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10 Feb 2020 15:09:41
Can someone explain to me what a trade exception is? I looked it up online, but the explainations weren't clear. The best i could get out of it was that it serves as sort of "extra cap space".

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10 Feb 2020 16:59:14
You can absorb a salary with it in a trade. The entire salary has to fit though. If you have a 6 million dollar exception and a 7 million dollar player, you can’t use it to get that player.

10 Feb 2020 17:17:03
Essentially it is just that with some restrictions. Trade exceptions allow teams to ignore many trade rules like matching salary, the salary cap (but not the hard apron cap if applued to the team) . The other restriction is that USUALLY the execption can not be packaged with another player.

For example, GSW's $17+ mil trade exception which expires on 7/ 7/ 20. They can't use it now because we are past the deadline. Once the season ends, GSW can makes trades but can't use this because the hard apron cap from Dlo's S&T is still in place. Once the new year starts (Jul 1st 2020) the hard apron cap is removed and the Golden State will still be over the salary cap. However, Golden State can then use this exception to trade straight up for Clint Capella ($16 mil salary) and only send Atlanta a draft pick.

09 Feb 2020 17:16:17
grade the tradedeadline transfers.

Atlanta: A+
Get a young defensive center on a reasonable contract, without giving up anything

Clippers: A
Morris is a good defender that can score if needed.

Wolves: A-
They did everything to keep KAT happy. And Beasly fits the Wolves timeline better than Covington.

Heat: B+
Crowder and Iguodala can defend the best best player from the other team, so Butler can rest and focus on scoring.

Grizlies: B
Getting a young player in Winslow for a low price. It's a winner if he can stay healty.

Knicks: B
Getting a draft pick is a good return for an expendable player.

Rockets: B -
They just need to score more points than the other team.

J Robinson still has the potential to develop in a good player

Denver: C+
They get a draft pick, so they get a good return if they feel, they couldn't keep Beasly. But they should have gone all in this year.

Golden state: C
I thought they could get a better return for Russell. They should have waited untill next year, unless they draft a white knight with that Wolves pick.

Cavs: D
I don't get it. They're stuck in the middle, if they resign him.

Detroit: F
Why not keeping Drummond and trade him this summer if he opt's in.

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09 Feb 2020 19:22:55
Gasupo- nobody wanted Drummond this year. Why pay another half season then hope he gained value. Addition by subtraction.

09 Feb 2020 21:39:51
Not sure what you mean by no one wanted him? I think a lot had to do with few teams had the salary to trade back to Detroit to get him. If I knew Drummond could be gotten for Ariza, Dedmond and a second I would have had the Kings do that instead of the 2 other trades that were done involving Ariza and Dedmond.

09 Feb 2020 22:46:01
I’d give the Cavs a c+. If you can get talent from free, I don’t think you should turn it down. If Drummond and Love are playing well enough to get the Cavs to the middle, they’ll have trade value and/ or the young guards are playing well enough to have hope. The big problem I have is TT not getting traded. Though, the young guys were pretty outspoken about wanting him to stay. I just hope he doesn’t get upset about the role he’ll have. There are rumors that he chose to stay so that his bird rights were still with a team rather than accepting a buy out.

10 Feb 2020 13:40:32
I give Cavs an A++They got best deal at the deadline. Again Fred they gave up expiring deals don’t think Detroit wanted any salary back like dedmond. I understand you a kings fan but I don’t believe Detroit wants dedmond contract. Didn’t sac have to give up second round picks to dump him.

10 Feb 2020 17:26:30
Kind of making my point. I don't think there was a lack of interest in Drummond. I think there was a lack of teams able go give Detroit the salaries that they wanted.

BTW, yes Sac gave up 2 low seconds for Dedmond, BUT Sac got 2 (better? ) seconds for Ariza and Sac would be sending a second to the deal. So a 3 team with Portland would have netted Detroit Dedmond, Bazemore (expiring) and 3 seconds. Plus, Dedmonds last year is not guarenteed. So basically Detroit gets more picks and only one additional year with Dedmond.

10 Feb 2020 21:36:00
So with trade they can lose more games. Maybe next Griffin will be traded or use there cap to get Paul need a pg unless there going to go with rose.

11 Feb 2020 03:58:19
Look at all the PG prospects in the upcoming draft.

11 Feb 2020 17:18:22
With Paul Kennard Griffin maker sekou they can go for a playoff push and still draft a pg prospect. Who knows they can win the lottery for all we know. Or can draft a pg and just be 10th in the East.

