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03 Feb 2023 21:32:28
Hawks: Kevin Durant
Nets: Collins, Hunter, Jalen Johnson, own 2023 first, sac 2024 first, own 2019 first, 2 2nd round picks

Nets reset it with a good foundation. Hawks become contender for next several years.

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03 Feb 2023 22:39:37
Who did they take with that 2019 1st? I think it's too late to trade that pick anyways.

04 Feb 2023 19:02:49
Meant to say own 2029 first.

05 Feb 2023 13:45:41
As a Hawks fan, not for me. Hunter is a rising front court starter for years to come. Same for Collins, Jalen doesn’t have a starting slot but has performed well when given a chance. Something a new coach might improve on. After the Murray trade this summer, this would effectively take away the draft for too many years.

03 Feb 2023 21:14:30
Celtics deadline approach:


Bos: Gallinari, Jackson, 2023 Portland 2nd rounder, 2024 Spurs 2nd rounder

Det: Noel

Sign Will Barton OR Josh Richardson after one of them gets bought out

Tatum/Barton OR Richardson/Hauser

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03 Feb 2023 21:08:50
Celtics Deadline approach:


BOS: Gallinari, 2023 Portland 2nd rounder, 2024 Spurs 2nd rounder

DET: Noel

Sign: Will Barton after he is bought out


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03 Feb 2023 21:26:23
Why would Washington buy out Will Barton? If he has trade value, they will probably trade him.

03 Feb 2023 23:35:59
The Spurs pick is top 55 protected so it won't convey. I don't think they'd trade Gallo for Noel but I guess it's possible. The Barton thing is a very realistic possibility.

04 Feb 2023 13:05:06
I would think Will Barton would want to go back to Denver where he had his greatest success and gets more open shots playing with a passer like Jokic.

03 Feb 2023 20:33:34
Nets: D Lillard
Lakers: J Grant+K Irving
Portland: Westbrook+ Beverly+ 1rnd pick Nets 23-27-29+ 1rnd pick Philly 27+ 1rnd pick LA 27-29


SF:LB James

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04 Feb 2023 17:41:20
Portland does this why?

03 Feb 2023 19:00:50

Trae Young
Bogdan Bogdanovic

Russell Westbrook
Austin Reaves
2027 first round pick(unprotected).via Lakers
2029 first round pick (unprotected).via Lakers

Kyrie Irving
Seth Curry

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03 Feb 2023 19:18:21
Atlanta is going to need way, way more than that to trade Trae Young and Bogdan Bodganovic.

03 Feb 2023 23:56:42
This is all time bad MD.

03 Feb 2023 18:12:17

PHX receive:
Kyrie Irving

BKN receive:
Chris Paul
Jae Crowder
2023 1st Rnd Pick
2025 1st Rnd Pick

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03 Feb 2023 16:30:49
Suns and raptors

Suns go all in trading Ayton and Johnson and a first round pick

Raptors trade Siakim and young

Suns finally get another star next to Booker and Paul and he's the same age or close to Booker.

Raptors go younger and get a core of barnes ayton an OG. Resign Trent Jr. In the off-season. The. They look to trade freddy aswell for a young pg and draft picks.

Go young and let the team lose to land a better pick for this year's draft.

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03 Feb 2023 18:16:58
I think phx tries to go back to the Durant trade now that Irving wants out. But siakam wouldn't be a bad backup plan.

03 Feb 2023 12:42:34

Bulls get:
- Bones
- Nnaji
- future 2nd

Two promising young players still on their rookie deals.

Nuggets get:
- Drummond
- Dragic

Solid backup for Jokic and veteran experience.

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03 Feb 2023 15:25:54
Drummond blows and Dragic is washed.

03 Feb 2023 16:36:34
Kind of confused why Chicago would be interested in Bones Hyland. Don't they already have like 4 PGs? (Ball, Caruso, White & Dosunmu)


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