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23 Jan 2020 13:09:21

Since there is the strong need and fortunatelly the GSW 2020 2ndwith very early selection is comparable with a late 1st Mavs could pull the triffer and Detroit would get some nice asset by Brunson, Jackson, Roby and that high 2nd 2020

DET: Marjanovic, Roby, Jackson, Lee, Brunson, 2x2nd 2020
DAL: Drummond, Morris, Rose

Mavs send all their asset and have to hope that Drummond works well. If not his contract expires but there will be no trade asset anymore. Detroit jumps to rebuild and maybe on or two of Brunson, Jackson, Roby can become good players at Detroit.

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23 Jan 2020 13:35:44
Add Luka.

23 Jan 2020 18:38:53
That package would be lucky to get Rose, let alone get Drummond AND Rose.

24 Jan 2020 16:09:00
As usual posters trying to take quality from the pistons in exchange for there garbage. Brunson at best is a guard off the bench. I agree with Fredman.

23 Jan 2020 12:26:16
SPURS - bembry/ fernando
HAWKS- poeltl

SPURS- morris
DET- forbes/ metu and/ or 2nd rd pick from sas

line up
c. aldridges/ morris/ fernando
pf. lyles/ gay/ samanic
sf. derozan/ bembry/ carroll/ johnson
sg. murray/ walker/ bilinelli
pg. white/ mills.

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23 Jan 2020 14:54:00
would make both teams worse.

24 Jan 2020 16:17:18
You can more for Morris.

23 Jan 2020 12:15:58
Boston gets DeRozan, Aldridge, White, Metu

Spurs get Hayward, Smart, Theis, Kanter

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23 Jan 2020 13:02:00
Boston is top 4 in the East. why would they want to rebuild the team in the middle of the season?

23 Jan 2020 13:26:18
Boston is not going to give up four of its top 7 players for DeRozen and Aldridge. Besides, DeRozen and Aldridge don't fit the Celtics' time line or their style of play. Bad mix. But -- Doesn't seem that White is on the rise in San Antonio, so maybe Boston could move a lesser piece (Langford? ) for him.

23 Jan 2020 12:00:41

NOLA get Booker
Just a perfect fit with Lonzo Zion & Ingram

Pg Ball
Sg Booker
Sf Ingram
Pf Zion
Ce Hayes

PHX get Barrett, 3 1st from NOLA & Portis exp

Pg Rubio
Sg Barrett
Sf Oubre
Pf Saric
Ce Ayton

NYK get Holiday, Hart & 2nd rd pick NOP & PHX

Pg Payton
Sg Holiday
Sf Morris
Pf Randle
Ce Robinson

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23 Jan 2020 13:01:02
Holiday has more value than Barrett. NYK should send some picks.

23 Jan 2020 13:04:49
Pelicans give up Holiday, Hart, 3 1sts and a 2nd for Booker? . Wayy too much. I'd rather keep Holiday and the picks.

23 Jan 2020 13:19:03
NOLA is not paying Holiday, Hart,3 firsts and a second for Booker.

23 Jan 2020 11:52:38
Cavs get Roberson, Okc second, Spurs second

Spurs get Gallinari, Henson

Thunder get DeRozan, Lyles

Paul, Schroeder
SGA, Dort, Diallo
DeRozan, Ferguson
Lyles, Bazley
Adams, Noel

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23 Jan 2020 13:08:03
If the Spurs decide to tank they can do better than this. and this trade is certainly not going to help them reach the playoffs.

23 Jan 2020 13:57:46
@wlndrapsfan, I see what you are saying, and here was my thought process. They have tons of 2 guards right now. They could very reasonably move one of them instead, but I think moving Demar makes a bit more sense if they can add bigs to offset the number of 2's. Both Gallo and Henson are expiring. I could see Henson not seeing a ton of minutes, but Gallo could open more room up for those other guys. He's played well.

24 Jan 2020 03:51:58
@ChurchPugh I just don't see the Spurs moving DeRozan without getting a nice future piece or a this year difference making piece. I don't see that deal out there for them, so it's either keep him or get some future value.

24 Jan 2020 03:52:42
but then again if I knew everything i'd have masai's job.

23 Jan 2020 08:26:03
Offseason / draft day deal


MIN get Beal & Ish Smith

WAS get 1st round pick of MIN 2020, 2nd round pick, Wiggins & Culver

- maybe add another protected 1st from MIN

If they are saying Towns is untouchable, they better put up a team that can compete around him. Beal is the start.

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23 Jan 2020 11:40:01
Lmao i won't vote.

23 Jan 2020 13:03:26
You have to add more picks.

23 Jan 2020 18:17:25
Although Wiggins and Culver have both done much better, MIN better win a lottery pick to get WAS to consider this.

23 Jan 2020 08:21:02

SAS get Portis & Smith Jr

NYK get Bellineli, Mills & 2nd round pick

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23 Jan 2020 11:41:01
Payton ellington smithjr dal 1st for mills belinelli.

23 Jan 2020 08:17:13
Grizzlies - Thunder

Grizzlies gets:
Roberson (expiring)
2020 2nd rd pick
2021 2nd rd pick (31-40 protected)

Thunder gets:
Crowder (expiring)

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23 Jan 2020 13:05:46
Good trade but not with protection.


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