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31 Mar 2023 07:58:26
Heat/Blazers/Magic let say Heat really wanted Damian Lillard Pat Riley asked Magic for help to land him

Kyle Lowry
Jonathan Isaac
Cole Anthony
Gary Harris
8 pick.via Bulls from Magic
22 pick.via Heat
2025 1st round pick(top 5 protected).via Nuggets from Magic
2029 1st round pick(unprotected).via Heat
Two 1st round picks swap

Tyler Herro
Duncan Robinson
23 pick.via Knicks from Blazers

Damian Lillard
Nassir Little
Trendon Watford
Keon Johnson
Two 1st round picks swap

Pat Riley gonna need help to land Damian Lillard without giving up Bam or Jimmy

Blazers can keep or buyout Kyle Lowry

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31 Mar 2023 09:46:48
isn't this a low ball offer for the Magic or do i miss something?

I like this for Miami.

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31 Mar 2023 12:43:30
Yeah, Magic pass in a heartbeat. #1 they don't want to help the Heat, you know their in state rivals. #2 if they did, they aren't trading all of that for Duncan's bad contract and Herro.

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31 Mar 2023 13:12:51
Portland passes. They are going to want a young All-Star talent plus picks for Lillard.

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31 Mar 2023 14:00:55
Why in the world is Portland giving up 3 young guys in a trade that pushes them into a full rebuild? How does that make any sense?

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31 Mar 2023 15:35:38
That trade is fantastic for the Heat, terrible for everyone else. Herro & Robinson are both negative contracts.

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31 Mar 2023 16:34:40
@BMiller. Because he doesn't know what is going on with Portland at all.

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31 Mar 2023 06:53:58
Knicks - Brandon Ingram, hernangomez
Pelicans - rj barret Evan fournier 2 2nd round picks

Pelicans team rj and zion back
Knicks solidify their small forward position with Ingram.

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31 Mar 2023 09:47:27
I like a Barrett for Ingram switch, but the Knicks should offer more to get this done.

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31 Mar 2023 12:59:09
I didn’t think a 1st round pick was necessary but still think if you add one the swap makes sense.

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31 Mar 2023 15:36:28
That isn't particularly close. Ingram is a star, Barrett has been dissapointing.

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31 Mar 2023 03:26:51
Scenario - LA Clippers decide NOT to blow it up:

Clippers-Nets Draft Night Trade

LAC receive:
Spencer Dinwiddie
Royce O'Neale

BKN receive:
Terrence Mann
Marcus Morris Sr.
2023 2nd Round Pick (via MEM)
2028 1st Round Pick

Free Agency:
> Waive Eric Gordon
> Re-sign Mason Plumlee
> Re-sign Russell Westbrook to MLE

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30 Mar 2023 19:17:59

2 pick
Davis Bertans

4 pick
2025 1st round pick(top 10 protected).via Mavericks

Markelle Fultz

Magic draft Scoot Henderson

Pistons draft Brandon Miller

If both teams get what they want

Pistons have Ivey doesn't need Henderson

Mavericks feel like losing Irving in free agency get PG back

Magic have SF & PF doesn't need another one

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30 Mar 2023 23:24:57
what if Miller is drafted 3?

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31 Mar 2023 00:32:03
By who Houston why would they wanted him?

If they got SF & PF.

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31 Mar 2023 02:55:38
Houston would absolutely want Brandon Miller. He's better than Tari Eason or KMJ.

Also I think the Mavs would rather just give Irving the max than give up a 1st for a mediocre PG.

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31 Mar 2023 04:38:39
MD overvaluing Magic scrubs again.

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30 Mar 2023 16:33:44
Pacers: J Brown
Celtics:Siakam+ 1rnd pick Bos 23+1rnd pick Cle 23
Tor: Mathurin+Theis


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30 Mar 2023 19:33:52
I think all teams say yes. From the Raptors side, it's a little iffy but Mathurin is a local guy & a fantastic prospect.

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30 Mar 2023 08:41:09
Magic/Blazers @ Draft Night

1 pick.via Magic
6 pick.via Bulls
Pick Swap

20 pick.via Knicks
Pick Swap

Blazers draft Victor Wembanyama @ 1 & Brandon Miller @ 3 & Jarace Walker @ 6

Second Trade

Blazers send Nurke + Cash Considerations to Spurs for Birch & McDermott & 2nd

Magic draft Maxwell Lewis

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30 Mar 2023 12:51:44
That's nuts.

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30 Mar 2023 14:03:07
I’ve said it before about other stars. I wouldn’t trade Wemby for many guys. I don’t think Dame is in that group either. If he was 26 maybe, but not at 32.

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30 Mar 2023 19:34:45
You can do much better than a 32 year old Damian Lillard if y'all decide to trade Victor.

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31 Mar 2023 12:46:57
I really don't think any team is trading #1 pick (Wemby) unless they get absolutely blown away by an offer.

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29 Mar 2023 23:39:20

Bennedict Mathurin
Jalen Smith
2023 1st Round Pick(unprotected).via Pacers

Jaylen Brown

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30 Mar 2023 02:11:08
I think Indy passes as Mathurain looks like he can develop into Jaylen Brown without having to give up assets.

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30 Mar 2023 11:46:39
Don't see it for either team.

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30 Mar 2023 14:07:41
The odds of Mathurin developing into a player as good as Brown is very low. If Indy thinks they’re Brown away from contending (they’re not) this would be great move for them.

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29 Mar 2023 21:44:16
Pacers Situation

Pacers fans

What's the value of Myle Turner?

I'm looking to trade Wendell Carter Jr

This guy like Horace Grant @ best

Wendell isn't a Center he can play Center but he mostly Power Forward

All he does plays offense & grab rebounds barley gets any blocks he lets the men he supposed be guarding to score easily buckets

Pacers fans are y'all looking to trade Myles Turner?

I can do Wendell for Myles straight up or I can add third team

Send Carter Jr & Hield to Hornets

Hayward & Williams 1st & 2nd to Pacers

Turner to Magic

If Magic doesn't get 1 pick

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29 Mar 2023 22:11:17
Carter for Turner it enough for Indy.

And Charlotte is not doing that deal either.

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29 Mar 2023 22:27:55
Fredman I’m so tired of Wendell not stopping guys on defense letting players score on the paint it’s looks so easily I missed Shaq & Dwight those guys play defense for real.

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29 Mar 2023 23:16:40
Thought he was untouchable?

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30 Mar 2023 05:00:19
If indy wanted to trade Turner they would have done it at the deadline and not given him an extension.

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30 Mar 2023 07:09:00
NBA16 well i'm waiting for him to trade his "untouchables" eventually.

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30 Mar 2023 12:53:11
An average player with above average value due to his contract. They should trade him while his value is high because he's more a role player than a building block.

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30 Mar 2023 16:43:51
Turner has a cheap contract the next two years, i want to keep him and see how far we can come next year.

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