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12 Jul 2017 03:53:10
Rumors Pistons looking to deal Jackson to Pelicans.

Reggie Jackson for E'Twuan Moore and Alexis Ajinca.

I guess it makes sense for both sides. Pelicans need to take a chance to add talent and Holiday has size to play sg. Its risky with all the money Jackson is owed and Pelicans likely having to pay Cousins next offseason as well (They are also paying Asik and Hill decently sized contracts) so it would be sort of a bold move that could put them over luxury in near future.

For Pistons its all about getting rid of Jacksons contract. He didn't play that well for them so I don't think he'll be sorely missed especially with Ish Smith as a capable replacement. Pistons may have gotten out of paying KCP but they'll have to pay Bradley next season. The shooting guard slot is a little crowded for Moore but maybe they try and play him at backup pg which I believe he played some of earlier in his career.


1.) 12 Jul 2017 04:08:40
Pelicans would have to add a 2nd rd pick.

2.) 12 Jul 2017 14:33:12
I'm not adding a pick if I'm NOLA.



29 Jun 2017 04:29:11
Rockets: Holmes, Covington
76ers: Gordon

Rockets clear over 10 mill of cap space while getting two solid role players on dirt cheap contracts to help them rebuild their rotation. They are still young enough to possibly incorporate in a deal to try and get George but I don't see Rockets having what it takes to entice Pacers (should probably just try to work something around Anderson for Millsap)

76ers get a needed upgrade at shooting guard with a deadly shooter who is on a very reasonable contract for next 3 years.


1.) 29 Jun 2017 13:21:34
GOrdan isn't an upgrade over covington when you factor in things besides scoring.

2.) 29 Jun 2017 14:20:11
Doesnt make sense for sixers. Holmes is a high energy bigman who backs up Embiid nicely. Covington is the best wing defender on the team, by far. and both are young guys. Why give up 2 solid pieces of your rotation for Gordon? sixers got the cap space, just sign Redick.



21 Jun 2017 07:49:24
Clippers are looking to deal Jordan. Not sure what Clippers are looking for in return (I guess depends on how their offseason goes) but don't see them getting anything too great since most good teams don't have a need for a center, he'll be 29 in a month and he only has 1 year guaranteed left (player option for 18-19 which he'll probably opt out of to get one last big contract) .

Bucks get: Deandre Jordan
Clippers get: #17, Vaughn, Henson, Teletovic

Could swap Henson and Teletovic for Monroe if he opts in. This return would be decent if Clippers were aiming to rebuild.

Celtics get: DeAndre Jordan
Clippers get: Horford, Clippers 2019 1st, Boston 2018 1st

Boston needs a rebounder at center position and still keep cap space for Hayward and other moves. Clippers get draft picks including their own back and a versatile big that is signed a year longer than Jordan.

Bulls get: DeAndre Jordan
Clippers get: Lopez, Valentine and #16 pick

Bulls get an all-nba player to add to Butler and still have cap space to make a splash in FA. Could alternatively incorporate Wade if he opts in. Clippers get a solid pick and hometown solid starting big in Lopez and young prospect in Valentine.

Cavs get: Jordan
Clippers get: Thompson and Frye

Not sure if really makes Cavs better but Jordan is bigger force on interior and Clippers get a younger big that is signed 3 more years.

Wizards: Jordan
Clippers: Gortat and Bogdanovic (S&T)

Gortat is reportedly unhappy with Wizards so they upgrade on him while Clipper get two solid players in return.

Spurs and his hometown Rockets would also be good destinations but couldn't think of a trade that would really make sense for both sides (some of these are a stretch as is) .


1.) 21 Jun 2017 11:10:57
I think the clippers want pg. In that way they might keep cp3 and blake. Give the assets to indy.
If pg leaves in 2018 they still have cp3 and blake.
Think a firstrounder in the range 12-16 is enough because lakers can't offer much.

2.) 21 Jun 2017 13:52:19
I guess dealing Jordan would be a way for Clippers to get assets to get in the George sweepstakes. I'm just not sure Paul and Griffin would base their decision to return for multiple years or not on a guy who may only be a 1year rental. If anything its the other way around, if they are able to sign Paul and Griffin they could help Clippers to resign George if they traded Jordan for him in a 3 team trade.



