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15 Dec 2018 03:20:48
Three team trade

Ariza to Lakers
KCP and 1st rd pick from Mil (via Phx) to Miami
Dragic and Wagner to Suns

Lakers want a veteran 3 and D player..

Providing another shooting, salary cap relief, and 1st pick for Miami..

Suns get an allstar PG and a youngster Wagner..

Or Minny instead of Miami..
Jones, Tolliver and Bayless going to Suns
Ariza to Lakers
KCP and Wagner to Wolves

15 Dec 2018 03:59:41
Why Goran going back be to Suns?

15 Dec 2018 02:57:19
3 Team Deals December 15

Magic Trade Terrance Ross Nikola Vucevic

Lakers Trade KCP 2019 first round pick (Top 20 protected)

Bucks Trade Malcolm Brogdon 2019 second round pick (unprotected)

Magic receive KCP Malcolm Brogdon 2019 first round pick (Top 20 protected) from Lakers

Lakers receive Terrance Ross 2019 second round pick (unprotected) from bucks

Bucks receive NIkola Vucevic

All these players are expiring contracts

Malcolm Brogdon one millions

KCP twelve millions

NIkola Vucevic twelve millions

Terrance Ross ten millions

Lakers are interesting in Terrance Ross

NIkola Vucevic going to be great fit with bucks

Magic going to want first round pick from Lakers to take KCP Contract
Malcolm Brogdon going to take over Starting PG or SG position also can pay him in Off-Season

14 Dec 2018 16:46:26
Nikola Vucavic

Donte DiVincenzo
Thon Maker
Tony Snell

The Magic can open up playing time for Bamba and also get something in return for a pending FA in Vuc. The Bucks gets a very good C who can complete their team and make a run in the East.

14 Dec 2018 17:13:51
I think you'd have to throw Brogdan, or Bledsoe to get Vucevic. Magic need a ball handler. The bucks pick this season that they look like they will get might do it?

14 Dec 2018 17:37:40
Take out Snell, replace with Brogdan, and I think Orlando would do it.

14 Dec 2018 18:00:39
Brogdan/ Snell/ '19 1st # 15-30
Vucevic/ Ross.

14 Dec 2018 18:25:08
@ Btec, Agreed! That would work! I can see the Bucks doing that! Plus, Lopez is on a 1 yr deal. Vucevic could fill that role next year. Ross would be a 6th man role also. But, The Bucks do need a Legit SF! Then Move Middleton back to SG.

Your thoughts?

14 Dec 2018 18:36:20
Throw in Divincenzo for Simmons? He's a good defensive 3.

14 Dec 2018 18:55:24
Btec, issue is those salaries don't match up. can't acquire Vuc and Ross for Snell Brogdon unless MIL adds 8 mil more in the trade. I could see Snell and Brogdon for Vuc.

14 Dec 2018 19:11:41
Agreed, I would! Milwaukee has enough players who can play SG. and a couple of "G" league players. Who also can play SG. (All are 6'5" - 6'6" ish) , Can use a legit SF.


14 Dec 2018 19:59:46
Aj620 agreed. Hard to make anything work. George Hill, '19 1st 15-30 for Simmons, Vucevic. In one trade, or find a third team, and then Snell, divincenzo for Ross in another? Hill can't be traded with other players only by himself for a bit yet.

14 Dec 2018 22:18:56
Vucevic is having a career year, Ross is playing great, so is Simmons. The Bucks would love to have them, but you can't trade 3rd stringers or people Orlando doesn't want or need. No interest in Snell. Brogdan, Maker, and the 1st for Vucevic would be fair all around or Orlando will find another team to trade with.

14 Dec 2018 22:40:51
You aren’t going to have to give up much for Vuc. He is a good player but he’s essentially a rental.

14 Dec 2018 23:27:00
@ OldskoolMagic, What 3rd stringers? Brogdan starts, and can play PG/ SG. Snell is the 6th man, and Maker is the backup to Lopez.

