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30 Mar 2023 16:33:44
Pacers: J Brown
Celtics:Siakam+ 1rnd pick Bos 23+1rnd pick Cle 23
Tor: Mathurin+Theis



1.) 30 Mar 2023 19:33:52
I think all teams say yes. From the Raptors side, it's a little iffy but Mathurin is a local guy & a fantastic prospect.



28 Mar 2023 17:43:03
Boston: L Ball
Heat; J Brown
Cha; Herro+ D Robinson+1rnd pick Heat 23 and 27


1.) 28 Mar 2023 18:32:02
Boston already has Smart, White, and Brogdon, seems like a strange target. Heat wouldn't be giving up enough anyway.

2.) 28 Mar 2023 21:02:55
Heat gets the best player in the deal while getting rid of one of the worst contracts in the NBA. I don't like this trade at all. Charlotte probably rather keep Brown to themselves imo.

3.) 29 Mar 2023 00:43:07
Takes at least those picks just to dump Herro and DRob.



28 Mar 2023 08:29:27
1) Clippers-Heat

Heat: P George
Clippers: T Herro+ Jovic+ D Robinson+ 1rnd pick Heat 23-27-29

Rockets: K Leonard
Clippers: Porter+ smith+ #2 (Henderson)+ 1rnd pick Nets 24

PG:Henderson/T Mann


1.) 28 Mar 2023 15:09:52
Rockets wont do it.

2.) 29 Mar 2023 02:49:46
Kawhi would rather sit the whole season than play in Houston.



28 Mar 2023 08:08:46
Miami: Green+ Porter+ 1rnd pick Nets 24
Hou: J Butler

Hou: sign: J Harden
draft Wenbanyama


1.) 28 Mar 2023 14:49:31
I think the Harden rumors are smoke & mirrors to get Harden leverage. He wants the max.

2.) 28 Mar 2023 17:36:01
it probably is, but that's why this side is fun.

3.) 28 Mar 2023 21:04:31
I wouldn't give up Green for Butler, but rather pair him with Harden.



27 Mar 2023 09:55:45
Indy: Doncic
Dal: Mathurin+ Theis+Duarte+ 1rnd pick Indy 2023-2025-27 (top 2 protected)+ 1rnd pick Cle 23+ 1rnd pick Bos 23



1.) 27 Mar 2023 11:39:07
Haliburton-Doncic pairing seems eerily similar to the Irving-Doncic pairing. Plus, that is a massive hole in the Pacers defense with Doncic-Hield.

2.) 27 Mar 2023 13:40:46
I don't think you can compare Haliburton with Irving.
Irving is an *ss, Haliburton would find a way to play with Doncic

Doncic became ann above avarage defender. Hield isn't the best defender, but he's producing 5.0 rebounds and 1.2 steals. So i think that could work. Hali takes the best offensive player, Turner protects the rim and Jackson grabs the rebounds.

3.) 27 Mar 2023 19:21:31
@Gasupo and others. It is more about 2 players needing the ball in their hands to be highly effective. Nothing about the players "attitudes".

4.) 27 Mar 2023 20:17:00
Irving is a chemistry killer. Halliburton & Doncic would adjust playing together to make it work.

5.) 28 Mar 2023 01:59:10
Haliburton-Fox didn't work. Doncic-Kyrue is not working. Why would you think Haliburton-Doncic would work?

6.) 28 Mar 2023 14:50:59
@Fredman that's a good point. Both Doncic & Halliburton are high IQ players so maybe they figure it out.

7.) 28 Mar 2023 16:51:51
Luka and Kyrie isn’t working because that team has one of the worst front courts in the NBA (and because Kyrie is a cancer) .

Fox/ Hali “didn’t work” because Hali was only 100 games into his career and they had one of the worst front courts in the NBA.

If Indy has a bottom 10 front court with Haliburton and Luka, it’s a disaster. If they can surround them with shooting and defense, it could be amazing.

8.) 28 Mar 2023 16:55:14
It feels like the “Dame and CJ can’t win together” talk for years. Yeah, if you start Harkless, Aminu, and Kanter with them, they’re doomed. If the best forward that ever starts with them is Evan Turner, they can’t win.

