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21 Jun 2021 10:39:40
Simmons for Russell and Culver


1.) 21 Jun 2021 12:19:37
the Wolves should trow in a pick.



11 Jun 2021 01:00:02
I think Atlanta should consolidate their talent and go for a star.

Hawks get-
B. Beal

Wizards get-
2 1sts




1.) 11 Jun 2021 02:01:04
Not enough to me. Atlanta should stay pat hope Hunter stays healthy and all young guys grow.

2.) 11 Jun 2021 02:50:40
Sure but if Hunter stays healthy and the young guys grow into good players, the time will come when they can't afford to keep them all anyway.

3.) 11 Jun 2021 03:03:30
That paring of beal and trae is awful with the no defense part plus the wizards could get 3 first round picks probably.

4.) 11 Jun 2021 11:18:46
I didn't realize that Beal was a big step down from Bogdanovic defensively.

5.) 11 Jun 2021 13:55:12
I guess u are right.



27 May 2021 23:38:34
Boston gets-
Miles Bridges
Eric Bledsoe

Pelicans get-
Kemba Walker
Carson Edwards
1st Rd #16 from Boston

Charlotte gets-
Steven Adams
Grant Williams

Boston adds size and depth by starting Brown at the 2 and Bridges at the 3. Bledsoe would back up Smart and they'd clear some money to re-sign Fournier.

N.O. may bite on Kemba if they lose Ball as they're picking up a little extra while also moving the bad contract of Bledsoe.

Charlotte may have to make a choice between Bridges and Washington. Washington has an extra year on his deal while Bridges was only starting because Hayward was out. They get their starting Center and a cheap, young backup PF who can sub as a small ball 5.


1.) 28 May 2021 04:57:02
Pels defense gets even worse.

2.) 28 May 2021 06:17:37
charlotte can find a better deal for bridges.

3.) 28 May 2021 13:44:23
Nightcap with a Homer idea. Bad idea for Pelicans.

4.) 28 May 2021 14:47:00
A homer idea? Shizzee it's not like I have them getting an all star type of player. They're getting a guy who just averaged 12.7 ppg in his 3rd year, who will want a huge raise soon, and a mediocre backup PG making almost 20 mil a year. Have you looked at the ridiculous trades you've come up with? Maybe as bad as ring ring.

5.) 28 May 2021 15:47:56
Like it for Pels

6.) 28 May 2021 15:54:10
I’d rather deal w Kenna and get Adams out. He’s horrible next to Zion. Maybe get a solid five in FA or trade up in draft. So I disagree that it’s a bad trade and it’s way better than those of the two village simpletons

7.) 28 May 2021 19:01:41
Kemba walker health and money is negative impact land more feasible Bledsoe and stud like bridges.



18 May 2021 00:11:19
Bulls get-
M. Smart

Celts get-
L. Markannen S & T 4/60

Actually I don't want Markannen because I think he sucks, but it may not be a bad fit for either team.


1.) 18 May 2021 14:37:00
Smart >> Markennan. If they played 1-1 smart beat him 10-10. Beat him up too. soft Euro player with stats, you clowns jump at every chance. Nightcap are Celtics fan? Celtics bad season came as result of injuries and defense. You don't trade the heart of your team. Trade walker, nothing good came from having him.

2.) 18 May 2021 18:11:51
Shizzee, tell us why Walker no good?

You talk a lot of garbage!

3.) 18 May 2021 19:43:24
Injury and defense, as walker gets into this phase of his career his best attribute are as backup pg. u need him to play 1/ 2 court offense where his small size is protect by a bigger front court . I take Smart over Walker anyday. Smart 1 of my favorite players. Tough AF.

4.) 18 May 2021 23:37:21
rubbishzzee I wouldn't want Boston to make that trade I'm just throwing out ideas for the fun of it. Maybe you missed the part where I said I thought Markannen sucks? It's funny you call others clowns with all of the dumbass trades you come up with. You should look in the mirror.

