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31 May 2020 05:01:18
Would the Nets still be interested in Tobias Harris? They tried to sign him last year and they do need a power forward.

Nets receive Harris & Mike Scott

Philly receives Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris Levert & Taurean Prince.

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31 May 2020 08:42:36
Nets say hell no. 3 guys who are cheaper and can produce as much as Harris is an overpay.

31 May 2020 11:44:00
Add 1-2 first rounders from Philly to get this close.

01 Jun 2020 05:35:09
Libra- true but nets need a solid third guy and KD and kyrie will have the ball in their hands a lot.

31 May 2020 03:57:49

SAS get Victor Oladipo

IND get Demar Derozan, Loonie Walker, 1st round pick '20, 1st round pick '22 unprotected

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31 May 2020 11:45:15
Ovrerpay for a 1yr rental in Oladipo. Derozen and a lottery protected first?

31 May 2020 12:35:39
Fredman, if Oladipo agrees to an extension what could make this trade work?

31 May 2020 16:31:15
Doubt anything will make it work. Spurs are not a team known for making trades. Especially giving up picks as well.

01 Jun 2020 05:36:03
Spurs need a rebuild. I am scared they won’t blow up roster until pop is gone.

30 May 2020 21:24:33

NYK- Giannis

Bucks- 2020 New York first round pick, msg.

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31 May 2020 00:42:38
Add time square.

31 May 2020 04:22:02
And the Statue of Liberty.

31 May 2020 10:11:29
And my left testicle 🤣🤣🤣.

31 May 2020 11:46:15
And NYC police force. too soon?

31 May 2020 12:56:36
Shizzee, you’ll probably have to throw in an extra first to get off of that testicle.

30 May 2020 16:18:34

Nyk- Chris Paul

Okc- holiday

Nop- smith jr, ellington, bullock, Dallas 21 first, Miami 21 first.

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30 May 2020 18:32:11
Ellington Gibson Payton Portis all released for 4.5 mil

Saves okc 80 mil over 2 years, no picks are needed.

30 May 2020 19:50:49
I thought the same last year but Paul played very well this season. It would be bad idea to dump him for free. Big names won't come to okc, they can keep him until his contract over.

31 May 2020 00:42:07
When do all these contracts bexome guarenteed?

31 May 2020 10:13:25
All non guaranteed contracts become guaranteed after September 1st.

30 May 2020 07:06:38
Raptors sixers

Raptors get horford, richardson + 1st & 2nd rd pick
-vanvleet siakam gets good supporting guys to continue competing


Sixers get lowry
- get rid of horford and get a better fit . Hometown boy


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31 May 2020 18:17:23
I don't understand why everyone feels that lowry is going anywhere. he's not. he's going to retire there.

if anything they will keep the same roster lowry will continue to play along side freddy until he retire. freddy will rake over and davis will be there starting SG.

01 Jun 2020 05:37:46
Sixers overpaid big Al. Now sixers fans think hey him and mike Scott get us booker or a star. It’s sad.

30 May 2020 06:59:11
This deal

Hawks take J embiid
Young-embiid combo could be lethal if stat healthy


Kings take capela, huerter, korkmaz
Get agile center and 2 good wing shooters


Sixers take Hield, collins, 4 1st rd picks from hawks (conditions depending on what sixers want), 2nd rd pick kings
Get shooter and good pf that fits the team


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30 May 2020 16:49:47
Horrible for the Hawks.

30 May 2020 06:45:46
If OKC wants Barrett in a CP3 deal, they would have to give up good package of picks to do it. Here is my idea


OKC get RJ Barrett, Taj Gibson & Elfrid Payton

Pg Schroeder/Payton
Sg Shai/Ferguson
Sf Barrett/Dort
Pf Gallinari/Bazley
Ce Adams/Noel

NYK get Chris Paul & Devin Booker

Pg Paul/Ntilikina
Sg Booker
Sf Bullock
Pf Knox
Ce Robinson

PHX get Julius Randle, 1st round pick 2020 NYK, DEN 1st from OKC, 2 future 1st round picks OKC, future 1st NYK, 2nd round picks OKC

Pg Rubio
Sg Oubre
Sf Bridges
Pf Randle
Ce Ayton

And a ton of picks

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30 May 2020 17:01:27
🤣🤣🤣 35 yrs old making 40 and 45 mil in the next 2yrs is not going to get you Barrett unless you throw in sga. None of yours picks is lottery pick, if knicks get booker, Suns would have rights to barrett 1st, not okc. Knicks is not trading 2020 lotto and Barrett for cp3 and booker. Knicks have the leverage with any trade with okc for cp3, bc they can absorb most of his salary.

30 May 2020 21:20:12
Newyork has no leverage in any trade in the nba because nobody wants to play for them. Paul has a very big contract but he is better than all knicks players at 35 years old. Paul with 3 first round picks can get most of the players in the league except star players. And Barrett isn't a star.

29 May 2020 17:13:51

Pelicans Trade Lonzo Ball Jayson Hayes Josh Hart 9 pick 2022 first round pick.via Lakers

Knicks Trade Kevin Knox Mitchell Robinson 2 pick 24 pick.via Clippers Dennis Smith Jr

Pelicans receive Kevin Knox Mitch Robinson 2 pick.via Knicks 24 pick.via Clippers Dennis Smith Jr

Knicks receive Lonzo Ball Jayson Hayes Josh Hart 9 pick.via Pelicans 2022 first round pick.via Lakers

Second Trade Nuggets/Pelicans

Pelicans Trade Jrue Holiday Dennis Smith Jr 2020 second round pick

Nuggets Trade Gary Harris Monte Morris 27 pick.via Rockets

Pelicans receive Gary Harris Monte Morris 27 pick.via Rockets

Nuggets receive Jrue Holiday Dennis Smith Jr 2020 second round pick.via Pelicans

What y'all think?

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30 May 2020 12:22:18
Why would the Pelicans do that?


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