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13 May 2021 13:53:57
VanVleet for Brogdon.

Raptors need a taller SG next to Lowry/Flynn. VanVleet struggled to defend Boston's SGs last year.

Indy wants LeVert to be the main ball-handler. VanVleet can play offball while also defending the other team's PG.



1.) 13 May 2021 16:13:36
Lowry probably moving along and Gary Trent Jr will be sg or trade for Barrett 2 21 1st for vleet and rights to Trent

Vleet/ Rose/ Viladoza
Trent/ Burks/ Duarte
Bullock/ Snell/ Knox
Randle/ Toppin/ 2nd
Noel/ Robinson/ Pelle

Lowry/ D. Mitchell-7/ Flynn
Barrett/ Juzang-20/ Bembry
Anunoby/ Watanabe/ S. Johnson
Siakam/ Boucher/ Gillespie
Birch/ Badji-25/ Garza-buy late 2nd

Now you have bigger and tougher raptor team who won't get bullied inside.

While Knicks get better fit players around Randle.

2.) 13 May 2021 16:14:03
Fair trade.

3.) 13 May 2021 17:56:37
What. Trent AND VanVleet for Barret and two late firsts?

Don't want to sound like Annoying Fredman, but pass.

4.) 13 May 2021 19:55:54
Annoying? Now who is being mean to others?

5.) 14 May 2021 11:53:32
Don't they have to sign Trent first? And doesn't that make it a sign and trade? And doesn't that mean you can't add another player into the deal?
I don't think the value is bad, but it can't happen that way. maybe Trent alone into Knick's cap space, then another deal with Fred for Barrett. but I prefer Darry's original idea of trading Fred to the Pacers. but I'd want Turner instead of Brogdon, and then resign Lowry for 2 years at 25M each.
In a VanVleet for Turner deal what else would need to be included?

6.) 14 May 2021 14:08:21
Why would Indiana trade for a worse off ball defender? You want to upgrade Toronto by downgrading Indiana and you consider this a fair trade?

7.) 14 May 2021 14:11:49
Indiana wouldn't do a VanFleet foe Turner because of Brogdon. Who would Indiana play alongside Sabonis? from a personnel standpoint Turner for VanFleet isn't viable. You would need a 3rd team to send VanFleet to.



11 May 2021 13:55:23
VanVleet, Hood, Baynes (Both TO accepted), 2022 TOR top 10 prot 1st for Brogdon, Turner


Draft Franz Wagner at 11

Resign McDermott, McConnell, Sumner



Draft Scottie Barnes at 7, Ibou Dianko Badji at 44, and RJ Nehmhard at 47

Resign Trent, Watanabe, Lowry, Birch, Gillespie
Exercise Team Options on Boucher and Bembry
MLE Evan Fournier



1.) 11 May 2021 17:51:15
Whaddya think, Gasupo? . I'm guessing Indy doesn't like this deal. and I don't think you'll get Fournier for the MLE.

2.) 11 May 2021 18:48:13
Badji stock will rise so far, he might be lottery pick even though he is raw offensively. I think Badji will be better than Mitchell Robinson. Closer to Gobert and Mutombo. The next dominating defensive center in the NBA.

3.) 11 May 2021 20:28:40
Turner and Brogdon = VanFleet. rofl. pass. rofl. rofl.

4.) 12 May 2021 02:40:40
I’m a Raps fan and I think were not giving up enough. Maybe add two seconds.

5.) 12 May 2021 03:27:52
Shizzee you be overrating all these prospects, it cracks me up.

6.) 12 May 2021 18:26:09
Toronto add in OG and we may be talking.

7.) 13 May 2021 12:22:51
I asked that to the Raptors subreddit. They said they wouldn't give TUrner for OG straight up.



29 Apr 2021 12:03:56
Simple swap, beneficial for both sides.

Anunoby+VanVleet for Brogdon+Turner.

Raptors get a better C and a taller SG.

Pacers get a perfect PF alongside Sabonis and a more mobile PG that can also play offball to LeVert.



1.) 29 Apr 2021 13:49:28
I believe that OG is the closest thing to untouchable that the Raptors have on the roster. His ceiling is probably higher than Siakam's, as he's a better defender and showing of late to be a capable 20 points per game contributor on offense. Turner may be worth more today, but in 2 years OG will be the far superior player, and still have 2 years left on a really favourable contract. I don't think the Raptors would do this trade.

2.) 29 Apr 2021 16:57:34
I like the trade. I think both teams become more competitive from this trade.

3.) 30 Apr 2021 07:40:01
I take that.
Not the closer i hoped for, but this trade could made Indy better.



20 Apr 2021 12:52:39
Haven't made a trade in a while, so here's one:


-Lowry, s&t 3 y 72 million

Gets a mentor for Garland and Sexton

-Lottery prot PHI 2024 1st

Gets assets for Lowry, also saves money and get a TPE


Gets their backup PF

-CLE 2nd

Gets their backup facilitator (back)



1.) 20 Apr 2021 13:19:28
Rather see Lowry go to a contender even if it means Toronto getting a weaker return. If Philly doesn’t perform well these playoffs, they’d prolly be willing to give up Maxey in a s and t.