15 Dec 2018 01:19:32
Brogdan, Hill, '19 1st
Vucevic, Ross or Simmons.

13 Dec 2018 17:06:05
Realistic deam Kings trade scenario.

Kings trade ZBo, Yogi Farrell, McLemore, 2 best future 2nd round picks.
Kings receive Otto Porter

Lakers trade KCP, protected 2019 1st rounder
Lakers receive Ariza, 2nd best 2nd rounder from Kings.

Phoenix trades Ariza
Phoenix recives ZBo ($12 mil expiring), Yogi Farrell (cheap playmaking guard) best 2nd rounder from Kings.

Washington trades OPJ
Washington receives KCP (may not veto with playing time at SF), McLemore (expiring $5 mil), Lakers protected 1st rounder.

Trade also moves Washington beneath the Luxury Tax Line and resets the penalty dollar multiplier for next year when Wall's extension kicks in.

14 Dec 2018 00:26:47
Think kings can get this done without giving any picks to take porters contract.

12 Dec 2018 16:10:17
Whiteside for Hardaway Thomas
Hardaway is from Miami, they hate Whiteside. Make sense. Thomas final can be bought out for 1.8 mil.

Mudiay Burke for Melton Daniels suns 2nd
Fair value

Lee for Bayless
Wolves lack exp at sg make sense

37 wins 3rd

Next summer
Trade Whiteside final yr to Dal for Dal 2nd after Jordan make sense
Knox for mid 1st not worth more
Ntilikina for 2 Magic 2nd not worth more

With 9 mil payroll including noah money, NY will combine Walker Leonard and Durant 4yr 120mil, before it needs to resign Porzingis. Essentially knox for Langford or Grimes. Knicks draft Ja Morant.


12 Dec 2018 17:57:21
Melton is cheaper younger and just as productive as mudiay.

12 Dec 2018 18:10:14
Mudiay is NY's best PG. No way Melton is as seasoned as Mudiay. Mudiay is raw, and so is Melton but Mudiay is a starter in NY and Melton can't crack the rotation without injuries.

12 Dec 2018 18:36:52
Minnesota lacks experience at SG? Last time I checked, Wiggins is in his 5th year and Rose is in his 10th. Okogie can't get playing time.

Minnesota has no need for Lee.

12 Dec 2018 18:58:32
Since when is Wiggins the starting 2 for the Wolves? He was the 3 all last season. Is this a Butler thing?

12 Dec 2018 19:16:45
Yes. Covington starts at SF, Wiggins at SG (as he should have been for his entire career) .

12 Dec 2018 20:21:18
Wiggens can't shoot lmao he isscorer.

12 Dec 2018 21:57:00
Makes sense if Covington is starting. I'd rather have Wiggins handle the ball than Covington. Wiggins is athletic enough to keep up with or go around other 2's or bully them with his size. Looks good to me.

11 Dec 2018 00:05:44
Trade Deadline February 8

Bucks Trade DJ Wilson George Hill Rashad Vaughn Trade Execption

Heat Trade Hassan Whiteside

Bucks receive DJ Wilson George Hill Rashad Vaughn Trade Execption

Heat Trade Hassan Whiteside

Rashad Vaughn 1 millions dollars

11 Dec 2018 00:31:23
My bad I messed up Heat receive DJ Wilson Rashad Vaughn Trade Execption George Hill.

11 Dec 2018 04:18:44
No one wants the H. Whiteside headache! A headcase for sure, On and off the court. If he is so good? Why does he usually get oulled in the 4th quarter? I believe the Bucks would pass. They seem to be doing Ok with whom they currently have now.

