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08 Oct 2021 03:09:54
Phi gets Dragic, Levert, 1st from Tor
Tor gets Sabonis
Ind gets Simmons, Boucher 1st from Tor

Dragic/ Maxey

Van Fleet

Indy could play with a variety of lineups, but I think they need a reset and Simmons and Boucher and the 1st give them just that. Either way I think each teams future is brighter with these moves


1.) 08 Oct 2021 12:25:20
Beyond awful for Philly.

2.) 08 Oct 2021 12:39:34
Dragic, Boucher and 2 1sts for Sabonis? Not in a million years.



16 Sep 2020 19:00:00

Clips get Mike Conley, 2nd rd pick
Utah gets Paul George

Utah starts Mitchell at the point since he is a good facilitator as well, get a defensive player since they couldn't stop any guards/wings
Clips gets a true Point guard, can look to trade Beverly for some rim protection

For everyone so high on PG's trade value, it really is at an all time low. This is the third playoff team he's been on where he has shown 0. He also has the option to opt out of his contract after 1 more season, so it will be a gamble for whoever takes him. I think this is about his value, and if he gets traded it certainly won't be for a massive haul guaranteed.


1.) 16 Sep 2020 20:15:30
Not that low.

2.) 16 Sep 2020 20:48:49
Love this for the nuggets. Covington is an instant upgrade to Grant at the 4.

3.) 16 Sep 2020 21:05:28
Whoops wrong post lol.



12 Sep 2020 02:09:39

Phi get Holiday, JJ
NOP gets Horford, J Rich, Thybulle, Korkmaz, 21, future 1st

Would love to see these 2 former sixers back in Philly. Holidays shot creation and JJ's shooting would be perfect and gets Philly closer to last season, especially if they get development from the other 3 starters in anyway. NO gets guys more aligned with their timeline and future assets in exchange for taking on Horford, who could help Zion polish his game. Favors is off the books and they aren't realistically getting a big free agent, so just develop and horford can contribute




1.) 12 Sep 2020 05:31:37
I think it’s pretty decent value. J-Rich would start over Hart at the 2 tho.

2.) 12 Sep 2020 09:29:04
Yeah forgot to include him.



08 Sep 2020 20:02:08

Phi gets Lowry
Ind gets Harris, Milton, pick 21 Philly & 2nd from Philly, Toronto 1st
Tor gets Oladipo, Turner

Think each team benefits from this deal. Despite bad contract Harris fits well in Indy, Toronto gets younger and better. Philly gets 1 year of Lowry and hopefully can convince him to end his career in his hometown. Powell may need to go to Philly to make money work but not sure


1.) 08 Sep 2020 22:53:51
I think Toronto would prefer to cut indy out and take harris milton and 2 picks from philly. and then only if lowry says he wants to go home.

2.) 09 Sep 2020 04:51:02
wlndrapsfan I agree with you. they can keep fvv. they can use 2 draft picks very well. they are very good at finding talent and rasing them.



08 Sep 2020 19:35:31
Bucks get Ariza, Collins, Simons, Nurkic, Portland 1st 21 and 23
Portland gets Giannis



1.) 08 Sep 2020 20:02:35
Would the Bucks want Nurkic over McCollum?

Probably throw in whoever Portland picks with their pick this year too.

2.) 08 Sep 2020 21:10:28
Giannis has 1 year left. Going to be hard to get an established star type and future assets.

3.) 08 Sep 2020 23:05:38
Doesn’t matter how long is left on the contract because the dude is an mvp. Even if there is a less than 50% chance he resigns, it’s still worth the risk. Just look at the AD trade and Giannis is better than him.

4.) 09 Sep 2020 00:28:14
Sheee, if you can put Giannis and Dame together, you do it and figure the rest out. If you can keep Mcollum, it’s a no brainer.

5.) 09 Sep 2020 00:58:30
Giannis is not better than AD.

6.) 09 Sep 2020 01:06:29
You also just made my point. No established stars in AD trade. Ingram just had breakout year this year was 6 future assets. This trade is 4 and Nurkic, so maybe include 1 more pick.

7.) 09 Sep 2020 03:46:55
Giannis is unquestionably better than AD. How is he not? Better individual stats. Better team success as the lone star. Just better in every single way.

AD struggled to make the playoffs alone. Giannis made the conference finals at 24 without another real star.

8.) 09 Sep 2020 04:53:53
if you want giannis you have to pay the price. toronto trade for kawhi. they know that he would leave but they do it anyway. and they are champion.

9.) 09 Sep 2020 07:47:35
Giannis has better stats lol. So Westbrook is a top 5 player? Giannis just proves he can not win as the primary player. LeBron is currently running the offense through AD because he can get a shot at anytime in the game. Giannis has been in the East and has not beaten a quality team in the playoffs and cannot get a shot in the 4th quarter. This is not a hot take do your research. He would be bounced in the first-2nd round in the west just like AD was and AD’s teams have been much worse.




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02 Jul 2018 10:51:37
At this point I think the best bet for the Sixers is to stay away from Kawhi. If Lebron didn't go to the Lakers I would say that maybe a Paul George situation could've happened where they could keep him but now he is almost for sure a 1 year rental wherever he goes so I think he'll be traded for a weaker package now.

