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17 May 2019 20:08:53
NY and LA: please keep your picks and wait until 2020 and see where AD wants to go. Kyrie, Durant and the current Knicks can beat the GS that's playing now. LA can sign a max this year and next. Adding Garland and perhaps Thompson, Butler, OR Leonard to the current
Lakers gives LA a chance in West.


McGee...then AD in 2020

The NBA FINALS from 2020-2024....easily.

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17 May 2019 20:32:22
Lakers won't have cap space in 2020 primarily because of the cap hold for Ingram's RFA, Garland's salary as the #4 pick ($8 mil? ) and Thompson's max deal.

Knicks will be in a similar spot as Kyrie's and Durant's max deals along with Barrett's salary as the #3 pick will prevent the Knicks from having a max slaot for Davis in 2020.

18 May 2019 00:53:58
The current warriors playing today stomp those Knicks. Even if Durant moves to NY, if Thompson stays, I got the warriors over the Knicks big. I don’t even think that Knicks team is a top 2 team in the east unless Leonard leaves Toronto.

18 May 2019 14:01:25
Yeah, it’s do the trade now or don’t get AD for almost all teams involved. The Pelicans likely get the moon and the stars for him.

18 May 2019 14:02:51
With Thompson Lakers wouldn't need ad but butler would be more realistic.
Ball/ garland
Butler/ hart
Ingram/ kuz
James/ kuz
Mcgee/ wagner.

18 May 2019 16:50:09
Klay isn’t leaving a team that he likes, is going to give him a bigger role and can offer him significantly more money. There’s a reason there has been 0 speculation about what Klay will do.

17 May 2019 20:07:20
Let's calm down for a minute. Just like y'all, I'm ready for the offseason and to see what the league is going to look like Day 1. But let's start with facts before hypothetical situations. For instance: Let's start with GS. They will lose 2 ,maybe 3 of their starting 5 for nothing. They're going to have to go shopping like everyone else. If NY keep their roster and add Kyrie and Durant, why wouldn't they be the heavily favorite without AD?


Not to mention draft picks from Dallas, excellent coaching staff without sacrificing the future.

Start with facts: The way the Lakers are built, all of their talent don't fit so a trade is necessary. Ball, Ingram nor Kuzma are excellent shooters. If Lebron is the focal point of the team, they need shooting at 4 of the 5 positions. Not saying that those 3 are sorry but they need fresh starts like D-Lo and Randle. Every team that has had Lebron has had to start from scratch after his departure. That's not going to change. The only way to make this statement untrue is to stay intact, sign an impactful player, take away the ball handling duties from Lebron and wait for AD to become unrestricted in 2020.

Thompson/#4 (Garland)


For salary to work, Ball and Ingram had to go but these moves keep Lakers square for years to come without us going crazy.

But for the other 28 teams, 2019 will be the final year until at least 2025 to assemble a roster to try to get a ring based on if the Lakers and Knicks use this formula.


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17 May 2019 20:39:15
I wouldn't say that the Knicks would be "heavy favorites" over Milwaukee.

Additionally, Lakers won't have a max salary slot for Davis in 2020 because of Garland and Thompson's added salary as well as the cap hold on Ingram for his RFA. Unless the Lakers are not going to offer Ingram a QO.

17 May 2019 21:34:13
I think he saying let ball and Ingram walk.

17 May 2019 21:36:26
Then Davis might be 4 mil short of a max but oh well can make that up just being in LA. Sign a one year deal and then do again then sign a max deal in 2022.

18 May 2019 00:47:32
Ll- taxes in LA take more money.

18 May 2019 01:09:06
Ball will have one year left on his rookie deal in 2020.

Lebron would be 40 and in the last year of his conract in 2020-21?

18 May 2019 14:03:58
Ainge thinks Kyrie and AD are a package deal. So theoretically, what if Ainge pulls the trigger on a huge trade for Davis and Irving comes back. The Knicks can’t find a 2nd star for Durant, so he decides one of the teams that are more competitive will be a better landing spot. Without the AD trade the Lakers strike out in free agency (klay has every reason to resign with GS, more money, bigger role, and he seems to love it there) . The Knicks and Lakers are back in the same position they were a few years ago and over pay some role players.

17 May 2019 20:06:03
If AD decides to stay or gets traded to the Celtics or Lakers and Philly decides to build around Simmons as Embiid is injury prone and older:

Knicks get Embiid

76ers get: Pick No. 3, Mavs Picks 2021 and 2023, Knox, Ntilikina, Smith and Robinson

Knicks sign KD or Irving with the help of Embiid

76ers use the Bucks blueprint and resign Redick, Harris and Butler. Also add Lopez for 4 years with the MLE.

Simmons - Smith
Redick - Barrett - Frank
Butler - Smith
Harris - Knox - Bolden
Lopez - Robinson

Your thoughts?