19 Jun 2017 02:38:52
With George's most recent statement Pacers are big time losers and Lakers are winners. Personally I think Lakers should still consider trading for him for fear a contender acquires him and he loves it and decides to stay but Ingram, #2 pick, Russell are certainly out of the deal now (unless Pacers are willing to take both Deng and Mozgov's contract) .

I also think Lakers should move down in the draft since with George likely coming aboard there is no room for Jackson (who I believe to be the second best prospect) . They should trade with Phoenix at #4 who Jackson would be a very good fit with and at #4 Lakers can still get Fox or Ball.

What other pieces would it take for this trade to happen? I'm sure Phx would be willing to take on Mozgov or Deng's contracts but would that be enough for Lakers? Maybe Suns would take both but give Lakers back Dudley and Chandler or Knight who have decent sized contracts but not as much or as long as Deng and Mozgov and would be easier to move in subsequent deals.


1.) 19 Jun 2017 18:38:44
I wish the Pelicans could put together an package that Indiana would accept. While other teams have better assets to offer, the question is would they?

2.) 19 Jun 2017 21:26:40
I'm a Pacers fan and i would take Mozgov's and Deng's contract for the 2 pick.



08 Jun 2017 16:13:37
Denver builds a quality squad.

Get a starting point guard
Den: Bledsoe
Phx: #13 pick

Consolidate assets for a star
Cle: Chandler, Harris, Gallinari (S&T)
Den: Love, Shumpert

Den lineup
Pg: Bledsoe, Mudiay
Sg: Barton, Murray
Sf: FA, Arthur
Pf: Love, Faried, Hernangomez
C: Jokic, Plumlee

#13 for Bledsoe is probably a little much but I think Bledsoe is a very good defensive point guard that showed improved offensive ability this past year and is only 27. Health is obviously an issue for him but I think with Mudiay and Murray they can limit him minutes.

In the Love trade not sure that is enough but I think Denver has plenty of attractive assets to make a deal happen. Cleveland will likely dangle Love seeking a way to improve after they lose. Denver has plenty of attractive good options for Cleveland. Chandler is a versatile all-around forward that can shoot, defend and rebound, Harris would give them a young, cheap starting shooting guard that can shoot and defend and they'd be able to resign in RFA using his Bird rights. Gallinari is a versatile offensive forward who can make shots. They could also opt for a guy like Faried who is an energy guy and great rebounder and Arthur who could be a quality stretch 4 role player that is also a decent defender in place of Gallinari to give them a little more depth and better defensive/ rebounding presence (Galo doesn't offer much other than offense and decent playmaking for his size) .


1.) 08 Jun 2017 17:52:07
swap faried to chandler

line up will be
bledsoe/ mudiay/ nelson
murray/ barton
chandler/ hernagomez
love/ arthur
jokic/ plumlee.

2.) 08 Jun 2017 21:41:23
That's not a bad return for Love. Love is a borderline star, but for how he's used in Cleveland, you're able to get that kind of production from other guys like Gallinari. I think he's going to be the scapegoat for this sweep (yes I know there's another game), and what they SHOULD do, is try to get multiple assets for him to improve their depth. Guys like Jefferson and Fry have been good, but you can't rely too much on them at this point in their careers. Bringing in guys like those three would help spread the wealth. LeBron came out of the game for a minute last night, and the Warriors scored ten points or something like that. With him and Kyrie you have a Batman and Robin. Now you need to add a full supporting cast.

3.) 09 Jun 2017 01:53:33
I just can't see Gilbert being happy not winning and losing 50+ million this year, not to mention their GM wanting a huge raise, very doubtful now. I expect big changes this summer .

Both starting centers combined scored a whopping 0 pts and 4 rebounds and 3 dimes.

Tomorrow night expect GS to run circles round James and Irving to tire them more than last night.

Food for thought. CP3 coming on board and trading Kyrie for bench help and picks for the future. Paul would bring more opportunities for the bigs than Irving. And trading Thompson may be a good choice as well. Love is more valuable than Tristan IMO.

4.) 09 Jun 2017 06:48:01
They'd have to clear a ton of salary in order to be able to sign CP3 outright and trading Irving for him wouldn't give the Cavs much (Clippers don't have much of a bench or a future) in the short term and hurt them significantly in the long term. The fact that Love has more valuable than Thompson I think makes him a more realistic trade option since Cavs need significant help if they are to beat Warriors in a 7 game series.

