23 Apr 2018 21:35:39
Options for Cavs if nets pick lands top 3 or if it's still 8

Nets pick lands top 3:Devin Booker since he said he's tired if losing, kawhi Leonard

If nets pick lands 8: Damian Lillard, cj McCollum, Aaron Gordon,

These are the ones I can think of for now, please reply if you come up with other players

1.) 24 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018 22:29:37
Booker is untouchable and I'm not sure that the 8th pick as a center of a trade is getting you Lilliard assuming that they even consider trading him. It's hard to imagine a restricted free agent being involved in a sign and trade. If they were going to trade Gordon, he would have been dealt at the deadline. He had more value then.

I think Leonard would be possible at either spot depending on what the Cavs are willing to package with the pick.

Maybe, Whiteside or Jordan with something more thrown in from their respective teams.

2.) 24 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 00:41:10
Booker isn’t realistic. Lillard isn’t (especially for just the #8 pick)

3.) 24 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 01:26:40
I don't think you get any of those 3 for a top 3, much less an 8.

4.) 24 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 02:24:59
Who would they be moving besides the Nets pick?