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19 May 2017 07:22:21
Eric Bledose is a very solid pg signed reasonably for 2 more years that can play very good defense and be a second scoring option on a playoff team. Phx should shop him for younger talent after he is coming off a good, healthy season (he missed only one game before being benched at end of season to allow Suns to tank)

Which of these Eric Bledsoe trades do you think is most reasonable?

1. Bledsoe + #32 to Bulls for #16
Bledsoe would give Bulls a starting caliber pg on a reasonable contract to pair with Butler and create a defensive duo. Bulls could still sign someone like Galo to be a stretch 4. Phx add a younger piece with pick

2. Bledsoe + Warren for Dallas #9
Dallas makes a move that puts them in playoff contention with strong starting pg as well as a young wing in Warren who can score off the bench. Phx get another lotto pick. Can get Tatum and Smith/ Ntilikina to add to young core

3. Bledsoe + #32 to Denver for #13 pick
A lot of potential moves Nuggets could make for Bledsoe but he'd give them a true starting caliber pg that would be deadly combo with Jokic that could push them into playoffs. Phx get another lotto pick to add young talent that will help in the future.

4. Bledsoe to Detroit for #12, Jackson
Jackson looked bad returning from injury and is due a lot of money. They upgrade at pg while saving money with Bledsoe. Phx takes Jacksons bad deal and gets a lotto pick too. Phx would probably try to make a move for Stanley Johnson too who seems under-utilized.

5. Bledose to Indy for #18 pick
indy already has Teague but he would cost double Bledsoe's salary to resign. The money saved could be used to bring in more help via FA and help Pacers build a more formidable team to make a last stand to keep George.

19 May 2017 10:07:21
I think the Denver deal is the best here and could potentially get them into the playoffs while giving the suns a decent pick in return.

19 May 2017 14:39:08
OK. how about :
Bledsoe, #32 pick this year. and Miami's 2018 1st. to Orlando for #6 and some filler.

19 May 2017 19:48:23
I like the Denver move. It works for both sides, and the value both get are great. I don't know if 16 or 18 are good enough picks for me to move Bledsoe straight up. he's not perfect, but I'm not sure if you're getting someone better than him there, even in this draft.

If I'm Dallas, I have to start thinking about getting some youth in there. Dirk only has a year or two left, and while I'm all about giving him a last hurrah, you also have to think about the future when you can. They need to bring in a kid to build their next generation. The Detroit trade is interesting, as they have plenty of cap space to bring Jackson in to just sit the bench if they wanted.

#12 is a very enticing return for that, but I don't do it just because of how bad he seems to be for the culture of his teams. I don't want a guy like that infecting my young kids.

15 May 2017 19:18:02
SAC: Trade Rudy Gay (OKC) Kosta Koufus (OKC)
OKC: Andre Roberson (SAC) Enes Kanter (DAL)
DAL: Dwight Powell (SAC)
Sacramento sign a trades Rudy Gay to a playoff team,
OKC gets scoring a better back up big, while DAllas gets another asset that can score behind noel.

15 May 2017 20:31:13
Rudy Gay opted out.

13 May 2017 18:51:41
Dallas Mavericks offseason

-Trade Wesley Matthews and AJ Hammons to Minnesota for Ricky Rubio

9- Zach Collins (Gonzaga)

-Waive Devin Harris (non-guaranteed)

•Free Agency:
-Sign Ben McLemore 2yr 20m
-Re-sign Dirk Nowitzki 1yr 10m
-Re-sign Nerlens Noel 4yr 84m
-Sign Thabo Sefolosha 1yr 8m (MLE)
-Sign Christian Wood 1yr minimum

PG: Rubio, Ferrell, Barea
SG: McLemore, Curry, Liggins
SF: Barnes, Sefolosha, Brussino
PF: Nowitzki, Powell, Wood
C: Noel, Collins, Mejri.

13 May 2017 21:54:25
Why would Minnesota do that?

13 May 2017 23:28:28
I like the fit of Rubio in Dallas as a youngish guy who can be a solid contributor on both sides and they have a fair number of shooters. I know Minnesota's been shopping Rubio for sometime but with Dunn floundering in his first year when some expected him to take the job outright and factoring in he is already 23 Minny may not be so keen to move Rubio. Matthews is a very solid pickup and could help not rush LaVine back but not having a reliable point guard I think is a bigger issue.

