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17 Aug 2018 04:24:52

ATL get Anderson, Hield & 2nd from HOU

SAC get Bazemore & Melton

HOU get Shumpert & Koufos

1.) 17 Aug 2018 10:11:48
Okay, it's sacramento, but why would they do this?



16 Aug 2018 15:41:07

PHX get Collison & Singler

Pg Collison/Knight/Okobo
Sg Booker/Daniels
Sf Jackson/Singler
Pf Ariza/Chriss/Bender
Ce Ayton/Chandler

IND get Warren, Shroeder & 1st from OKC

Pg Shroeder/Young
Sg Oladipo/Evans
Sf Warren/Bogdanovic
Pf Turner/Leaf
Ce Sabonis/Oquinn

OKC get Thad & Joseph

Pg Westbrook/Joseph
Sg Roberson/Ferguson
Sf George/Abrines
Pf Young/Grant/Patterson
Ce Adams/Noel

1.) 16 Aug 2018 16:16:06
Seems like the first should go to Phoenix instead of Indy.

2.) 16 Aug 2018 19:21:39
Phoenix get capspace, so i can see them do this.
Warren, J Jackson, Ariza, Bridges, that's a logjam for the SF
Warren can become a bad contract before you know it.

I like this trade for Indy, It's a steal, but we need the draft pick to do this. Both Schroder and Warren are a risk. So i rather keep some flexibility unless, we get a great pay off.

3.) 16 Aug 2018 19:57:07
Gasupo, you can have play Jackson and Warren at the 4 and Bridges at the 2. Ariza can probably play all 3 positions.

4.) 16 Aug 2018 20:14:16
Warren averaged 19 and 5 last year and will make 12 million a year. I can't see him becoming a bad contract (unless injuries happen again, but I'd take that risk) . Maybe he's a 4th option, but even then, he's a solid value at worst.

You can never have enough wings in the NBA today. I also like Phoenix trying a lineup without a PG with Booker, Jackson, Ariza, Warren/ Bridges, and Ayton. That could be scary. Turn Booker into a James Harden type player.

Maybe I'm undervaluing Collison, but I don't think too much of him. He's a great backup, or a below average starter.

5.) 17 Aug 2018 02:04:23
You'll have to explain the logic as to why any of these teams decide to shift these players around.
I've been trying to search for the logic as to how this makes each team better for it, I just don't see it.
And trust me, anything that gets Singler out of OKC without stretching him, I'm on board for, but I can't figure out why Phoenix would want him though.



15 Aug 2018 13:12:01

OKC get Thad Young & cash from POR

IND get Mo Harkless

POR get Kyle Singler & protected 1st OKC

1.) 15 Aug 2018 15:16:33
Indy says no, Thad is the better player in a bigger position of need.

2.) 15 Aug 2018 21:01:29
Now way, indy needs a first to do this.

3.) 15 Aug 2018 22:29:50
Definitely an overvalue of Harkless. If the first went to Indy it would make more sense. Then again, even if he's overpaid, i don't think Portland would dump Harkless (their only decent SF that can shoot) for Singler, so now I'm talking in circles.

4.) 15 Aug 2018 23:03:16
Better player in position of need? I think turner, sabonis, and leaf can play pf position! Not saying this is a good trade though.

5.) 16 Aug 2018 13:13:20
Turner’s needed at the 5, Sabonis is a good front court reserve and what did Leaf show last year? They have Bogdanovic and Evans that can play the 3.

6.) 17 Aug 2018 02:12:46
Just an FYI, the next 1st round OKC has to offer is in 2024.
Draft picks that far out for trade deals don't carry nearly the sweetening power as something in the next 2-3 years.



