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12 May 2019 15:42:12
New York receives Deandre Bembry and a Hawks 2021 second round pick protected 31-55.
Atlanta receives Frank Ntilikina, Lance Thomas* and Charlottes 2020 & 2021 second rounders.

*Lance Thomas is included so that his 1 mill guarantee will be waived by the Hawks giving New York 3,257,818 in free cap space now which is enough needed so they can sign 2 max free agents without having to waive their non guaranteed contracts like Trier and Dotson


1.) 12 May 2019 17:37:22
Trading Thomas doesn't save the Knicks $3+ in cap. It only saves them the $1 mil that Thomas contract is guarenteed in 2020.

If the Knicks waive Thomas and release all their cap holds (probably can keep Vonleh's since it is only $1.5 mil), they will be sitting at right around $70 mil in cap space (remember there is still a cap hold for their lottery pick which should be imposed after the lottery) . In other words, they actually have enough cap space for 2 max cap slots and still have another $10 mil to sign others to fill out the roster.

So I don't see the need to give up two (high? ) 2nd rounders just to exchange Ntilinka for Bembry.

2.) 12 May 2019 21:58:36
Bembry avg shooter good defender but a SF. Are you moving Knox to pg who will back up Durant or are you moving Knox to back pf behind zion. Let's see how lottery plans out. I do this. So many options but ny not helping hawks

Ntilikina for mid 2nd
Dotson for Late 2nd
Smith Knox 2021 and 2023 dal and ny for 5th
Maxed contracts Leonard and Durant
Now 14 mil left in cap space
Jordan 3yr 30 Vonleh mle
Melo bi annual
Carson Edward-40
Ca. Martin-53

Morant/ Edwards/ Ponds-pickup
Leonard/ Ca. Martin/ Co. Martin-pickup
Durant/ Dawkins/ Melo
Hunter/ Vonleh/ Hoard-pickup
Jordan/ Robinson/ Fall-pickup.

3.) 13 May 2019 04:14:33
Shizzee, Kings would rather have Carson Edaards @ 40 instead of Ntilikina. Just saying.



13 Apr 2019 21:29:41
Possible draft day trades/offseason trades the Hawks could make in the 2019 offseason with Kent Bazemore as their base

1) Hawks receive Timofey Mozgov with the possiblity to get a 2020 1st rounder (lottery protected) or 2020 & 2021 2nd rounders
Magic receive Kent Bazemore

2) Hawks receive Bismack Biyombo with the possibility to get a 2020 1st rounder (lottery protected) or the 2020 NYK 2nd rounder & 2021 BRK 2nd
Hornets receive Kent Bazemore

3) Hawks receive Allen Crabbe with the possibility to get 2019 DEN 1st draft night or 2020 IND 2nd & 2020 DEN 2nd rounders (possibility to add TOR 2021 to the other two 2nds since they will most likely be late second round)
Nets receive Kent Bazemore

4) Hawks receive Evan Turner with the possibility to get 2020 1st (top 20 protected year 1 then lottery protected for year 2 then convoys to 2 seconds) or 2021 & 2024 2nd round picks (also the same to picks for the first round that doesn't convoy)
Blazers receive Kent Bazemore
(most plausible ^)


1.) 14 Apr 2019 03:16:24
Soooo. You basically believe that Bazemore is worth a cheaper expiring contract and 2 second round picks?

Sorry. Not seeing the value. MAYBE at the trade deadline, but I wouldn't count on it at that price.



13 Apr 2019 21:02:04
Possible 2019 offseason moves that the Hawks could make with Miles Plumlee at their base.

1) Hawks receive Ian Mahinmi and a 2024 2nd round pick (protection 31-44 if falls in protected range then obligation is extinguished)
Wizards receives Miles Plumlee

Pros Hawks receive a second rounder
Pros Wiz receive some cap relief

2) Hawks receive Timofey Mozgov, a 2020 2nd rounder, (possibility to add a protetcted (31-44) 2021 2nd with protection since Mozgov was hurt all last
Magic receive Miles Plumlee

Pros Hawks receive a second rounder
Pros Magic receive cap relief

3) Hawks receive Ryan Anderson and a 2022 2nd rounder
Heat receive Miles Plumlee

Pros Hawks receive a second rounder
Pros Heat receive much needed cap relief and help avoid the luxury tax




13 Jan 2019 20:24:39
This has to be my greatest concoction of trades I've ever created but they all have to be in a specific order.

Trade 1) Hawks receive Chandler Parsons (& a trade exception) & the grizzles 2021 first round pick (lightly protected) & Detroit's 2022 second round pick.
The grizzles receive Kent Bazemore & Tyler Dorsey

Trade 2) Hawks receive Justin Patton & Amir Johnson (waive) & phillys 2020 (top10 protected) 1st.
76ers receive Dwayne Dedmon.

Trade 3) Hawks receive Miles Leonard & Wade Baldwin IV & Portland's 2021 (top 10 protected) first.
Blazers receive Jeremy Lin.

