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24 Mar 2024 21:20:46
Suns: A Davis
OKC: K Durant
Lakers: Giddey+ 1rnd pick 24 Houston+1rnd pick 25 philly+ 1rnd pick Den 27-29

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25 Mar 2024 06:12:53
I think the Suns should get one of those firsts as Durant > inconsistent Davis.

25 Mar 2024 12:42:04
Durant is the best player, but he's also 35 years old and he becomes 36 soon.

A booker-A Davis Tamdem could be cood for 5 or 6 years.

25 Mar 2024 21:38:20
None of those picks project to have high value, and Giddey is an ok player but not an easy fit plus due a new contract.

25 Mar 2024 22:31:04
I actually kinda like this one.

24 Mar 2024 19:06:05
Does a Harrison Barnes for Jonathan Isaac trade make any sense for both teams? Sac gets a PF playable next to Sabonis and Orl gets a veteran known for his leadership.

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24 Mar 2024 20:42:31
I can’t see any way Orlando would do that.

25 Mar 2024 06:08:02
So who is mentoring/ leading this team in the locker room?

25 Mar 2024 13:03:23
Magic should sign Bruce Brown instead. Isaac is a defensive monster.

25 Mar 2024 15:57:24
THey can get someone in the Garrett Temple/ Thad Young mold. No need to give up Isaac for a substantially worse player.

25 Mar 2024 23:35:04
I get the idea of it. But Mentoring doesn’t carry that price tag. Orlando needs to keep their core intact.

29 Mar 2024 20:37:36
Isaac was going to be a key member for the Magic before he got hurt (several times) . They decided to keep him and pay him even though he didn't play for 3 years or so. Since then, he was replaced by Banchero and Franz, but he is still a key contributor off the bench. Orlando has a good young team that is starting to come together. No need to bring in anyone in a "mentor" role.

23 Mar 2024 13:55:08
OKC: Bridges+ Embiid

Nets: Giddey+Dort+ 1rnd pick Clippers 24

Philly: K Williams+ 1rnd pick Hou 24+1rnd pick Utah 24 (top 10 protected)+ 1rnd pick Miami 25+ 1rnd pick Hou/OKC/Clipp 25+ return 1rnd pick Philly 25+ 1rnd pick Denver 27+ 1rnd pick Dal 28+ 1rnd pick Denver 29

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23 Mar 2024 18:49:52
Nets and Philly both say no.

23 Mar 2024 20:51:26
Chet is the minimum for Embiid. JDub is the minimum for Bridges. Stop living in fantasy land.

24 Mar 2024 09:49:10
8 draft picks is a good return for a superstar.

24 Mar 2024 18:32:02
It depends on the quality of the picks.

23 Mar 2024 10:39:41
LA gets Demar Derozen (S&T)

CHI gets Vanderbilt and Hachimura/ or Hayes.

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01 Apr 2024 14:56:55
So bulls get no picks? Why take in bad salary?

21 Mar 2024 08:46:52
Spurs build

Spurs get A Simons

Blazers get 7th pick, D Graham & Z Collins

Blazers give way to Scoot
Spurs add a reliable young point guard

Spurs get Mikal Bridges

Nets get 3rd pick & Keldon Johnson

Spurs add a guy with good experience


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21 Mar 2024 14:08:24
Easy pass from Nets.

21 Mar 2024 08:29:50
Atl:M Bridges
NO: Murray
Nets:L Nance+ Alvarado+ 1rnd pick NO 25 or Bucks (best)+ 1rnd pick NO or Bucks 26(best)+ 1rnd pick NO or bucks 27 (best)

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21 Mar 2024 14:09:00
Love it for Pels.

21 Mar 2024 07:41:00
Atlanta - San Antonio

Atlanta - 3rd pick, 2025 top 8 protected 1st, return 1 pick, future 1st round pick swap & Devontae Graham, Keldon Johnson

San Antonio - Trae Young

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21 Mar 2024 08:14:36
i think the Spurs should wait and target Giannis in 2026 and sign Doncic in free agency.


21 Mar 2024 09:50:20
Lol you think it would be that simple Gasupo. Easy to say wait for Giannis & Doncic. They should start building now and lure them in the future.

17 Mar 2024 19:50:51
Nets/Raptors/Kings Offseason Moves

Raptors receive Ben Simmons 2026 1st (Kings) lottery protected 2026 2nd (Pistons or Magic or Bucks) 2026 2nd (Nets)

Nets receive Kevin Huerter & Chris Boucher

Kings receive Bruce Brown

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18 Mar 2024 00:35:05
Kings say no I think, Nets are getting a lot of value. I think they have to give a first.

16 Mar 2024 16:27:16
Spurs - Mavs

Spurs get Kyrie Irving


Mavs get 7th pick in 2024, Devontae Graham & Keldon Johnson


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16 Mar 2024 09:34:53

Dal:A Davis+Reaves+Bridges

Nets:T Hardaway+ 1rnd pick LA 29-31+pick swap LA 2026


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14 Mar 2024 15:39:40
Lakers Lebron era should come to an end:

Lakers keep DLo and really maximize what he can do


Anthony Davis to Spurs for 3rd pick, Keldon Johnson, Devontae Graham & future pick swap

Spurs draft Bronny James with 44th pick them sign his father for 2 years


Sign some vets ring chaser

LBJ & Pop retires together with added ring

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14 Mar 2024 16:32:49
This is a pipe dream. Spurs would need to include way more to get AD.

14 Mar 2024 17:20:08
Add the 7th pick?


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