Sixers should keep looking to improve via trade they desperately need a guy who can create his shot from the perimeter.

I don't know if the Sixers would even be able to trade for Melo but I think it would be the worst move to try and acquire an asset or two from him like a 1st as this would be like over paying for JJ for 1 year and next years draft and free agent class projects to have good wings in it. Melo could also get more shots in philly. This is obviously like plan Z but I think it would be good move for a year.


1.) 02 Jul 2018 13:33:07
Tyreke Evans would be a good sixer.

2.) 02 Jul 2018 14:21:55
If you can get Leonard for 2 of Saric, Fultz and Covington plus either 2 philly 1sts or that Heat 1st do it. That's just 2 good a team to pass up. Looking into Love, Mcollum or Walker might not be a bad idea either. They need need more scoring and they have all the assets to get it.

3.) 02 Jul 2018 17:29:17
Lillard would be great. If blazers are smart they trade lillard not mccollum.



19 May 2018 07:45:09
Although all of this ridiculous Towns trades have started let it be clear that there are maybe 2 or 3 teams that can acquire him. The Celtics are one but no they are not trading Kyrie AND a brown/ Tatum that is just ridiculous. Let me know the last time Ainge made a trade like that and gave away a current star and a star in the making to get one star that does not have that much more value than Irving himself. So please stop thinking your favorite team can get Towns


1.) 20 May 2018 17:06:19
There are definitely only a few due to salary implications alone. Then they got to extract equal value beyond salary. Best thing is to settle their differences if this is more than a media blown out of proportion rumor. No, I wouldn't trade Irving for towns probably. If I did, it stops there. Brown and Tatum also is stupid. Especially after getting shut down by Capella in the playoffs. When does Irving get taken completely out of games?



24 Dec 2017 01:47:51
Trade that could really help the sixers

Sixers- Bayless
Any team that will take him- stock the vending machines in the locker room

Sixers instantly improve as they cut down on about 4 turnovers per game and about 6 missed 3s


1.) 24 Dec 2017 18:23:55
Yeah I’d get rid of him and try someone like Monty Ellis to help Simmons out for the rest of the year.



02 Jun 2017 17:41:04
76ers offseason

76ers trade #36 and Stauskas
Spurs trade Green and #29

PHI receives Noah, McCollum, #8
POR receives #3, Covington #39 via Sixers, future second from sixers
NYK receive #15, #46

Draft Jackson at 3, Ntilikana/ Smith at 8, and Josh Hart at 29

Ntilikana/ McConnel
McCollum/ Anderson/ Hart
Simmons/ Green
Saric/ Holmes
Embiid/ Noah


1.) 02 Jun 2017 18:29:48
Green is worth more than that. That's not enough to get the 8. I don't think the Knicks are super motivated to move Noah. I don't think there is much they can do with the cap space at this point that makes sense and if they're giving up McCollum Portland wants more. McCollum had a huge year and has made huge jumps the past 2 years. The is Sixers need to give up more.



23 Feb 2017 19:15:12
Colangelo sucks. He basically got the same value for Noel as he did with Ilyasova. A top 18 protected pick? There's no chance that happens so I don't know why that gets included in the deal he traded him for 2 second round picks. Noel is worth the money he's going to prove how good he is in Dallas. Colangelo belongs with the Kings we want Hinkie back he would've traded Okafor last year when he had some value or for the Pacers 1st round pick that's way better then 2 2nds what can you do with the 50 second round picks the Sixers have now?





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08 Oct 2021 02:48:55
So you think Sabonis Embiid and Harris fit on the floor together then?




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04 Sep 2021 13:02:46
One of the worst trades I’ve seen on here




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17 Jul 2021 00:34:43
When did Siakam become an All NBA player?




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28 Feb 2021 21:22:01
Still mocking Rivers to Sixers? When are people going to learn smh




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24 Feb 2021 15:53:27
Last trade I posted was like 6 months ago really going into the archives NBA16. The only package the Mavs might consider is the Kings I think they’re return for the other is not good. Still think it needs a 1st tho





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08 Feb 2022 22:28:23
Congrats on thinking your worthy of being a GM or an analyst lol. Man predicted a trade and you are still saying it’s not believable. Pelicans made a move giving up a nice player who won’t be a star in Hart for a guy that can win 5-10 games a year on his own. Sounds like they’re trying to be competitive so if Zion is healthy he won’t ask to leave




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09 Sep 2021 08:35:10
Bosh or Siakam?? Lmao




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14 Mar 2021 10:10:44
Where do you get your insight from?




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09 Mar 2021 16:37:45
Griffin over Kemp??? Someone needs to stop lighting spoons




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24 Feb 2021 04:34:01
Bam and Trae not snubs. Bam couldn’t hold the fort with Jimmy gone too long. Sucks Sabonis didn’t make it toss up between him and Vooch who has slightly better numbers but Sabonis is winning without 2 of their better players while magic stink so I probs would’ve given him the nod. For the other guys, with Beal getting in this year it kinda showed me you have to have 2 all star seasons before you get in unless you someone like Doncic lol so I think Fox gets next year