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28 Aug 2022 20:34:50

Send Westbrook, 27 1st, 29 1st, 25 2nd to Jazz
Get Randle from NYK and Conley from UTAH

Send Randle to Lakers, Reddish, 23 1st, WASH 23 1st(Protected), 25 1st, MIL 25 1st(Protected), MIA 24 2nd to Jazz
Get Mitchell and Gay from Jazz

Send Conley to Lakers, Mitchell and Gay to Knicks.
Get Westbrook from Lakers, Reddish from Knicks, 4 unprotected 1sts, 2 protected 1sts, 2 2nds

Salaries work, and would even if you left Gay out, but it seemed to me that the Knicks needed more than just Mitchell to give up Randle and 4 firsts...
Seems like everyone gets what they want, but I hate that the Lakers make out so well in dumping Westbrook




05 Jul 2022 15:04:38

Brooklyn sends 2023 1st to Spurs, Kyrie to Lakers. Brooklyn gets Jacob Poetl from Spurs and THT from Lakers

Lakers send THT to Brooklyn, Russ and 2027 1st to Spurs. Lakers get Kyrie.

Spurs send Poetl to Brooklyn. Spurs get Westbrook, 2023 1st from Brooklyn and 2027 1st from Lakers.

I think all 3 teams get something they can live with


1.) 05 Jul 2022 15:23:10
Or use the Pacers cap space.
Brooklyn sends Irving and Harris to Lakers, 2023 pick to Pacers. Brooklyn gets THT and 2029 1st from Lakers, Hield and McConnell from Pacers.
Lakers send THT and 2029 1st to Brooklyn, Westbrook and 2027 1st to Pacers. Lakers get Irving and Harris from Nets.
Pacers send McConnell and Hield to Brooklyn. Pacers get Westbrook and 2027 1st from Lakers, 2023 1st from Nets.

Not sure Lakers are open to trading both picks, but this somehow feels like they are still big winners in this deal. Nets save 16M on the cap.

2.) 05 Jul 2022 15:45:08
Brooklyn owes their 2024 pick to Houston which means they cannot trade their 2023 pick to San Antonio. They also are involved in a complicated pick swap for their 2023 pick with Houston, Philly, and Utah.

3.) 05 Jul 2022 16:09:26
Reports are that the Lakers FO is not interested in taking on long-term salary (Harris) AND 2 future firsts when both Lebron and Kyrie can walk after next season. Both players have a history of walking away from teams.

4.) 05 Jul 2022 17:39:26
@Warlock - My mistake - I thought the 23 Philly pick was clean. they would have to send the 27 Philly pick instead. seems like the Lakers aren't in a hurry to do anything, and the Pacers and Spurs might both be holding onto space to see if they could do better by working themselves into a Durant deal. just seems there's not much of a market for Irving other than LeBron wanting him. nobody seems to want Russ, and the Spurs and Pacers are the only ones left with enough room to take that contract in.



02 May 2022 02:23:54
Should Kyrie's contract discussions with the Nets go off the rails this summer (admit it, with Irving anything is possible) the Nets and Raptors could hook up... Ben Simmons would fit nicely as a 6'11" point guard in the Raptors all-big but not too big lineup... Fred VanVleet would give the Nets some stability and great defense, add Khem Birch as a rotation guy and Malachi Flynn as a young promising guard who isn't getting an opportunity to balance the salaries.
Tough to say about which way picks would go... Simmons has higher upside, particularly in Raptors line-up, but is a much higher risk...
And of course the Nets would not do this if they were going to keep Kyrie... but stranger things have happened with this player.


1.) 02 May 2022 03:29:04
How well would Simmons and Barnes fit?

2.) 02 May 2022 12:18:59
@NBA16 - I/ m not sure of the fit because Toronto doesn't use the point guard position as a lot of teams do. you're just as likely to see Diakam and Barnes and sometimes even OG and Achiuwa bringing the ball up the floor as Fred has been. in one way he'd be a perfect fit because he can't shoot just like the rest of the team lol. I doubt that Masai would give Freddy up in a trade but I think a lineup of Simmons, Trent Jr, Anunoby, Barnes and Siakam would be an absolute terror defensively, and Achiuwa coming off the bench is also a strong defender. I think Masai wants to win games 62 - 58.

