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09 Jul 2022 23:01:32
On Thursday night, former Kentucky guard Shaedon Sharpe suffered a shoulder injury in his Summer League debut with the Portland Trail Blazers. Moments ago, Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium provided an update on the rookie's status.

Per Charania, the MRI results for Sharpe showed a small labral tear in his left shoulder.

not a good start for a guy who didn't play any basketball last year.

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10 Jul 2022 03:07:38
Sucks, but not that big of a deal.

11 Jul 2022 00:01:14
It impacts development. Just like missing a year of college/ G-League basketball impacts development.

09 Jul 2022 17:02:14
Magic vs Kings

Paolo Banchero vs Keegan Murray

Magic Fans vs Kings Fans

Magic fans

Kings Fans

I can't wait to see Paolo dominant Keegan

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09 Jul 2022 19:12:10
Lmao this is actually the battle of the fans.

09 Jul 2022 22:38:54
Battle of the balloonheads!

10 Jul 2022 13:06:23
Great Summer League game with no domination even though Orlando has the better team.

07 Jul 2022 11:44:22
Chets father = Kenneth Lofton Jr

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07 Jul 2022 16:12:12
Lmao đŸ¤£.

06 Jul 2022 19:37:45
I think Lakers got some good quality signings this year. One big thing they got instead of last summer is youth and fresh legs.

Jones & Bryant are both quality centers that will be an upgrade over Howard at this point imo. Bryant can space the floor and Jones has potential to be a 10 & 8 guy if given 20+ mins a game. Lonnie Walker is a good pickup to replace and re-up his value like Monk. Brown and Anderson aren't bad deep bench players. I really like the Pippin pickup for 2-way.

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06 Jul 2022 20:26:11
Yup, love the little youth movement. Not expecting much from these guys but i hope Lebron and Davis stays healthy and put them into contention.

06 Jul 2022 22:10:09
I like Walker as the 6th man or potential starter. They also pretty much gain Nunn as well, and that’ll help the bench for sure.

07 Jul 2022 08:15:26
NBA16, meanwhile, you got a bull there in Memphis.

04 Jul 2022 19:16:28
"Canada is one of my favorite cities to hang out in" - Antoine Walker on Durant's fit with the Raptors.

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04 Jul 2022 20:39:47
I do have to admit that I did have "a good time" when I visited Toronto in my youth.

04 Jul 2022 21:00:05
Oh man, I went to Toronto once when I was about 20, what a blur.

05 Jul 2022 04:29:13
Umm. Canada is not a city. And Yonge St is crazy fun.

05 Jul 2022 05:57:17
And yet this suppose to lead to quality basketball being played.

05 Jul 2022 22:35:57
@DAC813 bingo. I guess everyone else missed that too.

04 Jul 2022 00:28:43
I'm beginning to think you all on this site should be making bank on your trade ideas, since there's so many clowns cashing in on ridiculous suggestions that ignore CBA rules (and rules of common sense too). The Durant trade ideas (how many guys have been said to be part of the proposal but can't legally be on the same team as Ben) and nobody seems to know about base year compensation. And the ones who double down when teams deny their reports. Even some of the worst "traders" here have a better record of being right than some of the so called insiders.

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04 Jul 2022 03:14:56
What you taling about, Willis?

04 Jul 2022 12:21:23
I didn't know the D Rose rule, so i've learned from this bad trade ideas.

05 Jul 2022 02:46:23

05 Jul 2022 22:39:33
He's saying there are so many clowns ("insiders") in the media that get paid to dream up garbage trade proposals and don't really know what they're talking about, and that the proposals on this site are often closer to what actually ends up happening. It's a compliment. Chill.

03 Jul 2022 09:59:22
I know its Summer League, but I will take

Murray was sensational in his unofficial pro debut. He finished with 26 points and eight rebounds, making 10 of 14 from the field and 4 of 5 from 3-point range.

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05 Jul 2022 12:04:59
Then an ugly 4-15, 1-7 from 3 next game.

03 Jul 2022 08:07:09
Could a Mitchell-Beal combo work?

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03 Jul 2022 09:01:38
i don't think that's a good fit.

03 Jul 2022 21:12:09
Hey. Lavine & Derozen work.


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