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24 Sep 2017 15:35:47
Bucks Roster

Trade Henson and GP2 to Utah for Alex Burks


24 Sep 2017 15:57:02
As long as Favors is on Utah's roster, this trade doesn't make much sense for them. Especially after losing their best wing player.

23 Sep 2017 12:20:13
The Lakers get Monroe(exp), Parker(exp), Anderson(exp) and a SA 2020 1st top 10 protected

The Spurs get Randle, Clarkson, Deng, and Parker

The Bucks get Aldridge and the Spurs 18 first

The Lakers get all the capspace they need and add a pick which could help with building depth on a team that if they sign multiple super stars in the offseason will be in desperate need of bench production.

The Spurs get an influx of young talent. The Spurs have been great at keeping players healthy, which seems like Parkers biggest weakness. If he can return near full strength under Pop's coaching he could become an allstar. Clarkson could give them a combo guard and be the heir to Manu's 6th man position. I think Pop could make Randle's post passing a real weapon. This gives them more scoring, stops their slight downward trend, and I think Pop would love the challenge of making NBA stars out of some talented young guys.

The Bucks drop a few million which has been rumored to be a goal. They cash in on Parker rather than risking it, end up with a borderline all star than can help this young team take the next step and they get a first which could be used later to add to their roster.

22 Sep 2017 07:29:02

CHI get Khris Middleton
buyout Wade

Pg Dunn
Sg LaVine
Sf Middleton
Pf Portis
Ce Markannen

MIL get Marc Gasol

Pg Brogdon/Delly
Sg Giannis/Snell
Sf Parker/Vaughn
Pf Maker/Wilson
Ce Gasol/Henson

MEM get Greg Monroe, Denzel Valentine, Robin Lopez & 1st round pick from CHI (top 12 protected) & MIL (lottery protected)

Pg Conley/Chalmers
Sg Baldwin/Evans/McLemore
Sf Parsons/Valentine
Pf Green/Wright/Rabb
Ce Lopez/Monroe

22 Sep 2017 17:29:54
Good trade. Bucks would hate to lose Middleton but to get Gasol it's worth it. Grizzlies get the picks they need to rebuild around Conley after the trade, without taking on any major long term salary. The Bulls moving on from Lopez would open up time for Robin Lopez and moving Valentine and a protected pick seems worth getting a vital piece to the future like Middleton.

21 Sep 2017 14:32:05
The Knicks get Monroe(exp), Frye(exp), Teletovic , Jefferson(exp), Tavares(waive), Parker, Brogodon, and 2 Houston firsts

The Cavs get Henson

The Rockets get Melo

The Bucks get Porzingis, Ariza, Anderson, and Noah

21 Sep 2017 14:53:09
Don't see the Knickerbockers trading Porzingis, since he is the face of their franchise. If they were going to trade him, it seems like they had better offers before this year's draft. Don't see him moved anywhere.

21 Sep 2017 15:00:00
this trade was fine until i got to the porzingis part. remember what ny was asking pre-draft for him? i doubt they have weakened those demands at all. but in theory, giannis and zinger is a terrifying prospect.

21 Sep 2017 15:31:23
No from NY. we had legit talks for Booker and the 4th pick for Kristaps and Noah.

21 Sep 2017 16:02:37
Alexstorm, the Knicks asked for Booker and Pheonix told them to kick rocks. I never saw where Noah was involved. Maybe this isn't enough for KP, but what would basically be Brogdon, Parker, a 1st and getting rid of Noah wouldn't be a bad return.

21 Sep 2017 14:08:37
Houston gets Melo

The Knicks get Parker, Monroe, Qi, Vaughn, Taylor (waive), Quarterman (waive), Long (Waive), Onuako (waive), and a lottery protected 2020 Houston pick

The Bucks get Anderson, Lee, top 8 protected 18 Knicks pick, and a top 10 protected 2022 Houston pick

20 Sep 2017 23:47:31
Melo's camp is hopefull that Melo is with the Rockets by monday, Rockets are not giving Ariza up and Knicks don't want Anderson, so I came up with this.


