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26 Mar 2020 02:41:24
Do the Wizards trade Beal on draft night?

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26 Mar 2020 11:48:06
If he wants out and the wiz don’t insist on attaching Wall to any trade, I think it’s very plausible.

26 Mar 2020 12:53:44
Church- even if he wants to stay, wizards aren’t winning with him I think it’s time to blow it up.

26 Mar 2020 14:46:28
I’m not sure if they will, but they absolutely should. His value won’t be higher than it is right now, and they’re not winning.

Trade Beal, ease Wall back slowly, hope to strike gold in the lottery in 2020, and then get a top 5 pick in 2021.

26 Mar 2020 18:01:12
Keep Beal so fans will still have a reason to see Wizard games next season. Trade him at next years trade deadline/ draft day since 2021 draft is suppose to be way better than 2020.

27 Mar 2020 00:56:04
Fredman - say they trade him to ninny for culver johnson 2 2020 firsts. Maybe pick swap in 2022. That’s 3 firsts Wall and hachimara. That team wins 35-40 in east. Keeping Beal gets them what max 45 wins? Fans will love young fast squad.

27 Mar 2020 11:59:53
Not betting on Wall's "return" bringing fans to the stadium.

And 45 wins means playoffs in the East.

27 Mar 2020 12:51:52
Beal recently signed an extension. Why are people convinced he wants out?

27 Mar 2020 14:10:23
I don’t think that team wins 35 or 40 games with just Wall, even if he comes back at 100 percent. Also, there’s a good chance that Wall is a shell of his former self.

I think that Washington probably starts the season off with Beal on the roster, sees what they have in Wall and the rest of the team. Then they make a decision on Beal from there.

27 Mar 2020 14:46:00
Who cares if he wants out? The point is the team should trade him because they’re stuck in purgatory.

Also, just because someone accepts a ridiculous amount of money doesn’t mean they’re happy playing where they are.

27 Mar 2020 17:50:37
XXX, seriously doubt Beal wants out. The time he signed his extension made it impossible for the Wizards to trade until this off season. Seemed to ba an orchestrated move by Beal's people.

27 Mar 2020 21:59:22
I think there’s a chance Beal saw Wall and said “screw waiting, I’m getting paid. I’m not taking any chances. ”.

24 Mar 2020 23:32:01
Bulls - Knicks

Bulls -> Ntilikina & Knox
Knicks -> Dunn, Felicio and a 2nd round

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25 Mar 2020 14:12:51
TonyO no relation to johnnyO common man.

26 Mar 2020 13:37:45
comme on, Ntilikina and Knix still have some value.

24 Mar 2020 07:53:07
If Giannis says he's not going to resign ang gives a list of teams.

Boston: giannis
Milwaukee: J Brown+ Langford+ t Fall+ 1rnd pick Memphis+ 1rnd pick Boston+ 1rnd pick boston 2022+ 1rnd pick 2024.

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24 Mar 2020 12:37:38
Milwaukee would probably say give us Tatum as a starting point in any negotiation.

24 Mar 2020 13:10:55
They would want Tatum, but would they risk to lose Giannis for nothing if he asks a trade?

4 draft picks and 3 young building blocks isn't a bad offer for a player that could leave for free in free agency.

The Lakers offer for A Davis was the same:
Ingram Langford
Hart= T Fall
3 Lakers picks.

24 Mar 2020 13:58:00
Here is the problem with trading him now. You only get a good return if you send him where he wants to go because other teams don't give up much for what may be a one-year rental.

So the real question becomes, where would Giannis want to go if he left Milwaukee.

24 Mar 2020 14:51:47
Boston won't be on that list.

24 Mar 2020 14:53:45
He would want to go to a good team :-)

I only see Boston and Golden state having the assets to trade for him and still be good enough to be a contender.

24 Mar 2020 15:10:59
If there were no other better trades then I think bucks accept. What if philly offered Ben Simmons tybulle and 3 first. Knicks could offer there pick and couple prospects and other picks. I don’t think Wiggins and golden state pick enough.

24 Mar 2020 15:56:52

Some combination of Dunn, Robinson, Herro + Bam and 2 firsts (rights to 2020 pick + 2025 pick)

Philly is not going to give up all that unless Giannis signs and extension.

Nets could put together an interesting package if he wants to go there as well.

24 Mar 2020 16:41:14
Don’t mention Miami. We ain’t trading for him. We’ll try to sign him in unrestricted free agency along with other teams who want him.

24 Mar 2020 16:59:14
you mean Miami not giving up all that. Tybulle and the three picks off set how much greater giannis is to Simmons.