5.) 09 Jun 2017 14:02:06
Bledsoe is a stud when he can stay healthy and has a favorable contract. The 13th pick isn't going to get your phone call returned much less pry him away from Phx. Idk if Cleveland's going to break up the band quite yet especially with Melo on the trade block.




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24 Jul 2017 00:40:47
I'm calling bluff on James saying he "wouldn't be willing to waive his no trade clause for Cavs". Doesn't mean much with him saying it now and is likely just to try and persuade Cavs to not do a full rebuild.

I can't believe that Lebron would want to stay with Cavs if they blew things up and waste a year of his prime on a team with no shot at winning a title. That he wouldn't even entertain the thought and explore the possibilities in that scenario is absurd.

The sad thing is that as long as Cavs have Lebron they'll still likely make it to at least the eastern conference finals no matter who else is on their roster.


1.) 24 Jul 2017 05:06:13
Agree with you that Lebron would waive it for the right team if the Cavs blow up the roster. He isn't going to waste the end of his prime out of stubbornness.



28 Jun 2017 05:45:13
Phil Jackson needs to give it up. If Melo wants to be released/ bought out Jackson has no other option since he gave Melo a no-trade clause he can use to veto every trade. Knowing this no team in their right mind will give Knicks any assets back for Melo (probably just salary) . Jackson's only other option is to keep Melo around which would be cancerous for the lockeroom and organization.

Knicks really need to just get rid of Jackson as he is casting out his best players and creating a cloud over an already bad organization.


1.) 28 Jun 2017 06:29:57
Agreed, Jackson just keeps looking worse and worse in this and he has no leverage at this point. Even if Melo was willing to waive his ntc, there isn't going to be a very good deal out there any way. Plus, I think appeasing Melo might help them salvage their relationship with Porzingis.



26 Jun 2017 10:26:50
Lakers better hope Cavs don't get George. If they do its likely they'll do well and Lebron and George may convince each other to stick around in Cleveland and there goes Lakers top 2 FA that they just gave up Russell to clear space for. That is why I don't get why they rushed to clear cap space now, a lot can happen between now and then but I guess Russell's relationship with the other players played a large part in why they dealt him.




21 Jun 2017 01:50:27
Could anyone please explain to me why in the world the Lakers gave a 4yr 64 million contract to Timofey Mozgov in the first place?

At the time he was a guy who Cavs had given up 2 1st rounders for previously but had most recently fallen out of the rotation and gotten very few minutes in the playoffs not to mention offseason knee surgery which had him not looking like his old self. He seemed like a prime candidate to be the type of guy who would sign a short deal to re-establish his value but no the Lakers give him not only a lot of money annually but a 4 year contract. To make it even worse it was like the first signing of free agency so they didn't even see what the market for centers was like.

Not only was Mozgov not worth that much money but he didn't make sense with the timeline of that team. The Lakers were young and bad and Mozgov wasn't going to change that. They should have had some foresight that if one of their young guys picked up his play they could in a few years be in the running for top-tier free agents because it is LA.

Then Lakers followed it up with signing Deng a day later to even more money at 4yr 72 mill. I understand the need for veteran presence and the value they bring to locker room and practice and stuff as well as the spike in the salary cap but the combination of that much money and especially the length of the contracts are confusing to me.

Lakers aren't the only ones guilty of this as it was a general trend with the spike in salary cap but almost all of those deals are horrible a year later and teams are trying to rid themselves of them.


1.) 21 Jun 2017 02:29:08
From what I've read the only discernible logic behind the Deng and Mozgov contracts was that they had previously been slow to target secondary free agents the past few years and missed out. So instead of striking out with bigger names they went hard after more realistic targets. I suppose, the market dictated the amount Mozgov received. If Biyombo and Noah were worth 4 years 72, 4 years 64 million for Mozgov wasn't unthinkable at the time hoping he could be the player he was his first year with the Cavs. He was a legitimate starting center that year.



14 Jun 2017 09:44:16
Guys I I'd be trying to trade for if I were a GM. Relatively young guys on good contracts that could help a team right away. May be better to get some of these guys than to pay a lesser player in FA double.