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17 May 2019 21:30:56
Embiid isn’t getting traded.

17 May 2019 21:32:50
Knicks players have little value. They would be bottom of rotation players at best in Philly.

17 May 2019 20:05:16
Pelicans rebuild

NO- DSJ, Knox, Trier, Mitchell, #3 pick

NO- Sabonis, Holiday
IND- Holiday

NY has to give up more since they can’t offer the one pick. Give up on all the young guys, get AD and go all in on all stars seemed like that was their plan even if the had the #1 pick

IND trades one holiday for another, Jrue is locked up for a while and should fit well next to oladipo. You could argue that Indiana needs to give up more like a first or something

NO has a ton of young guys with potential. This gives them a bunch of darts to throw at the board and they can roll with the ones that stick best.

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17 May 2019 21:33:45
That would be suicidal for Pelicans.

17 May 2019 21:36:08
The Holiday trade is light and you like have to throw another pick or two in to the Davis deal, if what seems to be going on is going on.

18 May 2019 03:13:21
Agree with rkenne. As a Pacers fan since 1970 I would love to pair J. Holiday up with Vic in the back court but I just don't see it happening. with Davis being moved and the Pelicans having cap space coupled with the Draft of Z. Williamson they will need veteran direction on the court which means they will want more than he is worth I believe.

17 May 2019 20:03:42
Two trades for the pels

#1 Pels and Knicks

Pels get Dsj, Trier, mudiey and the #3 pick draft RJ

Knicks get AD, sign Irving. Knicks might have to add more players for salary match for AD

#2 Pels and Lakers

Pels get ball, hart, Ingram some picks n players to match salary

Lakers get AD

AD is willing to play in LA or with Irving, I don't think Irving is going to stay in boston, NY is his #1 option, if AD wants to play with Irving this would be the way

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17 May 2019 21:37:20
Both trades are super light for AD. It’s shaping up for the Pelicans to get a ridiculous package. Also, the Pelicans may not be willing to trade him to LA.

17 May 2019 20:02:14
Good luck to NYK,BOS

My proposal if AD still wants to go


LAL get Davis

CHI get Ball & Wagner

NOP get Ingram, Felicio (waive), 4th pick, 7th pick, 2021 protected 1st LAL

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17 May 2019 21:38:12
Throw in Kuzma and Hart. Also, no one is giving up the 4th pick for Lonzo.

17 May 2019 18:22:13

PHI get: Lebron James and Chicago 7th Pick
Draft: Cam Reddish

pg. Lebron
sg. Reddick
sf. Reddish
pf. Harris
c. Embiid

LAL get: Ben Simmons and Otto Porter Jr.
Draft: Darius Garland

pg. Simmons
sg. Garland
sf. Ingram
pf. Kuzma
c. Wagner

CHI get: Jimmy Butler and Lonzo Ball

pg. Ball
sg. Lavine
sf. Butler
pf. Markennen
c. Carter.

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17 May 2019 18:47:06
Jimmy can't be traded as free agent unless he chooses.

17 May 2019 15:43:02
Houston-/ Washington

Houston get- Beal, Mahinmi, Portis

Washington get- Capela, Gordon, Shumpert

What do you think?

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17 May 2019 18:14:13
Hard no from the wiz.

17 May 2019 18:14:28
This doesn't make sense for Houston imo.

17 May 2019 15:25:00

OKC get Chris Paul and Whiteside 1st round pick 2019 (#13) from Miami, 2nrd round 2020 from Houston, 1st round 2021 from Houston

Houston get Westbrook and Adams

Miami get Capela and Gordon.

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17 May 2019 18:19:17
Okc gets killed in this.

17 May 2019 15:16:28
Kings Pelicans
Barnes accepts his PO

Kings get Davis Moore exp salary filler

Pelicans get Fox, Hield, Barnes exp salary filler and whatever picks it takes to make it happen. If they absolutely have to they include Bagley

Kings get Davis and then i could be wrong but i am 90% sure they would have enough salary space to sign an all star to help him out and try to keep him. Maybe Kyrie, KD, Butler, Walker, Leonard someone might come to play with him.

Pelicans then trade Holiday for the best young package they can get. Then they have whatever they get for Holiday plus Zion and Fox future all stars to build around and they can grow together. Plus Bagley if they jave to include him. They have Heild who can hit 3's at a great rate. If they make the playoffs they have Barnes who has playoff and finals experience which will be helpful. And next off season if they don't have Holiday and don't bring back a lot of salary for next year in the trade they could have enough cap space to bring in 2 big free agents if they can talk someone into coming to play with the young guys which if they made the playoffs which would be possible they would look good to a big free agent. This could make them a good young team with great potential.

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17 May 2019 17:17:19
Nobody wants to play for the Kings. Especially not star players.


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