9.) 29 Mar 2023 06:23:37
Yep, Mavs won’t win with Powell as their forever starting center lol.




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28 Mar 2023 22:24:19
what duo (in their prime ) would you want on your team

1) LBJ+ CP3 vs S Curry+ K Durant
2) J Brown+D Mitchell vs Tatum+ D Mitchell
3)J Butler+ P George vs K Leonard+K Thompson
4)Jokic+Doncic vs Giannis+Haliburton
5)A Davis+ Lillard vs Embiid+Harden
6)Siakam+Fox vs Barnes+Lamelo Ball
7)Mathurin+ SG Alexander vs Banchero+T Young
8)Morant+Markannen vs Edwards+KAT
9)Adebayo+ Ingram vs Beal+Sabonis
10)Z Williamson+Garland vs Wenyanama+S Henderson


1.) 29 Mar 2023 02:11:19
We haven't seen a lot of those players in their primes yet.

2.) 29 Mar 2023 06:27:40
Bron/ CP3
Tatum/ Mitchell
Kawhi/ Klay
Doncic/ Jokic (why’s Hali in this convo)
Embiid/ Harden
Siakam/ Fox
SGA/ Mathurin
Edwards/ Kat
Beal/ Sabonis

Can’t rly answer last one without seeing them play an nba game but Wemby/ Scoot have more potential.



23 Feb 2023 10:08:37
What should the Raptors do?

1)resign Van Vleet
2)sign coby White
3)Sign D russell
4)Sign another pointguard
5) Draft a pointguard


1.) 23 Feb 2023 13:40:00
If the answer isn’t #1, then they really screwed up at the trade deadline.

2.) 23 Feb 2023 17:30:42
6. S&T Van Fleet.

3.) 23 Feb 2023 18:27:39
Drafting one of the Thompson Twins just screams Toronto Raptors to me.

4.) 23 Feb 2023 21:05:56
Toronto wants Scottie to develop as a Magic Johnson type big point guard. I'm not sure if he can become that, but he certainly isn't ready to replace Fred next year. Ultimately Fred has earned the respect of Masai and the Raptors organization, so they will act by his wishes while also watching out for their own interests. If Fred wants to stay they will pay him appropriately, and maybe even more than the market would, just as they did with Lowry's last contract. If he wishes to go somewhere a S&T is needed they will do their best to accomodate, but will also do their best to fleece the other team as much as possible. Orlando seems like a real longshot to me. They are not close enough to competing to provide any real attraction to Fred. He is not the missing piece that would make them contenders. I expect he will likely resign in Toronto this summer. @Fredman - not sure they'll be drafting early enough for the Thompsons. wouldn't be surprised if they took a flyer on Zach Edey in the second round.

5.) 23 Feb 2023 23:13:04
Go ahead and take Edey. I have my eyes on other prospects.



14 Feb 2023 22:09:37
What player should have made an all star team at least once?

1) Orlando Woolridge
2)Byron scott
3)Chuck Person
4)Ron Harper
5)D Petrovic
6)Rod Strickland
7)K Gill
8)Jalen Rose
9)D Stoudemire
10)M Camby
11)K Van Horn
12)M Bibby
13)L Odom
14)R Artest
15)Andre Miller
16)C Maggette
17) Jason richardson
18) Josh Smith
19)B Gordon
20)A Bogut
21)CJ McCollum


1.) 15 Feb 2023 15:26:48
I don't feel like any of them should have.

McCollum may get one just like Mike Conley got one last year.

2.) 16 Feb 2023 16:37:58
I’ve always been a big Josh Smtih fan.

Maybe the year he averaged 19/ 10/ 4 with 1.4 spg & 1.7 bpg he could’ve made it, especially over Deng and Iggy that year. Iggy only had like 12/ 6/ 5.

I’ve also thought he should’ve won dpoy once. His defensive stats as a forward is crazy.

3.) 16 Feb 2023 21:42:00
Woolridge should've made it that one tear he averaged 25 ppg.

4.) 16 Feb 2023 21:49:16
Mike Bibby was a big part of those fun Sacramento Kings teams. I don't know if he had all-star accolades, but he certainly passed the eye test.

