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31 May 2016 10:10:01
this trade is for better good

Celtic: trade 3rd pick 2016, james young
Get J. Okafor

76ers: trade J. Okafor
get 3 rd pick 2016 (draft kris dunn), james young

76ers need to draft ben simmon because he has highest potential among the 2016 draft. he might be a bust, but his potential is too good to gamble on. get celtics third pick is to draft an elite and mature PG. although d angelo russell is 76ers ideal PG, it is unlikely lakers will trade him as this point. clarkson can be signed through free agent, so no need to get him at draft night.
as for celtics, okafor is already top 5 offensive center in the league, behind cousin, marc, al, and big Al. he can carry the team in the next two years. buddy hield, dragon bender, jamal murray are great players, but not good enough compare to okafor. drafting okafor also helps celtics to save cap room space to pursue KD because they don't have to spend a fortune to pursue big man like al horford or whiteside and have no more cap space to go for KD, or LBJ, even.


1.) 31 May 2016 13:36:36
No offense, but this trade has been posted so often that it is getting tired.

2.) 31 May 2016 14:00:59
Not only am I bored with the Celts/ OK4 thought, but I'm absolutely annoyed that people think James Young has trade value. Just to be clear, in his two years in the league, he's averaging 2.2 more points per game than I am.

3.) 31 May 2016 17:06:14
Care to expand on why you think D'angelo Russell is the 76ers ideal PG?

4.) 31 May 2016 23:15:12
Russell is average.



04 May 2016 02:09:29
clipper wizard trade

clipper get porter, session, gortat

wizard get dj

I love clippers and DJ has proved he is one of the best rebounder and shot blocker in the NBA. but his 20m is really hindering the salary cap for clipper even if it will increase next season.

DJ does provide a significant amount of defensive power, but one of the reason why clipper suck is because their starter has only cp3 and redick has perimeter shooting, which limits the clip's offensive option. with gortat and porter added, the perimeter defense will be better while more fire power will be expected from porter. gortat does not have as strong shot blocking as DJ, but he has mid-range game and low post, which fruitfulize clipper's offense. Session has proved he is a really good back-up guard with floor general ability. neither six man of the year nor rivers has no floor general. with session, he can relieve cp3 workload and let doc has a better rotation.

wizard finally have a shot blocker. gortat is really good at low post scoring, but lack of defensive blocking. with DJ added, I believe KD has more interested in joining wizard. Imagine wall, KD, Morris as outside shooting, while DJ tip out every offensive rebound. a complete upgrade for wizard lol.

this is a win win trade.




04 Feb 2016 23:08:24
hornet, sun and raptor trade

get Tyson chandler
trade al Jefferson

get al Jefferson, Patterson
trade morris

get morris
trade Patterson.




14 Jan 2016 03:30:36
laker celtic clippers trade

Get: david lee, stephenson, zeller, 2016 first round pick from boston
Trade: hibbert, bass, young

Get: hibbert
trade david lee, 2016 first round pick from boston, zeller

get: bass, young
trade stephenson.


1.) 14 Jan 2016 04:09:52
Lakers aren't getting a 1st round pick for hibbert.

2.) 14 Jan 2016 05:21:54
Celtics say hell no.



09 Jan 2016 19:21:41
toronto, 76ers trade

toronto get covington

76ers get patterson, anthony bennett, 2016 first round pick from toronto

Covington has no playtime recently because noel and okafor occupy most of them. toronto need covington to space the floor, either patterson or anthony bennett can't consistantly did that. scola is too old that he can't play full minutes all season long. covington can provide 3-pointer and some rebound ability, he can become a starter sometime to give scola some rest. patterson is not capable of defense with worse 3-pointer than covington, bennett has no playtime. 76ers wants draft pick so they have more trading chip to make trade next season.


1.) 09 Jan 2016 19:59:29
Sixers would do it but you have to keep Patterson. He's a big on a team with far too many already.