11 Dec 2018 04:53:06
Free throws, Miami has been behind a lot this season and whiteside isn't exactly a scoring machine.

10 Dec 2018 19:45:03
Bucks Trade Malcolm Brogdon Tony Snell DJ Wilson

Kings Trade Buddy Hield Zach Randolph

Bucks receive Buddy Hield Zach Randolph

Kings receive Malcolm Brogdon Tony Snell DJ Wilson

Salary Match

Buddy Hield is good shape shooter for starting shooting guard

Bucks can use Z-Bo for come after bench

Kings can pay Malcolm Brogdon Off-Season

10 Dec 2018 20:11:04
As a bucks fan I could get down with this.

10 Dec 2018 20:11:54
Bad for the Buck's. Hield is missing more than he's making and is a terrible defender. Z-Bo is nothing more than yesterdays news. He should have stayed in Memphis! I believe the Bucks would pass!

10 Dec 2018 22:27:15
Kings would respond with "Where is the first rounder you are adding to this deal? "

10 Dec 2018 22:34:47
Why for kings?

10 Dec 2018 22:48:29
Torgue. Hate to break it to you, but most NBA plays miss more shots than they make.

Heild is making more than 40% of his 3s this year.

11 Dec 2018 00:45:28
Shiller41. Because Hield > Brogdon and everyone else Milwaukee is offering is garbage. Kings actually take a step back with this deal. And since they are taking a step back, there would have to be some draft pick compensation like a 1st rounder (especially considering how many 2nd rounder the Kings have in the next 3 years) .

11 Dec 2018 13:07:36
@karloo6, Hield better check his stats! Someone's not being truthful! Z-Bo is 37-38 yrs old. at 6'9" 260, and makes 11.6 Mil a year. At that price, The Bucks should have just kept Henson! 10 years younger, and a better shot blocker. Now, You would put Hield over ROY Brogdan? Now, Why would the Bucks also have to send a 1st rd. pick? I believe they would pass on both Hield and Z-Bo!

11 Dec 2018 14:04:44
I like Bogdanovich over Hield anyway. They are both terrible defenders but Bogdan has the shooting edge. Bogdanovich was ridiculous in the rookie/ sophomore game last season.

10 Dec 2018 18:36:14
Scroeder and Abrines for Hardaway and Muddalay- Knicks new lineup: Scroeder (30 min) Dotson, Trier, Frank, Lee, Knox, @sg/ sf. Schroeder solidifies starting Pg at reasonable salary ( 15 mil per for 3 years ) Schroeder has identical numbers to Wall, careerwise, at one third the salary, is not injury prone like Wall.

10 Dec 2018 20:16:09
Numbers are incredibly misleading. Peak Wall is an elite NBA player. Peak Schroeder is an average starting PG in the NBA.

Also, Walls worst season in his career has a better PER than Schroeder's best.

(Not saying Wall is amazing right now. Just that stats, especially just looking at ppg, lie a lot)

10 Dec 2018 18:13:37
Bucks: B Beal

Was: Bledsoe+ H whiteside+ Wilson+ 2rnd pick Bucks

Miami: Porter+ Brogdon

10 Dec 2018 18:45:35
That's a horrible trade for wizards.

10 Dec 2018 20:43:27
Bucks aren't giving enough, Miami gets too much, Wizards pass immediately.

10 Dec 2018 03:16:40

Phoenix trades Ariza @ $15 mil

Sacramento trades Yogi Farrell @ $3 mil + Ben MacLemore @ $5.2 mil + 2020 2nd round pick.

Phoenix supposedly wants a playmaking guard (Yogi) and a draft pick. The only way they are going to get a first rounder for Ariza is to take a bad contract in return for Ariza (not seeing that happen. )

Ariza becomes the perfect 3 and D guy to start at the 3/ SF position on this roster.

10 Dec 2018 00:30:14
Bucks - Carroll and Davis

Nets - Snell, Maker, Wilson, and Brown


Harris/Brown (Levert)

09 Dec 2018 18:41:02
Pelicans send N. Mirotic and a 2019 unprotected first.

Bucks send K. Middleton.

