21 Nov 2018 11:00:31
Clippers 2019 Off-Season

Sign Kevin Durant Max 4 yrs $155.8 Millions

Sign Kawhi Leonard Max 4 yrs $145.9 Millions

1.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 12:58:21
Maybe. I have no clue the exact dollar amount.

2.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 14:56:43
Clippers will have only about $50 million in cap space next summer. How will they fit in two max players?

3.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 15:02:52
@carl006 they will find someone to take Gallinari's expiring contract. He's averaging 19ppg on a team that is near the top of the west right now. They will be able to get him off the books and save money.

4.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 15:32:17
Who is going to take Gallinari without the Clippers taking back any money?

5.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 15:36:46
Who is going to have the cap space and want to swallow Gallinari’s contract for free? Especially in time to make big signings. Once somebody strikes out, maybe someone would trade for him, but if Durant and Kawhi are still out there, why would anyone help the Clippers get them for free. If they got both to commit, teams would know that the clippers would be willing to give up assets to facilitate getting those 2.

6.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 15:50:26
Gpack17 is right, the clips easily have the assets to offload an expiring gallinari. I didn't read in Gpack17's post that gallinari was going to to be moved for value?

7.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 16:05:32
Even if they have to sacrifice one of their picks from 2018 to unload Gallo, they could easily move him.

8.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 16:19:09
Don't forget about the cap hold for Harris, unless the Clippers have no interest in bringing him back.

9.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 17:15:50
I wouldn't want to Carl006, but for Leonard and Durant I definitely would.

10.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 19:07:25
there are plenty of teams this offseason with plenty of cap room that won't be able to attract stars. You don't think that one of those teams, especially if they consider themselves fringe contenders would take Gallo for a year? worst case scenario, they let him go after the year, best case, he drops 20ppg and helps a team in the playoffs. the clippers wouldn't want really anything in return.

Harris' cap hold is just about the same value as gallo's contract. It would slide right in. Unless they end up with both kd and kawhi, then harris wouldn't be of a position value. they would be able to renounce him and use the remaining cap for a big to fill out the starting lineup.
lou will/ Robinson
Kawhi/ Wallace
FA/ Harrell
isnt bad.

11.) 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018 19:55:09
You might even be able to keep Beverly depending on what he is offered. With Leonard and KD, I'd trade Robinson for something if teams value him. Summer league will be big for him. SGA is solid.