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05 Sep 2021 06:51:50
PF rankings

K. Durant
A. Davis
J. Tatum
Z. Williamson
J. Randle
D. Sabonis
P. Siakam
J. Collins
T. Harris
J. Grant
B. Bogdanovic
J. Isaac
J. Jackson
A. Gordon
R. Hachimura
M. Morris
R. Covington
T. Young
P. Washington
J. Tate
J. Crowder
M. Bagley
P. Tucker
A. Pokuveski
P. Williams
J. McDaniels
D. Finney-Smith

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05 Sep 2021 11:45:27
1. G. Antetokounmpo 2. K. Durant
3. A. Davis 4. J. Tatum
5. Z. Williamson 6. J. Randle
7. D. Sabonis 8. P. Siakam
9. J. Collins 10. T. Harris
11. J. Grant 12. D. Green
13. J. Jackson 14. A. Gordon
15. R. Hachimura 16. R. Covington
17. J. Isaac 18. P. Washington
19. K. Johnson 20. M. Morris
21. E. Mobley 22. D. Bazley
23. M. Bagley 24. J. Tate
25. J. Crowder 26. R. O'Neale
27. P. Tucker 28. P. Williams
29. Finney-Smith 30. J. McDaniels.

05 Sep 2021 11:46:09
Good list but i think Isaac is too high. Jarren Jackson is better. Also, P. Williams > Bagley.

05 Sep 2021 12:47:29
Hot take: Siakam > Zion, Randle, and Sabonis.

05 Sep 2021 15:30:06
Siakam>Zion is one of the bigger homer takes this site has ever seen. And Siakam is in his prime while Zion is still 3-5 years away from his. He’s better now, and the gap will only get bigger.

05 Sep 2021 16:01:11
Biased take* Randle led Knicks to playoffs as 1 option.

06 Sep 2021 11:56:43
Siakam is a better player in literally every category but inside scoring. Even so, Siakam is close to Zion in that category.

06 Sep 2021 14:36:04
Siakam is largely underrated on this site and in the media. Last year his scoring was down 1.5 points from his AllNBA season, while his assists went up by 1.0, so he actually increased his contribution to team scoring. His 3 point shot degraded to terrible, and he didn't show much promise as being "the guy" to take that game winning shot. Having said that, Zion WILL be a top 5 talent in this league, and Siakam will not. So yes, I would want Zion ahead of Pascal. But Siakam is still an AllStar level player and will not be dumped for less than full value as much of the media suggests.

06 Sep 2021 17:18:15
Everyone “undervalues” Siakam besides Raptors fans. Funny how that works.

06 Sep 2021 22:46:45
and thankfully raptors management.

07 Sep 2021 00:07:44
Ehh don’t think any team would mortgage their future for Pascal. Could get a vet, young player and 1st.

04 Sep 2021 14:35:45
Are the Lakers a stacked superteam or are they washed and old?

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04 Sep 2021 15:11:38
a stacked "once upon a time they were super" team?

05 Sep 2021 00:57:11

05 Sep 2021 11:17:28
"Superteams" are made of stars playing together in their primes. These players are basically role guys behind James, Davis and Westbrook. I call them a normal team.

05 Sep 2021 15:24:38
How many stars makes a super team? Because Lebron, AD, and Westbrook are all still playing around their career peak level. Wouldn’t those 3 make a super team?

And the rest of the roster are washed old guys.

Hence, the answer being both.

04 Sep 2021 01:06:35
So Lakers vs Nets

Durant Irving Harden Aldridge Griffin Millsap vs Lebron Davis Westbrook Howard Rondo Anthony Jordan Gasol (if stays)

This is basically the 2010's all star game lmao. How many are healthy by Christmas. Hope a complete one

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03 Sep 2021 15:38:52
My starting SF rankings for 2021-22, comment who you think should move up/down (Kawhi not included due to injury)

L. James
P. George
J. Butler
K. Middleton
J. Brown
B. Ingram
M. Porter
O. Anunoby
D. Derozan
N. Powell
G. Hayward
A. Wiggins
M. Bridges
T. Warren
M. Beasley
D. Hunter
E. Fournier
H. Barnes
K. Johnson
L. Dort
J. Ingles
J. Harris
S. Bey
R. Bullock
M. Thybulle
E. Gordon
T. Ross
D. Avdija
I. Okoro
K. Anderson

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03 Sep 2021 23:39:56
Glad you're not underrating OG.