Following the Middleton blow up the Bucks swap expirings for one of the best complimentary 4s and floor spacers in the league. Giannis would cover more 3s on defense, but the line up would have incredible spacing. Bucks also get a chance at a lottery pick as there’s a good chance the Pelicans miss the playoffs due to the depth of the West.

The Pelicans can’t get Randle, Mirotic, and Davis together in one line up. Now the Pelicans get a floor spacer and wing defender on the floor at the same time as Randle and Davis. If it works out the Pelicans can look at signing Middleton long term to keep Davis around.

09 Dec 2018 19:22:18
I believe the Bucks would pass. They just cleared space to resign Middleton to a Max contract next year. Plus they have floor spacers, Illyasova for one. Lopez, Etc.

09 Dec 2018 21:33:49
Good luck dealing with Bucks fans.

09 Dec 2018 21:43:41
Middleton is worth more than Mirotic, I think anyway. The first wouldn't persuade me much. Ilyasova fills the role well for less.

09 Dec 2018 23:50:55
@Torque Well if the blow up with the coaches was bad enough they may not max him or Middleton may look elsewhere. Plus Mirotic is a lot better Ily

@Btec I agree Middleton’s way better but I think you’re underestimating that Middleton needing an extension lessons his value and that first round pick could be really good due to how good the West is.

10 Dec 2018 00:20:11
That valuation is true if there is an imminent reason to trade him as with Butler and Leonard. I am not feeling that with a 4th quarter benching because his effort was lackluster. Middleton been one of he most improved defenders, and lights out shooters this season for the Bucks.

10 Dec 2018 00:47:52
Jalex, Middleton's blowup with the Coach's was just that. They sat and talked it out. Middleton even stated the coach was right to pull him for his effort. Other teams can offer Middleton 35 Mil. a year for 4 years max. Milwaukee can offer him 38 Mil. a year for 5 years max. Mirotic is not as good a defender as Middleton. I still believe the Bucks would pass.

10 Dec 2018 01:39:11
Just cause Bucks cleared cash doesn’t mean it’s for Middleton lol? Smart thing to do. Could be for anyone. Stop assuming that you know what real GMs are doing. Anyways, I’d rather have Middleton over Mirotic. They could do better.

10 Dec 2018 16:43:21
Look. I'm a Pels fan but there's no way you get Middleton for that.

09 Dec 2018 02:09:52

Bucks get Davis & Moore


Pelicans get Middleton, Maker, Snell, Brogdon, 1st rd pick, 2nd rd pick


09 Dec 2018 03:46:59
Lmao bucks fan funny.

09 Dec 2018 00:24:56

Milwaukee get Bayless
Minnesota get Snell, WAS 2020 and 2021 2nds

Bucks complete cleaning the house. They will have KD max money available in 2019, while keeping Middleton and Brogdon cap holds and signing their 1st.

Wolves get one more wing - well known to Thibs - at the expence of Bayless, who is out of the rotation. They also grab two nice 2nds. This doesn't hurt their FA chances, since they don't have any with 90 mil committed salaries both in 2019 and 2020.

09 Dec 2018 01:00:39
The Bucks had Bayless before, and traded him away. Plus, There's no way Bayless is worth Snell and 2-2nd rd picks.

09 Dec 2018 05:05:13
Bayless is an expiring. Snell is not. That is why Milwaukee would be interested in this. Not sure Minnesota would be interested.

07 Dec 2018 23:13:53
Cavs Bucks

Cavs received
Protected 1st pick (not sure what year or protections)
Second round pick (not sure what year either)

Bucks received

All in all I think Cleveland did well. Not only the picks but Henson is another young talented big man to add to the team.

Bucks also did well. Hill is a better than average back up and Dekker is a filler but has promise. Overall fair trade for both

08 Dec 2018 01:57:39
Actually Wash. came in as a 3rd team. And traded J Smith and a 2nd rd pick for Dekker. I also think the Cavs did well, But the Bucks just got rid of 20 Mil this year and 20 Mil next year. Now they can sign Middleton to a max contract.