3.) 02 May 2022 16:38:11
This is interesting. I feel like Brooklyn would want more, but what do I know. They already got Curry and a couple picks WITH Simmons, so maybe they'd be willing to forego some of those extra assets just to get rid of the headache. That being said. how would the locker room fit be in Toronto? Especially if you're losing the leadership of FVV? I have no doubt Barnes will be able to step into that role eventually but he's got a couple of years to go.

On the court you're right that that lineup would be a defensive beast. You would just have to hope that the shooting improves with that group or at least gets more consistent, or that they can bring in an inexpensive shooter or two to supplement. On the other hand, they've had a lot of awful (and overall low-scoring) games they've won or come close to winning because the defense has been so locked in, including in this year's playoffs. They just have to start bringing it every night. That's what I keep going back to with this group. They're still so young. Give them a couple more years to grow and work together within this system, get more consistent defensively, and they could be a force even without reliable shooting. Add that in eventually and they could make some noise.

4.) 11 May 2022 16:22:35
Yous are all high. Barnes is a better player then Simmons and Raptor's need shooting. So why would they do this. If Barnes wasn't on yhe team I can see something happening but not now.

Simmons needs to get healthy mentally and physically then play a season and see what happened with all that time off maybe he learnt how to shoot. Lol doubt it.



06 Feb 2022 18:50:11
Brooklyn sends Milsap to Bulls for Matt Thomas
Milsap doesn't have much left but can help in a part time role as a vet 4. Thomas shooting over 40% on 3s gives BKL a shooter they need




03 Feb 2022 05:23:00
Raptors send Dragic, Flynn and 2022 1st to Spurs. Grizzlies send Kyle Anderson and Utah 2022 1st to Spurs. Spurs send Poetl and Walker IV to Raptors and Thaddeus Young to Grizzlies.
Depending on Spurs preference... trade as proposed assumes they aren't really big on resigning Walker and prefer Flynn's rookie contract. If they want to keep him they could put Eubanks in and not take Flynn.


1.) 03 Feb 2022 14:22:08
if walker can get his numbers up to last years could be a good trade. poetls f/ t are troublesome especially in crunch time. the raptors are two solid bench players away right now form being serious contenders. with this trade. they are no worse than +250s against either the bulls or the heat. could even be a pick em.




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29 Sep 2022 00:51:43
media day musings...
selling on any idea that kyrie will be committed to winning a chip... buying a trade out before deadline day
selling on any thought that phoenix will build on last year's failure... with ayton pouting and crowder leaving there are going to be culture issues to resolve before chemistry can be created...
buying the enthusiasm in cleveland... especially if they can pull off a crowder trade...
not buying the nonchalance in miami... they may be headed down the standings if they don't get a crowder deal done...
empathizing with the disappointment in chicago with lonzo's knee... if he can't come back quick it may wreck their season again this year...
buying into whatever masai ujiri wants to sell.... can't argue with his record or his reputation... if he thinks we should be patient and watch this team grow, that's what ima gonna do
glad to see some optimism in sacramento... even from people who aren't paid to have it...
curious to see if russ can transform into what he needs to become
wondering if there's more to rumours that a player ratted the coach out... and if that could impact the team going forward
enjoying the treadmill of mediocracy that is the new york knicks
happy to see coach dwayne on an upward trajectory in destroyit
and coach chris getting a bunch of summer time christmas gifts in minny
and former raps execs seem to be building something in orlando, largely due to ignoring MDs advice...
mostly... excited to watch the raps first preseason tilt on sunday


1.) 29 Sep 2022 09:26:03
Yea, I think us Kings fans are setting ourselves up for a disappointment. Those first 10 gamesofthe season are rough.



