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09 Nov 2019 23:40:36

SAS get Whiteside, Little & 1st round pick

POR get Aldridge

Pg Lillard/Simons
Sg McCollum/Bazemore/Trent
Sf Hood/Hezonja
Pf Aldridge/Tolliver
Ce Collins/Nurkic/Skal

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10 Nov 2019 03:54:29
Absolutely, bring LA back.

10 Nov 2019 11:07:32
Fans in SA wants LMA gone, but I think Derozen is the one who should be traded because of the Spurs youth wing depth.

10 Nov 2019 13:58:21
Aldridge is the kind of guy that fans never appreciate. But he’s just simply a really good player. Throw Derozan and McCollum in that list too. They’re really good (but not superstar) players. That frustrates casual fans that always want more.

10 Nov 2019 18:57:25
I like Aldridge and love McCollum, but I wouldn’t throw derozan in that same camp. His bad defense and lack 3 point shooting make him an over qualified 6th man on a good team. He is such a janky fit next to other stars. I don’t know how you get max production out of him and win a title.

11 Nov 2019 02:44:22
Derozan was the best player on a 1 seed and conference finals team. He’s done all the things that Harden has.

Again, great but not superstar player. There’s no way you can’t fit him on a good team. That’s just nonsense. Maybe not now being older and declining. But at his prime, he was basically the wing version of Aldridge.

09 Nov 2019 21:05:17
Dallas gets CP3, Hutchinson, 2 seconds (Thunder)
***I hear they're interested in a Paul deal and they make sense. Paul can help space and distribute. He won't take too many minutes and they retain Brunson as a backup.

Chicago gets Gallinari, Lee, Roberson, Jackson, 2 firsts (Thunder)
***They bring in $40M+ in expiring and add a couple picks in hopes of enticing Davis next summer.

Okc gets Porter, Hardaway, Lavine
***They dump Paul, can send out two of their lesser firsts, add some usable bodies, continue a youth movement, and duck the luxury.

SGA, Schroeder
Lavine, Diallo
Hardaway, Ferguson
Porter, Bazley
Adams, Noel

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09 Nov 2019 21:52:34
Not getting Lavine + Porter out of Chicago. More likely Porter + Thad Young. can't give up Lavine in case AD stays in LA.

10 Nov 2019 02:26:32
Freeman- Lavigne isn’t good or a winner.

10 Nov 2019 11:12:47
19.5/ 4/ 4 is not good? Its too good to just salary dump.

Who is buying tickets next year if Lavine is gone and the Bulls do not sign AD?

10 Nov 2019 13:02:59
Awful trade for OKC. OKC will, at least, get a first rounder for Gallinari by himself. Presti is too smart to give up all those picks to dump Paul when he can just keep him for a couple years.

10 Nov 2019 13:59:04
LaVine has played for two bad franchises. How can we know if he’s a winner?

10 Nov 2019 22:10:05
Lavine a cheaper Wiggins?

09 Nov 2019 20:40:53
Orlando get: Bradley Beal
Orlando trade: Evan Fournier, Mo Bamba, Wes Iwundu, 2020 1st round pick and a 2022 1st round pick (both top 4 protected)

Washington get: Evan Fournier, Lonnie Walker VI, Marco Bellenelli, 2020 1st round pick (via Magic), 2022 1st round pick (via Magic) and a 2021 1st round pick (via Spurs)
Washington trade: Bradley Beal

San Antonio get: Mo Bamba and Wes Iwundu
San Antonio trade: Lonnie Walker VI, Marco Bellenelli and a 2021 1st round pick (top 4 protected)

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09 Nov 2019 22:02:30
Soooo. Beal's extension makes him untradeable until after the trading block. At which time Fournier becomes untradable until he picks up his player option. So this won't happen until the new league year at the earliest. Whoops. Bellinelli will be a FA so he can't be traded either.

Also Lonnie Walker = Mo Bamba so why is SA giving up a draft pick?

10 Nov 2019 22:11:07
Walker = Bamba? No.

09 Nov 2019 16:27:07
Jrue holiday and hart for brown, svi and sekou with 1first (2020) and 2 seconds from other teams
(salary issues could solve with snell and galloway)

rose, jackson
Holiday, hart
Kennard, carmelo
Blake, morris
Drummond, maker

Ball, alexandre
Brown, svi
İngram, sekou
Zion, melli
Hayes, okafor.

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09 Nov 2019 11:33:02
December deal

Okc gets Valanciunas, Iguodala
Memphis gets Adams, Roberson

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09 Nov 2019 17:13:40
And a pick going to Memphis.

10 Nov 2019 02:27:56
Memphis needs young cheap talent or shooting.

10 Nov 2019 13:06:37
OKC is keeping Adams and they've made it known. He's only 26.

11 Nov 2019 16:57:00
How u going to get a pick when Iggy done want to be there he wants a buyout and Memphis won’t do it so yea u can forget Memphis getting a pick

09 Nov 2019 10:05:49
Pistons/Hawks January 15 or February 8

Pistons Trade Andre Drummond Luke Kennard Thon Maker

Hawks Trade Chandler Persons Alex Len Cam Reddish 2020 first round pick
(Top 10 protected).via Hawks 2022 first round pick.via Thunder

Pistons receive Cam Reddish Chandler Persons Alex Len 2020 first round pick
(Top 10 protected).via Hawks 2022 first round pick.via Thunder

Hawks receive Andre Drummond Luke Kennard Thon Maker

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09 Nov 2019 04:22:47
Just tossing this out for Bmillers reaction

Kings trade Bogdanovich + Ariza
Portland trafes Bazemore + Little + 2020 first rounder (lottery protected)

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09 Nov 2019 13:53:16
Today as I’m overreacting to Little’s first ever (pretty impressive) minutes? No

Trade deadline coupled with a Whiteside and assets for (insert really good forward) trade? I’m in.

10 Nov 2019 02:28:55
Bmiller- I think Aaron Gordon would fit great just not sure what Portland has to offer magic.

10 Nov 2019 14:00:15
Firsts more than anything. Little might be a guy that makes sense in a trade. I don’t think I’d give up Simons for him, but Orlando fans should badly want a Gordon for Simons trade.

08 Nov 2019 20:59:27
Toronto receives: Steven Adams
Thunder receives: Gasol, future 1st

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08 Nov 2019 22:08:35
1st should go other way, gasol better than adams.

08 Nov 2019 22:10:22
Probably more straight up or a second rounder. Definately not a first rounder.

09 Nov 2019 15:09:40
Not a chance. Gasol is at the end while Adams is only 26.

09 Nov 2019 20:50:18
why would they want Adam's anyways. yes he's good but they need gasol to stay good other wise they should trade everyone.


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