08 Dec 2018 02:16:26
Henson is 28 injured and peaked.

07 Dec 2018 21:50:13
*Clippers get: Iman Shumpert, Zach Randolph
PG SGA/Beverley/Teodosic
SG Bradley/Williams/Robinson
SF Shumpert/Scott/Thornwell
PF Harris/Randolph/Mbah a Moute
Ce Gortat/Harrell/Marjanovic
- Clear cap space.

*Kings get: Matthew Dellavedova, Tony Snell, Tyrone Wallace 2021 1st (From MIL)
PG Fox/Delly/Mason
SG Hield/Bogdanovic/Wallace
SF Jackson/Snell/McLemore
PF Bjelica/Bagley/Giles
Ce WCS/Labissiere/Koufos
- Get a future pick and needed 3 and D player.

*Bucks get: Danilo Gallinari, Yogi Ferrell
PG Bledsoe/DDV/Ferrell
SG Brogdon/Pat/Brown
SF Middleton/Gallinari/Wilson
PF Giannis/Illyasova/Wood
Ce Lopez/Maker/Henson
- Add depth to the bench; get rid of two bad contracts.

07 Dec 2018 23:31:20
Cavs traded for Dellevedova.

08 Dec 2018 01:10:04
Bucks just traded Dellavedova, Henson, a 1st and 2nd pick to the Cavs. for G. Hill, And S. Dekker. The traded Dekker to the Wizards for J. Smith and a 2nd rd pick. More of a salary dump, But can use Hill, And can Max out Middleton next year.

08 Dec 2018 02:17:39
Kings gave up too much.

08 Dec 2018 22:09:45
Funny, I thought the Clippers were giving up too much.

07 Dec 2018 20:11:21
Bucks - Ariza

Suns - Delly, Maker and Wilson



07 Dec 2018 21:12:14
Why do people think any team want dolly and maker?

07 Dec 2018 23:18:01
Same reason you're still obsessed on commenting on every post of mine.

08 Dec 2018 01:11:32
Cavs just traded for delly.

08 Dec 2018 02:18:27
Cavs took dally and picks to get get rid of Hill.

07 Dec 2018 20:05:02
With EG becoming to be unhappy with the Rockets, here's a possible trade idea:
*Bucks get: Eric Gordon
PG Bledsoe/DDV/Delly
SG Brogdon/Gordon/Morris
SF Middleton/Pat/Brown
PF Giannis/Illyasova/Wood
Ce Lopez/Maker/Henson

*Rockets get: Tony Snell, D.J. Wilson, 2020 2nd, 2021 2nd
PG Paul/MCW/Knight
SG Harden/Green
SF Ennis/Snell/Wilson
PF Tucker/Clark/Chriss
Ce Capela/Hartenstein/Nene

07 Dec 2018 19:16:51

Milwaukee: Beal, Smith, Bryant (via Vaughn exception)
Washington: Brogdon, DiVincenzo, Maker, Ilyasova, Henson, 2022 unprotected 1st, their 2020 2nd back and MIL 2020 2nd

Bucks upgrade their starting 5 from Brogdon to Beal at the cost of their depth and pretty much all the future assets they have available.


Wizards replace Beal with Brogdon, they get two prospects in DiVincenzo and Maker, two vets that can help them now and a package of picks. They will also be in the bordeline to avoid the tax after that.


07 Dec 2018 14:06:30
Knicks - Suns

Knicks gets:
Ariza (buyout)
2019 1st rd pick (Bucks)

Suns gets:
Hardaway Jr.
2020 2nd rd pick

07 Dec 2018 14:58:18
This isn't very likely for many reasons. Ariza doesn't need to be bought out if you want cap for next season, he expires at the end of this one.

07 Dec 2018 23:10:05
He gets bought out to get the opportunity to play for a contender instead of a lottery team.

08 Dec 2018 22:12:42
Absolutely no reason for the Suns to ship out a draft pick whwn they are obviously rebuilding.

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