I'd personally prefer Markkanen over Collins but I don't think he'd be a bad pick. I think McLemore is a sneaky pickup since he is young. The money looks a little high but its off-set a bit by only 2 year deal.

08 May 2017 14:48:50
Dallas gets Jonas Valencunas

Toronto get #9 pick, Seth Curry, and Dwight Powells bad contract

08 May 2017 15:25:25
Seth Curry and Dwight Powell are bad contracts?

08 May 2017 15:36:28
Again you have a rebuilding team getting older, taking on salary and losing a draft pick for a player that doesn't do much for them.

08 May 2017 16:26:23
Again, READ BETTER. I said DWIGHT POWELLS bad contract. He makes 10 million a year and averages 6ppg.

08 May 2017 16:28:52
Did I miss the memo on Jonas Valencunas not being a premier center anymore? . this draft kinda sucks after the top 3.considering the deal that OKC got for Serge Ibaka last year I think you "EXPERTS" are wrong about it not being believable.

08 May 2017 17:07:04
Premier Center? Cousins, Jordan, Drummond, Townes, Lopez, Embiid, Gasol, Vucivic, Whiteside, Turner, Howard, and Gobert are all hands down better than Jonas. He's a starting center, bur no where near an allstar.

08 May 2017 17:24:49
Although #9 is a little rich for my taste what makes the trade worse is that Mavs just got Noel. After the situation he left getting another center that would potentially start over him would just be cruel. Mavs will likely have their eyes on Markkanen as Dirks replacement if he is still available at #9 or go point guard.

08 May 2017 19:18:02
This draft is believed to be very deep (12-15 or so) . The top 3-5 are certainly above the rest, but I think the next 8-10 picks are going to be high value guys, guys that would normally go 3-5 in past drafts.

Jonas is an average starting center. He's a top 20 center, but probably not top 10. He's paid an average amount, not overpaid at all.

Your comparison to Ibaka is very similar. And look at how HORRIBLE that trade was for Orlando. It's a cautionary tale for this trade.

08 May 2017 21:57:24
4 people disagreed to a comment of Dwight Powell averaging 6ppg and making 10million a year. it's a FACT and not something that you can disagree with.

08 May 2017 23:23:47
He makes 8.3 million this year, which isn't terrible for a backup center.

09 May 2017 20:29:26
If Drummond is on the list JV is on the list both different players and Jv can be really good if coach would utilize his skills. Big guy down low with smooth touch and cam step out and hit the 15 footer.? Reminds me of a young bosh but much bigger. JV can learn to play better defence but he fades in games because he dosent get the ball? Defensive center don't fade because they there for defence but the offence sucks and guys like Drummond don't get touch. So if raptors were to trade JV for Drummond it would work out but do t tell me JV isn't as good as the other center.

29 Mar 2017 11:11:27
76ers off season

Trade Okafor to Lakers for Nance, Brewer (buyout) and 2017 2nd rounder.

Trade Stauskas and Rodriguez for Tyus Jones.

Trade Bayless for Nets 2018 2nd rounder.

Trade Henderson for Memphis 2018 2nd rounder.

Monk 5th
Thornwaite 32nd (Lakers pick)
Blossomgame 40th (Dallas pick)

Sign G. Hill 4/MAX



29 Mar 2017 18:00:04
Honestly I believe Nance is a better player than Okafor so lakers say no unless Philly takes on the contract of either Deng or Mozgov.

29 Mar 2017 18:21:44
Lakers would not give that up, nance alone is probably too much for okafor.

The tyus jones trade is laughable.

Why would the nets give up even more picks for a guard that isn't going to change much.

Also, isn't henderson pretty bad? Makes no sense that the team with cap issues takes on a 9 million dollar back up.

I don't see a reason why any of these trades would happen.

23 Feb 2017 17:14:37
Done Deal

Sixers trade Noel to Dallas for Bogut, Anderson, Top 18 protected first.

Good deal for Dallas I think.

Bogut is likely to be bought out and then could sign with a contender like Cleveland or Boston

23 Feb 2017 17:39:57
I was thinking the same about Bogut being bought out. Would be a great pick up for Boston for the remainder of the season.