Eric Bledsoe- big issue is his health but so long as its properly factored into his price I think Bledsoe is among top defensive point guards and a capable 20+ ppg scorer while on a relatively bargain of a contract for 2 more years and in his prime at 27.

Nikola Vucevic- 26 yr old on a bargain contract for next two years. Nightly double-double threat that can stretch the floor some on offense and is a solid defender.

Derrick Favors- Similar scenario to Bledsoe with injury concerns but when healthy he is a defensive force and great rebounder. He has one year remaining on his deal and will be 26 in July. Think would be more productive moving back to center.

Danny Green- Spurs may be trying to shed salary and he may be odd man out with rise of Simmons. He has a modest contract tho and is still one of best 3 and D players in the league.

Wilson Chandler- Versatile forward that can do a little bit of everything and on a modest contract for next two years.

Thaddeus Young- May be expendable if Pacers move George. He is pretty athletic and really improved his 3pt shot making him a solid stretch 4 that isn't a complete stiff.

Ricky Rubio- Has always been a great passer and solid defender but flashed an improved offensive game (shot 44% from 3 in April on almost 3 attempts per game) and is on a modest contract and is about to enter his prime at age 26.

Kemba Walker- Not sure how willing Charlotte is to deal him but him making only 12 mill for next 2 years puts him among best contracts in the league.


1.) 14 Jun 2017 12:02:13
Bledsoe - Pistons are reportedly looking for a player for a win now scenario and he could fit well with core od KCP, Harris and Drummond.

Vucevic - IMO would be a perfect fit with the Celtics and what you said about him is just what they need.

Favors - I like him a lot, would love to see him sticking with Jazz. Only other teams I could see him leave for are Spurs or Wizards (only if they get rid of Mahinmi and Gortat shifted to the bench) .

Green - would fit nicely with Clippers if they keep core of Paul, Griffin and Jordan. I'm just not sure what could LAC offer to Spurs for him.

Chandler/ Young - IMO should be primary targets for OKC in the offseason (if they get rid of Kanter) .

Rubio - I like him with the Wolves, honestly can't understand why are there constant trade rumours about him leaving Wolves.

Walker - can't see him leave, unless it is an offer Hornets can't refuse.

2.) 14 Jun 2017 14:16:21
Walker or Bledsoe go Pelicans.

3.) 14 Jun 2017 19:06:56
Yeah both would be just what Pels should be looking for, just not sure what could they offer for them. Maybe some crazy multi team deal where Pels offer future protected pick.




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08 Aug 2017 23:28:46
Don't like it. Gordon and Hezonja don't do much for Cavs in the short term. I don't think Payton or Gordon are anything special and both are due extensions next summer so I might actually make this move if I'm Orlando. Issue is Kyrie probably leaves after 2 years so they may be better off taking their chances with their draft pick. and dealing other pieces in another trade. Very good return for Phoenix. The pick alone I think would make it worth it.




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08 Aug 2017 15:47:51
I think Kings would need more than that to justify taking on another big man with them already having WCS, Koufos and Papagiannis as guys who can basically only play center. If they needed them to Labissiere and Giles could play there too so I see no need for them to add a center if anything it would be the opposite and them offloading Koufos.




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08 Aug 2017 07:49:34
I'm not a fan of Bucks taking on that much salary long term and giving up a 1st without getting considerably better. They'd be better off remaining more flexibility long term especially with the decision of whether or not to pay Parker looming.




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07 Aug 2017 14:19:21
OKC can't take on Anderson's contract unless they add more salary, likely in the form of Kanter. Anderson wouldn't be an awful fit in OKC if it didn't take much more than Kanter to get him.

Trade is as good as Knicks are going to get from Rockets. Minnesota part I'm not sure is completely necessary but O'quinn is cheaper and better than Aldrich.




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07 Aug 2017 14:16:35
Don't think Kings should go after Irving since the Kings are young and not very good. I like this return for Cleveland more than the one Suns have offered (Bledsoe, Bender and Miami 1st) since WCS can contribute right away better than Bender and Sacramento's pick even with Irving should be better than Miami's.

Phoenix is getting a steal by nabbing Fox for Bledsoe (Temple although just a salary filler could provide minutes at backup sg now that Knight is out) . They should be giving up more than that.





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