04 Sep 2021 00:26:17
Well to be fair SF isn’t deep.

04 Sep 2021 00:29:20
1. L. James 2. K. Leonard
3. J. Butler 4. K. Middleton
5. J. Brown 6. D. DeRozan
7. B. Ingram 8. M. Porter
9. A. Wiggins 10. G. Hayward
11. T. Warren 12. H. Barnes
13. N. Powell 14. O. Anunoby
15. E. Fournier 16. B. Bogdanovic
17. M. Bridges 18. M. Beasley
19. D. Hunter 20. J. Harris
21. L. Dort 22. K. Anderson
23. T. Ross 24. D. Green
25. R. Bullock 26. K. Porter
27. S. Bey 28. I. Okoro
29. L. Walker 30.D. Avdija.

04 Sep 2021 01:54:44
K Porter is a combo guard not SF.

04 Sep 2021 01:55:12
Darry here is someone undervaluing OG^.

04 Sep 2021 05:18:48
OG should be top 3 right? @NBA16.

04 Sep 2021 12:44:07
I personally think OG is top 10 at the very least. Kawhi and LeBron are better for sure. Butler, Middleton are probably better too. Depending on the leap he takes this season, he could very well fight for a top 5 spot against Brown, Ingram, DeRozan, and Porter.

04 Sep 2021 15:45:12
Do I have him top 3 phisphon? No

He’s not 14 in a weak position.

05 Sep 2021 01:01:59
I’d say OG is on the fringe of the top 10. The top 6 (Lebron, Kawhi, Butler, Middleton, Brown, Ingram) are in a tier above him. Derozan is probably still ahead too. And I expect MPJ to take the step into the Middleton/ Ingram/ Brown group this year. OG is in that next “really good role player, but not star” group.

05 Sep 2021 10:00:14
My bad for putting Porter. I should have put Jalen Green @ sf and Kevin Porter @ sg.

05 Sep 2021 12:48:39
Think Tate/ Martin would be the SF. Porter at PG, Green at SG.

02 Sep 2021 17:58:55
Philadelphia 76ers situation

Daryl Morey going to have hard time to move Ben Simmons

He is too lazy NBA Player who doesn't develops his jump shot & free throws

Ben Simmons being playmakers and three time all star doesn't mean anything he doesn't improve his games at all

Ben Simmons is most overrated player in NBA also being overhype

Ben Simmons is not Magic Johnson or LeBron James

LeBron James improve his games for years

Magic Johnson improve his games for years

@Fredman you're right I agreed with u Ben Simmons is completely broken

Ben Simmons got exposed in the playoffs every years

Ben Simmons value dropped low

I'm sick of tired Daryl Morey asking price it's ridiculous No Teams ain't stupid no going to give great deal

Ben Simmons will never become a Superstar if he doesn't improve his games he got to put it in work

@NBA16 you're done you know for fact that Ben Simmons is completely broken this dude never improve his games nobody's ain't going to agree with you

My opinion Ben Simmons is completely a role player

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02 Sep 2021 18:53:33
Just Bc you aren’t a shooter doesn’t mean you’re lazy and not a good basketball player.

02 Sep 2021 18:54:15
Especially when he is elite in every other category.

02 Sep 2021 19:10:09
elite? not sure I agree with that.

IMO. Simmons is a younger, less-shooting version of Draymond Green with better handle.

Now, is Draymond Green worth 2 young, "talented" players, 3 firsts and 4 swaps?

Also, I think Smooth was saying that Simmons is naturally "elite" at somethings; however, "lazy" at working on improving his weaknesses. He just double downs on what he is naturally good at.

02 Sep 2021 22:54:59
He has improved defensively every year, some guys just can’t shoot.

02 Sep 2021 23:14:49
At his prime after GS first championship at 25? Yeah, I think they wouldn’t have taken less than 2 young players and 3 firsts for Draymond. Not sure GS trades him even for that back then.

