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11 Nov 2019 15:32:18
Timberwolves - Dlo, Spellman and Galloway

Warriors - Drummond and Culver

Pistons - Wiggins, Reid, Evans and Wolves 1st



2020 Warriors + top 10 pick most likely


1.) 11 Nov 2019 15:46:18
That’s bad for Detroit.

2.) 11 Nov 2019 16:42:29
And why would Detroit do this?



15 Oct 2019 09:22:07
Cavs - Gordon

Magic - Clarkson Osman and future protected 1st


- Cavs add young forward with solid defense


- Magic adds much needed true wing players and shooting




02 Oct 2019 08:32:08
Hawks - Gordon
Cavs - Bamba
Magic - Sexton Reddish Crabbe and Hawks 1st

Magic basically trades project for project (Bamba for Reddish) and receives Sexton Crabbe for Gordon. Sexton would be a better fit w Fultz than Garland due to Fultz height and solid defense.


Porter Jr



1.) 02 Oct 2019 11:55:28
It makes some sense, but I don’t think the Cavs want to trade Sexton.

2.) 02 Oct 2019 15:19:41
I like Bamba for sexton

And Isaac should play, so getting a good pick for A Gordon is a fair trade.



13 Sep 2019 13:16:47
Wolves - Derozan and Mills

Spurs - Wiggins Covington and Bates Diop




1.) 13 Sep 2019 13:21:46
IF MIN trades Covington, (and I doubt this happens so he can teach the kids some defense), it will be for win-later, upside talent that matches KAT’s timeline.

2.) 13 Sep 2019 15:39:33
Not sure i'm Spurs would agree to such a trade. But the lineup would not be so bad but different!

Walker IV

3.) 13 Sep 2019 18:17:53
Not sure Pop is interested in coaching Wiggins. Especially when he has a few young wings already on the roster who may be just as good as Wiggins is.



11 sep 2019 07:25:45
pacers - towns
wolves - turner mcdermott leaf and 1/2 first(s)




1.) 12 Sep 2019 02:56:44
MIN has Towns locked in for five years. They can’t afford to deal him.

2.) 12 Sep 2019 16:12:27
Minny is tied to Towns and Wiggins as their two highest paid players for the next few years, can they afford the status quo?

3.) 13 Sep 2019 06:29:44
LOL! Linking Towns to Wiggins is bad enough, but the trade unlink them and trades Towns!

4.) 13 Sep 2019 15:20:38
Well, you have to give up assets on an already bad team to trade Wiggins. That doesn't feel successful short or long term. Find me a way to improve the team to be a solid playoff team while trading Wiggins and I'll buy into that as a possibility. I just don't see it.

By trading Towns, yes, you're admitting you're basically tanking. But isn't that better than wallowing in the mid-late lottery with a bunch of ok pieces around a second tier star?

5.) 13 Sep 2019 17:26:53
Bmiller- doing and their pg coming off books wolves can add next summer.

6.) 13 Sep 2019 18:13:33
Add what? What is Minny luring to play with Towns and Wiggins? Even if they have a full max amount open, they're not pulling Steph Curry or Harden to come and be their #1 option. Maybe they can get a guy like Aaron Gordon when his deal is up. They couldn't land Russell (who probably doesn't even cement them as a playoff team) .

I just think Minnesota's short term outlook isn't great. They're too old with too few assets and too many big contracts to be building, but they're not good enough to not build.

7.) 13 Sep 2019 19:30:41
Betcha ATL would give a treasure trove for KAT.

8.) 14 Sep 2019 03:16:36
MIN’s future is KAT. Finding a potential superstar is the hardest step towards relevance, and they have one in KAT.

I agree they need to add talent, but don’t think it’s coming from free agency. MIN is not a free agent destination, so using assets to clear Wiggins’ contract doesn’t necessarily mean they can replace that payroll with a star. They need to hold onto their young assets and picks, and hope that they can develop complimentary talent to KAT.

9.) 14 Sep 2019 03:25:45
BTW, if you think MIN is “too old, ” you need to check out MIN’s current roster.

This summer, Rosas got rid of Taj Gibson, Jerry’s Bayless, Anthony Tolliver, and Derek Rose. They still have Teague 30 (expires this season), Dieng 29 (expires next season), Napier 28 (expiring, they got him free), and they love the 28 year old Covington.

The entire rest of their roster is between the ages of 20-25. Rosas made an effort to focus on adding players that were Towns’ age. They are younger than most teams, but they are less talented and more shallow. Next season is not win-now, with questions on the bench throughout the line up.

