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25 Jul 2021 18:54:58
The 76ers get Beal and Rozier

The Lakers get Westbrook

The Hornets get Allen, Caruso and Houston's 22 2nd via Cleveland

The Cavs get Simmons, Curry and Bertans

The Wiz get Harrell, Kuzma, Schroeder, Okoro, Love, Maxey, the 11 via Hornet, the 28 via Philly, the Cavs 22 1st, the Cavs 24 1st and Philly's 27 ( plus save 10 million)

The Lakers give up the salaries that they have to, if they want Westbrook. I don't particularly like the idea of Westbrook for the Lakers, but they definitely need another creator and the rumor seems to have legs.

The 6ers new starting 5 makes a ton of sense and it probably gives them a chance to win a title.

Simmons and Mobley make Sexland land viable defensively and you end up with a team where almost everyone can pass and put it on the floor.

The Wiz get a ton for Beal and Westbrook, while also cleaning up their cap.

The Hornets get their center and a better fit at back up guard .


1.) 25 Jul 2021 19:57:29
Hard pass from the Wizards, no one wants Love’s contract.

2.) 25 Jul 2021 22:42:27
So Schroder wants to play in Washington?
And Caruso wants to go to Charlotte?
Actually I guess Schroder might want to go to Washington because the only way to sign and trade him there for Westbrook would be for Washington to agree to a huge overpay because you could not combine Harrell's or Kuzma's or anyone else's salary with Schroder's.
It's just as well you don't like the Westbrook fit with the Lakers, because the salary cap manouvering that would have to done would be near impossible and would leave no opportunity to build a respectable lineup around the big 3.

3.) 26 Jul 2021 03:09:03
Windrapsfan, actually you can combined salaries in sign and trades now. The rule was changed at some point ( I assume in the last CBA) .

Schroeder wants to get paid. I’m not sure how many teams are willing to pay him what he wants. Caruso is less likely, but same idea with the money.

Casual, they’re getting a ton and are in a complete rebuild. Their books are almost totally cleaner in 2 years and they get off of Bertans 4 year deal.

4.) 26 Jul 2021 04:47:23
@windrapsfan. Upon further researching, Rkenne is correct. See Durant (S&T) + pick for DLo (S&T), Graham and Napier as an example.

5.) 26 Jul 2021 14:14:33
@Fredman - 2 players being signed can be traded for each other, but you can't sign a player and then package him with another player to match salaries in a trade.
Durant and Russell's salaries were close enough to satisfy CBA rules for the transaction, and a pick was added to sweeten the deal, but there wasn't any other player included to balance the salaries.
I often see reports of S&Ts including extra players, but when you look at the actual transactions that were approved the S&T player is always traded alone in a deal that meets the CBA, and then sweeteners are added in side deal or deals.
If you go back and look at S&T deals as announced on the NBA official site they always show the breakdowns.

6.) 26 Jul 2021 15:31:20
BIG NO from the Cavs!



28 Jun 2021 14:27:05
The Cavs get Brown, Smart, Thompson, and Covington.

The Celtics get Lilliard, Nurkic and Prince.

The Blazers get Love, Sexton Windler, Nesmith, Williams, the Celtics 22 and 28 1st, the Cavs 22, 24 and 26 1sts, the Houston 22 2nd via Cleveland and save 17 millions dollars getting them out of the luxury tax.

The Cavs end up with a really good defensive team. The offense goes as far as Garland, Green (likely) and Brown can take it.

The Celtics have the two guys that you need to win a title. Now they just need to build our around it.

The Blazers get a haul and kind of short the Cavs. The Cavs are messy, Green isn't a sure thing, Garland is injury prone and Brown may not be happy in Cleveland. Those could be interesting picks.


1.) 28 Jun 2021 14:58:42
Blazers gm gives you a concussion after he throws a chair at you. Make sure you Skype him the offer. Your trading Twinkies for tough guys.