5.) 19 May 2021 16:31:55
Nightcap how is markennan a good fit, because you are only thinking of offense, that is what I refer to as clowns. Poster who never seem to think about defense which is more valuable than offense. In fantasy who cares, but in reality, nobody in the league likes playing D night in night out. Defensive of players are more appealing than someone can shoot 3s for 30 feet. Love defense.

6.) 19 May 2021 22:25:45
I agree with you about these 2 particular players, but you yourself have often commented on Boston not being able to win with small ball. They need a power forward and I think there's a good chance they trade Smart because he's a free agent after next season. I think the idea of this trade is reasonable even though I admit I'm not a fan of Markannen.

7.) 20 May 2021 13:25:08
Walker for Wall allow small ball to work. Wall will be 2 yrs removed major injury might be more reliable but taking 6 more mil per salary. Last yr Langford and Nesmith were to inconsistent. D. Powell for Thompson rim protector for rebounder beast.

Wall/ Pritchard/ Edwards
Smart/ Fournier/ Langford
Brown/ Kispert-14/ Nesmith
Tatum/ G. Williams/ I. Jackson-33
R. Williams/ Powell/ Fall

Dragic Iggy for Walker

Walker needs to be in system that protects him defensively

Augustin/ Dragic/ Bradley
Porter/ Gordon/ C. Thomas-22
House/ Iggy/ Juzang-20
Mobley-2/ Tate/ Martin
Wood/ Olynyk/ Bassey-24

Walker/ Nunn/ Vincent
Oladipo/ Hero/ Strus
Butler/ Robinson/ Okpala
Bam/ Achiuwa/ Bjelica
D. Howard/ Dedmon/ Yurtseven.

8.) 21 May 2021 11:40:18
I've thought about Walker for Wall before because Wall is the better facilitator, but he's a worse shooter, makes more money, and is less reliable due to injury. Also, Kemba is loved by his teammates. If it were to work out, it's still not a difference maker.



07 May 2021 21:13:40
Boston gets-
Miles Bridges

Charlotte gets-
Moses Brown
Grant Williams
2021 1st via Boston

OKC gets-
Romeo Langford

When healthy, Hayward and Washington are the starters for Charlotte. They need size and they may not be too ecstatic about extending Bridges with their history of not spending money. Bridges would fit in great with Boston moving Smart to the bench. They could easily afford to re-sign him when Kemba's deal expires.


1.) 08 May 2021 16:17:54
Why not just a Langford for Bridges. It seems like OKC never gives up anything yet gets picks haha.

2.) 08 May 2021 18:35:13
Langford is not good as bridges.

3.) 08 May 2021 18:45:14
Yea Langford doesn't come close to getting Bridges. My thought is that the package I posted for Bridges would normally not be enough as it is unless Charlotte thinks they won't be able to sign him. It still might not be enough but maybe it is.




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25 Mar 2021 20:35:35
Some people kept saying that teams couldn't send out players when using a TPE, but it looks like Boston sent out Teague along with the picks for Fournier. Is there something more to it?


1.) 26 Mar 2021 12:37:45
I had put it out that no contract could be sent back using the TPE, news outlets put it out as such so I just put out what I had heard. I also heard that Boston gave Orlando cash to pay for his salary along with the two picks. So it just goes to show that ALL meadia outlets put out BS equally.

2.) 26 Mar 2021 12:46:15
Also I heard 2.3 mil was sent along with Theis for them to get under the cap.

Any information from anyone here?

3.) 26 Mar 2021 13:55:49
I think it is actually TWO separate trades reported as one because the TPE rule is quite clear in the CBA.

Orlando trades Fournier into Boston's TPE and creates a $17 mil TPE for Orlando.

Boston trades Teague and picks into Orlando's new (or another if Orlando has it) TPE.

So it is more a loophole than anything else.

4.) 26 Mar 2021 15:11:48
I haven't seen the details of how the trades were structured yet, but Teague could go to Orlando as a separate transaction because he is vet minimum and can be traded without anything coming back. Every team is allowed something around 5-6 M per year to send out in trades, and also can take that much back in trades. Money and picks can be used in a TPE.