23 Feb 2017 18:18:00
If it falls in the top 18 then it turns into a 2017 2nd and 2018 2nd.

23 Feb 2017 18:44:17
I don't trust colangelo to make another trade for this team. Horrible.

23 Feb 2017 20:32:59
Sixers got killed here.

23 Feb 2017 04:34:11
Wolves get Rose
Knicks get Wade Korver
Bulls get Rubio Lee
Cavs get Rondo

Draft day trade Mavs 41 mil cap space
Noah Ntilikina-7th
Hammons Smith Trimble-39th

O'Quinn Thomas 2018 1st for cap space

How to esemble 4 superstar team in NY
Wade opts out sign 4yr 72mil 15,17,19,21
Lebron & CP3 sign 4yr 112 mil 25,27,29,31. A 4 star team in ny market in advertising will overcome more money if they all maxed out elsewhere.
All 4 starts will make 90mil in 2017. All others salary 10 mil=102 mil cap
Knicks than sign MLE on Tony Allen and mini MCW


23 Feb 2017 05:36:25
Will it happen I dunno if Lebron leaves Cleveland. But he marches to different beat than anybody else. He already won a championship in Cleveland. If don't win a championship this yr. That team would have more pieces around Lebron than cavs or Warriors. Winning in ny after 40 yrs would make him equal Jordan his only competition. NY now worth 4 billion. Team value will triple. Once again the Zenmaster might coach again. It's possible.

23 Feb 2017 03:12:04
Rare 4-way blockbuster


Bucks send Middleton,Monroe,Vaughn,Maker,2 1st round pick
Bucks get Drummond,Matthews


Pistons send Drummond,Jackson
Pistons get Okafor,Middleton,Maker,2 1st round pick Bucks


Sixers send Okafor
Sixers get Jackson


Mavericks send Matthews
Mavericks get Monroe,Vaughn


23 Feb 2017 03:04:18

Celtics get P.George + N.Young
-get their star player & an off the bench scoring punch
then send J.Jerebko + a future protected 1st to Mavericks for A.Bogut + 2nd round pick


Lakers get J.Brown + M.Ellis
-get Brown's potential to go along with Russell & Ingram while also having Ellis as Williams replacement


Pacers get J.Clarkson + J.Crowder + Nets 1st 2017 + A.Johnson + 2018 Celtics own 1st round pick + 2017 Lakers 1st round pick via Rockets
-get a loaded return for PG

2017 draft Fultz & Ivan Rabb


23 Feb 2017 03:14:55
How did the Rockets get the Lakers 2017 first?

21 Feb 2017 18:19:38
So I will take T. Zeller, T. Rozier ,and 2017 Minnesota 2nd round pick from boston for A. Bogut.
Mavs can trade T. Zeller in draft time to team who need salary cap for offseason, while mavs pick up young player . Team like GSW, LAC, OKC, Wizards

21 Feb 2017 16:25:43

DAL- Andre Drummond
DET- Andrew Bogut (exp), Imen Shumpert, DAL 2018 1st (top 10 protected)
CLE- Derron Williams

Dal gets their big man they have been looking for. DET gets Shump to play their defensive specialist an expiring contract, plus a 1st round pick. CLE gets their vet PG they wanted.

DAL- Ricky Rubio
MIN- Wesley Matthews

Dal gets a starting PG who can spread the ball to the shooters, and MIN gets a solid G to pair with LeVine and Dunn

NOWITZKI RETIRES (free's up $22 mil)

SF Gordon Heyward to MAX contract

PG- Ricky Rubio
SG- Gordon Heyward
SF- Harrison Barnes
PF- Dwight Powell
C- Andre Drummond

21 Feb 2017 16:11:32

DAL- Andre Drummond
DET- Andrew Bogut (exp), & Imen Shumpert, DAL 2018 1st (top 10 protected)
CLE- Deron Williams

Dallas gets the C they have been looking for to pair with Barnes for the future.

Detroit gets Shumpert who is a Defensive specialist that VanGundy likes, an expiring contract in Bogut, and a first from DAL.

Cleveland gets the Veteran PG they have been looking for.

21 Feb 2017 16:17:42
This is ridiculous.

21 Feb 2017 16:21:15
Wow, that's terrible value back for Drummond. Maybe if the pick was Dallas 2017 pick and it was unprotected. More likely a draft day trade when you know where the pick lands.

