31 Jul 2015 07:54:22
3 team trade:

Crawford to Heat
Chalmers and Andersen to Sixers
Thompson to Clippers

Heat wants Crawford to backup Wade and Dragic
Chalmers will be the starting PG and waive Andersen
Thompson will serve as Hawes replacement

1.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 11:59:10
Heat would love that (currently $7mill or so over tax line, dump $9.4 to back Crawfords $5.4(?) mill puts heat only around $3mill over cap and benefit from Crawford with no real loss -- heat won't play Chalmers this season, and Anderson would play but he now overlaps with amare, so he's expendable, although much loves in Miami)

76ers would actually benefit from Chalmers plus he would actually see real minutes, so that's a positive for all. Anderson being waived would cost 76ers additional cash. Miami can't supply it because after the zoran and Shabazz trades we only have $700k in cash to spend which isn't enough. That may hurt how philly sees that part

Clippers is the real hard part -- Crawford is worth getting a return on and Althogh over tax I don't know if they want to just give Crawford away in return for just putting a cheap body on the bench to lower tax hit.

I'd love to see anyone's reaponse, but I think this trade would make more sense for clippers if they somehow got Anderson for cheap as well, which could possibly be done after the waive of Anderson by philly. But I still think philly needs a sweetener. Miami has no picks and no cash.

2.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 12:39:24
Really like the thought process.

But there are a couple of flaws. From Sixers perspective, they receive a contract dump. They way things have been playing out, they shouldn't have to trade Jason Thompson in that deal. I know its "NBA twisted" but that's how its been playing out. Consider it this way- think through from Sixers and Heat perspective if you take Anderson out of the deal.

Second, I think this trade really helps Miami. The Sixers have the Miami pick. So they'll be defeating their own "process." Again, "NBA twisted."

3.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 15:02:06
Sixers would need make take on throw two salaries. Obviously that how the Sixers do things. This is not a brand new idea. They don't want vets right now so chalmers unless he's a superstar not being used correctly is useless to them at this point. We would need a first rounder to obsorb those two contracts.

4.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 15:57:15
Bump, phillyrich

That's why I assume it's philly who needs a sweetener in the deal if Anderson could make it to clippers. I think although it's a salary dump, Chalmers is a decent option for you guys a pg given the market. You still need more though to make this work.

5.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 18:11:11
Yea. I want a real PG so I'd like to see Chalmers come to Philly. There must be some complicated deal in the works like you've described or else he'd be out of Miami by now.

6.) 01 Aug 2015
31 Jul 2015 21:19:27
Phillyrich, the complication on the deal is that no one wants to pay $4.5mil for chalmers. Even here in Miami we know he's got skills and can put up decent numbers most nights, but we don't use him right, and he needs a team that will. We play our 1guards, 2guards, and small forwards at point at different times so although he's a solid player, he's not Wade or dragic, so being so far over the cap we don't want to pay him that much either -- would rather develop the young guys for cheap.

I think philly is playing the market and seeing who they get at the most reaonable price/quality ratio -- seeing if they can get a solid player for less $. My bet is Chalmers will make it to Philly this year but not in a hurry.

I just hope the deal gets complicated and nets Miami crawford (probably won't unless we trade Deng)

7.) 01 Aug 2015
31 Jul 2015 23:53:40
Thompson traded to Golden State for Gerald Wallace.

8.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 05:58:45
Thompson was traded to warriors.
Instead of JT, Landry going to Clippers