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04 Feb 2023 02:33:43
If everyone on this website views Scottie Barnes, pascal Siakam, OG , and Fred van vleet as all incredibly valuable trade assets, why do the raptors stink?

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04 Feb 2023 08:18:14
My take:

What the Raptors want, the 6'9 team isn't working and i dont think it could really work and that's evident with their record.

Those players value are high because:

Scottie - very young and shows a very high ceiling
Pascal - could be the 2nd or 3rd best player on a championship team
OG - i agree he is overrated. My value for him is a young player, a matching contract and a 1st maybe top 10 protected
Fred - a good leader imo, he shows a he can play in both sides of the court. I value him about the same as OG.

All in all, i believe the Raptors are getting delusional with their demands. They will dwell in mediocrity once again if they continue this. They could use Barnes as an asset if they want to trade for a star. If they want to rebuild, they can use Pascal to gain assets.

04 Feb 2023 09:57:11
I would trade Barnes ans assets for Durant or SGA.

04 Feb 2023 13:12:11
I think the problem with this "position"-less basketball is that player's roles are not clearly defined so that specialization can be established.

Although, their defense has improved by being able to switch screens, but has made them susceptible to being outphysicalled on the boards at times.

04 Feb 2023 16:19:07
Psiphon is totally right. But I’d add one more thing:

Never underestimate how important a true #1 option is. Toronto doesn’t have a guy to just go win a game with his offense.

05 Feb 2023 01:40:20
@BMiller - I agree 100% on the true #1 option. Raptors hope Siakam is going to be that guy, but I'm not sure he'll ever be more than the 2nd best guy on a championship team. then again, nothing wrong with being scottie pippen. for someone who watches every game it seems to me that they just can't seem to all play well at the same time, and Nurse's defensive systems demand that everyone on the floor perform well. it's awesome to watch when it's working, but it seems when siakam is going well fred sucks, and when fred picks it up pascal struggles. achiuwa has looked good lately but lousy before he got hurt. boucher up and down. trent coming around after a visit to the bench for a few games. i'm not certain that it isn't just a matter of more time to gel, and i don't buy that the raptors can't afford to pay everyone with a salary cap jump coming. so it's hard to say what they'll do at the deadline. @Gasupo - that may be on the board now, but only if they sell high for sga or kd, not for anyone else.

03 Feb 2023 18:41:55
What's next for the Nets, now Irving requested a trade?

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03 Feb 2023 19:53:48
If they can get multiple solid players then they can definitely still compete around KD. They should obviously look to get another guard and add another big.

03 Feb 2023 20:28:43
I see only four teams that could make an offer

1)Dal: Dinwidie+ Hardaway+ 1rnd pick 25
2)Lakers: Westbrook+ 1rnd pick 27 and 29
3)Heat:D Robinson+K Lowry+ Jovic+ 1rnd pick 23-27
4)Clippers: Zubac+Powell+Kennard+ 1rnd pick 29.

03 Feb 2023 21:20:54
So could the Pelicans.

03 Feb 2023 22:25:55
The funnier thing is that Brooklyn is getting more calls about KD's status than what Brooklyn wants or Kyrie. LOL!

04 Feb 2023 09:57:37
Do you really want Irving in NO?

04 Feb 2023 14:03:07
@Gasupo. Not really. Probably make a tough situation lately even worse.

03 Feb 2023 15:03:00
In my opinion the Celtics should not make a trade at the deadline and make their aditions on the buyout market.

At least one of these wings will be available on the buyout market:

- Reddish
- Barton
- Richardson
- McDermott

At least one of these bigs will be available on the buyout market:

- Holmes
- Olynyk
- Noel
- Theis

Any of these guys would be great 4th wing and 4th big options, plus Boston will be a preferred landing spot for vets that get bought out.

These guys (hopefully) wont see much (if any) minutes in the playoffs, but they will allow the team to rest guys like JT JB Al and Rob so they will be healthy and rested for the playoffs.

