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22 Sep 2022 18:11:04
“I'm told the Lakers and Pacers did engage in some trade conversations this week and the Pacers' demand for two unprotected first-round picks … is just not appealing for the Lakers. ”

NBA Insider
reports on the Pacers' plans to keep Myles Turner into the season.

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23 Sep 2022 00:07:53
Indy has no use for Turner or Hield now that they commited to a rebuild. They should settle for one first, it's better than nothing.

23 Sep 2022 08:31:51
Indy should wait until trade deadline to see how desperate teams get.

22 Sep 2022 14:40:28
Hawks send Capela, Bogdanavic and 1st Rd pick

Pacers send Turner and Hield

Hawks need to go all in. The Murray trade was good but they still don't have enough to get into 4th or better in the East.

Pacers retain a defensive anchor while they rebuild. Plus another 1st rounder.

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22 Sep 2022 18:14:36
Not sure that Turner + Hield add anything more than what Capela + Bogdanovic bring to ATL. Not sure this trade gets ATL "into the 4th of better in the East" either.

22 Sep 2022 18:52:29
turner being able to space the floor gives their offense and pick and roll / pop and more options and unpredictability. also can unlock collins more as a roll man and turner never played with a pick and roll passer like trae nor has he had that type of spacing. Pacers should get a better return cappela and bogdonavich have less value to their team than others maybe send these to the lakers and get two unprotected firsts while taking on russ contract.

22 Sep 2022 19:02:29
I can see a Turner/ Capela swap with like 2-3 2nds coming from Atlanta, but losing a first and Bogdanovic for Hield isn't going to help them, despite how much I like Buddy.

22 Sep 2022 22:15:26
@Fredman I disagree. I believe Turners size helps in matchups that Capela struggle with. Turner is definitely a better perimeter defender and scorer. @AHooper is 100% correct Collins took a step back because Capela clogs up the lane because he can't make a dam layup. Bogi legs are gone Hield is a much better defender & better 3pt threat. Hield could be a starter if injury hit us in a long NBA season. I definitely think we could climb into the top 4 in the East with those upgrades. The contracts are even the only thing the Hawks would be losing are draft picks. The trade for Murray is "all in" move the draft will not be our friend for the next 5 years. We are locked into Trae & Murray extension. There is no turning back at this point. Go all and try to win a title with that squad. Capela & Bogi ain't gonna get you there.

23 Sep 2022 08:37:57
Turner better shot blocker, Capella better rebounder. Rather have the 5 rebounds than the 1 shot block.

Dukey said that Turner never played with P&R guard. That is false. P&R is about all Haliburton runs as a PG.

23 Sep 2022 13:44:49
Fredman haliburton got traded mid way through last year to Indy and Turner got injured. They haven't been playing together.

22 Sep 2022 14:31:39
suns: Markkanen

Jazz: Saric+Shamet+ 1rnd pick suns 2024

Pf:Markkanen/ J crowder
Sf:Bridges/C Johnson
Sg:Booker/D Lee

Utah doesn't have draft picks in 24 and OKc own's the jazz pick (top 10 protected). So that suns pick fits their rebuilding.

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22 Sep 2022 19:07:43
I like your idea, but instead of Shamet, I'd think that Crowder is more likely to go as he is being shopped right now. Also would think the Suns would lightly protect their first with top-5 protection.

22 Sep 2022 13:57:21

Nuggets get Rudy Gay (TPE)

Jazz get two second round picks from Nuggets (2023 & 2024) $6.1 Million TPE

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22 Sep 2022 18:17:28
Not sure that adding Gay is worth the approximately $15 mil in salary + luxury tax. Teams can find inefficient scorers who shoot in the low 30s from 3 for much, much less than what Gay would cost.

22 Sep 2022 03:00:17

Bucks get Jordon Clarkson

Raptors get Grayson Allen

Jazz get Khem Birch & George Hill(buyout) & DJ Wilson 2024 first round pick(lottery protected).via Raptors 2023 second round pick.via Cavaliers or Warriors from Bucks 2024 second round pick.via Blazers from Bucks

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22 Sep 2022 16:09:29
no way raptors are giving up a 1st for grayson allen. and they can't trade DJ Wilson at this point in time. they just signed him on and exhibit 10.

