11 Nov 2020 03:56:34
There are two Wolves trades that I've seen proposed as part of recent mocks. There are also two trades of my own that I'd like to propose. I'd like to get any thoughts you might have.

1) Mentioned by John Hollinger at the Athletic

Charlotte- #1 pick + Omari Spellman + Jacob Evans
Wolves - #3 + Miles Bridges + #32

2) Proposed by Colin Ward-Henninger at CBS

Detroit - #1 + James Johnson

Wolves- #7 + 2022 1st with possible protections + Tony Snell. (Personally, I'm not big on Snell and would prefer to make this all picks. I'd propose a top 3 protection.)

3) Proposed by me

Orlando - #17 + James Johnson
Wolves - Aaron Gordon

4) Proposed by me.

Kings or Pels - #17 + #33
Wolves - #12 or #13 (To draft their preferred of the remaining between Nesmith, Bey or Achiuwa)


1.) 11 Nov 2020
11 Nov 2020 04:33:03
1 and 3. Meh. Possible just not overly exciting. #3 probably most likely.

#2. Not enough. One future protected pick will not get a team from #7 to #1. Johnson for Snell is a push.

#4. Kings pass at #12. Kings already have 3 other 2nds so #33 is not that appealling. Plus Kings would jump on Nesmith. Pelicans may do it, but probably want choice of Anthony, Lewis or Hampton.

2.) 11 Nov 2020
11 Nov 2020 07:32:40
1. Not a big fan of Miles Bridges. Spellman is probably worth the #32. I’d say this is ok, but I would prefer a little more access to upside. It should probably have a third team - CHA probably doesn’t want Wiseman AND Spellman, and MIN doesn’t need a 2nd rounder this year.

2. I agree with Fredman. #7 to #1 is a pretty big leap. I know Rosas wants a pick in the lottery next year, so maybe if the protections are limited, Ball would be a great fit here - learn from Derrick Rose.

3. I am lukewarm on #17 for Aaron Gordon. The price is fine, but he’s a poor three point shooter, and I am not sure he cares much about basketball of his team.

4. Moving up a few picks is a good idea, because of MIN’s roster crowding, these are impossible to predict though - it will depend on how the draft goes.

3.) 11 Nov 2020
11 Nov 2020 13:18:05
Minnesota would always take another second, lotta good players in the second round this year and you can put them on a two-way contract.