Trade 4 (over the summer)) Hawks receive Nicolas Butum & Charlottes 2020 (top 3or5 protected) 1st & LA Clippers 2021 2nd.
Hornets receive Chandler Parsons. (Or it could be miles plumlee and miles Leonard)

(No first round picks will turn into seconds)


1.) 18 Jan 2019 13:20:01
Sixers pass. They wouldn't give a first for Dedmon, much less also adding Patton.

2.) 21 Jan 2019 03:52:19
Blazers have plenty of guards, have no interest in Lin.
They are starting to like Meyers, certainly don't want to give up a first to get rid of him.



10 Oct 2018 21:10:59
List of possible trades that have Dewayne Dedmon at their center.

1) Atlanta sends D. Dedmon, Washington sends Jason Smith (the second player could be ether Thomas Bryant or Jodie Meeks), Washington would also send a lottery protected first (2020 or 2021) or two future second round picks.

Money transfer Atlanta would take 6,828,242 with Bryant or 8,904,500 with Meeks. Washington would take 7,200,000
Pros Atlanta gain assets
Pros Washington gain a much better center could would be the immediate backup center behind Dwight as well as one who can stretch the floor

2) Atlanta sends D. Dedmon, Utah sends Ekpe Udoh and Tabo Sefolosha (you could also swap Sefolosha for Raul Neto or replace ether with a trade exception (Joe Johnson)) Utah would also send two future seconds

Pros Atlanta gains assets
Pros Utah gains a good backup to Gobert

3)Atlanta sends D. Dedmon, New Orleans sends Alex Ajinca as well as a future first round and future second with the first being ether lottery protected or top 10

Atlanta receives 5,285,394 (NOP can add an exception) New Orleans receives 7,200,000
Pros Atlanta gains assets
Pros New Orleans receives and good center they could start if they wanted (but would probably be a good backup)

4) Atlanta sends D. Dedmon, Houston sends Nene with a second being one of three Bruno Caboclo, MCW, or Trade exception, they would also send a future first and second

Pros Atlanta gains assets
Pros Houston gains a good backup behind Capela as well as one who can stretch the floor

5) Atlanta sends D. Dedmon, Portland send Miles Leonard and future first and second

Atlanta receives 10,595,506, Portland receives 7,200,000
Pros Atlanta gains assets
Pros Portland gains a backup center





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11 Jun 2018 17:54:41
After looking through this site there is a hell of a lot of one side trade and really really bad ideas for how to get superstars out of literal garbage so my goal is to try and fix a few of these god awful trades so they are realistic and make sense (some of these may have overlapping players)

1) cavs role players that would have to go to a rebuilding teams with pick(s) attached are hill, thompson, clarkson, smith

2) players that you could possibly get an even swap for players or picks zizic, korver, nance, osman

3) what can be done about love, pair with pick 8 and try and get another allstar to possible portland, Charlotte, Detroit, memphis, Oklahoma city, San Antonio, Washington, Toronto

A) teams that would take players from 1 with picks attached are Atlanta, Sacromento, Orlando, Chicago, Miami, Nets, Memphis (i put chicago, Miami, and Memphis, here due in part to them being kind of middle of the pack that could ether want to keep rebuild going or start the blow up for the latter two)

B) teams that could want a player from list 2 could be a mix of rebuilding to playoff teams i'm sure most if not all playoff teams could use korver or nance, and any rebuilding team i'm sure would like zizic or osman as they are solid young pieces

C) Each team on list 3 could use love in some way ether for a playoff push etc,
Portland might want to break up the cj dame core this is one way to do it and get back another allstar that might play better with a guard leader and or with a pick too
Charlotte might want that 8th pick and might ship walker for it
detoit may not want blake grififn anymore maybe that 8th pick looks good or just purely a love for griffin swap
memphis may want to move conely or gasol
OKC could move PG or melo if they think love would be better or even that 8th pick is what their after
San Antonio could move aldridge but this one is a bit of a stretch but again crazier things have happened its still a possiblity
Washington although hard to believe it is a possibility for Washington to want to move Wall with a less desirable season where bradley beal showed he could lead the team by himself they may decide that love would be more beneficial for them then wall would who knows gm are weird
Toronto after a great regular season but a trash post season Toronto made everyone available maybe a love for derozan trade
Any sceniros above could be used for if lebron stays or leaves your choice

So those of you who want to be here for realism and new trade ideas i hope this helps and please for those who believe they can trade thompson smith and 4 picks for anthony davis please read this throughly


1.) 11 Jun 2018 18:22:26
Hill and Smith are both in the last fully guaranteed year of their contract. Hill only has a million guaranteed after next season and Smith has something like 3. Both players would probably benefit financially by taking a buyout giving them the rest of this year's salary and then letting them sign else where. If a team is rebuilding and the Cavs are willing to take on a multiyear deal for one of those 2, they'll most likely be looked as expiring deals.

I don't think packaging Love with the 8th pick works in most situations where a star is trying to be moved. Most of the teams trading stars will be looking to rebuild. Love wouldn't have much value to those teams. The Cavs would need to need to find a 3rd team with interest in Love.