I'm assuming Bennett can play the three.

2.) 09 Jan 2016 22:17:15
This isn't good for TOR, they can do so much better with that pack if they decide they want to trade. especially putting in 1st round pick.

3.) 10 Jan 2016 00:32:30
Covington isn't worth a 1st round pick, let alone anything else.

4.) 10 Jan 2016 04:16:22
I actually didn't see the first rounder!

No way Toronto trades a first unless the Sixers tkae on pattersons bad contract. And Sixers don't want Patterson so those should be washed out

Bennett for Covington makes more sense.

5.) 10 Jan 2016 09:04:51
Anthony Bennett is a PF gentlemen so this trade is not good for either team. Covington has been starting and coming off the bench (after his injury) at SF.!




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24 Jan 2016 22:30:47
okay, people kept saying love cannot fit in cav's offense and bad defense that hurt cav. what about trade him out, even lue take over blatt place? and since Lac without blake griffin, they create a 10-1 record with better spacing and individual net rating, it maybe the time to consider trade griffin or CP3. So 2 case scenario came up

1. Lac get Love and mo William, Cav get griffin and Austin river.

Lac have DJ to provide much better rim protection and so he could hide the weakness of loves. also, doc system create a clearer spacing and so it does benefit love shooting. Cav get a better defense PF, and play a better pick and roll (love suck in pick and roll at Cav) with LBJ and irving than love. plus, if LBJ decide to leave Cav in next season or two, they still get a similar player as griffin, which won't hurt the team overall.

Mo will is clearly out of rotation and Austin river provide some defense (according to river), which make sense that exchange those player might be a better situation

2. Lac get irving and morgov, Cav get CP3 and cole Aldrich.




02 Jan 2016 12:01:01
Next season of Sacramento Kings salary cap

At kings, Except rondo, every other players has at least 2 years in contracts, which means their salary cap is fixated in next season. the salary cap for next season is around 90m. Supposed rondo signed with another team, kings have a 10m cap. the total salary cap for the kings next season is aroun 63m. that means the kings has around 27m to sign free agent.

Supposed rondo is resigned with kings, they have around 17m to sign free agent. with the increase salary cap, kings will be facing difficulty because their salary cap is fixated, as well as they don't have expiring which can be dump. holding 17m, what star player can king sign? beal? conley? these players price are going to be at least 15m at the start price. I even assuming Beal will get an offer with 20m per year. can kings offer a 20m contract? no.

Therefore, a trade must be happening in kings before the season end. in kings roster, the most valuable player to trade out are probably cousin or gay. Cousin own around 15m for the next three year, gay has around 13m for the next three years as well. Cousin is an obvious all-star player with so much potential, so kings probably keep cousin unless king front office wants to change their roster completely. so trading gay is more likely to happen. in my opinion, chicago, pelican and boston are the most possible team to have interest in gay. if they trade gay, in exchange for some expiring contract or some decent player with a lower price contract, they can have a higher salary cap and will be able to provide more market price. kosfo has a really good contract for keeping or trading out because he own 7.7m for 4 years. so either kings would keep him with a flexibility salary contract for the next four years while have a quality backup player; or they would trade him out to exchange better quality player, or expiring contract.

Anyhow, kings needs to make a move or two before next season free agent signing, otherwise they have no chance to sign big fish. I am assuming kings will be bad this season and since they already give out their first round pick, they would only rely on free agent market, and to sign star player, they need expire contract to clear up cap room space. this is the primary task kings need to do. also, if possible, they need to gather some draft pick, first round pick as best, to have more bargaining chip. Kings is bad right now, but they are finally heading the right direction. It is coach karl to do a better job to keep his position, if he got fired, i am not sure how low the position kings would be when free agent market start. if Cousin and karl worked out, I believe Kings might have a real shot in the next few years. of course, it depends on how the kings' GM manage the trading, after all.