21 Sep 2022 08:46:10
Not really sure about this one. Talked to a friend of mine who is a huge Pheonix Sun's fan and has been pretty accurate about their moves in the past.

Phoenix trades Crowder + Shamet
Miami trades Robinson + Jovic + 2023 first Swap.

The thinking is that Phoenix can use Robinson's shooting off the bench and frees up a starting position for Cam Johnson (who is currently negotiating an extension with Phoenix) with Jovic moving into Johnson's role off the bench. Miami gets that more "grizzled" veteran who can give them minutes at the PF while also unloading Robinson.

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21 Sep 2022 11:25:46
I like the jovic fit as a playmaking forward for phx especially as paul gets older whether he actualized his potential or not who knows but good fit.

21 Sep 2022 14:02:35
Why would the suns want to pay Robinsons ridiculous contract to sit on the bench? Makes no sense to bring him in. Suns hv tons of wings and booker at sg. They need a stretch 4.

21 Sep 2022 14:30:29
@SKills. Do you not know who Cam Johnson is?

Shamet has just as long contract as Robinson, but Robinson shoots slightly better and can play some SF.

Also, if Jovic develops a dependable 3-ball, he could be that stretch 4 as well.

21 Sep 2022 16:24:54
Fredman I've been a suns fan since 92 so yes I know who cam is. But cam can't play the whole game. Plus losing crowder loses the physical aspect of the team. Crowders the one guy on phx who teams don't mess with. If yur buddy is really a suns fan he would know that they're looking for a stretch 4. They've already came out and sd that's the position they want to upgrade at. And before you ask yes I'm almost positive the suns know who cam Johnson is as well. The question is do you know who Robinson is? Suns would be taking on double the salary. Crowder is in his final year, and shamet makes 10 million for 3 more years, while Robinson has 4 years at Abt 20 million. Maybe you should get your info correct before you question someone else.

20 Sep 2022 17:46:04

Grizzlies get Gary Harris

Magic get Landry Shamet & Brandon Boston Jr 2023 second round pick.via Raptors from Grizzlies 2024 second round pick.via Clippers

Clippers get Rudy Gay (TPE)

Jazz get Terrence Ross & Danny Green & Jae Crowder & Brook Lopez 2024 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Suns 2029 first round pick(Top 5 protected).via Bucks

Bucks get Jordan Clarkson

Suns get Bojan Bogdanovic

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21 Sep 2022 08:19:31
I would be shocked if the Clippers use their TPE simply because they are already over the Luxury tax line prior to using the TPE. They are currently on a 3.5x luxury tax multiplier which means adding Rudy Gay would cost the Clippers nearly $25 mil in salary+tax. Especially considering that I am not sure how many minutes Gay plays behind Leonard, George, Covington, and Morris Sr.

Secondly, for the Suns, it makes very little sense to bring in Bogdonavich who costs $9 mil dollars more in salary (+ Luxury tax as Phoenix is already over the tax line) than Crowder AND have to give up a first-round pick? Yea, that's an easy pass.

20 Sep 2022 17:18:24
Jovan Buha and Sam Amick of The Athletic report that the Lakers prefer to wait until next season to have enough salary cap to add another star without giving up first-round draft picks:

"According to a high-level Lakers source, their refusal to do Westbrook deals with Indiana and Utah that have been discussed in various capacities for months has everything to do with this hopeful vision for their future beyond this season. In July 2023 the Lakers could not only be flushed with enough cash to add another maximum-salary-level player but also in possession of their first-round picks from 2027 and 2029.

"As it stands, the Lakers only have James ($46.9 million), Davis ($40.6 million) and rookie Max Christie ($1.7 million) under contract for the 2023-24 campaign. (Jones also has a player option worth $2.6 million. ) With the salary cap projected to be $134 million, Los Angeles could create upwards of $30 million to $35 million or so in cap space. If their widely known interest in Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving isn’t satisfied via trade by then, Irving could reunite with James the easy way when he’s an unrestricted free agent.

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