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19 Apr 2024 04:16:48
USA team should have a sparring team consist of:

Jackson/ Holmgren
Zion/ Banchero
George/ Brown/ Bridges
Butler/ Mitchell
Kyrie/ Brunson/ Fox

They should play best of 3 games..
Winner team should take some roster spots except for these 4 players: LeBron, Curry, Durant and Embiid..

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19 Apr 2024 03:53:47
How good are they going to be?

Kobe with AD (super healthy version) instead of Gasol

Dirk with Luka instead of Nash

Duncan with Wemby instead of whoever his frontcourt partner is

Iverson with Embiid instead of whoever his bigman is

Garnett with Edwards instead of Szerbiak/Sprewell

Nash with Durant instead of Stoudamire

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19 Apr 2024 07:32:25
P Gasol was a beast, who adapted well next to bryant, Nash was a two time MVP and Duncan had D Robinson, so i don't think those changes would make a big difference.

Garnett-Edwards and Nash Durant would be better

And Iverson-Embiid would be awesome. Iverson never played with a second star in his prime and the combo with Carmelo wasn't a good fit. It would have created a great rivalry with the Lakers.

18 Apr 2024 14:00:43
Battle for 8th

Pelicans vs Kings
- I want Pelicans to win but without Zion, I think I will choose Kings, so they can have more competitive matchup with Thunder

Heat vs Bulls
- Cant decide who deserves to win, Butler will be out with recent injury and Bulls without LaVine..

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18 Apr 2024 15:37:37
No matter who wins the east. Boston will smoke them easily.

15 Apr 2024 02:43:07
If the Lakers beat the Pelicans in the play-in, they will be crushed by the Nuggets in 1st round. If they lose, will get smashed by Kings or Warriors in play-in round 2. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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12 Apr 2024 17:52:15
Beating another playoff team 5 times in a season is tough but the Pelicans got it done over the Kings

Hoping they can hang on to the 6. They'd be a very tough matchup for whoever gets the 3

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17 Apr 2024 05:53:49
This could become a very significant comment.

17 Apr 2024 16:04:41
It could but I see the Kings winning Friday. Zion unlikely to play

Ultimately what killed Pels was Kings losing a lead over the Suns with 1:03 to go up 4 with possession. If Kings win that game Pels would’ve clinched the 6 instead of choking back to back vs LA.

17 Apr 2024 16:48:11
Sixth time is the charm?

17 Apr 2024 22:59:50
The Kings and Pels made their destinies and now going to kill each other for the 8th spot.

18 Apr 2024 14:47:39
Kings will win this one without Zion in lineup.

20 Apr 2024 04:00:46
Light the beam. Lmao, McNair should get a real star. This team aint going anywhere. I feel bad for Sabonis.

20 Apr 2024 20:58:41
Pels took 6 from SacTown this year. Just wow. But we’ve got no shot getting outta round 1 without Zion.

12 Apr 2024 15:15:43
1st playoff matchup

Clippers vs Mavericks
C: Zubac vs Gafford
PF: Kawhi vs PJ
SF: PG vs Jones
SG: Mann vs Kyrie
PG: Harden vs Luka
HC: Lue vs Kidd

*They meet again in the playoffs for the third time and Clippers won all of 2 series games.. Another interesting matchup Westbrook vs Hardaway..

Bulls vs Hawks (play in tournament)
Bulls with homecourt but Hawks have Trae and Murray..

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12 Apr 2024 14:11:44
2024 All Nba Team

1st team:

2nd team:

3rd team:

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13 Apr 2024 15:16:54
Brunson has made a strong push for Tatum's spot.

17 Apr 2024 16:50:43
I think this may be Sabonis best opportunity to make an all NBA team with Embiid disqualified and Wembayama on the way.

24 Mar 2024 04:06:02
If the NBA decided for a USA vs International All star

Giannis (captain)/ Porzingis


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17 Apr 2024 09:13:23
Embiid/ Davis/ Adebayo
LeBron/ Tatum
Durant/ Kawhi
Booker/ Edwards
Curry/ Holiday/ Haliburton


Wembanyama/ Gobert/ Towns
Jokic/ Sabonis
Giannis/ Markannen/ Siakam
Shai/ Wiggins
Luka/ Murray.

22 Mar 2024 23:28:35
Scottie Barnes is a superstar in the making or is he another Derozan/ Siakam in Toronto?

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25 Mar 2024 15:56:23
I'd like to hope that he becomes a superstar, but he doesn't seem like he has what it takes to become a true no.1, top 12 player. I'd love to be proven wrong though.

Besides, DeRozan was our best player throughout a time period where we consistently made playoffs as a top-5 team. He was traded for Kawhi, that led to a ring. Siakam was the number 2 on that championship team, and led us for four more years putting up really impressive numbers. Those aren't bad comparisons for Scottie, if he can get there, I think most of us will be happy.

16 Mar 2024 01:34:12

For all these teams. Who would be their best case and worse case matchup wise in Playoffs?

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18 Mar 2024 03:57:12
If Wolves and Thunder ends up at 1,2, they will in trouble whoever will be the 7th and 8th seed except for the Lakers.

10 Mar 2024 11:21:16
Four teams need to sign players:
1. Minny Twolves
2. NY Knicks
3. Philly 76ers
4. Det Pistons

Top buyout players available:
1. Marcus Morris
2. Danuel House
3. Killian Hayes
4. Joe Harris

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10 Mar 2024 13:58:09
With KAT & Randle out, Morris can help Wolves or Knicks.


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