Rockets get Melo and Neto


Knicks get Favors, Burks, Teletovic, Long, Rockets '20 1st rounder ( top 6 protected ), Bucks '20 1st rounder (lottery protected)


Jazz get Anderson, O'Quinn, Dotson, Jackson, Taylor (waive) and option to swap '21 1st rounder with Rockets


Bucks receive Lee

Brogdon/Delavedova/Payton II

Rockets get what they want.
Knicks get solid veterans, strengthen their bench and most importantly get two 1st rounders.
Jazz adds another great shooter to compliment Goberts play style and a great back up big.
Bucks get rid of Teletovic and get a great 3 and D player to help them push fod a deep playoff run.

21 Sep 2017 03:59:21
First-rounder in the 20 to 30 range is fair compensation for Anthony. Knicks will never get that haul.

21 Sep 2017 13:14:03
But they could have Horford and the Nets first for Melo from Boston if they want Super.

19 Sep 2017 17:30:03
The Lakers get Monroe, Frye, Jefferson, Felder, Tavares, and a 2nd from the Bucks and Cavs

The Bucks get Deng, Randle, Shumpert, and Clarkson

The Cavs get Delly and Henson

The Lakers get the expiring contracts they need to open even more space for them to put together a super team next year. They don't give up any picks, which will be important to fill out their roster in the future, they keep the two young players that they want to build around, Randle won't be resigned anyway if they end up paying 2 or 3 superstars in the off season, and Clarkson would also have to be dealt if they want to get 3 stars.

The Bucks get 2 solid young players that can help them score and 2 veterans that can shoot a little and defense without giving up any of their long term pieces.

The Cavs turn some of their expiring contracts into a player in Delly who could be really useful especially before IT is healthy and Henson who can block shots. This provides depth without giving up anything of long term value, gets them below 15 on the roster, and saves them a few million dollars this year.

19 Sep 2017 18:12:21
Bucks say NO!

20 Sep 2017 23:06:49
I still believe Randle can become good, it's a fair trade, but i don't think the Bucks need him.

18 Sep 2017 15:21:48

Milwaukee receives:
V. Oladipo (IND)
T. Young (IND)
L. Thomas (NYK)

New York receives:
T. Thompson (CLE)
M. Teletovic (MKE)

Cleveland receives:
C Anthony (NYK)
A. Jefferson (IND)
M. Delladova (MKE)

Indiana receives:
G. Monroe (MKE)
J. Henson (MKE)
J.R. Smith (CLE)
I. Shumpert (CLE)

18 Sep 2017 15:36:25
Indiana will not give up Oladipo at least not for this. Indiana gave up George for Victor and Sabonis so the value has to be high on them plus Indiana has Jefferson and Turner still so adding Henson and Monroe wouldn't make sense.

19 Sep 2017 13:34:57
Maybe if Love was traded to Indiana it would work instead of JR or Shumpert?

19 Sep 2017 15:37:09
DL, so the Cavs trade Love and Thompson (really the only two players on the roster that can start at center and their two best rebounders) to get back Melo (the Cavs didn't even want him in a package for Irving), Delly (would be a third string point guard and only play limited minutes in the playoffs), and Jefferson (really doesn't fit the offense and would only get minutes because there wouldn't be anyone else to fill them at center)? I'm not sure if the Cavs do the original trade, but just throwing in Love is ridiculous.

I also don't think the Pacers would be interested in Love since they're looking to rebuild and he is 29.

The only team that would definitely say yes to either version of this trade is the Bucks. They give up almost nothing and get back a decent starter in Young and a really good young 2way Sg in Olidipo. Maybe the Knicks say yes, but they already have multiple solid young big men and they would have 2 centers making over 15 million each.

19 Sep 2017 22:32:46
The bucks should include giannis to Indy:-)

16 Sep 2017 17:16:07
The Celtics get Jabari Parker and Monroe

The Bucks get Horford and a lottery protected Boston first

The Celtics get a player that has a ton of potential for cheap if he can come back healthy. They also could clear out a near max contract for next summer. Horford is to old to match the rest of the team and his contract is stopping them from going and getting a player that does fit. Monroe can work as a stop gal for them.

The Bucks get a borderline veteran allstar to help their young team take the next step. They also get out of paying Parker, who hasn't proven he can stay healthy.