5.) 23 Feb 2023 18:29:58
Bobby was like the fourth wheel on those teams. Much like a Byron Scott on the Showtime Lakers. Not sure that gets a player in with zero rings.



11 Feb 2023 22:57:12
What match up would you like to see in the playoffs

3)Golden state-Phoenix


1.) 12 Feb 2023 01:32:29
Dallas/ Phoenix.

2.) 12 Feb 2023 01:48:02

3.) 12 Feb 2023 12:07:32
After this back-2-back, Kings-Mavs as the 4-5 would be pretty interesting.

4.) 12 Feb 2023 19:22:15
I'm up for any of the matchups, except I think Minnesota is kind of boring. Grizzlies - Warriors for sure.

5.) 13 Feb 2023 11:46:38
I want to see Grizzlies vs Warriors, Suns vs Mavs round 1.

6.) 13 Feb 2023 18:25:27
A dream 1st round would be

Memphis vs Warriors
Pels vs Nuggets
Suns vs Mavs (plus KD vs Kyrie now as well)
Kings vs Lakers.

7.) 13 Feb 2023 23:50:15
@NBA16 no Clippers?

8.) 14 Feb 2023 13:16:45
Depends how healthy they stay in 2nd half.



11 Feb 2023 09:19:28
Indy offered 3 first round picks and the Hou 2rnd pick, what's close to a late 1rst for Anunoby.

Should Toronto have taken this deal?


1.) 11 Feb 2023 15:07:11
If they offered Cleveland's and Boston's, that's not great. The houston 2nd is up in the air, Indy may not get it.

2.) 11 Feb 2023 20:51:17
Toronto was never going to trade any of these guys for just picks. For Indy they would have wanted either Turner (before doing the Poetl deal) or Mathurin with draft picks. Toronto itself is a good market, but it's 4 or 5 times bigger when the whole country gets behind the team. That only happens when they have a shot at being competitive. It would not be profitable for the Raptors to strip it down and start over with Scottie. Everything they do will be to get the team closer to a contender within a couple of years. Stretching it out farther than that would mean less jersey sales and less eyes on the 2 TV networks that own the team and the broadcast rights. Media made it out like the Raptors had to tear it down, but guys like Woj had it right. Anunoby is one of the few players in the league you can feel confident putting on the best player of every team in the league. He's a uniquely talented defender that Ujiri did not want to lose unless offered so much he couldn't refuse. None of the other teams' execs decided he was worth the price. I'm glad they didn't settle for less.

3.) 11 Feb 2023 22:59:49
it's delusionel if you think you can get Mathurin for OG.

I think, toronot is playing a dangerous game.
All their players had max value now. They got good offers for Siakam and Anunoby.

4.) 12 Feb 2023 04:09:59
I didn't say i thought they would get Mathurin, I said that would have been the price. There's all kinds of stuff on the shelves in stores that I'd really like to have, but can't afford. If you can't afford to pay a Mathurin, Masai is not selling you an Anunoby. It's not at all a dangerous game if they don't want to trade them. Teams leak that they offered 4 picks without saying what the protections were, and how many had any real value. Toronto said they would do something if there was a godfather offer. It was rumoured, but never came, so they held.




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31 Mar 2023 09:47:27
I like a Barrett for Ingram switch, but the Knicks should offer more to get this done.




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31 Mar 2023 09:46:48
isn't this a low ball offer for the Magic or do i miss something?

I like this for Miami.




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30 Mar 2023 16:43:51
Turner has a cheap contract the next two years, i want to keep him and see how far we can come next year.




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28 Mar 2023 17:36:01
it probably is, but that's why this side is fun.




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27 Mar 2023 13:44:29
I would overpay to get doncic.





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30 Mar 2023 16:40:46
Golden State

They become the third team in history outside the top three that wins the title. ;-)




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25 Mar 2023 21:48:49
I would reall y like him on the pacers.
We'll trade anything for him accept Mathurin and Haliburton.




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13 Mar 2023 22:34:01
draft Victor Wanyama :-)
if not, trading our picks for a great PF.




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25 Feb 2023 08:52:27
isn't this Harden's management, who spread the rumors, trying to get a max deal from philly.




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25 Feb 2023 08:50:47
great victory.