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22 Jun 2017 00:19:21

Pacers trade Paul George
Pacers get Paul Millisap (S&T) and Kris Middleton

Bucks trade Greg Monroe, Kris Middleton
Bucks get Paul George

Hawks trade Paul Millisap (S&T)
Hawks get Greg Monroe.

22 Jun 2017 06:40:25
Bucks would have to give up something else to the pacers that's no enough for pg13 my Parker or something else like bragdon. Plus they don't need millisap his 32 and if they are losing pg13 they need to rebuild. And that doesn't start by maxing out a 32 year undersized PF who is one bad injury away from he careers being over.

21 Jun 2017 20:12:12
Pelicans offseason

Trade #1

Pels - Wesley Mathews

Mavs - Quincy Pondexter, Omer Asik, pick #40 and future 2nd rounder

The Mavs then stretch Asik and save a bunch of money vs. Matthews, gain a ton of cap room to be aggressive with too

Trade #2

Pels - Ricky Rubio

Wolves - Tim Frazier, Alexei Ajainca, future protected 1st

Clear salary dump for Min while Pels play with pass first PG who will probably cost half of holiday contract

With remains cap sign

CJ Miles 3 yr 20 mil
Patty Mills 2 yr 12 mil
James Micheal Mcadoo 3 yr contract


PG - Rubio-Mills
SG - Mathews-Moore
SF- Hill-Miles
PF - Davis-McAdoo
C - Cousins-Diallo.

21 Jun 2017 23:44:02
Why does Minnesota need to clear salary? Besides, that is a terrible return for Rubio.

21 Jun 2017 19:24:18

McBuckets and Singler for Mirza

Bucks get more at the wing.
OKC get a better 3pt shooter to help Russ on the dish

22 Jun 2017 04:15:30
Re; Bucks/ OKC

McDermett, and Sabonis, OKC,

for Mizra, and Vaughn Bucks!

OKC gets their 3 point shooters,

Milw. gets their PF, and SF/ SG Combo.

21 Jun 2017 07:49:24
Clippers are looking to deal Jordan. Not sure what Clippers are looking for in return (I guess depends on how their offseason goes) but don't see them getting anything too great since most good teams don't have a need for a center, he'll be 29 in a month and he only has 1 year guaranteed left (player option for 18-19 which he'll probably opt out of to get one last big contract) .

Bucks get: Deandre Jordan
Clippers get: #17, Vaughn, Henson, Teletovic

Could swap Henson and Teletovic for Monroe if he opts in. This return would be decent if Clippers were aiming to rebuild.

Celtics get: DeAndre Jordan
Clippers get: Horford, Clippers 2019 1st, Boston 2018 1st

Boston needs a rebounder at center position and still keep cap space for Hayward and other moves. Clippers get draft picks including their own back and a versatile big that is signed a year longer than Jordan.

Bulls get: DeAndre Jordan
Clippers get: Lopez, Valentine and #16 pick

Bulls get an all-nba player to add to Butler and still have cap space to make a splash in FA. Could alternatively incorporate Wade if he opts in. Clippers get a solid pick and hometown solid starting big in Lopez and young prospect in Valentine.

Cavs get: Jordan
Clippers get: Thompson and Frye

Not sure if really makes Cavs better but Jordan is bigger force on interior and Clippers get a younger big that is signed 3 more years.

Wizards: Jordan
Clippers: Gortat and Bogdanovic (S&T)

Gortat is reportedly unhappy with Wizards so they upgrade on him while Clipper get two solid players in return.

Spurs and his hometown Rockets would also be good destinations but couldn't think of a trade that would really make sense for both sides (some of these are a stretch as is) .

21 Jun 2017 11:10:57
I think the clippers want pg. In that way they might keep cp3 and blake. Give the assets to indy.
If pg leaves in 2018 they still have cp3 and blake.
Think a firstrounder in the range 12-16 is enough because lakers can't offer much.

21 Jun 2017 13:52:19
I guess dealing Jordan would be a way for Clippers to get assets to get in the George sweepstakes. I'm just not sure Paul and Griffin would base their decision to return for multiple years or not on a guy who may only be a 1year rental. If anything its the other way around, if they are able to sign Paul and Griffin they could help Clippers to resign George if they traded Jordan for him in a 3 team trade.

17 Jun 2017 04:41:43
Minnesota Twolves offseason

-Nikola Pekovic medically retires

-Trade Tyus Jones to Milwaukee for Rashad Vaughn and #48 pick

7- Jonathan Isaac (Not many people in the NBA can guard KD, I think Isaac has the potential to be able to)
48- Eric Mika

•Free Agency:
-Sign Justin Holiday 2yr 24m
-Sign Gerald Green 1yr 7m
-Sign Luke Babbitt 1yr 4m
-Sign Nate Robinson 1yr minimum

PG: Rubio, Dunn, Robinson
SG: Holiday, LaVine, Vaughn
SF: Wiggins, Green, Babbitt
PF: Dieng, Isaac, Bjelica
C: Towns, Aldrich, Mika.

