19 Sep 2020 20:54:32
Clippers get Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, and Luke Kennard

Pistons get Paul George and Patrick Beverly

The Clippers take a big gamble on the health of Blake and Rose. But if those guys are healthy, then they're exactly what the Clips need. Blake is a playmaking big who can shoot and serve as a great second scorer behind Kawhi. Rose is a much better playmaker than Beverly who can either start or be the 6th man if Doc starts Lou Williams instead. Kennard is comparable to a young JJ Redick. Clippers add ball movement, spacing, and depth to the mix.

The Pistons get a new franchise player in PG13 who helps them stay relevant and can mold Sekou Doumboya and Christian Wood into great 2-way players. Beverly makes for a good mentor to guards like Bruce Brown. The Pistons get cap relief and leadership while rehabilitating George's and Beverly's trade values with big roles on the team. Those two can be traded down the line for future assets.

1.) 20 Sep 2020
20 Sep 2020 02:08:53
How is beverley a good mentor? And i'm sure Clippers won't do this.