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22 Jun 2022 19:16:26
Knicks: Brogdon+ M Turner

Rockets: Toppin+ Noel+Fournier+ K Walker+ 6# (draft Sharpe)

Indy: J Wall+ #3 (Draft Banchero)

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22 Jun 2022 20:36:53
Can't see Indiana trading productive players and take on Wall just to move up 3 spots.

And I don't think Knicks are giving up enough to get Brodgon and Turner.

22 Jun 2022 20:40:02
I forgot

The knicks also trade#11
But should it go to Indy or Houston?

22 Jun 2022 20:52:46
Gasupo, to Houston.

22 Jun 2022 21:35:11
If I’m Indiana I’m extremely happy getting a 40mil expiring contract and Banchero.

22 Jun 2022 17:59:48
1) Indy-Nets-Clippers

Nets:M turner+Powell
Indy:Kennard+ 1rnd pick Philly 2023+1rnd pick Philly 2027+1rnd pick Clippers 2028

Indy: Westbrook+ 1rnd pick LA 2026 and 2028

C: Hartenstein
SG:P George

C:M Turner
SG:S Curry

C:D Howard
PF: A Davis
SF: LB James
SG: Hield

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22 Jun 2022 18:51:16
Is that 3 1sts plus Kennard for the expiring and recently oft injured Turner? The expiring of Wood just got #26 and junk. I know Turner is held in higher regard but I don't think he gets nearly this much.

22 Jun 2022 18:59:32
Pretty clear Pacers aren't taking on Westbrook especially for picks they won't see for 4-6 years.

22 Jun 2022 20:35:37
The second trade, Indy should be all over that.

22 Jun 2022 16:17:41
Here's a really good trade.

Pacers and raptors

Raptors get Turner and brogdon and 31first pick.

While pacers get siakim, Flynn and birch with future 2nd round pick.

Pacers draft at 5 with a very strong young core. And have siakim lead them. Now they will have more work to do by trading warrant and heild but both of those guys are good players and great for salary fillers and draft picks. Like the lakers. Get westbrook and a bunch of first round picks for heild and warrant. Westbrook will have one year left then they can flipp him for more picks if he plays better out under James shadow.

Raptors do this to give Barnes and OG more touches and sliding freddy to the off ball position where he's best and brogdon can help with scoring while Turner and the middle. Play a lot of pick and roll and pop. Resign boucher and young siva and banton bring in another off guard and shooter. And your set for the season.

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22 Jun 2022 21:56:18
yep. i could see nurse really enjoying changing the entire defensive structure of the team to do this deal. i guess masai and bobby webster telling us not to expect any big shakeups and loving the core 6 guys was all just smokescreen. there's just so much wrong with this.

22 Jun 2022 16:11:44
Reported that Charotte is willing to give their 2 1sts to unload Hayward as per reported wow. Portland should jump into this

Portland get Hayward, 13 & 15

Hornets get Bledsoe (waive?), K. johnson, 36 & future 2nd round pick.

* Can also include Nurkic if Hornets are willing to have him as their center

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22 Jun 2022 18:09:09
I assume Charlotte would want a wee bit more than this if they give up both those picks.

22 Jun 2022 21:29:59
Holmes+Barnes for Hayward, #13 and #15?

22 Jun 2022 21:57:11
nurkic is a UFA.

22 Jun 2022 23:57:19
36 belongs to Detroit now. maybe Olynyk + 36 for Hayward 13 and 15.

22 Jun 2022 15:38:23

Warriors get Moritz Wagner(TO) 32 pick 35 pick

Magic get 28 pick

Magic draft Jabari Smith Jr & Walker Kessler

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22 Jun 2022 13:00:50

Blazers get Collins 32 pick 35 pick

Magic get Gallinari (exp) & Bledsoe (exp) 16 pick

Hawks get Ross & Little & Isaac 7 pick

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22 Jun 2022 15:53:06
So the hawks trade an expiring Gallinari (20 million) contract john collins 16th. Pick just to get some average players and 7th pick? Lol.

22 Jun 2022 16:18:23
Why would magics want this. Magics want picks and prospects.

22 Jun 2022 10:53:07

WAS get Kevin Durant

BKN get Thomas Bryant (s&t), Deni Avdija, KCP (exp), 10th pick, 2 future 1st round picks & pick swaps


WAS get Tyus Jones s&t 3yr/30mil

MEM get Kyle Kuzma

WAS sign PJ Tucker via MLE

WAS goes all in

Pg Jones/Neto/Smith
Sg Beal/Kispert/FA
Sf Durant/Kispert
Pf Porzingis/Hachimura
Ce Gafford/FA

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23 Jun 2022 09:46:04
Durant would probably retire if that were to happen.

22 Jun 2022 10:44:48

PHI get Bledsoe & 2nd rd pick

POR get Harris, Thybulle & 23rd pick

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