17 Jun 2017 11:21:58
Why would Milwaukee want T. Jones? They currently have 4 PG's now. (Brogdan, Delladedova, G. Payton ll, J. Terry) AND give up a 2nd rd. pick PLUS SG R. Vaughn for him? The Bucks say No!

17 Jun 2017 12:45:49
Brogdon is a combo guard, Terry is a free agent, and Payton is barely worth a roster spot.

17 Jun 2017 14:16:51
If Milwaukee wanted a small PG, They would have kept Tyler Ennis! Terry will resign because of J. Kidd. Brogdan will be staying at PG, Payton is a better player than Jones. Here's a thought, Trade Z Lavine, or A Wiggins for Vaughn? Makes just as much sense!

19 Jun 2017 07:11:09
NO from Bucks

17 Jun 2017 00:13:46
Boston: K Love+ T Thompson+ 17 pick (Giles or Leaf)+ 2rnd pick Cleveland 2018

Cle: A Horford+ J Parker+ Bradley+ Middleton

Bucks: Zeller+JR Smith+ Shumpert+ 1rst pick

Boston signs G Hayward

C: Thompson/ Zigic
PF: K Love/ Giles
SF: Crowder/ J Brown
SG: Hayward/ Smart
PG: IT/ Rozier

C: Horford
SF: J Parker
SG: Bradley
PG: Irving
Sixth: Middleton

PF: T Maker
PG: Fultz

17 Jun 2017 01:12:03
Not bad for Boston in the Cavs, but I'm not sure why the Bucks do it.

17 Jun 2017 02:30:04
Bucks say no not receiving enough in return at all.

17 Jun 2017 03:05:55
Why would the bucks or boston do this?

17 Jun 2017 03:45:32
Why is everyone trying to dump their crap players on the Bucks? Zeller? j. R. Smith, Shumpert? AND the 1st rd. pick? And give up Middleton a starter, J. Parker A starter when healthy, and the 17th pick? Milwaukee already has, Brogdan, Dellededova, Gary Payton ll, and J. Terry for PG's. No need for Fultz. I believe Milwaukee would pass.

17 Jun 2017 03:49:30
this is bad for the bucks. they should keep middleton and receive horford or bradley instead. and the cavs should get zeller since they would be thin at center.

17 Jun 2017 04:18:26
Again, Milwaukee says No, No matter how many times you try and restate it. , Milwaukee doesn't need a PG, (Brogdan, Delladedova, Gary Payton ll J Terry, are all PG's) Zeller, Smith, and Shupert, are all scrubs! Why would the Bucks give up starters Middleton, and Middleton and the 17th pick for them?

17 Jun 2017 04:38:13
I feel your pain, Cavs fan. But no.

17 Jun 2017 06:21:10
Boston wouldn't do this. They don't want Love or TT. Horford is good for their system and they definitely don't want the Kardashian Kurse. Bronnie wanted Love and TT and now he got them until he bolts after next. James isn't to hard to figure out.

17 Jun 2017 10:28:04
K Love would be the second scoring option in Boston, so i think he would be great again.
Both TT and Love are good rebounders and Boston need A defender, so TT would be usefull and on a reasonable contract for them.
Giving up Bradley is hard for them, but he's going for a big contract next year and they need to clear cap, so they can sign Hayward.

I like this trade for Milwaukee.
J Parker is a great player, but he's not a great fit in that team and he is injury-prone, so he's a risk.
I think the combo Giannis-Fultz will be unstopable in a few years, so i would take those bad contracts.
And Shumpert isn't a bad player. And Zeller's contract isn't guaranteed, so they can cut him after the trade.

17 Jun 2017 11:25:26
Why would the Bucks want Fultz? They currently have Brogdan, Delldedova, G. Payton ll, and j. Terry, Plus Giannis A. ALL play PG's? The Bucks say NO AGAIN!

18 Jun 2017 00:29:24
I don't see the Bucks doing it but for the Cavs and Celtics they are great moves. Cleveland adds a good replacement in Love with Horford plus gets younger and more talented youth with Parker and Middleton. Bradleys just a born winning and is underrated in my opinion. Boston just has so much to work with, this is just one angle they can go with this.

19 Jun 2017 07:12:21
No fron Bucks

16 Jun 2017 18:30:45
LAL: #5, #17, G Monroe (exp), A Afflalo (exp)

SAC: #2, L Deng

MIL: #10 & T Mozgov

SAC can take Fultz (if BOS takes Jackson), Ball, or Fox

LAL can take Ball, Fox, Jackson, Tatum, or Isaac with #5 & Bam Adebayo (who I like) or Harry Giles at #17 and dump both bad contracts.

MIL moves up in the draft from #17 to #10 to take a better prospect.

16 Jun 2017 18:40:56
So the lakers drop from 2 to 5, rid themselves of deng AND mozgovs contracts AND get the 17th pick? Ok. Never going to happen.

16 Jun 2017 18:57:40
So Milwaukee gives up Monroe and his big contract, plus the 17th pick, to get Mozgov and his big contract, and the 10th pick? Whoever the Bucks want will be there at 17. Monroe is still a better player than Mozgov. The Bucks say No!

