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19 May 2019 16:05:14
The Cavs get J Johnson, the 13th pick and a 2nd

The Heat get Smith(waive save 10 million) and the 26th


1.) 19 May 2019 18:03:04
Johnson talent alone should land Smith. Sub in anderson for Smith maybe u have a deal.

2.) 19 May 2019 18:54:07
Johnson contract has 2 years left so that be better for Mia then giving the Cavs expiring contract in Anderson.

3.) 19 May 2019 19:30:22
He’s a 31 year old back up pf making 15 million dollars. What are you talking about?



18 May 2019 19:41:25
The Cavs apparently are looking to trade up to 3 and there aren't many paths to doing it. What about this?

The Cavs get Hill, Thomas and the 3rd pick

The Knicks get Moore, Davis, and the 26th

The Pelicans get Jr Smith(waive and save 11 million), Zizic, DSJ, Ntilikina, Robinson, Trier, Knox, the 5th pick, the Knicks 2020, and the Dallas 2021


1.) 18 May 2019 21:18:21
Those Knicks players are bottom of the rotation at best and hold little value.

2.) 18 May 2019 22:23:59
Supercollider knowone respects your opinion anymore bc you are a hypocrite. 1 day you value Smithjr and when he gets traded to knicks he has zero value.

3.) 18 May 2019 22:25:00
Pelicans don't want Knox.

4.) 19 May 2019 03:22:44
Think pelicans would want to pair zion and barret.



12 May 2019 14:41:51
The Thunder get Williams, Zeller, Batum and Monk

The Hornets get Adams, Roberson (expiring), Patterson(expiring), Ferguson, Diallo, and save 12 million.




11 May 2019 23:30:48
If Irving walks

Boston gets Adams, Roberson, Grant, Patterson(expiring), Ferguson, a 2024 OKC 1st unprotected and saves 10 million next year

OKC gets Horford and Hayward


1.) 12 May 2019 00:49:52
Boston doesn't need average players. Celtics need stars.

2.) 12 May 2019 01:13:24
If Irving walks it’s a rebuild.

3.) 12 May 2019 03:13:35
Rozier, Brown, Tatum, Hayward, Horford, smart and a load of firsts doesn’t feel like they need to rebuild.

4.) 12 May 2019 04:10:47
Likely not rkenne, they would still have enough veteran and young talent, along with trade assets, to make a few moves and stay in contention.

5.) 12 May 2019 04:26:38
If Irving walks they will re-sign Rozier and go with the team that done well in the 2018 playoffs when Irving was injured.

6.) 12 May 2019 08:33:07
They will still make a deal for AD. Not sure they will resign Rozier, especially at the kind of money he is looking for.

7.) 12 May 2019 13:59:12
Rozier is going to get about the same amount as Smart got. Demand for starting PGs throughout the league is pretty low and I am not sure Rozier can move the needle by himself.

8.) 13 May 2019 15:44:17
If Irving is gone and they bring back Rozier, I don't think they need to do break it down, even if there's no other trades. That team tends to play the way Brad wants them to, and that's huge.

I really think there was a bit of contention this year with Stevens not being able to do what he wanted to do. In years past he's been very Popovich-like in the fact that his coaching was as important as the players execution, and the players knew it and bought in no matter how talented they were.

I think, for example, if any of the players in the past acted the way Kyrie did in the Bucks series they probably wouldn't have seen the floor in Game 5, but front office types had basically told Stevens not to annoy Kyrie over the course of the season and it ate at the team from the inside out.

With him gone, hopefully the rest of the players will remember that buy in that almost got them to where they wanted to be last season and start anew, not continue the me-first garbage that ruined this season. That needs to be the main topic of all the exit interviews, and anyone who's not on board needs to be rotated out.

9.) 12 May 2019 01:48:47
Do this after the AD trade to add depth that was used in getting AD?



08 May 2019 15:26:39
Obviously post trade both teams would need to make another move or two to maximize their teams, but what about

Jamal Murray for Ben Simmons.

The Nuggets make another move or two to add some more shooting afterward. The 76ers do everything they can to keep Harris and Butler plus try to add someone like Beverly that can be another secondary facilitator, shoot and defend.