03 Sep 2021 01:27:23
Simmons is a better finisher and playmaker than Green. Simmons can run an offense not green. If Simmons and Green switched places Simmons would average 9+ assists easier a game. Simmons is also younger and a more versatile defender rn considering he is younger and quicker. So the comparing is trade value isn’t valid.

03 Sep 2021 03:11:31
@Bmiller, the question is more would other teams pay that price for Draymond, not what GS's asking price would have been.

If you are willing to pay that price for Draymond, then you should be paying that price for Simmons. And yet, mo one is willing to pay that price. I wonder why.

03 Sep 2021 05:28:48
Green is more valuable to GS than he would be to any other team. A team would pay a higher price for Simmons than Green. Simmons is an elite finisher playmaker and defender. He’s also one of the best rebounding guards/ wings in the league. Calling him broken is just an awful statement considering he hasn’t been able to shoot since coming into the league. Nothing has change. But yet he’s still a multiple all star and DPOY runner up. Just Bc he isn’t a shooter doesn’t mean anything.

03 Sep 2021 11:30:59
When I hear "broken" when talking about Simmons I think of his confidence. like passing up an easy dunk for fear of having to go to the foul line. I agree with NBA16 that his game isn't broken, it's just not getting any better over time. In terms of contract value, I think Philly was anticipating his shooting would improve over the years, but he's still all-defense and can handle to ball even at his worst.
The confidence thing is big, tho. I don't think that can be fixed in Philly. I think he needs a new start somewhere else. It's a little bit concerning that he seems more interested in the Cali lifestyle than in optimizing his game though, if reports are to be believed.

01 Sep 2021 22:01:17
My starting SG rankings for this season, comment which you'd move up/down

J. Harden
B. Beal
D. Booker
D. Mitchell
Z. Lavine
K. Thompson
C. McCollum
A. Edwards
C. Levert
R. Barrett
C. Sexton
M. Smart
T. Rozier
B. Bogdanovic
B. Hield
D. Robinson
T. Hardaway Jr
J. Green
G. Trent
D. Brooks
W. Barton
J. Suggs
S. Curry
D. Divincenzo
D. Vassell
M. Monk
J. Hart
E. Bledsoe
K. Hayes

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02 Sep 2021 11:13:55
1. J. Harden 2. P. George
3. B. Beal 4. D. Booker
5. D. Mitchell 6. Z. Lavine
7. C. McCollum 8. S. G Alexander
9. K. Thompson 10. C. LeVert
11. R. Barrett 12. A. Edwards
13. C. Sexton 14. B. Bogdanovic
15. T. Rozier 16. M. Smart
17. B. Hield 18. T. Hardaway
19. D. Brooks 20. D. Robinson
21. J. Green 22. G. Trent
23. J. Suggs 24. S. Curry
25. W. Barton 26. B. Forbes
27. M. Monk 28. J. Hart
29. D. Divincenzo 30. K. Hayes.

02 Sep 2021 13:33:19
Smart will be playing PG for Boston with Schroeder coming off the bench.

02 Sep 2021 13:41:09
If you want 3 PGs coming off the bench lmao.

02 Sep 2021 19:00:14
It's not my decision. Just telling you that Smart is Boston's PG.

03 Sep 2021 01:27:38
Doubt it.

03 Sep 2021 09:55:32
So you're basing that on your own opinion and ignoring everything that's been said by the organization and coaching staff.

03 Sep 2021 13:51:13
It would just be really dumb to have Schroeder Pritchard and Dunn all come off the bench.

03 Sep 2021 14:01:03
There is a dilemma there. I believe they're trying to move Dunn.

03 Sep 2021 23:14:14
NBA16 now you have Dunn hehe.

03 Sep 2021 23:15:32
Pritchard still shouldn’t be a 3rd PG lol.

04 Sep 2021 00:41:36
Pritchard is in an odd position. He's an undersized player who's a great shooter, but isn't much of a playmaker yet. I don't see him getting many minutes with Schroeder in town and I wouldn't mind them moving him while his value is strong.

01 Sep 2021 08:06:39
I really hope Ben Simmons get traded before Training Camp..

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01 Sep 2021 19:54:04
Kinda feel like if that were going to happen, it would have happened already.

