08 Dec 2017 22:50:30
Celtics - Pelicans Blockbuster

Celtics get: Anthony Davis

Pelicans get: Al Horford, Jaylen Brown + Lakers Pick 18 / Kings Pick 19, Celtics Pick 19 and Clippers Pick 19

I think there is a Chance that this trade will happen. If the Pelicans continue to struggle they will trade Cousins first ( Contract expires in 2018) and than trade Davis to make a Rebuild.

1.) 09 Dec 2017
08 Dec 2017 23:20:27
With the way the team has been playing Celtics definitely don't make this trade. don't need AD they'll pass.

2.) 09 Dec 2017
08 Dec 2017 23:38:43
Unless they get a ridiculous package, they're going to try to do a quick rebuild around AD. They would need to get more. Maybe find a third team that would be willing to give up some decent assets for Horford.

3.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 00:23:10
Not enough for AD.

4.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 03:03:58
This is tough. Celtics are playing really really good basketball and Al Horford is a major part of it. Hard for the Celtics to pass on AD but this will depend on what their goal is.

5.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 05:54:44
echoing some previous responses, i don’t think this is a move u make mid-season, the c’s are just playing too well right now. tatum would prob have to be included in a trade too. if AD can be gotten next offseason or the year after, the c’s would have to really contemplate the pros/ cons. obvs AD is a once in a generation kind of talent, but u don’t necessarily want to dismantle a contending team if that’s what it will take to bring him in.

6.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 11:26:10
I think you can't pass on this offer.
Celtics should go for AD, when they have a chance.

7.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 14:45:43
AD will never be a Celtic, especially for that offer.

8.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 22:00:29
Horford, spacing and passing would be missed in Boston. Cousins to Boston is a better deal to me. He is a good passer, not as good as horford, but can shoot 3's as well. No Jaylen brown. He is a a great 2-way player/ wing. Rare in this league. Horford, picks, Rozier? Maybe take back a guy like Asik for compensation? Doubtful though these 2 teams can help each other.