1.) 08 May 2019 16:13:26
Let's face it Simmons is a good reg. Season player, and a below avg post season player. The guy disappears way to often. Murray seems to get better as the stakes get higher. Take away being the #1 pick and all the hype and Simmons is nothing more than a role player.

2.) 08 May 2019 16:55:13
I wouldn't trade Murray for Simmons. Murray has all the tools to be as good as any PG in the NBA.

That said, calling Simmons a role player is not true at all. He's a 22 year old, 6'10, point guard all star in his second year. He's only going to get better. 17/ 9/ 8, PER of 20, and a solid defender. None of that screams role player. It says he's young. Maybe (likely) he never turns into a #1 option, but how many of those are there in the NBA? Being a second or third option isn't a horrible thing.

3.) 08 May 2019 17:44:38
Rkeene- how does that trade help Denver? isn't a younger cheaper version of Simmons on their roster in mpj?

4.) 08 May 2019 18:51:31
I don’t see Murray as a top flight pg in the NBA. He’s more of a combo that needs protected on the defensive end. So does Jokic. There fatal flaw is going to be playing teams like the Rockets and Warriors that are just going to force both guys to defend on the perimeter. Now, if you have the right personnel, you can protect one of them, but they can’t protect both and with Millsap on the decline, they don’t have the switchable defenders they need. Throw in Simmons and that’s no longer a problem. He’s the defender they need and with Jokic, they can utilize Simmons cutting, utilized his transition ability, let him stay inside to get offensive boards, and they don’t need his spacing. He also takes a lot of pressure off of Jokic to create everything for everyone else.

Murray can create his own offense, play on and off ball, the Sixers have guys to protect him, he fits with Embiid, and he’s the 1 on 1 offensive player that they need.

5.) 09 May 2019 13:35:45
Why would you take the ball out of Jokic's hands and put it in Simmons hands?




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13 May 2019 15:56:34
I can't believe that I'm living in a world where the Cavs make a legitimately good coaching hire and the coach has spurned NBA advances for the past few years. While the Lakers get two guys that Orlando and Milwaukee threw in the trash after they failed miserably.


1.) 13 May 2019 21:51:10
Welcome to an age where large/ small market means less than the quality of your owner and FO.

And that is why the Clippers will surpass the Lakers soon. Clippers have the better owner, better FO with Jerry West and better head coach.

2.) 13 May 2019 23:45:43
Maybe they brought Kidd in to help develop Ball. Didn’t they choose to not hire Lue over Kidd being on staff or was it just the contract part?

3.) 14 May 2019 01:46:00
They offered him Lue a below market deal and demanded that Kidd be on staff. Lue basically told them to kick rocks.

4.) 14 May 2019 04:12:51
A little bit of both, but Lue felt he deserved a 5 year deal. And he was right.

5.) 14 May 2019 20:01:35
I can’t believe the richest team in the NBA is lowballing coaches. It’s insane. I wonder if the inherent personality of Pelinka to play extreme agent style hardball is hurting them.

6.) 15 May 2019 01:09:15
I mean it’s an honor and a privilege to coach for the Knicks. The coaches should be paying them! ’.

7.) 17 May 2019 20:00:08
I think Phil Jackson doesn't want Lebron on the Lakers and Jeanni Buss doesn't know anything about the basketball side of building a team. She has been on the business side her whole career which means she knows how to sell the Lakers to ticket holders, sponsors and TV. She knows the Lakers need a star (Lebron) to sell. However, she is listening to unproven people to try to serve 2 masters (be competitive with a star and developing the next young star) .



21 Apr 2019 12:23:45
Let's say the Suns end up with the 1st overall pick and your favorite team ends up at 2, we'll also assume the reports about the Suns liking Morant over Zion are true, what would you be ok with your team giving up to get Zion?


1.) 21 Apr 2019 14:02:04
A young player and a future 1st protected.

2.) 21 Apr 2019 14:04:50
I don't think the Suns would pass on ZW.

3.) 21 Apr 2019 18:19:22
A couple articles have came out the past few days that Phoenix would rather have Morant than Zion. I don’t see what putting a rumor like that would do for Phoenix unless they are trying to make it clear that if they get the first pick they’re willing to trade it.