2.) 20 Apr 2021 14:12:01
While it would be nice to get something back for Lowry the focus has to be on fixing the 5, so unless the S&T player coming back is Jarrett Allen I think this would just handcuff the Raptors. None of the players you listed would be of any interest long term to the Raptors.
Also, I don't believe Lowry would have any desire whatsoever to play in Cleveland. He will get an acceptable offer from one of the contenders, and that's where he will go.

3.) 20 Apr 2021 15:19:55
Nice job on the numbers, but Philly doesn't own a first in 2025 right now, so that 2024 pick would most likely have to be moved to a 2023 and if not conveyed because of the protection, then 2 seconds are send to Toronto (2023 + 2024).

Also, if Philly is going to be in this trade, they are the ones that is going to want to walk away with Lowry somehow.

4.) 20 Apr 2021 15:24:08
Wind, Nance has seen substantial time at the 5 this year.

5.) 20 Apr 2021 18:51:48
that's true darry. but do you really think he's the answer as the starter there?

6.) 21 Apr 2021 14:06:37
Hill is more valuable to philly than prince.

7.) 21 Apr 2021 23:43:15
I see why you didn’t make a trade In Forever.



10 Mar 2021 12:50:12


The Raptors get a scorer in Oladipo, a big in Collins, and another bench scorer in Snell.






(Can also start Collins, but I've like Powell as a starter)

-T. Davis
-E. Gordon
-TOR 1st

The Hawks rebuild, getting a young prospect in Davis and a 1st.






-I. Joe
-PHI 1st

The Rockets save some money, and get Harris, who's looked good this year ; Joe, and a 1st.


Harris/House/Martin Jr.





The 76ers get a good perimeter defender, playmaker, and 3-pt shooter in Lowry and a bench sniper in Thomas.








1.) 10 Mar 2021 13:07:33
I don't think sixers get better with Lowry over Harris. they get older.

2.) 10 Mar 2021 13:19:14

3.) 10 Mar 2021 13:23:11
Don't see why Houston would want Harris, but the value overall isn't too bad between teams. I agree with Shizzee that the sixers should keep harris. and from Raptors perspective I wouldn't want to give up a future first unless it makes the team a legit contender. I don't see this trade doing that.

4.) 10 Mar 2021 13:23:13
agree 100% shizzee.

5.) 10 Mar 2021 14:59:47
Plus, Collins and Oladipo are both entering free agency this offseason. I don't see them signing both those guys to long term deals this summer.




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08 May 2021 14:43:07



1.) 09 May 2021 00:13:28
Ohh again?



03 May 2021 11:55:14



1.) 03 May 2021 20:41:49
When Lakers hang that banner it’s going to be silence.

2.) 03 May 2021 21:30:27
As a Lakers fan I'm embarrassed. Not with these losses but with fans like him. I apologize. Meanwhile, what do you think guys, are the Lakers playing for the 7th or 8th spot (assuming they win the play-in) to face Utah or Phoenix rather than face the Nuggets / Clippers in round one. Yeah, that maybe another excuse. lol. I believe they have a great chance if they face the Suns purely because of "experience" but their a** will get smashed by the Jazz.

3.) 03 May 2021 23:34:35
I’m the only true laker fan on this sight. I have a lot of faith that beat any team in the west in a series.

4.) 03 May 2021 23:45:33
You can’t be a true fan of any team if you have applauded players getting injured.

5.) 03 May 2021 23:54:03
Yes but sometimes you need to face the reality as a fan. It's disappointing to see that the defending champs are playing like this.

6.) 04 May 2021 01:28:48
Better send Lebron to a faith healer to help with that ankle in order to win play-in tournamen and 3 gruelling long playoff series.

7.) 04 May 2021 02:28:47
I could been any fan I just dislike the kings cause they make horrible decisions and are cheap what did that have to do with being a laker fan. Cause that’s what this started from not me being a laker fan it started cause I don’t like the kings and they suck like there small losing fan base. they should move to Seattle. Then Fred started talking cause his team won and so did doza about the Raptors cause he on Fred nuts and want to piggy back off Fred. go reread the thread just cause I’m a later fan I never even mentioned the Lakers Fred did and doza did cause he secretly wants to kiss fred 😂😂😂.

8.) 04 May 2021 07:17:32
Wow. I would like to dedicate to II the 90's hit song by the Gin Blossoms, "Hey, Jealousy".

9.) 04 May 2021 09:20:43
Lmao ll. You noticed that.

Lakers are losing and as a fan i still trust them but if they lose, it's fine. This season is competitive.

10.) 04 May 2021 13:21:20
Next Tuesday Knicks are coming in town. I would sit Both Davis and LeBron for that game. They got no answer for Thibodeau's team.

11.) 04 May 2021 13:34:12
I honestly don't care if LeBron wins another ring. He's a flopper and can't even drop 20 against "LeBronto" lmao.