10.) 14 Sep 2019 05:59:50
But KAT isn’t a superstar. He’s a secondary star. No way he can be the best player on a top 4 seed. You’re not looking for a compliment, you’re looking for a #1.

“Too old” was probably the wrong term. Too many guys on big contracts. Very few rookie contracts. And almost no assets.




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08 Nov 2019 22:44:52
Warriors tanking for Wiseman?



1.) 09 Nov 2019 17:08:40
Can they out tank the Knicks?

2.) 10 Nov 2019 01:39:49
The way the odds r now u don't have to b the worst team to get the number 1 or top 3 pick. They will b low enough to get a higher pick.

3.) 11 Nov 2019 11:30:48
They should trade Russell for another lotto pick.



08 Nov 2019 22:41:57
1. Giannis
2. Lebron
3. Kawhi
4. Kyrie
5. AD
- Doncic Towns

1. Ingram
2. Hayward
3. Graham
4. Doncic
5. SGA
- Trae Brogdon

1. Morant
2. Barrett
3. Washington
4. Herro
5. Nunn
- Paschall Hachimura


1.) 09 Nov 2019 14:03:15
I realize the team isn’t winning, but no love for Lillard? He’s playing out of his mind with no help. He’s almost at 40/ 50/ 90, averaging 33, 7, and 5.

And he sadly might now be the best defender in that starting lineup (hence why they’re not winning) . He’s become a very solid defender.

2.) 09 Nov 2019 17:11:01
Lillard=Kyrie in the MVP race, but you have that East Coast sleeping during West Coast games to overcome in voting.

3.) 10 Nov 2019 19:13:09

4.) 11 Nov 2019 09:21:27
To bad Lillard isn't in any conversations.
I would prefer him over Westbrook or Irving.



23 Sep 2019 20:15:34
Team who's should think about blowing it up and starting from scratch

Teams plus trade pieces

Pistons - Griffin and Drummond
Magic - Vucevic Gordon and Fournier
Spurs - Derozan Aldridge and Gay

Team on verge if no upcoming success

Trailblazers - McCollum and Nurkic
Heat - Butler Johnson


1.) 23 Sep 2019 20:48:48
The spurs are already in a rebuild mode/ youth movement. I expect LMA or Derozen (or both) traded by the trade deadline. Money is on Derozen since Spurs have a lack of big men depth.

2.) 23 Sep 2019 22:24:09
There's virtually no chance Portland blows it up for the next two seasons. At the earliest it would be in the 2021 offseason. They just made the WCF without their third best player. I think Portland swings a big trade this season to get better.

Miami isn't the kind of team to blow it up fully. Riley's too old to struggle through a full rebuild. Making big moves? Sure. I could see them trying to get Detroit or SA's bit time vets too.

Toronto seems like a likely one too. I think they want to roll out the same lineup (minus Leonard) to give them a chance to go out in front of the home fans again after winning it all. Around the trade deadline, I think they'll make the move to start disassembling and going for youth to go around Siakim.

Minny seems like they should too. They're not going anywhere unless Culver turns into Paul George or Kawhi level player. If he's less than a star, I don't see the playoffs in their future. Even if he does, that's 3 years away that he's a true star most likely, by then they'll have missed the playoffs 4 straight years and Towns will be on a pretty short contract.

3.) 25 Sep 2019 18:06:26
I would add Wizards to the list, but outside of Beal they don't have a lot of big return assets.

4.) 27 Sep 2019 15:29:04
The Wizards should absolutely trade Beal, go young, gather as many assets as possible, and hope Wall comes back as a borderline all star. That's their only path that I see.

Trading Wall isn't an option. It means you're tanking, but you're tanking without any assets. And keeping Beal feels like you just want to be the 8-10 seed in the east every year.



18 Sep 2019 15:32:57
Your top 5 2020 prospects?


1.) 19 Sep 2019 17:15:10
Edwards, wiseman, hampton and mcdaniels. After that its too early to tell for me. Especially with all these freshman and international PGs. Too scared they will be the next Fultz.

2.) 19 Sep 2019 17:34:38
Fredman, a guy that has a weird shoulder condition and/ or the yips that happened to be the most talented guy in a draft?

3.) 19 Sep 2019 19:08:40
Most talented guy in the draft is highly debatable. Obviously, Danny Ainge knew something.