09 Feb 2020 12:34:28
Last night Buddy Heild past 800 career 3pters made faster than any player in NBA history. Buddy did it in 296 games. Curry did it in 305 games. Throw some respect on his name.

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09 Feb 2020 19:23:32
That’s great all those threes lead him to career losing record.

09 Feb 2020 21:42:38
Record is a reflection on the team, not so much the individual. See Lebron and last years Lakers.

It puts him in the conversation as one the best shooters in league history. Most don't want to put him there.

07 Feb 2020 23:07:53
I'm assuming Okc converts Dort's contract for that final roster spot... but if they find a way to buyout/void Roberson and have another spot for a vet.... any way they go for a Waiters reunion? The guy has had lots of issues but played well in okc and can play a similar role as a scorer/playmaker off the bench. Could even be the third point guard in some situations

Paul, Schroeder
SGA, Waiters, Diallo
Dort, Ferguson
Gallinari, Bazley
Adams, Noel

***They'd still have Muscala, Roby, Nader, Burton to round out the bench.

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08 Feb 2020 04:46:09
Today, OKC moved into the #21 draft spot. Say bye, bye to their first round pick this year. Going to be hard to add talent with only $10 mil in cap space next year to replace Gallo and Noel.

09 Feb 2020 00:04:55
So they tank one year and have two or more first the next 4 years thanks to clippers, heat and Houston They have firepower in trades.

09 Feb 2020 12:13:22
IYO. If Gallo had been traded, OKC most likely would have fell in the standings. Seems like a high price to pay when he walks in the offseason. The draft asset OKC would have had from the trade AND a first round pick.

09 Feb 2020 19:26:22
Fredman- giving young guys a taste of playoffs is priceless. Gallo might agree to sign n trade. Teams might want cp3 now that he was solid and a year less to pay. Never know. Presti seems to be solid. Nobody expected 35 wins from okc and they are competing and have 2 draft picks pretty much until 2025.

09 Feb 2020 21:52:13
You can still give young guys that priceless taste without having a top 10 record. So, not sure what your point is.

Gallo might S&T. sounds like taking an unnecessary risk instead of trading him at the deadline.

Never know. Exactly, my point. Do what you KNOW. From an asset management perspective, trading him was known to be the right play (unless their was a delusional belief that OKC could resign him) .

07 Feb 2020 17:17:35
I hope clippers destroy Lakers in the playoffs. Uni-brow leaves and the lakers enjoy 12 years of Kuzma

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08 Feb 2020 08:59:30
What’s this all about?

08 Feb 2020 09:19:10
I hope he signs with Chicago, but the NBA can't afford A Davis leaving the Lakers. That brand is to bigg to suck for the next 6 years.
And the NBA should exclude Dolan from the NBA, so the Knicks can have a future too.

PS: I hope the clippers win it all this year :-)

08 Feb 2020 14:56:47
If brow leaves Lakers will have a back up plan. Start kuz and keep same team but add with mle And little cap space and run again. or could take on aging players and offer cap space and expiring contracts. Or can stay pat with Davis less Lakers and in 2021 just a have a nine mil hold for kuz And whatever lbj does. They have some picks but lots of cap Space so there not looking for young players because lbj staying till he 40 just my opinion because he loves the game so much.

08 Feb 2020 21:46:56
If Davis Leaves, the Lakers are done for the next 7 or 8 years.

10 Feb 2020 13:48:22
I’m lost so if Lakers sign someone Like Giannis there done for 7 or 8 years. With all cap space I don’t think there done even Losing Davis with all the superstars and good players being free agents in 2021. I think different. This time they didn’t sign Moz and Deng to 4year deal’s to mess up cap.

10 Feb 2020 21:58:08
Lakers made playoffs 49 out of 59 years.
Made playoffs 2013 been on 7year drought. Drafted Russell in 2015 then Ingram then gave up on Russell to dump mozgov and draft ball in 2017. In 2018therepick went to suns then in 2019 got James and had to many injuries to gel. 2020 got Davisnow top in west. So if they never turned their plan around to dump mozgov to sign lbj and chase other stars it wouldn’t of took seven years. So management changed so did the Lakers 3 times in 7 years so now it seems great like the Lakers with or without Davis. Without Davis they have cap space 20 mil plus movable contracts to create more cap space.