25 Jul 2022 20:00:40
Question for Celtics fans. Rumours are out there that Boston has joined the bidding for KD, and that Brooklyn wants both Brown and Smart, as well as a trove of picks, to do the deal. How do you feel about giving up both for Durant, and the odds of Celts management be willing to do it?


1.) 25 Jul 2022 22:10:55
The rumor is Boston offered J Brown+ White+ one first round pick.
The Nets wanted Brown+ Smart+ 3 first round picks

The Nets should have taken that Boston offer.
Simmons-Brown is a great combo to start a rebuilt.

2.) 25 Jul 2022 22:23:22
I'd be the wrong person to ask because at this point I'm more about the chase than I am about winning it all. I don't want KD at all even if it were a lopsided trade in Boston's favor. If they gave up Brown, White, and picks, I wouldn't be happy but I'd understand. If it were Brown and Smart I'd be pissed.

3.) 26 Jul 2022 00:20:59
@Nightcap - I'm kinda where you're at as a Raptors fan. I know KD would raise the odds for a chip, but I like the way they are building and it's fun to watch them grow. Celtics with Tatum and Brown and Smart have the same kind of vibe going. I also have a huge amount of faith in the management team in Toronto, so whatever they do, I'll be good with. But I'd hate to see them trade away the character of the team. I'm pretty sure they won't part with 3 of the core 6 guys, which pretty much eliminates Barnes. Do you think Boston management would include both Brown and Smart even if it pissed you off?

4.) 26 Jul 2022 10:01:40
No I don't think they would do it and I'm not even sure that the "offer" they supposedly made was anything more than talk. On the other hand, if Boston thinks Brown won't re-sign in 2 years, they'll need to move him at some point.

5.) 26 Jul 2022 15:13:53
In the Celtics’ case, The Athletic has reported that Jaylen Brown, who turns 26 in October, Derrick White and a first round pick were offered. One source disputed that to Heavy, but the question of offers and counter-offers often comes down to a matter of semantics.

“You may ask a team what they think of a certain one of your players, and the next thing you know they’re telling someone you offered him, ” said a general manager. “You didn’t, but that’s how this thing works sometimes. It sucks — for you and for the player involved — but it’s the way it is. ”.

6.) 26 Jul 2022 17:44:11
If Boston wins with KD, then the narrative is KD gets the credit for the Championship, instead of Boston getting the credi.

7.) 26 Jul 2022 19:56:13
Yes Fredman, part of the reason I don't want him.

8.) 27 Jul 2022 03:44:03
I'm more of a ho about all those diamonds on the chip ring. I don't care if KD gets the credit like Kawhi did last time, but it's a hell of a feeling to watch your team win it. Still don't want them to include Scottie though lol.

9.) 27 Jul 2022 15:16:29
But wouldn't it have been so much sweeter to win with Derozan, who wanted to be there?

10.) 28 Jul 2022 03:19:21
I was more in the school of thought that it was never going to happen with deRozan because they just didn't play defense well enough. I guess that's why I'm kinda interested in doing a Durant deal, but absolutely don't want Mitchell. Durant would contribute to the defensive identity, where Mitchell would require Toronto changing everything they do on defense.



17 Jul 2022 00:42:40
Any interest in Svi Mykhailiuk at a minimum salary? Toronto will send the cash to pay him if you take him off our cap sheet. We can manage it if we have to eat the cap space, but if a team with space wants a free player who can hit the odd 3 we won't ask for much more than a bag of balls in return. And if you want to roll the dice we'll throw in Malachi Flynn for a second bag of balls. Our non guaranteed guys (Banton, Champagnie, Brooks, Wilson and unsigned as of yet Koloko) all look like they are more prepared to contribute than either Svi or Malachi. We're not desperate enough to send out pics to get rid of them, but is there any team out there who might bite for a low (no)_ cost dice roll?


1.) 17 Jul 2022 02:29:47
I wonder if Boston could be interested in Birch?