21 Feb 2017 18:44:40
This would only happen is divac was the GM for Detroit lol.

21 Feb 2017 15:40:07

Boston gets Andrew Bogut

Dallas gets Amir Johnson and 2017 2nds from MIN and LAC (owned by BOS)

21 Feb 2017 05:18:53
Detroit get Deron Williams, D.J. Augustin

Orlando get Reggie Jackson, Dorian Finney-Smith

Dallas get Mario Hezonja, 2017 Clippers 1ST round pick

Mavs get Derrick Favors

Utah get Andrew Bogut, Devin Harris, 2017 Clippers 1ST round pick , 2017 mavs 2nd rounder pick

21 Feb 2017 05:42:23
Detroit is getting fleeced in first deal, they can get a better offer dealing directly with Orlando. Mavs offer nothing worth getting Hezonja and a first rounder for.

In the second deal I think Favors should be on a lot of teams radars as a good center that is still relatively young. He hasn't been himself this year due to nagging knee injuries but he should be the type of bargain steal a team with little talent like the Mavs should gamble on. However, I think it would take more than that for the Jazz to unload him.

21 Feb 2017 04:57:28
Detroit get Deron Williams, D.J. Augustin

Orlando get Reggie Jackson, Dorian Finney-Smith

Dallas get Mario Hezonja, 2017 Clippers 1ST round pick

second trade

Mavs get Derrick Favors

Utah get Andrew Bogut, Devin Harris, 2017 Clippers 1ST round pick , 2017 mavs 2nd rounder pick

21 Feb 2017 04:54:58
Detroit get Deron Williams, D.J. Augustin

Orlando get Reggie Jackson, Dorian Finney-Smith

Dallas get Mario Hezonja, 2017 Clippers 1ST round pick

21 Feb 2017 04:34:30
Mavs get Derrick Favors

Utah get Andrew Bogut, Devin Harris, 2017 mavs 2nd rounder pick

21 Feb 2017 04:49:43
I'd like to see Utah get Griffin, Millsap, or Gallinari. It would've been nice to see Ibaka or Cousins as well.

21 Feb 2017 07:11:12
Mavs would be lucky to get noah with that offer lmao.

20 Feb 2017 17:33:58

Trade: Zeller, Young
Receive: Bogut


Trade: Okafor
Receive: Zeller, Curry, Anderson


Trade: Bogut, Curry, Anderson
Receive: Okafor, Young


20 Feb 2017 18:44:42
I like this trade for Boston.

20 Feb 2017 18:56:36
I think Philly could do better but I like the trade for the other two teams involved.

21 Feb 2017 01:05:07
As a philly fan, I'd be ok with the above trade, but please just keep zeller.

21 Feb 2017 03:09:44
So Young for Bogut? Wow If you were only the GM. Zeller is really an ok player but with Horford there now he doesn't play. He's good off the bench, just his value don't show up in the stats sheet.

20 Feb 2017 14:22:59
NY: Zeller+ D harris
trade: J Noah+ 1rnd pick 2018

Boston: A Bogut
trade: 1rnd pick Clippers+ C Zeller

Dallas: j Noah+ 1rnd pick NY 2018+ 1rnd pick clippers 2019
trade: D Harris+ Bogut

NY dumps Noah's contract an can go to the free agent market in 2018

Boston get a great defensive center

Dallas get two draft picks, so they can start a rebuilt after Dirk retires.

20 Feb 2017 15:12:24
Trade could make sense for all the teams involved. The 2018 free agent class is going to have some stars the Knicks could try and poach but getting rid of Noah's contract and giving minutes to Porzingis at center should be good for his development. IT, Westbrook, Bradley, George, Aldridge, Favors, Cousins, Jordan Lopez and Melo are all potential FA. Knicks don't have a promising outlook and landing one or possibly two of these guys if they let Melo walk appears to be their best and fastest route back to being relevant. That scenario may be unlikely but so long as they put top 5 or better protection on the pick I think its worth taking the chance.

20 Feb 2017 04:21:19

Pacers trade Monta Ellis and 1st round pick to the Mavericks for Wesley Matthews

Pacers Lineup:

PG: Teague, Stuckey, Brooks, Young
SG: Matthews, Miles
SF: George, Robinson III, Christmas
PF: Young, Allen, Niang
C: Turner, Jefferson, Seraphin.

20 Feb 2017 04:39:55
Would be a very good pickup for Indy and Mavs should consider it since Matthews isn't taking them anywhere and a rebuild is inevitable. I don't think a mid-round first is bad value for Matthews and Monta Ellis may have value next season as an expiring asset that Mavs could use to get more assets and build around Barnes and their 2017 first some more.

20 Feb 2017 13:37:38
We should try to get B Lopez first with that draft pick.
But Matthews could be a good player for Indy.

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