06 Jun 2016 20:03:47
76ers / Twolves

sixers get: #5, take Peks contact

Twolves get: Noel, #24

I think KAT and Nerlens would work awesome together, and be a very good defensive combo as well.

sixers pick Murray #5 and come away from the draft with Simmons and Murray. Take back Peks contact to sweeten the deal.

1.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 22:20:39
Like it. Not sure Murray is there at 5 but heild or Dunn will be.

2.) 06 Jun 2016
06 Jun 2016 22:28:20
I like the idea but if I'm Minnesota I call up Sacramento about WCS rather than Philly about Noel.
#5& something for Wcs.

3.) 07 Jun 2016
07 Jun 2016 00:11:19
yup that chemistry would help.

4.) 07 Jun 2016
07 Jun 2016 00:28:52
I think it makes sense for both sides with a slight favor toward Twolves. Noel and KAT would be tough and they would still have a first to take a flier on another guy to be a bench player for their young nucleus. 76ers lessen the log jam at the forward spots although I think they rather trade Okafor since he has more trade value but they are able to get a quality guard at #5 along with Simmons which sets their team up nicely for the future.

5.) 07 Jun 2016
07 Jun 2016 01:41:48
I don't think sac is looking to deal wcs. would you do the deal for Noel?

6.) 07 Jun 2016
07 Jun 2016 02:05:21
You would rather have WCS? Noel is the move here, and it's a good one.

7.) 07 Jun 2016
07 Jun 2016 04:19:22
I like this deal. I personally think Okafor and Simmons will be able to work together. I really don't think Simmons is as bad a shooter as the media is making him out to be. To be able to add a Dunn or Murray type guard would be huge for the Sixers.

As already said above town and Noel together would be tough defensively and Rubio will be throwing love all day to Noel.