16 Sep 2017 19:56:46
This makes no sense on a bunch of levels.

1. The value isn't right. That first is going the wrong way. Horford is a borderline all star. Monroe is bad, and Parker can't stay healthy.

2. The potential vs age seems backwards as well. Boston wants to compete now, where the bucks seem like they're another year away. I don't see Boston making a move that sacrifices short term for potential long term.

18 Sep 2017 13:46:04
I don't understand why people want to move Horford out of Boston. The way the team is put together, he didn't have crazy point totals, and he's not a top end rebounder, but he is a very capable scorer when called upon. Most importantly, he's a playmaker in the frontcourt. He averaged 5 assists a game, which I believe led all Centers (if not all big men, but I can't remember the article details I read. either way impressive. ) To put it into perspective with some of the best centers in the league Cousins had 3.9, Davis had 2.1, Whiteside had 0.7, Embiid had 2.1, Gasol came close at 4.6.but Horford was the elite in that category, which is one of the most important stats for Stevens' ball movement system. He's the glue at this point.

18 Sep 2017 15:04:35
While I may agree that Horford didn't live up to most peoples expectations, he was a huge in the playoffs. He's a great playmaker and Passer who can shoot 3'S. He is, was, and will be a steady veteran presence for the C's. He is exactly what Ainge and Stephens wants him to be.

18 Sep 2017 16:15:27
I'm not saying Horford isn't a really good player. He's a borderline allstar and can help teams in a variety of ways, but he's 31, he's signed for 3 more years, and the last 2 years he's going to be making almost 30 million dollars. Boston has the pedigree, young core, young established stars, assets and coach to either make a big trade at some point or go after big time free agents. I think they need to get rid of Horford while he still has more value than his contract. He isn't going to be valuable to a team trading a star and the cap space he's taking up will prevent them from going after a younger star. Boston is at minimum a year away from really being a contender in the East (2 or 3 if the Cavs keep it together) and probably 4 years away from being able to stand a chance against the Warriors. That window doesn't match up with Horford.

For the Bucks they have a ton of young talent, but Jabari has looked like an awkward fit even when healthy, they don't have much veteran leadership, and unless Giannis can turn into a top 2 or 3 player they're never going to be a destination for top flight free agents.

18 Sep 2017 19:24:21
I don't think that Boston cares about the contract commitment. They are keeping him to try and win now. When his contract is up, Irving will be in his prime, Heyward, Brown and Tatum should be at the top of their games (at leat that is the hope) and they should be on or near thetop.
I'm not sure that they cannot make it to the finals this season. Cleveland could be starting the decline. Just saying it's possible, only time will tell.
As far as the Warriors are concerned, prior to all the trades the C's have made, they seemed to have matched up really well with GS. Weve won a couple of games and reasonablY close to them in the losses. After the trades, we may or may not match up as well. But, I have a lot of faith in Danny!

18 Sep 2017 19:29:23
I don't think Horford would be moved in this deal. Parker is really taking a risk not knowing health wise, and they don't want Monroe. C's would pass

Maybe in a deal for M Gasol or one of the towers from NOLA, I'd like to think for AD but it would most likely be Boogie.

Boston is better off going with Bogut if possible, then making a splash at the trade deadline for the likes of Boogie and convince him to buy into the idea of a 3 yr deal with a the 3rd yr as an option. If they could make it to the finals he'd be more apt to sign on.

19 Sep 2017 17:52:39
Billj, the thing is that in a trade for Davis, Gasol, and probably even Cousins, Monroe's expiring contract and Parker would both be much more valuable than Horford. Memphis or New Orleans wouldn't have much interest in Horford since they would most likely be starting a rebuild. An expiring contract and a player with allstar potential that they could buy low on would probably interest them though.

19 Sep 2017 20:05:48
I truly want to believe that rk, but if Parker gets hurt again before a deal could happen then his career is over and it would hurt Boston and Monroe would really not help.

With Bogut out of the picture now signing with LAL, he's not there to win a title, he's there for the weather and comfort level. Boston will most likely roll with the flow with what they have and probably will have to move someone they don't want to at the trade deadline in order to get the help they'll need.

If Boston is on top at the deadline they'll need Boogie or Gasol to compete in the finals. But to keep Boogie it will cost them 200+ for 5 years. Which brings me back to Drummond who I've wanted them to get because of age and contract.

