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12 Jul 2019 18:29:58
Is it safe to say OKC is having a fire sale? If so, Gallinari, Schroder, Adams, and CP must go... .not to mention, in ideal landing spots for them as long as a pick is obtainable..

OKC receive a pick and C. Parson
Atl receive Adams


That looks like a wrecking squad in 2-3 years. Parsons may even agree to a buyout. And if not, he comes off the books after the year.

Bulls receive Schroder
OKC receive Felicio and Dunn

No picks but quality back up and potential starter in Felicio.

Blazers receive Gallinari
OKC receive Bazemore and a 1st.

Blazers need a stretch 4 to open the floor for Whiteside/Nurkic and take some of the scoring load at times

As for CP3, there are no contenders in need of a point guard. Best situation:

Magic receive: CP3, pick
OKC receive: Fournier, Bamba, Fultz

Magic get a wonderful facilitator with complementary pieces....

Not to mention, OKC reset financially with some building blocks in Bamba, Felicio, and SGA with Fultz being a ?....


1.) 12 Jul 2019 21:36:08
Presti wins gm of the year if he trades russ and cp3 in same month. Lol.



11 Jul 2019 22:05:00

CP3 for Russ straight up works for both sides..... Identical contracts plus with OKC rebuilding, CP3 can help the development of a player. At this point, Russ can not. Ideal if Rockets can find some shooting and OKC can land picks by throwing in Adams to a 3rd team.


1.) 11 Jul 2019 23:30:38
Russ has more value than Paul.

2.) 12 Jul 2019 02:06:45
Welp. called that one. I think OKC makes playoffs as 7th seed if CP3 stays. They need a young wing and it should be fun. One thing for sure, we'll see how much Russ was overrated.

3.) 12 Jul 2019 02:15:55
Nice job. Not too far off.

4.) 12 Jul 2019 03:21:19
Rockets throw in 2 firsts.

5.) 12 Jul 2019 03:22:08
This happened. but with picks.



20 Jun 2019 21:31:07

Brandon Ingram and #4
Lance Thomas and #3


1.) 20 Jun 2019 22:04:59
No from Pelicans.

2.) 21 Jun 2019 02:34:48
Ingram in garbage. 4th pick is gone.



14 Jun 2019 00:00:29

Sign some vets....

BY...BI, Ball, 4th and a future 1st for AD

4th and Moore for Capela and Tucker.

Sign Beverley, resign Okafor.

Capela's locked in for a while, Tucker's a good insurance policy/complimentary piece and Bev gives the second unit leadership and intensity. Ball has a reliable center running up and down the floor. With a future 1st sitting in the waiting.

Houston can do whatever to that 4th. Flip it to ATL for 8 & 10.. D'antoni's system can fit anyone so I would flip it for more assets. They could possibly replace both of their starters with Haynes and Reddish.

I think it works for all


1.) 14 Jun 2019 02:53:20
Hou can then maybe find a place for Cp3 using the 4th unless they want Culver/ Hunter.



11 Jun 2019 03:30:44
Lakers have the opportunity to build something epic. Trade Ball for the six or 7th pick. With the 4th pick, can't pass on Garland. Pair him with Hunter or Reddish and you have your backcourt of the future. If we really wanna get creative, #6 and Ingram could get us 8, 10, 17 and 35. Reddish should be there at 8. Kabengele at 10, Herro at 17 Carsen Edwards at 35....Before free agency, you can look like


Resign Rondo, McGee, KCP

Add some glue guys and Lakers are set after the Lebron era


1.) 11 Jun 2019 05:23:21
Ball is not getting the Lakers a lottery pick. What was his FT% last season?

2.) 11 Jun 2019 06:16:53
Any plan that has McGee, rondo, kvp in it isn't winning.

3.) 11 Jun 2019 08:05:10
I have yet to see Kabengele in hardly any first round mock drafts and you want to pick him at 10?

4.) 11 Jun 2019 16:42:20
Ball in Phoenix or Chicago makes too much sense basketball wise. He has the right support cast and it's no pressure. He just has to bring his skill set and that's it. Same situation D-lo was in and look how well that turned out for him. Not worried about FT%. I know an all star PG that doesn't attempt 3's. More pros than cons is all you can ask for. Not worth a lottery pick? Other than Garland, what pg in the draft you giving the keys to on day 1? I'll wait. Those 2 teams are just a pg away from earning respect.

I added veterans that they already have because it gives them more flexibility to spend cap space. Lebron and Rondo, with their IQ and leadership could create a dynasty with those pieces.

The young center from FSU is someone that should be mentioned in the lottery. I see a young, stronger Draymond that's bigger and faster with better range. Major sleeper.

5.) 11 Jun 2019 17:56:32
Define "giving the keys". I'm not giving Ball the keys if you're talking about making him my #1 or #2 overall option on my team. If you're talking about being a starting PG and being a 4th option? Ball and any PG in the lottery could be that, especially on a rebuilding team like Chicago.

