13 Sep 2018 18:46:13
Pelicans and Timberwolves
Pelicans get Towns and Wiggins
Wolves get Davis and Ajinca

Wolves do this be a more competitive team and try to keep Butler. If Butler will stay with Davis then Butler and Davis would be a better duo than Towns and Wiggins if Butler leaves. They also get out of Wiggins contract Wiggins is makeing way to much and plays no defense it would be hard for them to get a good return for Wiggins without pairing him up with something good.

Pelicans do this to get a great return for Davis. Towns is a dominant young big and could easily be a MVP one day. I don't think they would be able to get any better player than towns is for Davis. The longer pelicans wait the worse the return they get will be.

1.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 20:15:09
Townes, Teague and a pick maybe.

2.) 14 Sep 2018
14 Sep 2018 13:11:05
It’s Wiggins that’s the problem here, I wouldn’t want him in a deal if I’m the Pels.