Also, would throw Lonzo Ball into the highly hyped bust category as well. Just need to see their style of play and mental disciipline before I start categorizing the upcoming PGs.

4.) 20 Sep 2019 13:40:37
Fredman i'm going to wait until after this year to decide if Lonzo falls into the bust category. He is a good passer, has good size, and can play defense, but he has to improve his shot. If he is the same this year and doesn't improve with the fresh opportunity without the Lakers pressure or continues to be injured then ill call him a bust.

Now with that i'm not a Ball fan or anything but Lamelo Ball could be a top 5 prospect. He is only 18 and he is 6'6 with good handles and a good outside shot. If he becomes a good playmaker and plays defense while in Australia he could be top 5. He has great potential. However if you throw in having to deal with Lavar his value goes down some cause Lavar just makes things worse, but if u judge just the player he has potential.

5.) 20 Sep 2019 15:27:52
#2 pick means All-Star talent. Ball is FAR from being an All-Star talent.

I always minimize what a players potential is in my evaluations and focus on what the player currently is. Potential is an "excuse" to fall in love and be delusional about what a player can be. Rather stick with more "certainty" than gamble on "possibility".

6.) 20 Sep 2019 17:46:06
For draft picks and first year players, the only thing you can look at is potential and growth. You can't just say "Well, this guy is no good cause he's not an all star in year 1". Then you end up trading Harden for basically nothing.

That said, we've seen enough from Ball to know he'll never make an all star game. I say that because I see no potential, no way he can get THAT much better to be an elite player. He's a tall Rondo. I also wouldn't call that a bust. He's not going to be out of the league after his first contract. He'll likely be a Rubio level starter (15th-20th best PG in the league) . If you can get a really solid rotational player out of a lottery pick, you can't be that disappointed.

It can't be superstar or bust, that's just unfair.

7.) 20 Sep 2019 21:05:43
When he was drafted I wasnt hearing/ reading Rondo or Rubio comparisions. But the Magic Johnson/ Jason Kidd comparisions were allover the place based on his "porential"

What's unfair is placing this All-Star expectation on players based on their potential. A good half never live up to it. Same thing is happening to Zion right now. Stop hyping these kids.

8.) 20 Sep 2019 22:54:18
I feel like "stop hyping these kids" and "a top two pick absolutely should be an all star" is a massive oxymoron. The only way you can expect a top 2 pick to be an all star is to overhype them and view their potential.

9.) 21 Sep 2019 02:06:13
Unless they hype causes you to pick the the wrong talent and pass on the All-Star which I believe happens a lot in this modern NBA.

10.) 21 Sep 2019 13:09:48
I’m not huge on Lonzo, I don’t like guards that can shoot and aren’t really scorers, but there’s plenty of reason to like him. He’s legitimately a good passer, good defender, great size, and he’s a really good athlete. It’s not like there weren’t reason to take him that high. I doubt that he’ll ever be an allstar, but it wouldn’t be crazy. It’s not ridiculous to think that he could be a 15 8 and 8 guy with all nba defense on a good team and get a nod. He’s just a weird player. He does a lot of the dirty work as a pg. He has a clear fit in the nba. Tall Rondo or athletic Rubio is a pretty good player.



26 Aug 2019 17:45:17
1. Philly 76ers
2. Milwaukee Bucks
3. Boston Celtics
4. Indiana Pacers
5. Toronto Raptors
6. Brooklyn Nets
7. Orlando Magic
8. Miami Heat
9. Detroit Pistons
10. Atlanta Hawks
11. Chicago Bulls
12. Washington Wizards
13. New York Knicks
14. Cleveland Cavaliers
15. Charlotte Hornets

1. Houston Rockets
2. Denver Nuggets
3. Los Angeles Clippers
4. Utah Jazz
5. Los Angeles Lakers
6. Golden State Warriors
7. Portland Trailblazers
8. Sacramento Kings
9. San Antonio Spurs
10. New Orleans Pelicans
11. Dallas Mavericks
12. Minnesota Timberwolves
13. Oklahoma City Thunder
14. Phoenix Suns
15. Memphis Grizzlies





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12 Nov 2019 12:54:03
Huge no from Raptors.




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17 Oct 2019 23:13:43
Bad for Magic. If Magic are going to include Isaac in a trade for a young PG I see them going for White or Sexton.




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10 Oct 2019 00:34:47
Why for either team?




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14 Sep 2019 22:42:06
Gotta include Garland or Sexton.




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13 Sep 2019 23:58:20
Or they can just release him if that happens.





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