14 Sep 2017 12:12:06

Pacers get Middleton, Parker, Henson & 1st from Bucks


Bucks get Turner , Lee & Oquinn


Knicks get Joseph, A.Jefferson & 2nd round pick from Bucks


14 Sep 2017 18:48:06
Bucks say hell no.

15 Sep 2017 20:59:10
Turner is the best player with the most upside in that trade. SMH

Turner Maker Wilson Gianni and Brogdon could be my favorite in the east.

Celtics no more perimeter defense

Cavs lost chemistry.

18 Sep 2017 06:35:04
That would be a solid team, but Shizzee, you're delusional if you think that team would win the East.

14 Sep 2017 12:04:33
If Cavs have Shumpert, Frye (exp) & their 2018 own 1st to trade, who would they use them for?

it should be a perimeter defender or a decent back up big

some list,

To Chicago for Robin Lopez?
To San Antonio for Danny Green? highly unlikely though
To Pacers for Thad Young?
To Knicks for Oquinn & Thomas or Lee?
To Mavericks for Wesley Matthews & 2nd?
To Raptors for Valanciunas?
To Bucks for Monroe?
To Hornets for MKG?
To Thunder for Roberson?

any idea guys?

14 Sep 2017 13:34:48
Cleveland's own No.1 will be late 20s at best, so it has little value (in fact, teams would prefer an early 2nd to a late first because first-rounders require guaranteed money) .
That leaves Frye, who is cooked, and Shumpert, who has little value and is at best a lower-rotation player.
Out of your offers I see maybe Valanciunas, but none of the others. But even at that, Valanciunas might tick off James by clogging the lane.

14 Sep 2017 15:50:29
I don't see Val, it would just leave the Raps too thin at the five. I agree Super with your valuation, so maybe Monroe at best, and probably not even him.

14 Sep 2017 10:52:09

Bucks get Faried

Nuggets get Monroe

14 Sep 2017 10:17:59

DET get Robin Lopez, Denzel Valentine, Jabari Parker, 1st round pick MIL (unprotected)

Pg Jackson/Smith
Sg Bradley/Galloway
Sf Harris/Valentine/Bullock
Pf Parker/Leuer
Ce Lopez/Marjanovic

CHI get Greg Monroe (exp) & Khris Middleton
(buyout DWade)

Pg Dunn/Payne/Grant
Sg LaVine/Holiday
Sf Middleton/Zipser
Pf Portis/Mirotic
Ce Markannen/Monroe/Felicio

MIL get Andre Drummond, Courtney Lee & Stanley Johnson

Pg Brogdon/Payton
Sg Lee/Snell
Sf Giannis/Vaughn
Pf Maker/Teletovic/Wilson
Ce Drummond/Henson

NYK get Matthew Dellavedova & 2nd round pick CHI

Pg Dellavedova/Nkitilina/Sessions
Sg Hardaway/Thomas/Baker
Sf Anthony/Kuzminkas
Pf Porzingis/Oquinn
Ce Hernangomez/Noah

14 Sep 2017 18:49:13
Bucks giving up too much.

17 Sep 2017 02:01:21
Give bucks wade went to to collect in Milwaukee.

13 Sep 2017 08:42:12

SAC get Jabari Parker & 1st Bucks

MIL get WCS, Aldridge, Green

SAS get Henson, Monroe & Middleton

13 Sep 2017 14:12:40
I would defenitly hope so as a Spurs fan, but I don't see Mil giving up all of that.

12 Sep 2017 13:35:25
cavs and bucks

Cavs get Jabari parker, kris middleton

Bucks get Iman shumpert, channing frye, richard jefferson, 2018 cavs own pick

waive tavares and felder

sign buyout of d Wade

Cavs line up

I.T, rose, calderon





12 Sep 2017 14:23:10
Maybe if it were the Brooklyn pick it would make some sense, but this is just awful for the Bucks.

12 Sep 2017 15:09:13
Just take the "02" off your name. THAT is what the Bucks do when presented that trade.

12 Sep 2017 16:00:15
Yeah. Bucks would never go for this. Very one-sided trade.

12 Sep 2017 17:46:59
I can't tell what's the most unbelievable part of this trade. Whether it be that BOTH JR Smith and Dwayne Wade are ahead of Kris Middleton on the depth chart you presented or that the Cavs get Middleton and Jabari Parker for absolute trash and a pick either 29 or 30.