The Heat won't be taking on salary. They have a ton of bad money on the books and are teetering on the brink of luxury tax. They're going to be sellers on salary more likely than buyers. Memphis is over the cap as well and look to still be trying to win. I don't see them taking on salary for picks.



20 Apr 2018 02:45:17
Realistic draft pick trades that could happen on draft night

1)Knicks trade pick #9 for Clippers pick 12 or 13 assuming clippers take on an unwanted contract most likely something small like Lance thomas or Courtney lee

Pros Knicks get to get ride of a unwanted contract and only drop a few spots
Pros Clippers get to move up and draft someone on there higher priorities list that may not be available by the time they get to draft

2)76ers pick 10 and most likely jared bayless for pick 12 or 13 from the Clippers

Pros 76ers get rid of bayless' contract for free agency only drop a few picks down
Pros clippers see above knicks deal

3)Wizards trade pick 15 and Ian Mahinmi for the Bulls pick #22 and Cristiano Felicio

Pros Wizards get ride of bad contract and open up cap
Pros Bulls get a higher pick

4)Hawks trade pick 30 to 76ers for picks 39&56&60 in the second round (possibly throw in pick 38 depending on how good you are at making deals hawks management)

Pros Hawks in a rebuilding phase quantity can be better than quality at times, with pick 33 whoever they had planned on drafting at 30 will still most likely by there gaining 2 more picks overall which could yield a one in a million diamond in the deep rough (highly unlikely but still the more the better)
Pros 76ers don't really need those late picks as their team is already playoff ready and 3 young players that late has a possibility of hendering them from free agency signing and getting pick 30 could still yield an okay player they could draft and stash or keep as a 3/4 back up on the end of the bench


1.) 20 Apr 2018 04:50:58
Only one I like is 3.

2.) 20 Apr 2018 09:44:29
The first 2 are probably overpays and the third is probably an under pay.



17 Apr 2018 21:12:15
Took some time working on possible trades for the hawks tell me if you think their possible or realistic.

Trades involving Plumlee

1)Knicks receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Joakim Noak, Pick 37 2018 draft, and possibly a future 2nd

Pros Knicks receive a center who is willing to play and 6 Mill in cap and about 7 mill the following year
Pros Hawks receive draft picks as well as a defensive minded center who could be a mentor for John Collins

2)Magic receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Bismack Biyombo and pick 41 in 2018 draft.

Pros magic receive 4.5 mill in cap for the next 3 years which could be useful in Aaron Gordons free agency or for another free agent
Pros Hawks receive draft pick and 25 year old who is a little bit more in line with their time line

3) Wizards receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Mahinmi and pick 44 in 2018 draft

Pros Wizards receive around 4.2 mill in cap this year which they could really use what with other bad contracts as well as a younger center
Pros Hawks receive draft pick

4)Rockets receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Ryan Anderson and pick 46 and possibly a future 2nd or 1st

Pros Rockets receive 7.1 mill this year and around 8 and 9 mill for the next two years respectively and for a LBJ pursuit this could be valuable
Pros Hawks receive draft picks as well as a possible shooting mentor for John Collins

5)Lakers receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks recieve Loul Deng pick 47 and future 2nd

Pros Lakers gain 4.7 in cap this year and around 5 mill in the next two years and with a club going after cap its a win
Pros Hawks gain draft picks and mentor

6)Memphis Receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Chandler Parsons Ivan Rabb and pick 32

Pros Memphis gains 11.5 mill in cap which could help sign a decent free agent
Pros Hawks get a pick and a young player

7) Pelicans receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Solomon Hill and ether Etwaun Moore or Alexis Ajinca and pick 51 and possibly a future heavy protected first

Pros Pels receive between 4.5 and 8.2 in cap depending on which second player is put in giving them much needed cap space for boogie or another free agent
Pros Hawks receive draft picks

8) Suns receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Brandon Knight and Jared Dudley with pick 16 or pick 51 and a future 1st round pick

Pros suns receive 11 mill in cap and get rid of an older player out of their time line
Pros hawks receive draft picks a okay pg who if schroder gets traded could replace as the starter and a menter in dudley for Prince

9) Nets receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Timofey Mozgov and pick 45

Pros Nets receive a younger center and gain 2.8 in cap this year and around 3-3.8 mill the next two years
Pros Hawks gain draft pick.


1.) Maybe turk bass and draft picks for rip and big ben gordon and wont give up jj in that deal. magic then can trade jj and jameer for jsmith. magic sign tayshawn, kwame and troy murphy. lineup
jsmith/r. anderson
dwight/kwame. stacked team.




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20 Jun 2018 16:25:45
Wiggins and the 20th are not worth a draft cornerstone in ether bagley doncic or bamba, i would do 19th and schroder for wiggins and 20th.




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18 Apr 2018 00:22:09
10) Minnesota receives Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Grogui Deng and Pick 48 and future second due to his contract being one year longer than plumlees

Pros Wolves gain 2-5 mill over the next four years
Pros Hawks gain draft picks.





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