2.) 28 Jun 2021 15:29:09
Boston and Lillard are not a good match.

3.) 28 Jun 2021 18:45:16
This one kinda had a RingRing feel to it.

4.) 28 Jun 2021 18:51:37
NO! From the Cavs. 12 Players, picks, too many parts to this nightmare.



26 Jun 2021 20:50:28
The Cavs get Harris, Ross, Hampton, 5 and 8

The Magic get Love, Windler, 3, the Cavs 22 1st top 10 protected and Houston's 22 2nd


1.) 27 Jun 2021 02:31:37
Magic say no they’re not going to give up Hampton @ all and not going to take Kevin Love contract neither I rather keep 5 pick and 8 pick

Call Thunder they’ll willing to take Kevin Love contract if Koby Altman want to get finesse by Sam Presti lmao 🤣.

2.) 27 Jun 2021 23:30:01
Horrible for the Cavs.



22 May 2021 22:51:34
The Cavs get KP, Brunson and Richardson

The Mavs get Love, Sexton, Osman and 2 2nds


1.) 23 May 2021 03:09:30
i don't like it for the mavs.

2.) 23 May 2021 03:12:36
This is pretty bad for Cle. KP is injury prone and the other two pieces aren't that appealing. Sexton is worth way more than this.

3.) 23 May 2021 16:57:38
I like this for dallas
not sue cleveland xould do this.



28 Apr 2021 20:42:57
The Rockets get Gordon, Augustine and House

The Rockets get Love and the Cavs 22 1st top 5 protected


1.) 28 Apr 2021 21:26:21
So Cleveland is salary dumping Love next season by taking on Gordon's longer contract?

2.) 28 Apr 2021 22:39:16
The Cavs can just buy out Love. They don't need to give up a lightly protected first in the middle of the rebuild. That's dumb.

3.) 28 Apr 2021 23:25:38
Why from the Cavs? They're rebuilding. Also, looks like too much for Love, even with the first.

4.) 29 Apr 2021 05:11:15
Md make better trades then this.

5.) 29 Apr 2021 15:00:18
Fred, Gordon's contract is more team friendly than Loves. Augustine and House have tradable they can move if they choose go that route.

6.) 29 Apr 2021 19:04:32
Cavs only give up a pick if they getting a player on a rookie contract they like not to trade love and still not make playoffs.

7.) 29 Apr 2021 20:40:56
The Cavs get out of Love without losing the production. Gordon gives them a good offensive that can help the young guys and help give them space. Maybe that’s too good of a pick though. House is a cheap 3 and D wing. Augustine is a back up pg, which they need. They want to chase a play in spot.

8.) 30 Apr 2021 01:21:35
For all that they don't Need to get out love contract.




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05 Jun 2021 15:02:41
What teams do you think will be the most active buyers and sellers this offseason?


1.) 06 Jun 2021 00:14:30
Definitely Lakers as active buyer. Probably the last good season for Lebron is next year.

2.) 06 Jun 2021 05:30:29

3.) 06 Jun 2021 14:11:38
Portland seems like they’re ready for big changes.

4.) 06 Jun 2021 14:25:21
USA- what cap space do lakers have to buy with? Signing their own free agents puts them over the cap.

5.) 06 Jun 2021 20:15:30
Shill, aka number one Laker hater, no matter what, they will find ways to get "better" this offseason.

6.) 06 Jun 2021 22:38:18
Shiller, I think USA is thinking of not resigning Schroeder but maintain cap holds on Caruso and Horton-Tucker which puts them at $131 considering guaranteed 1st rounder salary, Deng's salary and roster spot cap holds. So they are $5 mil short of the LUXURY cap level.

So the Lakers can only BUY players with their exceptions.

7.) 07 Jun 2021 02:37:24
Shiller they can s&t players like Dennis and Harrell. Trade Kuzma.