24 Mar 2020 17:27:41
Miami shouldn't give up assets for Giannis and try to sign him in free agency.

24 Mar 2020 19:45:27
Just not seeing Giannis doing Milwaukee like that. He is not leaving where they get nothing. Just don't think he is wired that way.

24 Mar 2020 23:20:12
If the heat were to do a sign and trade for Giannis then I think Herro because he is from Wisconsin or somewhere near there, Derrick Jones jr and The 1st round picks were able to give. Bam is restricted free agent and that’s a lot because he is a future top 5 center some years down the line. We need nunn since we need a pg and can’t afford Dragic and we’re keeping Duncan as we need some shooter around Giannis and butler.

25 Mar 2020 11:46:37
Ok what if he doesn’t give a list of teams but gives the indication he won’t come back? Who has the best/ most assets to go get him? To me if the above is true, you have to at least mention okc who went and got PG in a similar situation. They have assets galore.

25 Mar 2020 17:07:24
the Bucks would only want the picks as the only good young asset the thunder have is sga and he is going to be there point guard once cp3 leaves so that’s going to take a lot of picks for the bucks and to consider okc (were talkin like 4-5 first) Plus I think if they told him we need value and we’re going to trade u then there going to ask him for teams as it would to give him respect. But ultimately if he does not resign then they’ll probably do a sign and trade in unrestricted free agency because I think the bucks want to try one more time to win the title to convince him to stay.

25 Mar 2020 19:51:31
Never seen a superstar traded to a team and their best player was a part of the package. Sleeper, don't be surprised if G. S pull something out.

25 Mar 2020 20:36:31
I don’t see okc wanting anyThing to do with giannis.

23 Mar 2020 15:10:12
Cavs draft ball.

Cavs trade garland for kuz, rights to Lakers 2020 first and rondo.

Cavs trade Sexton and love for Gordon and Ross.


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23 Mar 2020 15:37:07
Drummond is not staying.

23 Mar 2020 16:15:50
Drummond is going to opt in. He just doesn’t have other viable options unless it’s a sign and trade.

Unless they’re taking a guard or get a significant offer for Garland, they shouldn’t trade him. They’re not going to get value back for him and there’s a good chance that he comes back from a long offseason significantly better. He needs to get stronger, his passing has gotten significantly better already, and there’s reason to think that he is going to be a really good shooter. Kuzma is a 25 year old off ball sixth man that really didn’t help a good team a ton. That’s an extremely late first and rondo looks cooked.

Sexton was playing to well to trade. He’s 20 and was clearly their best offense player most nights. Over 20 points on 56 percent ts is nothing to sneeze at.

23 Mar 2020 17:24:44
I do like sexton but those 20 points don’t help his team get better. He has really no defense playing shooting guard. So drafting ball and going with porter will give Cavs size over opposing pg and sg. I’m pretty sure him kuz a bigger role he will be a 20 per game scorer. Will Gordon and Drummond mess we’ll will be the question.

23 Mar 2020 17:36:28
If Rondo opts in?

23 Mar 2020 20:37:29
He can get traded then opt out I thought either way he get waived.

23 Mar 2020 22:42:35
Cant trade someone with a pending player option after the trade deadline.

24 Mar 2020 15:13:10
I don’t see rondo opting out.

23 Mar 2020 10:29:35
20-21 Knicks Roster

Bullock Payton Ellington Gibson

80 mil saved

Randle for Reddick

Insurance behind zion
Sign Christian Wood


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23 Mar 2020 13:57:13
Wtf would they pick wiseman if they have Robinson. Also the pelican trade that’s just a no. Plus defense is a need bud.

22 Mar 2020 23:26:26
Twolves - Simmons
Pelicans - Horford and Twolves 1st
76ers - Holiday Culver Johnson and Nets 1st

Pels draft LaMelo at 3 and Achuiwa at 13
76ers draft Haliburton at 16 and Green at 22




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23 Mar 2020 10:39:15
James Johnson has a Players Option for next season. can't be traded until he opts in which normally would be way after the draft.

serious overpaying for Simmons. Pelicans and NO not getting enough for Holiday. It takes a first round pick by itself for someone to take Horford's bad contract so Pelicans are essentially giving Holiday away for nothing.

23 Mar 2020 13:11:27
It’ll take a first to get off Horford’s contract, but not the #3 pick in the draft. I would trade Holiday for Horford if I got the #3 pick with it. That feels fair.

