09 Nov 2020 20:46:16
Portland fit...Kelly Oubre...

Let go of unrestricted free agents to get around Luxury tax cap restrictions, then..

Phoenix: Trevor Ariza, Zach Collins, 2020 1st round pick

Portland: Kelly Oubre, 2nd round pick

1.) 10 Nov 2020
10 Nov 2020 00:17:53
I think it would need to be Little or Simons, not Collins.

2.) 10 Nov 2020
10 Nov 2020 01:07:38
Suns should jump in that if they don’t want to pay over next summer. Collins becomes their starting of and the pick can be cheap bench player or suns trade their puck and that puck to move up.

3.) 10 Nov 2020
10 Nov 2020 04:28:07


4.) 10 Nov 2020
10 Nov 2020 04:32:58
I wouldn't give both Collins and first round pick for one year of oubre.

5.) 10 Nov 2020
10 Nov 2020 06:20:40
Ca, compensation is going the wrong way in your trade. Wiggins doesn’t have positive value on that contract. Drummond is expiring.

6.) 10 Nov 2020
10 Nov 2020 06:22:16
Phoenix scored trading atiza for Oubre no way we'd go back and get him back. Aging inconsistent and no way. Oubre will get us another top 5 pick or he's staying. 20pts a game.

7.) 10 Nov 2020
10 Nov 2020 13:30:59
Why in Gods name do people actually think Wiggins adds value based on his contract?

I stand by that it takes the #2 pick to move him...and GS can't make any substantial trades and keep their core without moving Wiggins

8.) 11 Nov 2020
11 Nov 2020 21:05:46
DAC: like I said a few days ago, the last time Wiggins was moved, it was him and a first for a borderline all star. The idea that it takes the #2 pick to unload him is ridiculous.