Also, he just lost to


12.) 04 May 2021 17:24:20
Also, mwah, Fred. xD.

13.) 04 May 2021 18:22:53
I still know Lebron will dominate in playoffs.

14.) 04 May 2021 18:37:07
So yeah did I bring up lakers winning against a team that mattered without LBJ. I didn't pray on no getting hurt I said good injury. so if he never got hurt I wouldn't say I hope Murray gets hurt.

15.) 04 May 2021 18:39:22
Psiphon see have faith we beat the nuggets when James gets back in shape its going to be dangerous for the west.

16.) 04 May 2021 18:40:41
How am I jealous over a king and raptor fan. lottery teams praying to win the lottery.

17.) 04 May 2021 18:43:55
It's not disappointing usa to see them play like that. Davis and James just got hurt and came back so its natural for then to lose but they stayed above number 6 is to be proud of.

18.) 05 May 2021 00:33:49
So you might have figured out that I'm a Raptors fan, and I've never much liked LeBron (not because of him beating the Raptors in the playoffs, but I'm still stuck on "the decision") . But I am cheering for the Lakers to win one series in the playoffs, and hope that that happens against the Clippers in the first round! I like the Clippers much less than the Lakers.

19.) 05 May 2021 00:34:29
Sorry. forgot to add kisses to Fred and Darry.

20.) 05 May 2021 07:04:46
To bad your favorite raptor lowry didn't go to Lakers we wanted to keep tucker instead.

21.) 05 May 2021 07:29:09
Would love the Lakers-Clippers round one wind. If all are healthy that is one heck of a 1st round match-up and whoever wins have the biggest shot on facing the eastern champs.

22.) 05 May 2021 12:39:00
LOL! Imagine not trading weak-a** Tucker for a vet PG that would push you to a championship team.

23.) 06 May 2021 15:53:59
Lakers are a championship team unlike Toronto where no wants to play. lebron didn’t want to help Lowry get another ring like Leonard did.

24.) 07 May 2021 22:44:42
Tell me, who won the harder championship? We did. Had to go through Dynasty Warriors, Bucks, Sixers in 7, and Mr DJ Augustin.

LeBron got an easy ring lmao.

Who cares if we can't get any free agents. Masai knows that he can build through drafting and trading.

Please don't diss on the better team.



19 Apr 2021 16:05:53
Fred I have a few questions.

1. How is Terence Davis doing? Will you resign him?

2. Does the play-in affect the lottery odds? I.e. if the Raptors make the playoffs as the 10th seed do they still make the lottery?


1.) 19 Apr 2021 17:17:30
Last noght was definately his best night. Resigning depends on draft and how Ramsey is doing in G-league.

If Toronto wins play in to the playoffs, then they get pick #15 in the draft, I believe.



01 Mar 2021 12:41:19
Can you find a comparison for these players?

Player 1:
Position - PG
Athleticism - below average
Inside scoring - below average
Midrange - Average
Three-point shooting - Above average
BBIQ - Above average
Playmaking - above average
Defense - Average

Player 2:
Position - PF/C
Athleticism - Above average
Inside scoring - above average
Midrange - below average
Three-point shooting - Above average
BBIQ - Above average
Playmaking - Average
Defense - Average


1.) 01 Mar 2021 12:55:24
Funny i think Vanvleet/ Lowry and Siakam.

2.) 01 Mar 2021 21:15:20
Lowry and simkaart indeed.

3.) 02 Mar 2021 12:51:35

4.) 03 Mar 2021 22:26:59
Are Siakam and Lowry average defenders?

5.) 04 Mar 2021 09:50:16
Who had you in mind Darry?

6.) 04 Mar 2021 12:09:46
These are two players from a create-a-player Basketball GM league lol. I was thinking maybe a 3-pt shooting John Stockton for the 1st and Siakam for the 2nd.

7.) 04 Mar 2021 15:14:32
Stocton was a great defender :-p.

8.) 04 Mar 2021 16:31:33
Yeah, I'm not too good with comparisons.



23 Jan 2021 15:19:25
Good luck on the B2B, Gasupo. Hope Boucher outblocks Turner :-)


1.) 23 Jan 2021 23:54:30
Turner is a beast :-p

Would you swap him for Siakam ;-)

2.) 24 Jan 2021 21:11:10
Well Turner got 6 blocks and Boucher got 2. . . but at least we won. Fred's been playing really well defensively.

Yes on that swap :-)

3.) 26 Jan 2021 12:16:23
That 2nd game was hurtful. . . Brogdon really popped off. McConnell played excellent defense against Lowry.





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16 May 2021 12:08:27
Well, look who's back.




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13 May 2021 17:56:37
What. Trent AND VanVleet for Barret and two late firsts?

Don't want to sound like Annoying Fredman, but pass.




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13 May 2021 12:22:51
I asked that to the Raptors subreddit. They said they wouldn't give TUrner for OG straight up.




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13 May 2021 12:21:51
I think they'd rather S&T him.




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07 May 2021 13:00:22
No from us.





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