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24 Sep 2022 09:17:07
Boston: Hachimura

Wizards: Gallinari+ 1rnd pick Boston 25

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24 Sep 2022 14:10:26
A year ago I probably would have said yes, but at this point Grant Williams is a better player. Boston needs a true big. Players I think that could be of interest include Myles Turner, and 3 guys from Orlando; Carter Jr, Bamba, and Isaac.

24 Sep 2022 18:23:27
Holmes from Sac? But does Boston have matching salaries?

24 Sep 2022 22:26:04
For Holmes they would start with Galo once he's eligible to be traded, same in a deal for Bamba. For any of the other guys it'd probably be Derrick White.

25 Sep 2022 06:23:30
Boston would have to add around $3 mil in salary to Galo to match Holmes salary in any trade. Kings would have zero interest in Derrick White.

25 Sep 2022 10:36:52
They wouldn't trade White for Holmes anyway, but I'm saying start with Galo, then add whatever small salaries and picks necessary. I mean look how they got Brogdon.

24 Sep 2022 09:15:25

Knicks: Bertrans+Finney-Smith+ 1rnd pick 25 (top 20 protected)

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24 Sep 2022 14:05:44
Dallas needs to shoot for the fences. I like this trade for them.

26 Sep 2022 04:18:45
I'm not as low on randle as most ppl but I'm higher on finney Smith he's very underrated elite 3 and d.

24 Sep 2022 05:01:40
Magic/Lakers/Grizzlies Trade Deadline

Grizzlies get Lonnie Walker & Kendrick Nunn

Lakers get Terrence Ross

Magic get Danny Green(buyout) 2024 first round pick(Top 14 protected).via Grizzlies

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24 Sep 2022 07:32:55
The Lakers just signed Walker and you have them trading him. I dont know basketball knowledge do you have.

24 Sep 2022 00:02:09
Heat Pacers

Heat get Turner

Pacers get Robinson, Yurtseven & 1st round pick

Heat move Adebayo to PF


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24 Sep 2022 08:13:25
i would do Turner for robinson and Jovic
I like Jovic more than the pick, we already have 3 first round picks in 23.

23 Sep 2022 15:31:34
Should the Lakers give up two unprotected picks to dump Westbrook and getting Turner and Hield

Pf:A Davis/Gabriel
SF:LB James/Brown Jr
SG:Hield/L Walker/Reeves

Pacers should do this:
I don't think we can get better picks For Hield And Turner and we can tank for one year. Last time Indy had a top 5 pick, was Rick Smits in 1988

Lakers should do this:
If they believe A Davis can stay healty
The Lakers and Miami are the only teams that can risk their future trading away all their draft picks. They still can sign the stars they want so they could go all in on this trade.

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23 Sep 2022 16:50:40
Lakers absolutely should do this, but they won't. They are too hard headed to realize they almost have to do this to compete.

23 Sep 2022 17:15:02
I think a fair trade is 1 pick. If it's 1 unprotected pick, then I believe that's more than what Turner is worth given that he's an upcoming UFA who intends to test the market. Getting rid of Hield's salary for next year is a positive for Indy. I believe teams are trying to hold up the Lakers because of their short window.

23 Sep 2022 18:20:02
@Nightcap I'd say Turner is worth a 1st and taking Westbrook's salary is worth another 1st. Westbrook would get bought out, so Indy is giving up valuable cap space for no return if it's just 1 1st.

23 Sep 2022 19:28:53
I was reading an article today saying Jeannie Buss does not want to do this because they could have gotten Hield cheaper last year. She thinks this is just thowing money at a problem that they (LBJ & AD) made.

23 Sep 2022 22:30:17
Turner is worth a 1st, but if you look at similar players in value like Wood and Grant, it's closer to a late 1st than an unprotected 1st. Hield has no value to negative value. Westbrook may make much more money but at least he's expiring.

23 Sep 2022 23:03:54
Indy should do it in a heartbeat if offered. Two unprotected picks for players that don't fit the timeline is a no-brainer.

23 Sep 2022 23:54:41
Agree with nightcap, again, the Lakers should just let Westbrook expire than give up 2 unprotected picks for mediocre players at best and take longer salary.

22 Sep 2022 23:26:32

Suns get Terrence Ross 2024 second round pick.via Magic

Magic get Landry Shamet 2024 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Suns

Terrence Ross doesn't have value but he is expiring + second round pick

Suns probably want get off Landry Shamet contract for expiring contract they're over the cap right now

Dario Saric (expiring)

Jae Crowder (expiring)

Terrence Ross (expiring)

Torrey Craig (expiring)

Cameron Johnson (expiring)

It's give Phoenix Suns more flexibility and relief on their cap space situation

Magic will take Landry Shamet contract if protected first round pick in return

Terrence Ross average 10 points per games

Landry Shamet average 8.3 points per games

It's work ESPN Trade Machine

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23 Sep 2022 08:28:22
How is taking on more salary this year when the Sun's are already over the luxury tax "better"? Also, Shamet's last 2 years are not guaranteed, so it is really just a 2 year deal.

22 Sep 2022 21:49:50
Tor: clarckson
Jazz: boucher+ 1rnd pick Tor 24

Jazz:D Robinson+Jovic

Jazz:Brooks+D Green+ 1rnd pick Memphis 24

Memphis: Crowder+Saric+1rn pick Suns 24

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23 Sep 2022 07:45:58
I like lauri but I'm not sure he's even better then crowder for the suns. Yes he's avg. More points, but crowder brings that physical toughness that every championship team needs. Def. Wouldn't add saric and a first as well.

23 Sep 2022 15:08:39
would you do Shamet+Saric+ 1rnd pick 2024 (maybe top 8 protected) for Markkanen?

23 Sep 2022 19:37:22
Also, there is the thought that if the Lakers give up 2 firsts then they are on the hook to resign Turner next season and rumors are that Turner wants Gobert type money on his next deal. Lakers are not offering that. So Turner can walk and Lakers have no real cap space as Hiel will still be on the book.

24 Sep 2022 00:18:21
looks like you overvalued Bojan Bogdanovic in the proposal. Utah sent him to Detroit for Kelly Olynyk and Saben Lee.

24 Sep 2022 11:24:25
Gasupo I would do lottery protected first maybe. Or crowder and saric for lauri. there's a lot of rumors that the suns are interested in sga, and could make a godfather offer with draft picks and small contracts. I don't see okc trading him, but if it's true I also don't see phx wanting to give up first rounders in any other trade that doesn't include a superstar.

22 Sep 2022 18:11:04
“I'm told the Lakers and Pacers did engage in some trade conversations this week and the Pacers' demand for two unprotected first-round picks … is just not appealing for the Lakers. ”

NBA Insider
reports on the Pacers' plans to keep Myles Turner into the season.

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23 Sep 2022 00:07:53
Indy has no use for Turner or Hield now that they commited to a rebuild. They should settle for one first, it's better than nothing.

23 Sep 2022 08:31:51
Indy should wait until trade deadline to see how desperate teams get.


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