14 Aug 2018 14:42:39

CLE get TJ Warren, Tyson Chandler, Corey Joseph (exp) & 1st round pick IND

Pg Sexton/Joseph
Sg Hood/Smith/Nwaba
Sf Warren/Osman/Dekker
Pf Nance/Frye
Ce Thompson/Chandler/Zizic

IND get George Hill & Kevin Love

Pg Hill/Evans
Sg Oladipo/Mcdermott
Sf Bogdanovic/
Pf Love/Leaf
Ce Turner/Sabonis

PHX get Thad Young & Darren Collison

Pg Collison/Knight/Okobo
Sg Booker/Daniels
Sf Ariza/Jackson
Pf Young/Chriss
Ce Ayton/Bender

1.) 14 Aug 2018 15:16:01
I like this for Indy, but i think Cleveland could get a better draft pick For K Love.

That Indy team could win 55-60 games.



13 Aug 2018 08:47:14

TOR get Andrew Wiggins, Kyle Korver & Taj Gibson

Pg Lowry/VanVleet
Sg Wiggins/Korver
Sf Leonard/Miles
Pf Gibson/Anuonoby
Ce Valanciunas/Siakam

MIN get Kevin Love & Danny Green

Pg Teague/Jones
Sg Green/Rose
Sf Butler/Okogie
Pf Love/Tolliver/Patton
Ce Towns/Dieng

CLE get Norman Powell, Serge Ibaka & 1st from TOR & 2nd from MIN & TOR

Pg Sexton/Clarkson
Sg Hill/Nwaba/Smith
Sf Hood/Powell/Osman
Pf Nance/Dekker
Ce Ibaka/Thompson/Zizic

for TOR- If Kawhi leaves, they will still have Wiggins on their wing. contract wise, he is one year longer than Serge but they gain 2 expiring for Powell

for MIN- They get Love back, Wiggins seems like not a priority given that they might intend to keep Butler. The contract might be longer but they became more competitive especially with Danny Green helping their defense

for CLE- they do it if they are to continue rebuilding. They get young wing in Powell & some assets. Ibaka has shorter deal and can be used as trading chip too in the future

1.) 13 Aug 2018 13:32:40
Why for raps? If Kawhi leaves they can rebuild. Wiggins salary hurts cap space.

2.) 13 Aug 2018 20:07:11
I think it won't if they rebuild. They also lose Ibaka’s contract here. Wiggins is also relatively young and can be a part of the rebuild given that he is playing for his hometown he might actually be a better player there, like Oladipo for Indy.

3.) 13 Aug 2018 22:14:06
Take cleveland out.

Wiggens for Powell Ibaka

Nobody should suffer with Love but Cleveland.

4.) 13 Aug 2018 22:30:15
Wiggins is not a salary dump he is actually a pretty good player, he still averaged 17 Ppg with jimmy and kat sooo if Toronto loses kawhi wouldn’t they want a hometown kid?

5.) 13 Aug 2018 23:20:54
I kinda like it for Toronto, it hedges their bet for either contending or rebuilding. You either make Wiggins your #3 option, or you try him out as a #1 option. If he fails as a #1, then you likely get the #1 pick the next year, so win win.




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05 Aug 2018 07:48:00
Who wins today

Pg Rondo
Sg Mitchell
Sf LeBron
Pf T.Booker
Ce Noah


Pg Rubio
Sg D.Booker
Sf Durant
Pf T.Gibson
Ce Mozgov

1.) 05 Aug 2018 13:56:21
LeBron's team wins. Much better defense.

2.) 05 Aug 2018 16:21:22
I’d take Mitchell over Booker and Lebron over Durant. The spare parts seem like a push. Lebron’s team seems pretty comfortably better.



05 Aug 2018 07:34:25
Got a question, what if Warriors and Cavaliers are assembled with this kind of roster in last year finals, what do you think is the result?

Just for fun.


Pg Curry
Sg Smith
Sf Durant
Pf Love
Ce Thompson


Pg Hill
Sg Thompson
Sf LeBron
Pf Green
Ce McGee

1.) 05 Aug 2018 16:24:13
I’d go with Lebron’s team. The KD and Steph team is a better offensive team, but the Lebron team has the personnel to guard them. The KD team doesn’t have the guys to guard the Lebron team.



29 Jul 2018 14:51:53
If Capela maintain or further improve his great performance. He has potentially one of the best contracts in the league i think.

