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23 Feb 2021 19:45:08
Bulls - Mavs

Bulls: Kristaps Porzingis

Mavs: Lauri Markkanen and Otto Porter Jr.

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23 Feb 2021 22:07:01
add 2 bulls 1st.

24 Feb 2021 17:41:39
If KP wants to leave (and I do not think so) Bulls could offer:

DAL Carter Jr, Markkanen, 1st

and Mavs send Markkanen to Atlanta:

ATL Markkanen, Bey
DAL Collins

and have 3 x 1st for Beal

WIZ THJ, Green, 3x1st
DAL Beal

Josh, Beal, Luca, Collins, Carter Jr. would be nice. : )

But I do not thk KP will leave Dallas.

23 Feb 2021 16:39:49
Knicks Magic Trade
Knicks receive: Vucevic, James Ennis
Magic recieve: Burks, Toppin, Knox, Ntilikina, 2023 NYK FRP

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23 Feb 2021 18:29:03
This seems quite a lot from NYK. I've heard they're really high on Toppin.

23 Feb 2021 20:16:15
This seems like a weird fit for both teams. Not sure if he Knicks should block Robinson’s development and the fit with Randle is weird. Plus, Vuc isn’t really on their timeline.

For Orlando, Toppin and the pick are the only value here. But Toppin plays the same position as Gordon, Isaac, Aminu, and Okeke? Just doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense for either team. Value seems about right, but fit doesn’t seem great?

23 Feb 2021 22:09:07
Barrett Ntilikina Rivers Knox Dallas 23 1st for Vucevic MCW. I need Toppin for J. Collin.

24 Feb 2021 18:18:19
Yeah it’s too much coming from nU.

23 Feb 2021 16:36:17
Porzingis for Powell, Baynes, Davis, and 2 1sts.

Doncic+Hardaway for Sexton, Nance, Prince, and 3 1sts.

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23 Feb 2021 22:10:00
stop with homer package. Vleet 1st for zinger.

24 Feb 2021 03:26:57
You mean Porzingis and a first for VanVleet?

23 Feb 2021 13:53:05

Magic get Danny Green Mike Scott 2021 first round pick(unprotected).via Sixers

Sixers get Evan Fournier Gary Clark

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23 Feb 2021 16:02:27
like this trade for sixers. fournier an upgrade from green. salaries match up perfectly.

23 Feb 2021 18:29:28
MD made a good trade before I died, now I need to pay off Fredman :-)

24 Feb 2021 04:29:35
Maybe you can make a good trade now too darry

24 Feb 2021 05:23:21
Shots fired.

24 Feb 2021 12:15:24
I'm trying Sheeee.

23 Feb 2021 13:28:52

ATL get Porzingis

Pg Young
Sg Bogdanovic
Sf Hunter
Pf Porzingis
Ce Capela

DAL get Drummond, Collins & Gallinari

Pg Doncic
Sg Richardson
Sf Gallinari
Pf Collins
Ce Drummond

CLE get Hardaway Jr & 2nd round pick DAL

Pg Garland
Sg Sexton/Hardaway
Sf Okoro/Osman
Pf Love/Nance
Ce Allen/McGee

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23 Feb 2021 14:26:07
Yes from ATL.

24 Feb 2021 18:16:12
Salaries don't make sense. Cleveland is unloading $28M and taking on $18M. Take CLE/ Drummond out and make it Porzingis for Collins/ Gallo plus a salary filler and you have my interest.

23 Feb 2021 09:16:30
Just looking for a trade that brings KAT to phoenix
The problem is that OKC owns the 20222 phoenix pick.

Phoenix: KAT


Minny T Ariza+Crowder+ J Smith+ 1rnd pick Phoenix 2022 and 2024+2026 1rnd pick OKC 2021 (best pick GS/Miami/OKC)+1rnd pick OKC (or Clippes swap 2023)

So phoenix offers 2 picks and Atyton to get KAT
OKC gives three picks to get Ayton
And Minny receives 5 picks for KAT

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23 Feb 2021 10:18:52
Ayton is almost as good as KAT. What's the upgrade for Phoenix to give 2 picks?

