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06 Jul 2019 05:31:17
How different the NBA eould be if the Summer League gym had collapsed during the earthquake. Lebron, Ad, Lonzo Ball, Trae young and others in attendence to see Zion versus all the Knicks youth (-DSJ) .

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06 Jul 2019 02:44:38
Does BOS still have some space or anything? How about signing Avery Bradley back?

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06 Jul 2019 05:28:14
Boston is $7 mil over the salary cap and used their only exception to sign Kanter.

05 Jul 2019 17:43:13
Leonard said he choosing the lakers so he don't end up like DeRozan or Blake Griffin

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05 Jul 2019 19:43:21
Kind of hard to be traded (? ) Like Griffin or Derozen if he signs a 1+1 deal.

05 Jul 2019 20:06:43
What Fredman said. Also, the Lakers could easily trade him too, it's not just Toronto that could trade him.

If anything, I think Toronto would be boxed into not trading him because he won the championship (the difference between him compared to Derozan and Griffin) . The Lakers wouldn't have the kind of attachment.

06 Jul 2019 02:33:50
Lakers will not get Kawhi. Sure.

06 Jul 2019 08:51:12
I told you. Clippers now one of the new favorite in the west.

05 Jul 2019 17:40:13
Knicks just signed Calvin cambridge and

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05 Jul 2019 03:28:00
I think if Leonard stays so does green. If Leonard too lakers then green follows. If Leonard go to clippers green goes to lakers

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05 Jul 2019 14:44:11
I think if leonard go to Lakers then Green goes to Mavs due to Lakers lack of cap afterwards.

05 Jul 2019 02:20:39
In 2017-18 playoffs i posted what will be a good finals match up although a long shot. I put in UTA vs PHI that time because of Simmons and Mitchell rivalry for ROY. Is this year a possibility for this?

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05 Jul 2019 12:20:33
Probably more likely this year than any of the next 5 just cause of injuries.

05 Jul 2019 17:37:12
Both teams look really good. I think Utah is right there with anyone to vie for the west. Same with Phili in the east. Certainly not a long shot to see those two in the Finals.

04 Jul 2019 19:02:37
Free agent predictions for these remaining free agents?


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04 Jul 2019 20:41:08

04 Jul 2019 21:11:01
San Antonio (Room exception)

05 Jul 2019 00:24:37

05 Jul 2019 01:09:21
Raps big 3.

05 Jul 2019 17:39:27
Toronto on a 1 and 1.
Lakers for a big one year deal (15+) .
Wizards on a one year deal.

05 Jul 2019 18:18:34
Cant see wizards for Cousins. They are already over the salary cap as well as having Howard and Mahimi behind Bryant.

05 Jul 2019 18:51:26
The Wizards also make bad decisions. See: Dwight Howard.

06 Jul 2019 02:00:59
Well, with Howard just getting traded, I guess its more likely to happen.

03 Jul 2019 22:28:41
Trade Crowder for future asset
Buyout Iggy


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04 Jul 2019 02:27:54
Jackson at starting at 2 or 3.

05 Jul 2019 01:09:48
Iggy will get traded for a pick not bought out.

02 Jul 2019 23:29:56
Everyone keep forgetting bobby portis is a restricted free agent which mean the wizards can either Mather the offer or arrange a sign and trade deal there have his rights . And wizards her up to72 make a decision media keeping acting like this is done deal it not , wizards have not said anything on anything come with him . So let's wait tell we see what happen with him

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03 Jul 2019 03:06:21
$$$$ too high for Washington to match.

03 Jul 2019 14:02:40
They renounced him.

03 Jul 2019 01:15:24
How about the Warriors adding some pieces, their line up so far

Pg Curry/Livingston
Sg Russell/Poole/(Thompson)
Sf McKinnie/GR3
Pf Green/Paschall/Smailagic
Ce Cauley-Stein/Looney/Jones

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03 Jul 2019 03:07:27
Bobby Marks on ESPN predicted that Warriors do not make the playoffs.

03 Jul 2019 22:22:24
Gsw defense is looking bad.


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