4.) 22 Apr 2019 04:17:45
Jerry West said ZW is a guy you don't pass on. I tend to agree. If he is uninjured, and gets better, he will be a star for the next 10 years easy. A truly monster deal. Something stupid, that never works out for the guy who gives up the most could happen. Never know.



17 Apr 2019 02:53:17
If you had to start a team with the players and assets of any non playoff team, which would it be?


1.) 17 Apr 2019 08:56:21
I think it has to be either the suns, hawks, or Knicks. Suns have the most talent on the roster of all the non playoff teams and they all their future picks. Next year they'll have Booker, Ayton, and most likely either Zion, morant, or Barrett. The hawks have two solid pieces in Trae and Collins and they have 2 top 10 picks this year, all their future picks, and two other 1st rounders. Knicks have all their 1st rounders, also two from the mavs, cap space, and are a major free agent destination.

2.) 17 Apr 2019 08:56:24
Bulls, Kings, Heat, Hawks, Lakers are all a pretty good place to start I think. PHX should be loaded up pretty good next season too.

3.) 17 Apr 2019 13:28:57
Kings look the most playoff ready. Lakers would be as well if they could resolve all the FO and ownership drama. Hawks would be my third choice if they hit with upcoming draft picks.

4.) 17 Apr 2019 15:16:09
Dallss has 2 young guys and a max spot open. Knicks are the best choice with cap space and picks.

5.) 17 Apr 2019 16:16:03
Shiller, Fizdale and Dolan will hold the Knicks back.

6.) 17 Apr 2019 19:58:37
NOP, if Davis sticks around!



28 Mar 2019 01:11:31
If you're Washington and a team is willing to take on Wall for expirings, if you give up your current first, How high would the pick need to be for you to say no?


1.) 28 Mar 2019 04:29:28
I wouldn't trade wall for expiring contracts. I wait till healthy then decide and rebuild on the way.

2.) 28 Mar 2019 04:33:50
Top 5. Wall still has prime years left, he was a better defender than lillard or walker, and scores pretty well too. The cap at 118, and luxury at 143 will make Walls deal seem alright in a couple years, so the Pick needs to be good.

3.) 28 Mar 2019 18:06:00
Wall got numbers but can't shoot and is way overpaid.

4.) 28 Mar 2019 21:10:23
We don’t know if Wall will even be good when he gets back. He could legitimately be awful and he has 5 years left on his contract with the last one being over 50 million dollars. There’s a chance you’re paying a low end starting pg or back up pg 50 million dollars. You have Beal just coming into his prime and with like 2 years left on his deal. If you don’t go full rebuild, you need to get off Wall, if you can. I’d personally think about it at 2 and would definitely do it at 4.

5.) 28 Mar 2019 22:04:37
Wall is not a backup.

6.) 29 Mar 2019 03:36:17
He could aim for highest salaried player to ever win the 6th man award.

7.) 29 Mar 2019 15:32:38
:-) :-) :-)

8.) 29 Mar 2019 17:31:40
NBA16, he just suffered one of the worst injuries possible for a basketball player and his game is dependent on his athleticism. You could be looking at a player that struggles to get to the rim, can’t finish at a high level, gets torched on defense, can’t shoot, and has diminished passing ability given the lack of attention defenders need to pay with him. He also plays the most stacked position in the game. People hated the contract before he tore his Achilles.

9.) 29 Mar 2019 20:45:05
It was a torn Achilles, but under strange circumstances, at home slipping in the shower, right after bone spur surgery in or near the same area? Not in a game though under high physical stress loads. I'm optimistic his return is equal, or better than Cousins. Mathews looks great, but it did take a couple, and a half seasons for him to recover fully. Mathews was a far more severe injury than Wall's from my understanding. It's definitely a 50/ 50 ball, and his 3 shooting needs to improve.

10.) 30 Mar 2019 13:23:24
Jorga. Cousins uses power or footwork. Wall uses speed. Big difference.

11.) 30 Mar 2019 16:04:26
That's why I listed Mathews too. To cover all the bases. Obviously you missed that, by mistake I'm sure.



13 Mar 2019 14:24:23
We know with the raise in cap again and the last set off bad contracts coming off the books that this offseason is set up for a lot of teams to overpay some guys. Who do you think are the leading candidates to be the next Noah, Mozgov, Deng and etc.?