My choice would be Richardson and Noel but I would take any combination

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03 Feb 2023 20:17:50
The players who aren't in the last year of their contracts won't be bought out.

03 Feb 2023 22:27:44
Kings are already in discussions with San Antonio about Richardson.

03 Feb 2023 09:20:15
Clippers, kings,pelicans,jazz lakers, and Portland will get absolutely destroyed in a playoff series

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03 Feb 2023 20:18:45
What if two of them play each other?

03 Feb 2023 01:51:12
The Pelicans are broken. Sad

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03 Feb 2023 10:50:16
would you consider trading Zion or Ingram?

03 Feb 2023 15:30:43
Why did I already know you would ask that? Lol

Zion. Definitely no

Ingram Only because Trey is developing a game and you have Jones. But it would take a haul that included a PG major upgrade and perhaps a future starting Center.

03 Feb 2023 00:34:52
Just for fun. Wild NBA All Star Proposal:

- Expand from 24 to 36 players
- Broken down into 4 teams of 9
- Top 4 in fan voting captain the teams
- Remaining 32 players chosen by coaches/ gms (can't vote for anyone from your own team)
- Draft style like current system to select teams
- Tournament style games. 12-15 minutes each with predetermined sub intervals so all 9 play.
- DAY 1: Each team plays each other team once in a round robin (so basically like playing 3 quarters of a full game) .
- After round robin, top team plays bottom team, middle two teams play in first "playoff" round.
- DAY 2: Winners of the first playoff round play in the final - say 2, 12-15 quarters.

- involves more players, fewer "snubs", possibly with fewer teams left out - better for fans.
- shorter "games" equal faster pace with more at stake, better competition
- Still essentially works out to the same amount of playing time so you're not really asking any more out of the players, just a different, more dynamic format.

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03 Feb 2023 03:48:12
Players/ coaches/ Front Offices will not want their All-Stars playing on back-2-back for games that do not count.

Although, I am for expanding the Roster to 15 per team. I just think it would be very hard to get all of them minutes on the court. Evenly dispersed, it would be only 16 minutes of game time per player.

03 Feb 2023 22:00:15
These would be short, low intensity games with regular sub intervals (meant to spread out the minutes as evenly as possible), not full throttle regular season games. So you can't really call it a back to back. Half of the players wouldn't even play on the second day. Between the two days you're likely looking at less that a full "real" game's worth of minutes for any given player.

02 Feb 2023 23:25:05

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03 Feb 2023 03:02:36
Yeah that was the biggest disappointment of this allstar game.

03 Feb 2023 09:11:40
Ant was way more deserving.

03 Feb 2023 17:06:39
Look at Ant's numbers in October and November. Those are not "deserving. "

October 7 Games 36.4 mins 23.0 pts 6.1 rebs 4.4 asts .459 FG% .345 3FG% .643 FT%

November 15 Games 36.5 mins 22.8 pts 5.5 rebs 3.5 asts .463 FG% .345 3FG% .810 FT%

In relation to Fox's splits

October 6 Games 30.8 mins 24.5 pts 6.0 rebs 4.8 asts
.548 FG% .387 3FG% .840 FT%
November 13 Games 32.4 mins 23.8 pts 4.5 rebs 6.5 asts .516 FG% .391 3FG% .817 FT%

so during the first 2 months of the season, Fox was "doing" (higher stats) in less minutes per game. The scary thing is if the stats were adjusted to "per 36 mins", Edwards stats would actually decrease while Fox's would pull even farther away.

But I get it, most people dont really remember the first couple of months of the season. However, if you look at the ENTIRITY of the season, there is a clear leader in the Fox-Edwards comparison.

01 Feb 2023 23:39:07
Paolo Bachero
Jalen Williams
Keegan Murray
Benedict Mathurain
Jaden Ivey

Too bad that they are mixing up the rostersfor the Rising Stars game.

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