Mar 2019 17:17:08
So, you want Minnesota to trade their 2 best players for mid to late 1st round picks, no young players back, and no salary cap relief?

Yeah, not going to happen.

4.) 28 Mar 2019 19:11:45
That's 6 draft picks and two are lottery for sure, that are a lot of assets for a team that 's going to rebuilt.

5.) 28 Mar 2019 19:18:24
If Minnesota rebuilds, they will rebuild around KAT. Not look to trade him for pennies on the dollar.

6.) 29 Mar 2019 04:36:51
Carl006 is absolutely correct.

7.) 31 Mar 2019 10:26:37
How can they rebuild around Kat when they really have no pieces with value. Wiggins and dieng would take assets to move. They need a full rebuild and move kat and Wiggins together.



26 Mar 2019 07:54:34

Clippers: Beal

Was: Gallinari+ Robinson+ 1rnd pick Philly 2020+ 1rnd pick Miami 2021

Clippers sign:
K Leonard to a max deal
sign P Beverly 16M for 2 years
sign: D Jordan 1Y 5M
sign:P Millsap 1y 5M
sign W Matthews 1y 5M
Sign J McGee vet min
Sign Taco Fall

C: D Jordan/ McGee/Taco Fall
PF: Harrell/ Millsap
SF: K Leonard/ W Matthews
SG:Beal/ L williams


1.) 26 Mar 2019 08:08:56
Oladipo to clippers make more sense.

2.) 26 Mar 2019 09:32:18
comme on shizzee
Two draft picks, a young asset (Robinson) and an expiring contract is a good deal for Beal.
Washington can trade Gallinari for a bad contract and another pick or they can save money.

3.) 26 Mar 2019 11:33:34
DJ and milsap for 5 million each is a crazy thought.

4.) 26 Mar 2019 11:38:01
I don't think it's enough for Beal.

5.) 26 Mar 2019 13:08:18
Beal is a all star two non lottery picks and Robinson not enough for him. Beal worth a lottery pick or at least a player with all star potential.

6.) 26 Mar 2019 23:13:44
That miami pick could be verry good.



25 Mar 2019 09:11:47
Spurs-Portland-Cleveland on draft night.

Spurs: K Love+ 1rnd pick Portland

Cle: Turner+Harkless+ 1rnd pick Portland 2020 (lottery protected)

Portland: LM Aldridge+ 2rnd pick Spurs 2020+ 2rnd pick Cleveland 2020

The Spurs can use the draft pick to move up in the draft, so they can get Bol Bol.

Cleveland get two expiring contracts and a future asset for K Love

Portland go's all in to win a championship in 2020 and 2021


1.) 25 Mar 2019 12:56:39
No way in Hell Spurs trade Aldridge for Love. LA is much better.

2.) 25 Mar 2019 13:48:04
LMA is a better player but Love's still is a good player and he's 3 years younger and the spurs get a extra draft pick.

3.) 25 Mar 2019 13:56:01
I don’t think that it’s that LMA is better than Love that they don’t do this, I don’t think the Spurs are going to want the extra three years of guaranteed salary. The Spurs are potentially set up for a rebuild after next season if Demar and LMA both opt out. This also potentially lines up with Pops retirement as rumours have it that he would coach the 19-20 season and then make his US team coaching gig the end of his career.

If that is the case, a bright young coach like Becky or Imi get a young team to work with, and a tonne of cap space for when they are competitive again.

4.) 25 Mar 2019 19:07:50
That would be a hard pass from Cleveland. Give up Love and a 2nd that will most likely be in the 30's for some scrubs and a 1st most likely in 20's, basically pick gets about 15 spots higher for Love.



22 Mar 2019 10:33:16
If phoenix land the first and Atlanta, the second pick

Phoe: 1rnd pick Atlanta+ Plumlee

Atlanta: D Booker

Phoenix draft Zion and Morant

C : Ayton
PF: Zion
SG:TJ Warren
PG: Morant

Atlanta get the next splash brothers,
Draft : D Hunter

PF: Hunter
SF: Prince
PG; Young


1.) 22 Mar 2019 15:04:45
I don’t like the Young and booker combo together. They would be awful defensively.

2.) 22 Mar 2019 17:41:24
Plus. They already have Splash 2.0 working with Young and Huerter.




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27 Mar 2019 09:27:00
What should Charlotte do with K Walker?
The guy is playing great and i would take him over Irving.
So charlotte can give him a max contract, that would be a 220 Million dollar contract, if they make the playoffs.
Or should they let him walk and start a rebuilt?

The only reason people go watch Charlotte, is because K Walker. But he's already 29, that kind of players can decline fast and that contract could become poisoned in a few years, if Charlotte can't make it into they playoffs.


1.) 27 Mar 2019 11:45:39
Sign and trade if he let's them.

2.) 27 Mar 2019 12:41:23
L. Aldridge, L. James are the only elite FA's that I know of recently that turned down the money for another team. I don't know where Walker leaving rumors even come from other than his expiring contract. A story on him building a house recently, doesn't sound like a guy leaving Charlotte. Houses don't fold up into suitcases.

3.) 27 Mar 2019 14:05:23
The question is not what Walker should do. He should take the money. The question is what's the smartest that charlotte can do?

