01 Nov 2020 18:05:52
Paul George and Patrick Beverley to the Cavs for Kevin Love and Colin Sexton...Cavs in a unique spot with the 5th pick. Let's start by looking at it like this: They're not predicted to come out the East. Got it. Pressure is off.Quite honestly, PG performs better under those circumstances. Not a diss, just facts. Now, on the board for the 5th pick is Avdija or Toppin. Starting lineup

With Porter, Cedi and Nance coming off the bench.

Porter, Garland and Toppin surrounded by the defensive presence of Beverley, George and Drum is why you make that trade for the Cavs.

Clips needs a star that knows he's the 2nd option as well as a coachable floor general. No swipe at Beverley but he's a dog that doesn't need to adapt to new tricks. Colin is young in his career and will learn regardless of the outcome in LA. Kawhi shocked me being a diva.

1.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 18:37:19
No from Clips.

2.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 19:04:10
I'll even throw in 2 future first round picks. Still say no for Clips?

3.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 20:25:40
This trade would guarantee that Kawhi leaves in free agency. No way.

4.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 20:27:40
Easy no from LAC

5.) 01 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 21:29:43
Clips go from one of best defensive teams to one of worst with Sexton Shamet and Love starting.

6.) 02 Nov 2020
01 Nov 2020 23:07:39
Cavs just won't be able to get rid of Love that easily.