6.) 11 Jun 2019 19:37:03
Lakers are a dumpster fire. No one wants to play with lebron, and their front office is a complete joke. If lakers can get any first for ball it's a win after trying to unload him last year to bring in davis.




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29 May 2020 21:28:55
If Shaq stayed in Orlando, does Jordan win 3 in a row? If he retires with just 3 titles, is he in the GOAT conversation? Also with talks of the NBA wanting Zion in the playoffs, is it safe to say there is a possibility the NBA influenced Shaqs move to the West to secure a greater chance for Jordan to win more titles? Just a thought....


1.) 29 May 2020 23:00:27

2.) 31 May 2020 09:32:29
1) Maybe in 97-98, but in that case Malone-Stocton would have an NBA title.
2) Yes, but K Bryant would be in the conversation to be the GOAT (without being a Lakerfan)
3)NO, he would have stayed in Orlando, if they matched the offer, A Hardaway-H Grant- D Scott- N Anderson was a better surrouding cast than E Jones-N Van Exel-E Campbell-Ceballos and a 17 year old kid at that time. A Bigger contract and Hollywoold made him go to LA.

A bigger question is, what would happened if they had traded Pippen for Kemp?

3.) 31 May 2020 14:13:38
How would Kobe be in the conversation for GOAT when he doesn’t win his first 3 championships, and ends his career with 2 at the most? There’s a good chance that Kobe’s career ends up like Melo’s without Shaq (and most likely without Phil Jackson) .

4.) 31 May 2020 16:17:30
LA Would have made a push for C Webber in 1998
And eventualy O'Neal would ask for a trade, there's a big chance he would go to LA after all.

5.) 31 May 2020 20:05:46
Kobe is in the GOAT conversation always.

6.) 01 Jun 2020 21:37:01
With two rings, there’s no way Kobe would be in the conversation. Even with 5, I don’t think he is, because he was the second best player for 3 of them.

7.) 03 Jun 2020 06:31:45
Libraman I agree . You didn’t necessarily say The goat but he always Is in the conversation when you bring up the goat conversations. Especially when u say goat of the 2000’s.



27 May 2020 16:13:19
With all the GOAT talk, I just realized something while viewing all these trades and talent talk.....LeBron has set the league back a true decade...I view all the trade ideas and the talent of some of those lopsided trades and at the end of the day, you question if they would win against a LeBron James team....not to mention he's in his 17th year. CRAZY RIGHT? Another thing, who's taking the crown once he leaves? Jordan set the league back as well but it was apparent that Kobe was up next...Greek, Harden, KD, AD all sound good but they can't and don't bring to the table what Bron do. Its in no player in the league pedigree to take a team to the finals 8 years in a row...Tough shoes to fill....My question is, who got next?


1.) 27 May 2020 16:39:36
I question if those teams after lopsided trades can beat GS as much or more than Lebron’s team. GS has screwed up the league just as much because they won the arms race for a few years. You shouldn’t have 4 all stars on a team, but they did.

That said, Doncic, Zion, and Giannis are the best bet to be the “best player in the world”. I’d say Giannis already is. If Giannis wins a ring this year (and I think he will), his career arc will be on pace to be a top 10 all time player.

But no one is going to the Finals 8 years in a row again. That’s was an outlier. It’s not fair to expect that from anyone else.

2.) 27 May 2020 16:54:27
I would have to say Zion or Luka. Or if lebron dominates till he like 42 he can pave the way for bronny.

3.) 28 May 2020 01:23:17
Durant if comes back 100%.

4.) 28 May 2020 03:54:58
Durant is almost 32. He’s too old to count.

5.) 28 May 2020 15:57:15
If Durant runs off the next 3 championships giving him 5 out of 7. That passes Lebron (3 out of 9).

6.) 29 May 2020 23:01:48
But I still think that’s in this generation, not “taking the crown from Lebron after he moved on”.

Also, the chances of that happening are basically zero right?

7.) 31 May 2020 14:53:10
LBJ Never can be the goaf for the simple reason, that he's the second Wilt Chaimberlain. He lost to many finals. The Goat must be a winner.

Giannis should go to the Knicks he would be the next GOAT if he wins a title with NY.

Doncic has a good chance beïng the next big thing, because he has a great wingman in Porzingis.

Zion can become the next one, if L Ball develops in an all star.

8.) 01 Jun 2020 18:49:08
Winning > maybe winning in a big city

I think Giannis would be stupid to go to the Knicks. They’re still the Knicks. I don’t trust them to build a consistent winner. I’m not sure why anyone would trust them.