23 Feb 2021 11:53:31
Not sold Ayton is worth 3 firsts.

Also that 2022 first that Phoenix owes OKC is protected thru 2025. So phoenix currently only has their 2027 to trade.

23 Feb 2021 13:12:38
sure buddy. homer trade to bring Ayton to OKC, tell everyone yeah just trying to get Kat to phoenix. lmao.

23 Feb 2021 14:29:29
3 draft picks is a steep price, but i like this for OKC
OKC is loaded with draft picks, they still have enough picks to draft young talents or they can trade those picks for a third star that can form a combo with SGA and Ayton

KAT is still clearly better than Ayton and Phoenix need to perform in the playoffs, Booker wants to win and CP3 is 35 years old, so it's now or ne. trading Booker for picks and rebuilt around Ayton.

Minny isn't going anyware and a unhappy KAT would devaluate his tradevalue. 5 draft picks is a good return.

I'm an Indy fan, not an OKC fan
3 picks for Ayton and 5 picks for KAT is fair value.

23 Feb 2021 15:18:05
Kat is better then ayton, but not 2 first, crowder and their first round pick last year Jaylen smith better. Ayton is already a better defender and rebounder even though he plays soft majority of the time. Not to mention that towns is on a max contract as well. I would love to see towns in Phx, but not if its going to cripple the team.

23 Feb 2021 16:09:12
Fred you so weird worried about protections on a pick. So y wouldn’t the suns take the protection off especially when there involved in the trade.

23 Feb 2021 18:44:20
The suns owe Thunder a protected pick. so the Thunder are trying to get Ayton and the suns want kat so the protection will be taking off that shouldn’t be a factor it’s just weird bringing up the protection like the suns wouldn’t take off especially cause there in trade to get the best player. just another way to say something meaningless.

23 Feb 2021 20:11:51
Yea, I think I was initially misreading this trade.

OKC is giving up the 2022 Phoenix pick (#13-#30) as well as 2 other firsts (1rnd pick OKC 2021 (best pick GS/ Miami/ OKC) +1rnd pick OKC) for Ayton.

While Phoenix is giving up the 2022 Phoenix pick (#1-#12) and 2024 and 2026 picks (plus Ayton) for KAT

Still not sold on Ayton being worth 2+ picks. Is Ayton really that good or does he look good playing with Booker and CP3?

Definitely not sure that KAT is worth 2+ picks above Ayton. The only center that I would consider worth 2+ picks above Ayton is Embiid.

23 Feb 2021 21:48:17
What about Jokic?

24 Feb 2021 01:41:34
Why is Ayton is worth 2+ firsts this year when his stats are worse than Drummond's stats last year? You could get Drummond for a second rounder last year.

24 Feb 2021 13:24:04
Jokic's lack of defense and rim protection take him down a notch for me. Because of Jokic's skill set, most teams will have to alter their roster (defensive-shot blocking PF, good 3&D wings, PG that does not need the ball to be effective) to get all of Jokic's "value".

23 Feb 2021 08:55:18
Knicks get Rozier Oladipo Graham McLemore Brown Cousins


OKC get Zeller Nwaba Ntilikina


Rockets get Hill Quickley Knox Pinson Richards Detriot 2nd


Hornets get Horford Barrett Payton Rivers NY 23 2nd Wolves 22 2nd


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23 Feb 2021 14:19:59
What is Houston giving that deserves Quickley?

23 Feb 2021 06:42:29

Magic get Thaddeus Young Tomas Satoransky George Hill Darius Miller 2021 first round pick(Top 14 protected).via Warriors from Thunder

Bulls get Terrance Ross Al-Farouq Aminu

Thunder get Evan Fournier Dwayne Bacon

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23 Feb 2021 13:06:25
Have you paid any attention at all to what OKC has been doing for the past year? They are collecting draft picks. They are not sending away draft picks for veteran players that they have no interest in. George Hill will bring them back a pick at the deadline; there's no reason for them to package him with a pick to get back the garbage Orlando wants to dump.


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