02 Jul 2018 13:58:41
A few Love trades

The Cavs get Mahimi, Brown and a 2019 1st

Washington gets Love

The Cavs get Turner, Leonard, Swanigan, Simons, the Portland 2019 1st and 2nd

Portland gets Love and KorverKorver

The Cavs get the Thunder 2020, the Houston 2020 (guessing on both picks that are tradable), Houston 2nd and Thunder 2nd Anderson, Huestis, Qi and Brown

The Rockets get Melo

The Thunder get Love

4. The Cavs get Wes Mathews, Finney Smith, and a 2021 1st top 5 protected

The Mavs get Love

5 the Cavs get Hart, Zubac, Deng, 2 Lakers 1sts

The Pelicans get Love

The Lakers get Cousins and Korver

6 the Cavs get Parker 1 years 24 million per with a 2nd year team option

The Bucks get Love and Korver

The Cavs get the Heat 2021? pick, the Philly 2019 and 21, 3 Philly 2nds Williams and Batum

The Spurs get Love, Walker, Bayless(exp) Smith(Buyout) and Convinton

The Hornets get Saric

Philly gets Green, Korver, Nance, and Leonard

1.) 02 Jul 2018
02 Jul 2018 14:10:04
I'd look for cavs deadline deals. Blazers have no interest in love. There is no win now mode when you get swept out of the first round 2 of 3 postseasons.

2.) 02 Jul 2018
02 Jul 2018 16:24:21
Just throwing some different ideas out there seeing what's plausible.

3.) 02 Jul 2018
02 Jul 2018 17:14:44
I believe the Bucks would pass. No need for Love, and Milwaukee currently has 11 Guards. (PG, PG/ SG, SG/ SF) So, Korver also wouldn't be needed.

4.) 03 Jul 2018
03 Jul 2018 12:50:50
i like the idea of the hou-okc one, but hou is overpaying with picks even with dumping andersen.
the boogie deal is great for la, but love+miro+ad sounds messy, pels should be pursuing wings.
the hornets/ spurs blockbuster overcompensates cavs and screws char.

5.) 03 Jul 2018
03 Jul 2018 17:33:18
I really like the one for the sixers. Idk how the other teams would feel about it, but the sixers would be all over it.