02 Sep 2021 10:22:54
Warriors and Kings have the best offers. and Twolves are really desperate for Ben Simmons. If Sixers are running out of options trade him to Cavs.

Simmons and Maxey for Love and Sexton plus 3 1st rd picks.

Sixers want young player, an allstar and multiple picks. I know Love is not an allstar anymore but 3 1st rd picks is something that is hard to reject.

02 Sep 2021 11:32:28
or Simmons for McCollum plus multiple 1st rd picks.

02 Sep 2021 17:15:34
Or Simmons for McCollum and Covington.

01 Sep 2021 02:18:39
My starting PG ranking for this season, lmk what you think or would move up/down

1. S. Curry
2. L.Doncic
3. D. Lillard
4. K. Irving
5. T. Young
6. D.Fox
7. C. Paul
8. B. Simmons
9. J. Holiday
10. J. Morant
11. R. Westbrook
12. J. Murray
13. La. Ball
14. K. Lowry
15. M. Brogdon
16. F. Vanfleet
17. D. Russell
18. M. Conley
19. Lo. Ball
20. S. Dinwiddie
21. K. Walker
22. D. Murray
23. C. Cunningham
24. K. Porter Jr
25. D. Garland
26. R. Jackson
27. D. Schroeder
28. D. Graham
29. C. Anthony
30. J. Giddey

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01 Sep 2021 03:53:06
Morant over Simmons

Healthy Murray over Simmons

CP3 over Fox.

Also if you are including Doncic then you probably should include Harden.

01 Sep 2021 04:29:32
Ehhh Morant doesn’t do anything better than Simmons other than shoot (very streaky) . Until he takes a leap like Fox I have him under Simmons

Talent wise Fox is better than CP3 imo, CP3 leadership is just one of the best

Not the hugest Jamal Murray fan but I could see him over Simmons when healthy.

01 Sep 2021 06:11:48
Ice Trae might be a better number one option than Kyrie.

01 Sep 2021 06:15:01
Also where is SGA?

01 Sep 2021 12:22:18
If Paul>Lowry, then at least the gap is close. How you have 6 people between them is a mystery to me.

01 Sep 2021 16:55:19
SGA is a SG. Darry Ik you’re biased. But going into next season Lowry is not better than anyone above him.

01 Sep 2021 20:40:32
Schroeder not a starting PG this year, at least before the trade deadline.

01 Sep 2021 21:54:02
I think he starts. If not they have 3 PGs on the bench

Schroeder/ Smart/ Brown/ Tatum/ Williams is the lineup I see. C’s could use that extra scoring with Kemba out.

01 Sep 2021 22:42:49
CP3 brought the Suns into the finals, without him they were a non playoff team. S Curry is maybe the best player in the nba, but GS didn't make the playoffs. CP 3 has to be in the top 3.

01 Sep 2021 23:37:55
CP3 is not a top 3 PG over Curry Lillard or Doncic lol.

02 Sep 2021 10:44:20
Let's see
1. L. Doncic 2. S. Curry
3. D. Lillard 4. K. Irving
5. C. Paul 6. T. Young
7. J. Morant 8. B. Simmons
9. J. Holiday 10. R. Westbrook
11. D. Fox 12. La. Ball
13. M. Conley 14. J. Murray
15. M. Brogdon 16. K. Lowry
17. F. Vanfleet 18. K. Walker
19. Lo. Ball 20. D. Russell
21. J. Wall 22. C. Cunningham
23. R. Jackson 24. S. Dinwiddie
25. D. Schroeder 26. D. Murray
27. D. Garland 28. D. Graham
29. C. Anthony 30. J. Giddey.

02 Sep 2021 16:51:02
Fox not top 10?

02 Sep 2021 17:18:04
I don’t agree with where Fox is, but it’s not -that- out of line. I’d jump him to 8. But the difference between 8 and 11 isn’t a lot. PG is deep, and has a lot of great youth.

02 Sep 2021 17:53:57
I can’t put Morant over Fox yet.
Fox is more valuable than Simmons easily

I think he’s easily top 10. 6-8.


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