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19 May 2019 14:31:40


WIZARDS/ Sabonis, #4

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19 May 2019 15:40:31
I don’t think Sabonis is worth what you think he is.

19 May 2019 17:15:01
TX is the worst laker fan.

19 May 2019 09:58:31
I think the best deals for Davis are

From BOS: Tatum, Brown & multiple first

From NYK: 3rd, multiple other 1st, robinson, smith Jr, Knox

From CHI: Lauri, Lavine, 7th pick, another 1st

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19 May 2019 17:16:03
He told boston he won't resign. Boston would be making a huge mistake.

19 May 2019 17:40:12
Where and when did Davis say he wouldn't resign in Boston? Maybe In Your nightmares. But, those words have never come from his mouth. Lol.

19 May 2019 08:56:47
Pacers sign Kemba

Trade Sabonis and 18 to Hawks for Collins and 10

Rebuilt Pacers


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19 May 2019 09:54:51
Collins better than Sabonis.

19 May 2019 13:56:06
Collins is a star, why would they give up the far better player for the “privilege” of moving down 8 spots in the draft?!

19 May 2019 07:24:38

Bazemore, Prince, Len, 10th pick


Adams, Diallo, Nader, 21st pick

ATL lineup

Reddish(8th pick)

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19 May 2019 13:33:39
As a thunder fan i'm fine with that. But I'm not sure if Hawks would do It. It would suck to lose Adams unless we got a good return and this isn't to bad. Also i like Diallo and think he has decent potential. But Bazemore and Prince would be nice additions.

19 May 2019 16:21:06
Adams doesn't fit what ATL is looking for in a Center. not at 25m, anyway.

19 May 2019 17:17:22
I'm just happy bc there are actually hawks fans on this board.

19 May 2019 07:22:15

NYK get Davis

NOLA get 4 picks including this year, Robinson, Knox, Smith Jr & Thomas

NOLA may send Knox or Smith to other team if they want more picks

NYK go after Durant & Kyrie as everyone in here is talking especially NY fans.

NYK send Ntilikina somewhere for a 2nd

Sign Reddick for full MLE
Resign Deandre Jordan

Sign vets like Wilson chandler, Pachulia or whoever for back up

Pg Irving/Mudiay
Sg Reddick/Trier
Sf Durant/Chandler
Pf Davis
Ce Jordan/Pachulia

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19 May 2019 17:18:26
I don't think knicks add Reddick bc of Noah 6.5 mil.

19 May 2019 07:21:54
let's say 76ers don't resign Jimmy or Reddick
Warriors create more cap space
J Simmons

Warriors let KD go
Keep Winning More Rings
Resign Thompson 5yrs Max
Sign Ariza 3yrs 24mil
Sign Zubac 3yrs 18mil

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19 May 2019 09:56:32
I don't think they are going to trade Iggy. He will retire a Warrior imo.

19 May 2019 11:35:53
Why would Philly trade a 22 year old Simmons, who is not even close to his prime years for a 35 year old jiggy, who is pretty close to retirement? No chance this happens.

19 May 2019 12:54:05
Philly wouldn't mind trading jonathon simmons for iggy.

19 May 2019 13:58:26
JoeB, not Ben, Jonathan Simmons.

Iffy is much more valuable to the Dubs. The guy steps up huge every spring.

19 May 2019 15:04:54
My bad, boys. Sorry I missed the J. Lol.

19 May 2019 07:09:54

UTA get Warren

LAL get Favors & UTA 1st

PHX get Ball

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19 May 2019 14:39:31
Ball is hurt can't shot and not worth a first.

19 May 2019 04:58:00
LA Clips trade Gallo and a 2019 first rounder

Denver trades either Barton and Lyles or Lyles and Plumlee

Clips get some abilities to trade with Lyles or can use him on his restricted deal at 4.7. They can trade Barton or keep him. Then they go off and get Leonard.

Denver gets Gallo for one year to mentor MPJ to act like the SF that the young guy needs.

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19 May 2019 09:20:36
LAC doesn't have a 2019 1st, Boston owns it. Due to the Stipien Rule a team can't trade consecutive 1sts, so the earliest they could trade a 1st is 2021.

19 May 2019 13:38:46
Clippers can trade their 2020 first immediately after Boston makes a draft selection using the Clippers 2019 first round pick per the Stepien Rule.

However, Lyles cannot be traded as he is entering his RFA per the CBA.

19 May 2019 01:17:16
Pacers get Knox Trier Anderson 13

Knicks get Sabonis Davis

Heat get Smithjr McDermott Moore Ntilikina Thomas 50 37 39 2 ny 2020 2nd

Pelicans get Whiteside Winslow Waiters Barrett ny and dal 2021 & 2023

Retool around Oladipo


Dump salary add needed pg depth and build for future


Reloaded Pelican team


Knicks risk it all for a 2 yr window


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19 May 2019 05:31:15
Pelicans maybe just trade davis for picks from ny no need for those salaries from miami.

19 May 2019 11:39:34
No way that thy he Pels trade Davis for just picks, if they can get better players and maybe not as good picks? No chance.

19 May 2019 13:49:20
Minor point. Knicks don't own 2 2020 2nd rounders.

Does adding Sabonis's + Davis salary (and the cap hold on keeping Mudiay and Jordan) impact the cap space available to sign Durant and Kyrie?

19 May 2019 13:51:46
Why do the Pelicans want anything to do with Whiteside?

19 May 2019 14:40:38
Rkeene better question why does anybody want him?

19 May 2019 17:24:17
That is a deep Pelican. Stop looking his 1 yr salary. Whiteside is top 15 center. To have as backup on loaded starting. They can be next yr blazers of this yr.

19 May 2019 17:25:05
Jordan for mle and Mudiay for bi annual.

18 May 2019 22:19:32
Lakers 1st dp dunn

Bulls lonzo

Pelicans 4th and 3rd 7th pick hart Knox Smith Mitchell

Knicks Davis

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18 May 2019 22:52:54
Zion is untouchable. Unless you’re giving up like Giannis, Steph and Klay or Doncic and KP, he’s completely untouchable.

18 May 2019 23:16:00
What is up with the Ball for the Bulls pick talks? That’s ridiculous.

19 May 2019 00:11:40
Ball wasn't worth a top 10 pick the day he was drafted. He isn't today never finishing a season healthy.

19 May 2019 01:21:45
Who is dp.

19 May 2019 04:01:26
I think the only way Lakers are involved in a Davis trade is if they get Davis. They certainly won't help another team get him.

19 May 2019 13:36:17
Shizee dp is draft pick.

19 May 2019 14:01:47
I think he’s trying to figure out if 1st DP is the first overall pick, which I gather that’s what you meant.


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