19 May 2017 18:58:27
This is a crazy one but could benefit both teams.

Orl get Phi and Lal 1st rounders 2018

Phi get 6th pick
Draft Jackson and Monk

Orl tank next year with 3 1st rounders that's 3 chances at landing a top talent like Porter etc and hope that the Sixers and Lakers don't improve that much.

Phi get Monk and build a complete team of
Simmons, Monk, Jackson, Saric, Embiid.
With them and the lakers landing top picks they should be better so the 1st's should be later and they risk two unknown first rounders for the 6th which gets them a decent player in a loaded draft.

1.) 19 May 2017
19 May 2017 21:06:01
Its definitely a roll of the dice for the 76ers that I think may be worth it. Jackson is a tremendous talent they'd be foolish to pass on while Monk would be a great fit as a young perimeter threat. 76ers did go on a bit of a streak before Embiid got shut down so maybe it isn't unrealistic to expect them to compete for a playoff spot especially with Pacers and Bulls both potentially moving their stars. With Lakers bringing Magic aboard they seem poised to make a moves to try and compete and even if they don't that young team got off to a hot start last season so maybe being a year older and adding a talent like Ball they are able to sustain it longer. Additionally, the 2018 draft class is reportedly stocked with bigs so its questionable if they'd be able to find a player that would fit their team well (certainly none as well as Monk) . Only downside is that although Simmons, Monk, Jackson, Saric and Embiid would be a scary lineup it would be one that would be nearly impossible to sustain past their rookie deals with all being so close in age and likely to command sizeable contracts in RFA (a-la Thunder with Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka) .

For Orlando its a gamble as well. I project Tatum and Fox will be gone by #6 so they are looking at Issac, Monk and Smith. I don't see any of them being major difference makers for the Magic so maybe its worth getting what may still be two lotto picks (albeit later lotto picks) to add with their pick (which will likely be top 5) to revamp that roster or give them decent chips to play with.

2.) 20 May 2017
19 May 2017 22:22:07
The Magic have had bad luck in the draft Falling nearly every year missing out on Embiid and Porzingis who were taken pick before theirs. They have no future First rounders except their own and with no star or draw for decent free agents it's probs best to put themselves in the best position to land a young Star otherwise they will be at best a team fighting for the 8th seed.

The contracts will be close regardless if they draft two players or one in this lottery but they got a few years to sort that out they have so many assets in 2nd rounders and draft and stash players etc that they can afford to get flexible later o and trade pieces for cheaper contracts, picks or cap space etc.

3.) 20 May 2017
20 May 2017 01:05:02
Ballsy, but I like it for both teams Orlando aren't getting what they need at 6 and that Philly lineup could grow into something special.