23 Mar 2020 15:38:10
Not sure any of the top 3 draft prospects can be better than Holiday so we agree to disagree.

23 Mar 2020 17:31:02
Fred I disagree holiday for horford and 3rd pick is worth it like bmil said but maybe number six will do at the latest in this draft.

23 Mar 2020 18:05:43
Fair enough Fred. I’m not basing it on the prospects in this draft at all. I’m basing it on the value of a top 3 pick in general. I know people talk about this draft being weak, but I’ve heard about “weak” and “deep” drafts for years, and I simply don’t think that those projections are consistently right.

Remember when Wiggins and Parker were “the best top of a draft since Lebron and Melo”?

22 Mar 2020 16:09:21
Lakers get Ben Simmons and horford plus picks

Philly get James and green

Could Richardson green Tobias James
Embiid win a championship with James basically playing point.

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22 Mar 2020 17:09:53
James stated he wants to finish with the lakers.

22 Mar 2020 18:22:14
Matrix- he doesn’t have a no trade clause.

22 Mar 2020 20:36:21
Do you want to be known as the team that traded (arguably) the MVP of the league? Doing so suggests that your FO is NOT about winning now.

NO ONE of significance will sign with the Lakers as a Free Agent ever again if this trade happened.

Have we not learned from the NY Knicks yet?

22 Mar 2020 21:00:27
Fredman, The Queens are just as bad as the Knicks now. Only we won 2 of 4 nba finals we went to. Queens only went wcf 2x in 35 years. No playoffs for the last 15 yrs. Spin it how you want accept for M. Robinson and Fox, Hield Bogdanovic and Bagley avg at best and rest of the knicks stink too.

23 Mar 2020 01:34:04
Now, shizzee? At least my players want to resign and stay in little ol' Sactown while yours can't wait to leave the grandeur that is New York City. #MakeDallasGreatAgain.

21 Mar 2020 12:18:33

POR get Ben Simmons & JJ Redick

PHI get CJ McCollum & Jrue Holiday

NOLA get Al Horford, Anfernee Simons, 1st from PHI & POR

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21 Mar 2020 13:55:31
Why does any team want horford?

21 Mar 2020 15:46:00
The point is to get assets Shiller. Horford is cap filler. Also, he’s not horrible, and NO won’t be signing anyone anyway. He fits there, and expires just as they’ll need to pay Zion.

21 Mar 2020 19:58:16
Portland is getting way too much. Mcollum had a down year. The rest of the league is getting more efficient and his offense has gotten slightly worse if anything. Simmons has a ton of value. Mcollum isn’t getting a huge haul. Reddick is still worth a 1st. I don’t think Simons is looked at like a blue chip prospect, which imo would need to be involved. Philly should be getting a first rather than giving one up. NOs needs another 1st.

21 Mar 2020 22:50:59
Simmons has a ton of value? Not sure I agree with the "ton" part of that. Some, yes. Ton, no. Especially when we don't know what the deal is with Simmons back.

21 Mar 2020 23:31:09
Bmiller- so I know he is a filler but reddish snd holiday should bring way more back than simons and a first.

22 Mar 2020 14:17:11
I agree with Freeman. McCollum might have lost some value this year, but I think Simmons has too. And there’s no way I’d pay a first for Redick at this point in his career.

No way is Simmons worth McCollum, Holiday, a first, and cancels the negative of Horford’s contract. I think Phili is getting fair value for what they give.

NO probably needs another asset from Portland. Or remove Redick and add a worse player from NO.

22 Mar 2020 16:09:05
I think if you break this into seperate trades then the shortage becomes apparent.

Simmons to Portland for McCollum + 2020 lottery pick (asssuming season is over) seems about right.

Reddick to Portland for Simons seems about right (Simons on a rookie deal and age fits the teams youth movement and Portland gets an off the ball shooter to take some of McCollum's shots)

Horford + 2 firsts for Holiday? Here is where I find shortage. Horford is a negative contract (no one was offering $25 mil last off season but Philly and his value has dropped) and would cost a first just to move. So that leaves trading a #21 pick (Philly via OKC) for Holiday. He is worth more than that. So IMO Philly needs to add someone (of value) going to NO like a say Thybulle, Milton or Smith.

22 Mar 2020 19:51:13
Philly is degrading Simmons value to get off horford and New Orleans getting two more first for holiday plus prospect for holiday.

22 Mar 2020 20:31:54
No, II. NO is getting the degraded Horford WHILE getting 2 picks for Holiday. Where is the compensation for the degraded Horford and his horrible contract?

22 Mar 2020 23:19:47
No philly is degrading Simmons value and getting off horford. If Philly keeps horgord they can get more for simons.


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