03 Mar 2023 21:58:35
To have more fun, Mavs need to upgrade the frontcourt in the summer:

NO: Hardy, 2nd
DAL Jones

MIN: E&T Wood, Bertans, 2x1st, 2x1st swqp

Sign Thybulle 7m
Sign Joseph 3m

Win or trade KAT, Luca, Kyrie away for 10 1st round picks, if not.

1.) 03 Mar 2023
03 Mar 2023 22:49:38
You can't extend and trade Wood for KAT. Because of when KAT signed his super max extension, he will not be eligible to be traded until 7 July 2023. Wood becomes a free agent on 1 July. Either way, Wood will have to want to go to Minnesota. I don't know many NBA players volunteering to got to Minnesota. I don't even think Dallas can S&T Wood for KAT with Dallas being a luxury tax payer.

Kings will throw more than $7 mil at Thybulle.

Just so we are clear, that 2nd round pick is a 2030 second because Dallas currently does not have any second rounders to trade.

After all this, Dallas would be in the luxury tax and only have 10 players under contract. How did it work for the Lakers filling out rosters with vet mins?

2.) 04 Mar 2023
04 Mar 2023 02:14:30
This is just the newest profile of Dalcon. Ringing. DDrainr_r.

3.) 04 Mar 2023
04 Mar 2023 02:37:44
Hardy and a 2nd for Jones

Bwahahahaha. Yeah right.

4.) 04 Mar 2023
04 Mar 2023 19:32:30
Remember Hardaway for Drummond trades? Feels like so long ago.

5.) 05 Mar 2023
05 Mar 2023 20:23:12
At that minimal amount, Portland would undoubtedly match Thybulle.

6.) 06 Mar 2023
06 Mar 2023 10:34:32
Doncic to Nuggets for 3x imaginary 1st, 3x imaginary swap & all the Nuggets bench.