4.) 27 Mar 2019 17:03:31
Honestly, the only way he should stay is if the super max is available (he’d have to make one of the all NBA teams) and the only way that Charlotte should just let him walk is if they have to pay him the super max. It’s a catch 22.

5.) 27 Mar 2019 17:16:02
I wouldn't pay Walker or Lillard more than 35 million a season. It's just not right to pay them like they are the best in the game. They aren't Top 5 players.

6.) 27 Mar 2019 18:09:35
That’s the wrong outlook Jorga. Every team can afford one full max deal, so you really need to be a top 20-30 player to “deserve” a supermax. Lillard fits that, as does walker.

7.) 27 Mar 2019 20:38:31
The difference between lillard and walker is the team. Portland is an outsider for the title. Charlotte is playing for the eight spot.

8.) 28 Mar 2019 03:55:29
Coming from somebody who lives in NC and is a Charlotte fan, in my opinion, the Hornets should have had a meeting with Kemba and got his list of preferred destinations and traded him while they had the chance if he agreed to it. Charlotte has had plenty of chances to surround him with talent but has failed to do so. If I’m Kemba and in my prime, I’m going somewhere where I can best utilize my prime and make the playoffs with a better chance to at least win a series or 2. Then he could always come back to Charlotte before he retires.



25 Mar 2019 09:42:06
Should the clippers have tanked this year?

It's great they give it all, but they lose their pick to Boston and this reduces their chances getting A Davis or a young asset.


1.) 25 Mar 2019 16:38:46
They obviously made a choice to win, and forego AD dreams or didn't think they had a shot at him, or have plans for someone else? Jerry West is a genius with player acquisition, I don't have reason to doubt him yet.

2.) 25 Mar 2019 16:39:24
No, I get the whole tanking for better asset thinking, but I don't believe the Clippers are in the trading/ drafting for talent as much as they are in the signing UFA talent. To sign the top level talent, teams have to show that they are a (current) winning organization, have a solid head coach, a solid front office, and a solid owner. In Doc Rivers, Jerry West and Steve Ballmer, they Clippers show that they check all these blocks.

Plus, winning shows that the Clippers are about now, not 3-5 years from now when the young talent is developed.



17 Mar 2019 15:49:18
What teams are the most screwed for the near future?

A) Minnesota looks like a K Garnett 2.0 situation. A supertalent without a supporting cast.

B) Miami overpaid aging players and they don't own their 2021 pick.

C) Charlotte, probably losing K Walker. Having no star players and some bad contracts. They really need to win the 2020 draft, so they can turn it around.

D) Memphis, Bottom team for the next years and they still own a pick to Boston that's going to be unprotected in 2021


1.) 17 Mar 2019 22:43:57
Leaning towards Miami because of their lack of youth on rookie deals.



16 Mar 2019 12:51:31
Imagine NO lands the first pick.
Should they:

1) Draft Zion and Keep Davis
2)Draft Barret and keep Davis
3)Draft Zion and trade Davis
4)trade the pick for a star and keep Davis.
5) Something else


1.) 16 Mar 2019 17:12:40
It’s really hard to envision a scenario where Davis stays in NO after all that has happened.

2.) 16 Mar 2019 17:45:38
If that happened i wouldn’t trade Davis to the Knicks for Knox Smith Robinson and 1st

Draft Zion and Barrett

6th Barrett.

3.) 16 Mar 2019 21:10:56



13 Mar 2019 10:12:13
Should LA trade LBJ if they fail to land a big free agent?


1.) 13 Mar 2019 10:45:41
Why would they trade LBJ? Even if they fail, they wouldn’t do it and James would agree.

2.) 13 Mar 2019 13:26:11
Because it must be frustrating for LBJ missing the playoffs.
And LA can keep building with young talents if they get high draft picks.

LA isn't a team that should play for the eight spot and a first round exit. LBJ is 34 and his prime is ending, he can't win another title without other stars. So it could be a win win win situation for LA, LBJ and the young players if he leaves*. LA go's higher in the lottery, LBJ can play for a title with a real contender and the young players can develop with lesser pressure when LBJ is gone.

*Assuming this is plan B, if they fail to land a second star.




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15 May 2019 23:35:29
NY doesn't have enough assets, but i think Davis wants to play in the bigg apple. Boston and LA aren't going all in he makes it clear, he would only sign a new contract in NY
Knox+ Ntilikina+ Barrett+1rnd pick NY 2020+ 1rnd pick Dall 2021 and 2023 is a fair return.

PF: A davis
SF:K Durant

And i like that for NO too
C: Zubac (sign in free agency)
PF: Z Williamson
SF: Knox
Sixth: Randle.




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17 Apr 2019 16:47:18
agree with Bmiller, 1 pick is enough to unload Turner.




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10 Apr 2019 09:21:18
is this a joke?




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09 Apr 2019 12:23:26
Why would we give up Turner and a first round pick for an aging Conley, with a big contract?




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29 Mar 2019 15:27:09
Minny blew it with the Butler trade. They couldn't surround KAT with other talents (or keep them) and they couldn't develop (or burned him) Wiggins. They did it with Garnet and now they're doing it with KAT. They better trade him for future assets and young talent. And have pacience this time.

This team would still have a chance, to become great
PF: Markannen
SF: Wiggins
SG:Z LaVine





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