10 Jul 2018 22:11:35
Boston: J Butler+ Drummond+ I Smith

Wolves: G Hayward+ J Brown

Detroit: A Wiggins+Morris+ Rozier+ 1rnd pick Clippers


C: Drummond
PF: Horford
SG:J Butler
PG: Irving

1.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 01:03:45
Seems fair to me but wolves might be hesitant right away because of haywards injury.

2.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 01:48:18
Brown, Rozier, Heyward and a 1st is a pretty steep price for the Celtics.

3.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 02:46:53
With irving most likely leaving next summer don't think they would trade rozier for anyone.

4.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 04:54:10
If Detroit trades Drummond they want Brown and Rozier back.

5.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 04:59:39
Not sure if Detroit does this, cause wiggins as of now is just an inefficient ball dominant player whos bad at defense and shows a poor work ethic, and a huge contract.

6.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 05:13:20
Irving is leaving next summer? There has been no report or evidence saying Irving has declared he is leaving. If Boston does have half as good next season he's going nowhere.

7.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 06:21:42
If Boston only has half as good next season as last year then Kyrie is definitely leaving. If you mean half as good better than last year then they just set an NBA record. In that case Kyrie is going nowhere

But this trade would get them to the finals for sure and would probably win. They would definitely pay a Luxury tax, but have banner #18.

8.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 06:51:02
You must hate the celtics. Dealing 3 major contributors for 2. I meant what I said. Point was Irving is not leaving and has given no indication of leaving. Same media hype as lbj attracts big FA's. Just media hype no proof or practice to speak of.

9.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 13:18:44
Blec, Chris Mannix reports that the C’s are scared that Irving will leave next year, all indications are he was interested in the Knicks and will give them every chance to convince him it’s a good spot to end up. Didn’t Kyrie also say when asked this offseason about his future in Boston that while he’s happy there, who know where he’ll be next year? Read his interview with Sopan Deb, doesn’t sound convincing that he’s staying long term.

10.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 14:03:01
I don't hate the Celtics. It's all about winning. We don't know how Haywards going to be for one, although I think he'll be OK but there is that "what if".

Irving isn't tipping his hand, but "what if" he does want to play with Porzingis as he stated and also with Butler? That's a whole different ball game now. Ainge will trade whomever to get #18, it's a business right? He traded Pierce and KG.

With Butler on board chances would seem more likely than not that Kyrie and Butler would resign. After all DA has professed his crush for Butler in the past.

Don't get me wrong, the team they have now are very good without Hayward, and Irving for that matter. But IMO the proposed trade is better, on paper and on the floor and increase their chances more of winning. They are only giving away one 1st rd. pick so if they win it all next year DA could let KI and JB walk and still be in a position to be there again the next year.

11.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 14:06:23
Forgot to mention, I'm from Boston, I love all my Boston teams!

12.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 17:28:10
Irving is 25, I don't take one Chris mannix story seriously I heard what Irving said and how it was blown way out of proportion considering his extension now would be less than if he waits. Trading a 1st option like Irving is not going to make you defeat gsw. Irving for Leonard or butler is a bad idea. PG's like Irving come around once in a lifetime. Celtics stole Irving they should be thrilled with him. Irving is from jersey, Dolan is a retard and the Knicks suck.

13.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 17:44:15
Oh and I almost forgot, the earth is flat. Irving obviously likes messing around with the media. Hard to take anything that guy takes seriously. Same with lillards happy camper post. People interpreted it as lillard wanted out. I interpreted it as lillard would be happy with blazers or being traded. Irving basically said I better get paid or yeah I will play somewhere else. That's how I took it.

14.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 21:20:32
Blec, read the Sopan Deb interview. I never said Kyrie was leaving, but if you think that Irving is an almost guarantee to resign, that would be foolish.

15.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 22:01:06
@triangle I read it and I have to ask what about that suggests Irving is going to the Knicks or is thinking about leaving? All it says is he will answer that later more clearly when the time comes. It even has in bold lettering IRVING WON'T BUDGE ON HIS FUTURE WITH THE CELTICS. Sounds like a smart move for a guy going into a contract year and looking at negotiations in a year. I love the celtics its the only place I wanna be right now would be a terrible negotiating tactic. Even if it were true.

16.) 12 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018 13:18:57
Didn’t say he was going to the Knicks, only that he was interested in them at the time of the trade to Boston.