1.) 30 Jul 2018 15:28:18
He did get under paid compared to other contracts of players at his position example Adams, Gobert, Drummond he should have gotten paid around what they did. However think a couple of the potential best contracts in the league is going to be Isiah Thomas and boogie for this season, Capella is one of the best if we are talking long term, but short term I think nuggets and warriors got a steal. Nuggets got an all star PG on their team for a veteran minimum true he has not played the same since Boston and his injury but now fully healthy with a clean start I could see him easily drop 20 a game this season a player on min contract dropping 20 is a steal. And the warriors signing boogie if he makes it back to 70% of what he was before the injury by playoffs he will be the one thing the warriors missed a dominant big. Even if he is only 50% he will still be a huge help and they got him for 5 mil.



27 Jul 2018 01:26:38

NOLA get Jimmy Butler
- NOLA is the type of team that could go all in to make Davis happy, Butler could really help that team

Pg Payton/Mason
Sg Holiday/Clark/Liggins
Sf Butler/Hill/Miller
Pf Randle/Diallo
Ce Davis/Ajinca/Okafor

MIN get Kyle Singler, Etwann Moore, Pattrick Patterson & 3 1st round picks (2 from NOLA, 1 from OKC)
- only if Butler wants out, lots of asset is not a bad deal

Pg Teague/Rose/Jones
Sg Moore/Okogie
Sf Wiggins/Singler
Pf Gibson/Patterson/Patton
Ce Towns/Dieng

OKC get Nikola Mirotic & 2nd from NOLA
- get a stretch 4 that would fit nicely with the team

Pg Westbrook/Shroeder/Felton
Sg Roberson/AbrinesFerguson
Sf George/TLC/Nader
Pf Mirotic/Grant
Ce Adams/Noel

1.) 30 Jul 2018 23:55:03
Pels played good with Mirotic why does everyone have them trading him for nothing?



27 Jul 2018 00:51:38

TOR get Drummond, Evan Turner

Pg Lowry/Vanvleet
Sg Green/Powell
Sf Leonard/Turner
Pf Anuonoby/Siakam
Ce Drummond/Noguierra

DET get POR 1st, Valanciunas, Harkless, TOR future 1st

Pg Jackson/Smith
Sg Kennard/Galloway/Bullock
Sf Harkless/Johnson/GR3
Pf Griffin/Ellenson
Ce Valanciunas/Pachulia

POR get Ibaka, Miles

Pg Lillard/Curry
Sg McCollum/Baldwin/Stauskas
Sf Aminu/Miles/Layman/Trent
Pf Ibaka/Collins/Swanigan
Ce Nurkic/Leonard

1.) 27 Jul 2018 16:25:53
With Ibaka's decline, I think just throwing Collins out and making him start all season would be a better move. His game is very similar to a young Ibaka.

2.) 28 Jul 2018 05:48:45
I think a team would want a 1st to take on Ibaka.




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13 Aug 2018 20:07:11
I think it won't if they rebuild. They also lose Ibaka’s contract here. Wiggins is also relatively young and can be a part of the rebuild given that he is playing for his hometown he might actually be a better player there, like Oladipo for Indy.



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13 Aug 2018 14:37:06
As a laker fan, i don't really want to trade our young players especially Ingram.



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13 Aug 2018 06:27:00
Don't go there bro.



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08 Aug 2018 15:03:57
But MIL already has 13 guards.



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06 Aug 2018 02:48:34
The hate of shizzee to Love is starting to sound like how Supercollider hate Carmelo. C'mon, Who has the mental issue?




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ATL can actually beat that team in some games



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I'll put Vucevic higher, maybe around number 9



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I'd say Markieff to at least top 15



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Curry, Paul, Westbrook, Wall, Lillard, Irving, Lowry, Rose, Conley, Lawson, Bledsoe, Kemba, Teague, Parker, Rondo, Holiday, Rubio, Jennings, Knight, Williams, Mcw, Collison, Hill, Beverley, Burke, Lin, Calderon, Chalmers, Smart, Payton



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Jimmy Butler all over Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis all over Curry as long as Pelicans could make playoffs (doubt)