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16 Feb 2021 06:06:39
Orlando Magic Situation

Number 1 Fired Steve Clifford & Coaching Staffs immediately I'm sick of them!!

Number 2 Fired Whole Front Office & GMs & Medical Staffs

Number 3 Trade Vucevic & Gordon & Ross & Birch & Fournier for expiring contracts or bad contracts for assets and future first round picks

Number 4 Build Around Young Talents

Number 5 Tank for lottery picks & Win 1 pick

Number 6 Hired Good Development Head Coach Like Mark Jackson & Jason Kidd & Kenny Atkinson & Chauncey Billups

Number 7 Owner need to hired Better GMs who know what they're doing

Number 8 Players need to stay healthy!

Number 9 Sign Veterans around Young Talents bring like a guy like Carmelo Anthony and Paul Gasol and Derrick Rose to Mentors Young Talents

Number 10 Owners need to hired Better Medical Staffs & Coaches Staffs

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16 Feb 2021 14:12:51
Billions hasn’t proven anything.

Clifford gets guts to play hard. He rarely has more talent than his opponents but has made the playoffs two years in a row.

All the young talent on this roster have had injury history or not shown effort ( bamba)

16 Feb 2021 22:31:05
Pau gasol been retired bro

17 Feb 2021 02:37:11
I want Steve Clifford gone! I’m sick of him I want him to be fired Immediately! 😡.

15 Feb 2021 22:42:18
Drummond and Griffin (if bought out) should go to Dallas.

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16 Feb 2021 14:13:16
Neither will be bought out. They both will be too expensive.

16 Feb 2021 21:38:43
Nothing like playing in Dallas for the Vet minimum after making $27+ mil.

17 Feb 2021 02:06:33
Griffin has pretty good chance at buyout.

15 Feb 2021 20:13:44
So Drummond might be heading to Toronto?

What's best for Blake Griffin?

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15 Feb 2021 21:32:17
Cleveland is just assessing the value. Raptors interest in Drummond would only be if they thought he could help them go deeper in the playoffs. but they would have to give up Powell to match salaries and they still wouldn't have enough to contend.

14 Feb 2021 07:39:56
Anyone, why is Utah winning, i haven't watch them play yet. Thanks

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14 Feb 2021 08:31:48
Hitting 3s and playing defense.

14 Feb 2021 10:40:42
And chemistry. They’ve had virtually the same team for the past 2-3 years. Not many franchises can say that.

14 Feb 2021 15:09:25
Health too. Bogdonovic was hurt last year and I think Conley wasn’t 100%.

They also have 5 guys shooting 40%+ from 3, all attempting 4+ per game.

I called Utah to the finals last year. I might have been a year off. They’re really good.

13 Feb 2021 23:22:23
Will cp3 out out and chase a ring next year

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14 Feb 2021 04:18:02
I can’t see that happening. As the president of the players association, I think it would be strongly advised against to give up that much money too, I think.

14 Feb 2021 21:12:58
I seen a few players opt out and take way less so we see.

14 Feb 2021 21:28:37
What does being the president for the players have anything to do with you opting out.

14 Feb 2021 22:39:09
Ll - image. It looks bad if president takes less.

15 Feb 2021 00:18:35
Are you asking because you really want to know or are you asking because you think being president has nothing to do with opting out? Your answer will tell alot.

15 Feb 2021 15:17:52
When you want a ring you don’t care about image plus cp3 35 and hella rich he going to have hard decision.

15 Feb 2021 15:45:52
Paul can do what ever he wants to, his contract states it. If he wants to play with NOLA he'll opt in, if he wants to chase a ring elsewhere he can move on.

13 Feb 2021 13:14:41
With Ingram and J Brown improving and Simmons not developping a jumper and Siakam having a fallback.

What would have been a perfect draft?

Philly: Ingram
Boston: J brown
Suns: Siakam
Minny: Murray

and what would have been the best combo?
5)Murray -KAT
7)Sabonis-A Davis-Holiday

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13 Feb 2021 15:30:35
The ones with three starts are obviously better. I'd take Davis/ Sabonis/ Holiday personally.

15 Feb 2021 16:45:12
Brown>Ingram. Can’t believe people don’t see his value he’s the best player on the Cs this year. Amazing efficiency and defense. Also Murray at 5? Outside of the lakers was probably the best player in the playoffs last year. I’ll take him at least 3 over Ingram and siakam. Could argue he could be 1

15 Feb 2021 21:42:31
I'd still draft Siakam/ Ingram/ Simmons/ Brown/ Murray/ Sabonis.

12 Feb 2021 21:11:45
A question for Fredman, or any one else who knows the answer... what are the rules around possibly trading a 2 way contract?... can you sign them to an nba deal and trade them right away? do you then have to follow s&t rules? or would you have to wait? I'm thinking of the Raptors Watanabe... he's on a 2 way. Can he be converted to a guaranteed contract and traded right away?

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13 Feb 2021 04:02:28
Can he be converted and traded right away?

No. 3 month wait or on Dec 15th (in a normal season) whichever is latter.

You can trade a 2-way contract as a 2-way but the number of days that player has been in the NBA does not reset. Not sure how much trade value a player has with only 2 weeks of NBA time left on contract.

13 Feb 2021 13:32:50
Thanks Fred. Watanabe has been really pretty good and played solid defense so far but might make an interesting chip for a deal to improve. hoping he might be an acceptable alternative to any team looking at taking Flynn away as part of a deal.

11 Feb 2021 19:52:42
What's the minimum you'd take for KAT before the trade deadline given that your pick isn't yours?

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11 Feb 2021 21:39:09
Minny's pick is top 3 protected so they still may get their pick.

11 Feb 2021 22:06:41
Sure, but you’re not likely to get it, even if you are a bottom 3 team and the bottom 3 teams have the same odds. 4-6 aren’t far behind.

12 Feb 2021 00:01:41
Trade to gsw for their pick Wiggins and two other first.

12 Feb 2021 06:13:37
I don't lnow why but I am seeing New Orleans saying Adams + Lakers picks and swaps.

12 Feb 2021 12:33:16
Fred, that won't really help them contend imo.

12 Feb 2021 13:49:00
Ingram, Zion, and Towns can’t contend? If Zion becomes who he seems like he’s becoming, that’s a great team. Light on interior defense, but unstoppable offensively.

12 Feb 2021 20:20:51
I think it would be interesting because that means the Pelicans have turned Anthony Davis into Brandon Ingram and KAT.

13 Feb 2021 00:34:06
I say there pick back which would be excellent plus all the picks warriors can give along with paschal wisemen and wiggins.

14 Feb 2021 21:33:32
You think the Pelicans get Kat for Adams and pick 28 and another pick 28 dude you are a super low baller I see why you never post and look up every trade to talk junk your a clown.

15 Feb 2021 03:19:26
ll, the Pelicans have the second most tradable picks in the league.

15 Feb 2021 21:03:17
Ken that has nothing to do with kat for adams and 2 picks. I take the pick the warriors get from minny over all the picks pelicans have.


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