11 Sep 2017 20:30:56
Spurs get: Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe

Bucks get: LaMarcus Aldridge

13 Sep 2017 14:24:12
I think a good trade for both teams.

11 Sep 2017 02:39:18

SAS get: Jabari Parker, Matthew Delladova, and John Henson

Pg. Delladova/ Mills (Parker)
Sg. Green
Sf. Leonard
Pf. Parker
C. Gasol

MIL get: Lamarcus Aldridge, Ryan Anderson, Future HOU 1st

Pg. Brogdon
Sg. Middleton
Sf. Antetekuompo
Pf. Aldridge
C. Maker

HOU get: Greg Monroe

Pg. cp3
Sg. Harden
Sf. Tucker
Pf. Nene
C. Monroe

11 Sep 2017 04:41:18
Where's Ariza? How about Capela?

10 Sep 2017 03:33:11
It's pretty boring for MIN fans right now. We only have one thing to trade - Cole Aldrich - or more accurately, some 2018 cap space. Aldrich's deal is $7.3 mil this year, and $6.95 mil next season, but only $2 mil is guaranteed. MIN will be over the cap, and likely under the lux next season, and will probably be willing to take on 2018 salary up to $12.3 mil in a two year deal. Most likely this will be at the deadline, but I'm curious which teams are potential trade partners who want 2018 CAP SPACE?

MIN was unwilling to give up the OKC 1st to get CJ Miles, so keep that in mind. They could use a swingman.

Aldrich for Shumpert?

Aldrich for Jared Dudley?

Aldrich for Garrett Temple?

Thoughts? Other ideas?

10 Sep 2017 14:15:08
Keep in mind that Cole is completely useless, so Minny will have to either attach another asset to him to move him or take back a wing on a multi year deal. Even with a $2M buyout, that's $2M that some team is going to spend.

How about Cole for Lance Thomas from NY? Salaries are the same this year and next, and Knicks clear some cap space next year. Thomas doesn't offer a tonne, but he is a 40% career 3PT shooter, which Minny needs.

10 Sep 2017 14:59:10
Wolves are like Sixers -- tons of talent and a bright future. Just let things play themselves out, and if things don't work out think about some more changes.

09 Sep 2017 20:30:11

•Cavs get Matthew Dellavedova and Jamychal Green (2yr 18m)
PG: Rose, Dellavedova, Thomas (hurt)
SG: Crowder, Smith, Calderon
SF: James, Korver, Osman
PF: Love, Je. Green, Jefferson
C: Thompson, Ja. Green, Zizic

•Bucks get Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, and Kay Felder (waived)
-Sign Deron Williams

•Grizzlies get Mirza Teletovic and Cavs own 2018 1st.

09 Sep 2017 21:53:52
Cavs can be on receive of s&t.

09 Sep 2017 17:54:47

Parker,Henson,Delly, and 2019 first rd pick for Melo and Randle(Waive)

Sign Deron Williams
Resign Terry
Sign Stephen Zimmerman


09 Sep 2017 18:19:40
Why would bucks do this?

09 Sep 2017 19:11:25
Because they don't give up anything but two bad deals and a late first Jvoug.

Melo won't approve a deal to Milwaukee.

09 Sep 2017 19:30:36
The 2019 No. 1 is more than enough for Anthony.

09 Sep 2017 20:12:55
You're right Super, just the first, Bucks can keep the bad contracts.

09 Sep 2017 21:04:15
Parker is a bad contract?!? What are you talking about. If healthy, Parker is basically a young Melo. Take out Parker, and the deal makes sense.

09 Sep 2017 23:17:30
Yeah, I didn't notice Parkers name at first, just Delly and Henson, my bad.

10 Sep 2017 03:38:55
"If Parker is healthy .! "

Thanks for the laugh. Two ACL tears, and he wants a max deal.

11 Sep 2017 04:28:05
I'll take the guy with two ACL injuries and making a couple million over the guy that's a decade older and making 25 million a year. Neither one is locked in long time (though you have control over Parker if he stays healthy, which is obviously a major question mark)

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