06 Jan 2020 16:28:09
Orlando trades Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, and MCW

Portland trades Whiteside, Anfernee Simons, Nassir Little, and their 2020 first (top 5 protected) .

This might hinge on Fournier opting into his player option before the trade. Hard to give up that much if he can walk after this season.

1.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 21:27:28
Not sure how this trade helps Orlando in the playoffs.

2.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 21:30:37
Is this not enough from Portland? I have a hard time with the value of those two. Gordon has slipped since last year it seems. And Fournier has always been a "nice stats but is he more than a 4th option" kind of guy.

3.) 07 Jan 2020
07 Jan 2020 00:04:44
This is a ridiculously high return for ORL.

Gordon eFG% is .453! And he’s paid $20 mil this year.

Fournier is playing okay, but for his role, he is no star, so he maybe (maybe) is neutral value at $17 mil.

4.) 11 Jan 2020
10 Jan 2020 22:26:08
Strange deal in a way. Portland gives up a lot of future with two young promising players and 1st rounder, but Fournier and Gordon are good, solid players on contracts that are close to about market value. Gordon's actually goes down to about $16.5M in its final year. ORL would have 3 centers on their roster, so short term it wouldn't help them, but maybe they flip Whiteside for more draft capital. Does ORL want to blow it up and startover? How good is Simons going to be? Would a change in scenery help Gordon reach more of his potential? Tough questions.