8.) 07 Jun 2021 04:10:55
Chicago. Marc Eversley and Arturas Karnisova have a lot to prove. They have a lot of moveable pieces, 2 all stars under contract, decent cap space and flexibility and if their lottery pick falls in the top 4. they keep their pick. With Vooch and Zach Lavine already on the books a lot of players are going to take meetings in chicago.

9.) 07 Jun 2021 11:05:06
Seriously doubt teams are interested in S&Ting for Shroeder or Harrel.

Also, who are you adding with that matches Kuzma's $13 mil in salary?

10.) 07 Jun 2021 20:44:57
Look for NYK to be very active.

Then possibly OKC.

Boston would probably like to deal Walker for Horford or Porzingis.

11.) 07 Jun 2021 21:24:37
Nba16- they can yes but only if players agree and Kuz new deal starting so his production doesn’t match value.



11 Mar 2021 23:02:51
Who are the 3 best players that you think will be dealt before the deadline?


1.) 12 Mar 2021 01:13:55
Because of the buyout market, I do not think there will be many deadline trades. AKA less buyers.

Why trade when you may get Oladipo, Drummond, LMA, Fournier for the vet minimum?

2.) 12 Mar 2021 03:25:48
Via trade, my opinion is Vooch, Oladipo, Lonzo.

3.) 12 Mar 2021 15:17:41
JJ redddick, Aaron Gordon and derozan.



24 Feb 2021 00:54:18
Went through two mock trade deadlines with the Cavs and the first one, I just moved Drummond for bad salary and a first.

So the second one, I decided to go big.

The Cavs end roster
Klay Thompson/ 2nd best holiday brother
Aaron Gordon/Nance
Allen/ Looney

21, 3, and 25 1sts are gone. Have Orlando 21 2nd.


1.) 24 Feb 2021 12:13:11
How did you - wow.

2.) 24 Feb 2021 16:54:48
I added Dwayne Bacon for a second too, if that helps :) .

Probably not the moves I’d hope for the Cavs in real life in the second one. I just wanted to see exactly what I could build.
I wanted to break up the back court and was randomly offered Klay for Sexton and Drummond. I wasn’t doing that, but they offered to take Love.
I shopped the 21 1st with Drummond and the best offer was Fournier and Gordon, so I took it.
I got Holiday, Mconnell and McDermott for my 23 1st and Windler.
Then McCollum became available, so I offered Fournier, Okoro, McDermott and a 25 1st and apparently that was the best offer.

3.) 24 Feb 2021 17:48:42
Nice job!

4.) 24 Feb 2021 18:25:00
Second round or bust in 22. If it could stay healthy, it’d be a fun team. Garland has some Dame and Curry in him. If by some miracle. I feel like I’m picking 2 of the young guys and putting the perfect pieces around them to let them succeed. While also adding 2 potential allstars, a good starter and a bench that makes sense around 3 potentially great offensive players. If Garland pops (or Allen maybe too as like a Gobert type), you maybe can be a real contender. Probably, not anytime soon would they be a real contender, but they preach winning culture and that’s a lot of winners and smart players.



20 Feb 2021 21:27:05
What is a fair return for Kyle Lowry?


1.) 21 Feb 2021 02:24:12
My guess is either another big exp contract + 1st or if they choose to absorb a big contract with multiple years then they will also receive prospects with a 1st.

2.) 21 Feb 2021 02:26:32
Example imo

76ers get Lowry
Raptors get Harris Joe and 1st.

3.) 21 Feb 2021 04:21:33
NBA16 I think you forgot the season started.

4.) 21 Feb 2021 16:46:54
I think what NBA proposed is good value.

5.) 22 Feb 2021 01:42:55
Sixers are trading an all star talent in Harris and a 1st for Lowry? Don’t think so. Maybe before the season

6.) 22 Feb 2021 05:31:17
I’ll put my money on Tobias not making the all star game.

7.) 22 Feb 2021 14:10:05
Tobias is a little overpaid, but he's a good player.