1.) 13 Mar 2019 15:01:04
T ross

2.) 13 Mar 2019 15:59:14
Rozier definitely feels like the #1 candidate.

Vocevic might get overpaid, but at least he's an all star.

Jake Layman could get a stupid contract (Allen Crabbe 2.0) the way he's played the last couple months.

3.) 13 Mar 2019 17:15:21
Middleton getting a Max deal paying him more than Giannis. He isn't a max player, which is usually how Mozgov, Parsons, Batum deals begin.

4.) 13 Mar 2019 19:48:04
Well, Giannis is the most underpaid player in the NBA. You can't compare a new contract to Giannis' contract, because he wasn't a star before he signed that extension, and it was his second deal, which doesn't top out incredibly high.

Middleton is certainly miles ahead of Mozgov and Batum. Parsons might be a good comparison, but if 100% healthy, I think Parsons' contract isn't bad. Same with with Gallinari. All 3 are similar players to McCollum as well (ignoring health issues) . They're all good 2nd or 3rd options. Max money is a slight overpay, but not egregious.

5.) 13 Mar 2019 20:45:15
Agree with almost all of these. In particular I like the Terence Ross call. He’s a guy that I never would have though of, but I can see him getting way to much money.
I’d be fine with Middleton as a max guy though. He’s probably not worth max, but he’s close to worth it and it makes sense for the Bucks to just give it to him rather than risk it.

I could see Brogdon and Bledsoe both being over paid by a ton. I could see Bledsoe in particular getting close to the max and then declining and dealing with injuries.

6.) 13 Mar 2019 22:13:20
Bledsoe only got 4 years 70 million already. A small overpay, but not terrible.

7.) 14 Mar 2019 00:05:14
I forgot he signed the extension and yeah, it could have been worse.

8.) 14 Mar 2019 02:16:29
Middleton is a very similar player to Batum. They play in different systems. Middleton has disappear games offensively the same way as Batum, O. Porter, but like Batum the other areas of the game he contributes to are meaningful. The question was who will get an overpaid contract, and I have read a lot of folks sayin on here that Middleton will start at 36 million! That is absurd to me. How can bledsoe only get 15-20? I would view Middleton at 36 million a good starting place for a bad contract.

9.) 14 Mar 2019 08:15:13
Middleton is overpaid, if you look to his contract.
But he fits the Bucks system and they can't get a better alternative in free agency. And this signing could keep Giannis happy. (Losing Middleton would bring Milwaukee in the same possition as New Orleans and Davis)
So i don't think it's an overpay, if he can stay healty.

10.) 14 Mar 2019 12:43:28
Middleton makes 13 million and he is overpaid? 36 million dollars is about 12-14 million higher than what his #'s say he is worth by comparison to other player salaries that do the same. The Bucks aren't going to have to pay more than anyone else to keep him either. The Bucks have arrived, people love them. Players too.

11.) 14 Mar 2019 17:47:56
You can be the best team in the NBA regular season with Middleton as your second best player. That is confirmed. I wouldn't let him walk if I'm the Bucks if he demands max. Especially if they make the finals. If they flame out in the second round, yeah maybe.

If I'm the Hawks and have a max slot? Yeah, no possible way I'd pay Middleton that much.

Sometimes you pay to keep your team together. This is one of those cases.

12.) 14 Mar 2019 18:10:44
Dont think Rozier will get "over paid". The market for PG is real soft with less than 5 teams looking for an upgrade at that position and one of them having a shot at draft Ja Morant. Orlando can also be out of the market if Fultz comes around.




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19 May 2019 23:28:39
Supercollider, no, they’re going to give up more.




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19 May 2019 22:24:15
He shot sub 50 percent on free throws. Lonzo’s shot is beyond fixing.




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19 May 2019 20:36:02
If the Bulls want a pass first defensive point guard that can’t shoot, they should look into Kris Dunn or MCW.




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19 May 2019 19:30:22
He’s a 31 year old back up pf making 15 million dollars. What are you talking about?




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19 May 2019 19:04:29
No one is giving up a top 3 pick for Lebron.





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