2.) 18 Jul 2022 04:10:20
Going into the offseason I was thinking they might be able to fetch a late second rounder for either of them, kind of like they did with Davis and Matt Thomas at the deadline a season ago. Both of those guys were lucky to see garbage time and fit similar moulds to Svi and Flynn. I'm with you though, I would much rather see them use those roster spots on any of the guys you mentioned.



04 Jul 2022 00:28:43
I'm beginning to think you all on this site should be making bank on your trade ideas, since there's so many clowns cashing in on ridiculous suggestions that ignore CBA rules (and rules of common sense too). The Durant trade ideas (how many guys have been said to be part of the proposal but can't legally be on the same team as Ben) and nobody seems to know about base year compensation. And the ones who double down when teams deny their reports. Even some of the worst "traders" here have a better record of being right than some of the so called insiders.


1.) 04 Jul 2022 03:14:56
What you taling about, Willis?

2.) 04 Jul 2022 12:21:23
I didn't know the D Rose rule, so i've learned from this bad trade ideas.

3.) 05 Jul 2022 02:46:23

4.) 05 Jul 2022 22:39:33
He's saying there are so many clowns ("insiders") in the media that get paid to dream up garbage trade proposals and don't really know what they're talking about, and that the proposals on this site are often closer to what actually ends up happening. It's a compliment. Chill.



11 Jun 2022 15:44:37
Jake Fisher is not at all a popular man in Toronto right now with his "reporting" about OG. I'm wondering which of the so-called NBA insiders are the worst for click-bait headline BS, and which you think are most reliable? My own opinion is that most of what you see on Bleacher Report is nothing but speculation. I'm also wondering how much of this crap is coming from agents and/or other front offices stirring up rubbish...


1.) 11 Jun 2022 18:44:26
Jake Fisher's report reminds me very much of the reporting before Jeremi Grant's last year in Denver. Just saying.

2.) 12 Jun 2022 01:15:19
not familiar with your comparison, fredman, but there's been not a whisper of anything like this from toronto media, including ones around the team that seem to enjoy stirring things up. if local media is reporting it then there might be fire with that smoke, but guys that aren't with the team every day are a whole lot less reliable than the ones who talk to the players day in day out throughout the season. the only thing close being reported in market is that GTJ might opt out next year and hesitate to resign if he thinks there's more shots somewhere else.

3.) 12 Jun 2022 02:16:52
I'm almost entirely certain the "sources" are all from agents, rival front offices, or just "a guy who knows a guy who knows the ball boy that sat within 15 feet of OG" most of the time. Almost all of the "reports" feature scenarios and packages that are completely laughable and out of sync with what the Raptors would actually want. I take pretty much all reporting from insiders with a grain of salt these days. 99.9% of the time it doesn't happen or doesn't come close to happening the way they speculated. There's so much that goes on behind the scenes within organizations and to work a deal that any information they get that might be the slightest bit legit is most likely only the tip of a very large iceberg.

4.) 12 Jun 2022 12:09:50
It was reported in Grant's last year in Denver that he was unhappy being the 3rd wheel behind the Joker and Murray. Everyone sort of ignored the reporting and Grant was not traded so Denver could make its playoff run with the belief would be able to resign Grant n the of season. Detroit offered him the opportunity + $$$$, so he left Denr in free agency.

If the OG reporting is accurate, then OG is starting down a similar path. Toronto has to be wary of someone (Orlando? ) giving OG that opportunity.

5.) 12 Jun 2022 14:32:58
OG is under contract until at least the summer of '24, when he has a player option. So IF the reports are accurate (which I don't really buy) and OG is actually that unhappy, they have plenty of time to either reconcile or find a deal. This isn't a "Grant's last year in Denver" type of situation. They're not going to rush into a deal because of some potentially pot-stirring reporting unless it's some sort of Godfather offer that vaults them into contender status, or he officially requests a trade and forces his way out.

If anything, GTJ is the far more likely candidate to fall into the Grant/ Denver example. There hasn't been any reporting, but based on contract status (player option after next season) and his body language on the court at times, he's probably going to be looking for North of $20 mil a year and more touches in a more featured role. With the current makeup, the Raptors aren't likely going to be able to give him both.