8.) 23 Feb 2021 18:15:34
Did I say he was going to make the all star team? If Doc is the coach he has a chance to make it tbh but I just said he’s an all star talent. Either way the trade you proposed will never happen. Sixers aren’t trading Tobi he’s having a great year

9.) 23 Feb 2021 19:42:51
Can enjoy paying 35+ mil for this year and 2 more years for a 3rd “star”.

10.) 23 Feb 2021 23:47:34
Every “third star” gets their numbers reduced. Love, Bosh etc all made the same money. They are 1st in the east seems to be working but keep hating.



11 Feb 2021 19:52:42
What's the minimum you'd take for KAT before the trade deadline given that your pick isn't yours?


1.) 11 Feb 2021 21:39:09
Minny's pick is top 3 protected so they still may get their pick.

2.) 11 Feb 2021 22:06:41
Sure, but you’re not likely to get it, even if you are a bottom 3 team and the bottom 3 teams have the same odds. 4-6 aren’t far behind.

3.) 12 Feb 2021 00:01:41
Trade to gsw for their pick Wiggins and two other first.

4.) 12 Feb 2021 06:13:37
I don't lnow why but I am seeing New Orleans saying Adams + Lakers picks and swaps.

5.) 12 Feb 2021 12:33:16
Fred, that won't really help them contend imo.

6.) 12 Feb 2021 13:49:00
Ingram, Zion, and Towns can’t contend? If Zion becomes who he seems like he’s becoming, that’s a great team. Light on interior defense, but unstoppable offensively.

7.) 12 Feb 2021 20:20:51
I think it would be interesting because that means the Pelicans have turned Anthony Davis into Brandon Ingram and KAT.

8.) 13 Feb 2021 00:34:06
I say there pick back which would be excellent plus all the picks warriors can give along with paschal wisemen and wiggins.

9.) 14 Feb 2021 21:33:32
You think the Pelicans get Kat for Adams and pick 28 and another pick 28 dude you are a super low baller I see why you never post and look up every trade to talk junk your a clown.

10.) 15 Feb 2021 03:19:26
ll, the Pelicans have the second most tradable picks in the league.

11.) 15 Feb 2021 21:03:17
Ken that has nothing to do with kat for adams and 2 picks. I take the pick the warriors get from minny over all the picks pelicans have.




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16 Aug 2021 19:55:48
I don’t see it for the Cavs. Levert can’t shoot and is always injured. Sexton for Levert is debatable, throwing in Nance is an overpay.




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08 Aug 2021 17:25:48
Maybe, if you take out Cooper and Nance, the Cavs would do it.

Why for Atlanta though? They’ll have to pay him and the defense would be rough. They’d be fun offensively though.




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08 Aug 2021 17:22:27
I think the Cavs would do it. They’re desperate for a wing that can shoot. They struck out on like 5 guys. It was their biggest need probably and they traded their best shooting wing (Prince) for Rubio.




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08 Aug 2021 13:07:57
Cavs pass. 0 percent chance that the Cavs trade Nance for another role player. Especially one that isn’t a good a good shooter.




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07 Aug 2021 11:43:28
Maybe if it were Sexton rather than Garland.





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31 Jul 2021 08:39:31
Yeah, I saw a cap expert on Twitter talking about it and heard someone that should know cap mechanics (maybe Bobby marks? ) mention something about it. I also was trying to find the line in the cba a while back. It used to be there and I couldn’t find it.




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05 Jul 2021 02:05:46
Fredman, I think you can make it work, if you have Okoro, Nance, Mobley and Allen around them. Sexton’s play making needs to continue to improve though. He’s going to have to be the back up pg for it to work. He did make strides this year though.




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28 Jun 2021 14:56:20
Yeah, you don’t want to touch Isaac, he’s fragile.




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08 Jun 2021 11:59:56
He’s really good.




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25 Apr 2021 16:44:27
They Lakers have nothing close to enough to trade for him.