1.) 02 Jan 2016 23:33:48
Koufus would likely be traded. How about David Lee and a salary filler and a second for koufus.



25 Dec 2015 21:53:31
Craziest trade ever (clippers, cleveland, nets, houston)

Clippers get irving 16.4m, varejao 9.6m, cory brewer 8.2m

cleveland get CP3 21.5m, bodgonovic 3.4m, josh smith 1m

nets get ty lawson 12.4m, stepthenson 9m, t jones 2.5m,

houston get jack 6.3m, t young 11.2m and jr smith 5m

Clippers need changes, CP3 wanna go to final and until now, pairing with Griffin and DJ is not enough for them to go to playoff final, not even western conference final. Pairing with LBJ will definitely give CP3 an easier chance to go eastern conference, even playoff final and nba champ; irving is younger and will form a younger big three with griffin and DJ. Expect clippers will be in the conference final for the next few years; also they will get a defensive SF with 3 point shooting, which is who they are always looking for. this trade is for a better future development

for cleveland, CP3 is definitely a better defense players and a more floor general than irving, so expect him and love will be a great combo, LBJ and love can also get better shot under CP3, just like olympic 2012. also, think about CP3 pair with shumpert, might be the best defensive combo in the league, plus they get rid of varejao, who is no need in cleveland rotation and will give a better salary flexibility next season.

nets, tell you what, lawson is your final gamble piece, jack is great, but not great enough to be a starter PG who lead the team. lawson is younger and more floor general, plus they will get jones, who is younger than t young and have potential to grow. Next season, they will dump a big contract from joe johnson while keeping an all-star center and all-star PG. if they want to run the playoff next season, lawson, lopez combo will be more convincing than jack, young and lopez when trying to sign free agent in 2016. lastly, there is no harm to have lance steph, he has a good contract that the team decide whether keeping him or not in next year. if play well, keep him, if not, dump him. very simple math question.

Houston have a defensive PG beverley, but Lawson is currently not settled in Houston, Jack, on the other hands, will guarantee be a fitter PG because he is a good floor general to run the offense and he also used to play behind curry and irving and he knows how to play in crutch time, especially in playoff. t young and howard will be a good combo as the front court while no need to risk losing t jones for nothing. also, young has a 4 years contract, with the salary cap rise next season, t young contract will be more valuable for Houston to keep around, given that the uncertainty of how much t jones will sign next season (thing about I. thomas situation) . losing brewer is not that bad because he currently is out of rotation and wasn't playing well, and jr smith is a better fit for houston because of his outstanding 3 point shooting than brewer.




09 Dec 2015 15:30:23
Net get lance stephenson

Clipper get bojan and jack.


1.) 09 Dec 2015 19:08:52
Nets say heck no.




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02 Jan 2016 17:02:00
why would bull want to rebuild at this season? I can't imagine a 19-12 team, rank top 5 in the eastern league, would like to rebuild.




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30 Dec 2015 04:16:42
Not making any sense, sun is rebuilding, and when bledsoe involved, the trade is basically not established already. Plus, lawson is no better than bledsoe, sun will not give out bledsoe for howard when they have alex lens already. Rocket already has morale issue already, they would not want another troublesome player to be around.




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30 Dec 2015 03:10:41
its funny how people think hayward is an underrate player. bradley is good in defense, but he has no ability to create offense, as well as james young. even offering evan turner and bradley, Jazz will still pass because they still have dante exum.




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30 Dec 2015 03:04:19
middleton is better than jeff green plus jabari parker and greek-freak already not shotting 3s already, Why the hell get jeff green who has much less intention to shot 3s?




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30 Dec 2015 03:02:21
I don't even know who spencer dinwiddie and reggie bullock were. Give up covington and noel for two unknown players and barnes, not worthy. Plus, this trade included draft pick, 76ers say hell no. plus, golden state would rather keep barnes then nik and noel. none are going to help improve golden state performance. remember they play small ball and they have bogut and Ezeli already.





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