I will say that regardless of reporting and rumors NOW, they're going to have some tough roster decisions to make over the next couple of seasons if Barnes continues to ascend, Precious enters the starter conversation, and with Trent having the option to opt out.

6.) 12 Jun 2022 16:48:21
Did I say anything about a last year on Grant's contract situation? You are simply adding that in to handwaive the rest. OG is making his feelings known. Ignore them and he will probably be gone when the first opportunity presents itself.

7.) 13 Jun 2022 01:18:23
"It was reported in Grant's last year in Denver that he was unhappy being the 3rd wheel behind the Joker and Murray. " It's literally the first thing you said.

Handwaiving? Why would Masai unload OG based on a single "report" from a guy outside the organization with spotty sources when he has team control for another two full seasons? This team doesn't make panic deals. If he comes out publicly and says it himself, sure, go nuts. If he's "starting down a similar path", great. He's not a pending FA, so what's the rush?




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05 Oct 2022 03:30:13
Ayton has a veto on any trade this season. It's going to be very difficult for Phoenix to find a deal that makes them happy and also pleases Ayton. If Phoenix waits it out they can trade him wherever they want in the offseason, for whatever deal they prefer. With an ownership change coming I doubt you'll see Ayton moved before the offseason.




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05 Oct 2022 03:26:02
Are we already talking about dumping Ball? It's hard enough to build a championship roster without spending assets to dump bad contracts. Even worse when you give up on a guy who was a key piece of your then 1st place club before he got injured. If Ball is done, then sure, dump away. But it's a terrible time for Chicago to part with him, as they can't get near the value that they need from him on the floor.




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03 Oct 2022 13:34:14
ayton's worth isn't really the question. he doesn't fit with Toronto's style of play, so they wouldn't give up assets for him. especially 2 firsts and a swap. I doubt you'd ever see Ujiri send more than one first in any trade unless its a top 10 player.
And does Ayton want to come to Toronto? He can't be traded until January, and any trade this season has to be okayed by him because Phoenix matched.




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01 Oct 2022 04:35:53
Raptors would probably do it
Bulls would probably not
Jazz won't want players who want to win in their tank season
Bucks say no cuz @Fredman says so (and he's right)
Lakers don't want to take on future salary.




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25 Sep 2022 23:08:24
Dillon Brooks is potentially a nice fit with the Raptors, but he's going to cost a lot more when his contract expires, and OG is signed for longer. Richardson wouldn't really be a good fit. If there was another first the Raps would have to consider it, but one won't get it done. @MD. trades from 2 years ago made from entirely different circumstances (ie your team was ready to tank, Toronto is trying to win) don't relate to what's going to happen today. OG may not be WORTH 2 firsts, but you're not going to pry him away from Masai without them. or a player who is a certain upgrade.





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11 Sep 2022 03:09:37
maybe a team that thought they'd be in a playoff fight but aren't at the deadline might want to dump a bad contract for Russ and 1 of the picks since much of the 47M would already be paid out. could the Knicks get down enough on Randle to trade him and salary ballast? Washington and Porzingas?
For the trading team the buyout would be reduced enough by then that one of the picks may get it done.




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11 Sep 2022 03:05:04
Well I'm done

I am horrible making trade ideas.




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07 Sep 2022 15:17:56
What if Dr Naismith could only find a couple of apple baskets instead of peach?




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06 Sep 2022 03:49:50
As a Raptor fan I'm torn as well. I'm happy that we didn't trade away what it would have taken to get him because I don't think he'd fit in Toronto. But I have more respect for the Cavaliers now as a threat. I think he fits much better in Cleveland, and I expect the Cavs will continue to get better. Looking forward to a great rivalry. You'd better make sure you sell the joint out or there will be lots of Raptor fans in your hall.




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31 Aug 2022 01:19:27
@Fredman - is any team going to want to offer more than the minimum? Maybe that's what they mean about out of the league. His ego may not let him accept the money he'll be offered. He has a family to feed (not good with emojis but that was a wink emoji right there)