27 Jul 2019 22:54:05
5 bold predictions for the 2019-2020 NBA season:

1. Thunder make the playoffs if they keep CP3 through the entire season. Predicting the 6th seed. A borderline all-star will emerge from current roster. My guess Ferguson.

2. Draymond will get traded before or at the trade deadline. Borderline playoff team will take a gamble....Orlando or Chicago.

3. MPJ will make NBA debut, shine and will get packaged to the Wizards in a deal for Bradley Beal and find a 3rd team to take Wall. Maybe Phoenix bites. They have a history of rehabilitating aging or injured stars.

4. Zion Williamson WILL NOT win ROY! He makes 2nd team All-Rookie and will struggle finding a pace that fits.

5. NBA Finals
Lakers over Celtics in 5!!!!!


1.) 28 Jul 2019 04:34:55
5 is craziest.

2.) 28 Jul 2019 06:03:31
If 2 happens, I hope Portland goes all in on getting him. The entire WCF was decided by him. Come playoff time, he becomes a completely different guy.

I don’t see any way #1 happens. Even if Ferguson is an all star caliber player, that leaves them at the same level as Minny, not the actual playoff teams.

3 seems the most likely. I’d say the same thing about Simons in Portland. They’ve been hyping him at the same level that Denver has been hyping MPJ.

3.) 28 Jul 2019 17:33:48
Nets trade for Draymond?

4.) 29 Jul 2019 17:58:04
Who disagreed? Who doesn't want to see a Draymond-KD reunion?



20 Jun 2019 21:18:46
Prediction: If no CP3 trade is done tonight, he is bought out and goes to LAL. Now the rest of their cap space is spent on pieces to put around them. Anytime before the start of the season. I think Butler goes to Houston. How, beats me,but I can see him there after a CP3 departure.


1.) 21 Jun 2019 01:26:23
Bought outmanned buy is usually 70% of contract. No way any owners just gives a guy 70 plus million to leave.

2.) 21 Jun 2019 06:44:06
Yeah, no way Houston pays that much to waive him. It would be crazy.



15 Jun 2019 01:42:41
Laker fan back.....I hate to see injuries. These two injuries just flipped next season like crazy. I say every team run it back with no major trades. You give LA Jimmy Butler and AD, there's no competition next year. If AD stay in NO, I give them a top 3 seed next year if they stay as constructed. Just signing Butler would give us a top 4. NY and Boston, focus on the future because the gold standard (GS) practically is about to take a year off.


1.) 15 Jun 2019 02:09:57
Celtics will win 45- 50 without kyrie. If they draft/ trade right the probably be better.

2.) 15 Jun 2019 02:25:46
You’re overestimating that roster.

3.) 15 Jun 2019 05:12:57
I think 45-50 is about right. That is what a 6th seed in the East.

4.) 16 Jun 2019 00:57:48
Bro we got ad Irving butler klaw or walker next.

5.) 16 Jun 2019 06:03:35
II, I am hoping its Irving. Because I want to see what happens when Irving's knee acts up, Or Davis's shoulder, Or Lebron's groin. And there is absolutely no bench on this team.

6.) 16 Jun 2019 15:00:25
The 1st tier free agents don't want to play "for" LeBron. It's well chronicled. Unless you belong to Rich Paul, playing with LeBron isn't worth it. You'll get traded. I hope Portland wins the west.

7.) 17 Jun 2019 18:53:01
Me too newguy, me too.

8.) 18 Jun 2019 03:58:04
Portland can win West and get swept by the pelicans first round. You guys have to much hate for lakers but I love it.
Getting Davis and lbj is like every basketball fan dream to happen to there team. Plus cap to keep going. You guys are about to witness greatness in L. A. it's just beginning. It's y Lakers gave up so much for Davis to get more cap to sign another star. Lbj can offer his team roles in spacejam two to take less money lots of possibilities there up pass up on.




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30 Apr 2020 13:38:19
Only move Denver need to make is something giving MPJ more touches. Adding Oubre is not doing that. Grant is perfect either backing him up or playing alongside. Once Milsap gone, maybe invest in a 3-D guy that don't need the ball in his hands. Maybe Crowder or Ariza. Dream piece would be P. J Tucker

Would be nasty!




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25 Mar 2020 19:51:31
Never seen a superstar traded to a team and their best player was a part of the package. Sleeper, don't be surprised if G. S pull something out.




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12 Jul 2019 02:06:45
Welp. called that one. I think OKC makes playoffs as 7th seed if CP3 stays. They need a young wing and it should be fun. One thing for sure, we'll see how much Russ was overrated.




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05 Jul 2019 15:53:01
Can't see Kanter and Adams on the same team again. Plus the trade makes no basketball or financial sense for OKC.




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02 Jul 2019 16:14:02
KAWHI seems more like a team player that doesn't like the limelight. He is a #1 but if he can be in LA, be left alone, win and don't have to worry about things not basketball, Laker Nation is his best option.





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