5.) 26 Mar 2021 16:56:11
AP has the Magic deal as 2 second rounders and TPE for Fournier.

Does this deal really help Boston? My opinion is No! Ainge should have done nothing and used that TPE during the summer.

6.) 26 Mar 2021 19:55:05
What I've read in Boston is-

Teague plus 2 2nds for Fournier.

1.3 mil going to Chicago but no cash to Orlando.

Using Poirier TPE to acquire Kornet and Kanter TPE to acquire Wagner, while creating a new TPE by dealing Theis.

The way I read it in the CBA is that you can't add salary to a TPE, meaning if you have a TPE of 17 mil, and you trade a player making 2 mil, you still can only acquire a player making 17 mil, rather than one making 19 mil. But who knows.



25 Feb 2021 12:25:25
Celtics moves

Trade #1
Boston gets-
K. Lowry

Chicago gets-
K. Walker
G. Williams

Toronto gets-
L. Markannen (re-sign)
O. Porter (exp)
2021 1st via Boston

Trade #2
Boston gets-
A. Horford

OKC gets-
D. Theis

OKC does this because Horford has negative value? Even so, he fits Boston well.

Trade #3
Boston gets-
D. Saric

Phoenix gets-
T. Thompson
C. Edwards
2021 2nd from OKC via Bos

PHX has plenty of forwards but needs a good backup center.

Horford/R. Williams

Moving forward Saric can start assuming they don't re-sign Lowry. The money they're paying Horford would've went to Kemba.


1.) 25 Feb 2021 13:52:02
no thanks from Toronto.

2.) 25 Feb 2021 14:36:16
I like that for Toronto lol.

3.) 25 Feb 2021 19:23:25
OKC just just Horford up? Seems odd they don’t get even a second.

4.) 26 Feb 2021 01:39:44
Trade #2?

Salaries are off by 70 mil +/ - . Can't see this trade happening unless a third team and someone taking just about all of C's bench and picks.

Honestly I can't see any of these trades happening.

Celtics should have just traded for Cousins, his contract was cheap.

5.) 27 Feb 2021 23:17:54
Trade #2 Boston would use its exception.

6.) 28 Feb 2021 14:46:08
Can't use the TPE like that. It can't be used with a contract player going back to OKC. Picks yes, contract no.

The Horford ship has sailed! Horford will be dealt to a team that can absorb his contract, like the Knicks.



21 Nov 2020 00:13:03
If Boston pulls off the Hayward S & T for Turner and McDermott, I'd like to see them then go after a 4. I don't know a lot about trade exceptions but I understand they have 7.5mil from trading Kanter and Poirier.

Some combination like McDermott, Theis, Edwards, and a 2021 1st for A. Gordon, or T. Young + Markannen.

Then go after someone like Augustine or Temple with their other exception if the Bulls trade works, or Baynes if the Magic trade works.


1.) 21 Nov 2020 03:28:35
That package won’t get you Thad and Markkanen.




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28 Jul 2021 22:12:49
And I wouldn't want Boston to do that anyway.




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28 Jul 2021 22:11:58
Kawhi, who's better than Beal netted just Derozan with 1 year left on his contract. Assuming Beal opts out and will also have just 1 year left, is there reason to believe he will net a better package?




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28 Jul 2021 12:46:59
Miles Bridges is a name that hasn't popped up in the rumor mill yet but I think it's only a matter of time until it does.




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28 Jul 2021 12:27:28
Very intriguing for Boston but something seems off with Bagley.




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26 Jul 2021 17:51:48
They say no because they can either re-sign the similar Fournier without giving up assets, or they want to maintain maximum cap flexibility and simply not want the contract. When I say Boston says no I'm not even looking at the value of the players involved because in this case it doesn't matter, although I wouldn't give up Langford and Nesmith for that player anyway.





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