17 Nov 2020 03:53:55
Jrue Holiday to the Buck for Bledsoe, Hill and 3 firsts.

Covington to Portland for Ariza and 2 firsts.

1.) 17 Nov 2020
17 Nov 2020 04:29:27
Seems like the Bucks are desperate in hope to keep Giannis happy. Hopefully they succeed. If not, they are screwed.

2.) 17 Nov 2020
17 Nov 2020 12:49:32
Chess move. overpayment of picks so that contenders will throw their future away. Setting the bar. Two 1sts for Covington, 3 1sts and a starter for Holiday? Crazy! Holiday is nice but let's not forget he played with a younger Rondo, AD Mirotic and Boogie and only managed to get a 6th seed in a top heavy West just 2 years ago. Basketball IQ: that was a keep away move. Don't see how that made them better. The kid from the Kings was a good move but he's a 4th option. He was still developing. 4th option as a seasoned vet, cool but not sure what they thinking. Imagine if Giannis leave, N. O has a top 5 pick for 2 years to go with BI and Zion. Yikes!