07 Feb 2020 00:09:17
So now, who are the top free agents and where will they fit?

Here are some for me:

Jeff Green - Lakers, Raptors, Clippers
Kenneth Faried - Houston
Isaiah Thomas - Raptors, Celtics
Darren Collison - Lakers
Iman Shumpert - Raptors
Joakim Noah - Dallas
Ryan Anderson - Celtics
Jamal Crawford - Lakers, Pacers
Jr Smith - Lakers

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07 Feb 2020 13:18:36
I don't see Thomas as a fit at all for Toronto. they could use a 3rd point guard for depth but Thomas doesn't play defense or share the ball well enough to fit with the raptors
Shumpert could fit but I think he'd slide in behind Davis II and out of the rotation, but as a Jodie Meeks insurance policy he could fit. he would probably want to go somewhere he could play though
Similarly either Faried or Noah could provide big man insurance and would jump in ahead of Boucher, but he isn't getting any minutes either when everyone's healthy.
Crawford might be an interesting add.

07 Feb 2020 13:33:29
Raptors should sign Lin.

07 Feb 2020 14:34:13
Collin son is the only one on that list that might matter.

07 Feb 2020 16:10:48
I don't think Collison even helps, Drew. The only way these guys help is taking up minutes near the end of the season so that old, injured stars like Lebron and Kawhi can rest and be fresh for the start of the playoffs. That's about it.

07 Feb 2020 17:12:22
as far needs are required. even though it smallball, I seen Faried matches up way better against 7' center than 6'5" 244lbs tucker.

07 Feb 2020 18:08:00
But Faried (more like Faried's defender) clogs up the key when Houston is on defense. Houston has gone all in on maximum spreading of their opponents defense. The question now is simply can you outscore Houston.

08 Feb 2020 09:00:33
The Suns just did.

08 Feb 2020 15:00:16
If collison goes to Lakers he a playmaker and can help when lbj sits. Lakers can cut cousins.

06 Feb 2020 21:02:05
Hah! Called it...
D-Lo for wiggins!

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06 Feb 2020 22:21:17
Yea, doubt it works out. I think GSW was screwed once Minny shipped RoCo to Houston. Knicks were probably only other team interested in DLo, but it appears that they were not trading any of the young players while FO was transitioning.

06 Feb 2020 23:43:54
Shocked I thought they wait until summer. I really think embild it Simmons will get traded after early playoff exit by 76ers.

07 Feb 2020 12:27:03
The wolves fleeced them. It’s funny watching “experts” act like Wiggins isn’t trash now that he’s a warrior and then back tracking on Russell.

07 Feb 2020 16:20:15
Oh he is trash (primarily in the head) . Taking on that Harrison Barnes role of just sitting in the corner waiting for a pass that may never come is going to crush Wiggin's soul. Wiggins reminds me too much of Aarron Gordon. All kinds of takent, just can't live up to the potential.

07 Feb 2020 17:15:00
wtf are guys talking about. warriors great shooting team played solid defense. Even there defense did not get much better and at least Thompson and curry can play their natural and positions. which mean they won't be undersized lineup.

07 Feb 2020 18:11:39
And GSW famed bench is gone. And if they don't get Wiseman in the draft they still haclve a big hole in the middle to fill? The GSW championship teams were way, way more than just Curry and Klay.

08 Feb 2020 15:09:01
I think golden state going to work wiggins real hard rest this year and all summer. Green is going to push him and golden state going to teach him new schemes on defense.

If it don’t work they trade picks and Wiggins for lbj if brow leaves. 😂😂😂😂😂


09 Feb 2020 14:58:28
Like when Butler pushed Wiggins and he fell apart.

09 Feb 2020 17:19:08
Well, Butler is a dick, his message doesn’t work with everyone. I’d trust the GS culture and locker room to get to someone more than bringing an outsider like Butler into an already not good Minny culture.

Overall, I think a change of scenery will be great for Wiggins.

05 Feb 2020 13:29:00
NY 2020-21 Summer
President/GM Rich Kleiman
Coach Mark Jackson

20-21 Roster

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05 Feb 2020 21:08:56
it's good to dream big.

06 Feb 2020 03:49:29
What’s up with your 180 on Love?

06 Feb 2020 04:19:08
If u are dreaming why not have AD sign this summer?


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