16 Jun 2017 20:50:48
I'm sorry you don't like that the Lakers come out on top with these moves. But look at each individual transaction and see if the value is fair

SAC gets #2 (choice between Fultz, Ball, Jackson, or Fox presumably), and Deng. He has a bad contract, but since nobody will sign with the Kings because they're a mess, it doesn't really hurt them. Gay is opting out and leaving so they need a SF/ PF. They give up #5 and #10 which are good picks, but #2 is much closer to a sure thing as far as somebody becoming an all star. The kings haven't drafted well (except for Cousins) over the last decade, this increases their odds of landing a future star (all star) caliber player.

MIL gets a bad contract in Mozgov, but he does provide some solid backup minutes at center. Right now they're very young and raw at that position; Monroe came off the bench and didn't get a ton of minutes, Henson is so inconsistent and Makr is very raw. Monroe only has one more year, they can trade him now (assuming he doesn't exercise his player option) and move up to a top 10 pick in one of the deepest drafts in a while. No matter what they do, they can't beat LeBron's team in the playoffs, trade Timo in his expiring year for a 2nd rd pick or 2.

16 Jun 2017 22:02:58
As far as raw, Spencer Hawes (Vet) also is a backup Center in Milwaukee, 7'1" 265 lbs. Plus Maker (Rookie), Plus Henson, (Vet) Plus Monroe, (Vet) So, Actually, The Bucks are pretty well set. Monroe didn't get a ton of minutes? are you kidding? e led all Centers in Milwaukee in minutes! As far as "Labron's team" Whose to say HE will be back next year? Why trade Mozgov for a 2nd rd. pick or 2, When if they want to trade someone it would be Monroe. he has more value that Mozgov. I'm not concerned about the Lakers, They have enough problems and issues themselves. As far as fair value, no, None of it! Enjoy the Ball family! You draft One, and get TWO! A player in Alonzo ball, AND apparently an assistant Coach in Lavar Ball! Then again These choices are just suggestions made by us, Non-Team members, the real Trades will com by the teams themselves, and apparently Anyone can see that the Bucks and kings would pass. Why would they want to make another team better than themselves?

16 Jun 2017 23:06:42
Laker trade ideas always the same, let's shed two terrible contracts on smaller market teams. Because after all we are the Lakers and we are entitled. Blah Blah Blah- Both Milwaukee and Sacramento pass. Keep paying those bucks to Deng and Mozgov L. A.

16 Jun 2017 23:14:01
Dude Monroe averaged 22 mpg last season. Those are backup minutes. That goes to show how weak they are currently (we'all see how Maker develops) at C if he logged the most minutes at 22 per game at C. Hawes is listed as PF, but it doesn't matter. Plug somebody else in Monroe's spot whose making similar money to Mozgov on an expiring deal to make it worth the Lakers wild. I don't want Monroe, his contract fits with clearing cap space in 2018.

The point is they trade a guy who's playing only 22 mpg for a bad contract to move up 7 spots to get into the top 10, which most experts are saying is 10 or 11 deep this year. I don't understand how that's not fair value for them?

The King's deal is solid for both teams. The #2 pick THIS year is an all star (I have my doubts about Ball, but Fultz and Jackson are) . They don't need more rookies, they need GOOD rookies. Here's their draft track record.

#8 Chriss (traded for Pappgiannis)
#6 WCS
#8 Stauskus
#7 McLemore
#5 T Robinson
#7 Biyombo
#5 Cousins*
#4 Evans
#12 J Thompson
#10 S Hawes.

17 Jun 2017 00:24:36
That deal is terrible for the Kings and fairly bad for the Bucks. I think you're blinded by your own fandom.

17 Jun 2017 03:59:16
DUDE? Are you 12, or close to it? Monroe played more at Center than Maker, Hawes, or Henson, They split the remaining minutes. You speak like YOU own the Lakers? "I don't want Monroe? " This is R-E-A-L basketball, Not "Fantasy" basketball. Why aren't YOU a GM somewhere if you have all this wisdom? As rkenne_16 stated, and I agree. This is terrible for the Kings, and bad for Milwaukee. Find some other team (s) to take the Lakers crap! Have fun with the Ball family!

15 Jun 2017 08:12:32

MIL : K.Love + D.Jordan + I.Shumpert

PG : G.Freak-M.Delly
SG : M.Brogdon
SF : I.Shumpert
PF : K.Love
CE : D.Jordan

CLE : J.Parker + J.Reddick (s&t) + J.Henson

PG : K.Irving
SG : J.Reddick-J.Smith
SF : L.James
PF : J.Parker
CE : J.Henson

LAC : T.Thompson + K.Middleton + 17th pick (MIL) + future 1st MIL (protected)

PG : A.Rivers
SG : J.Crawford
SF : K.Middleton
PF : L.Mbah
CE : T.Thompson

15 Jun 2017 13:10:42
The Cavs trade an allstar, a starter, and their sixth man and end up with a guy who is a free agent, the Bucks 4th big, and a guy who just blew out his knee?

15 Jun 2017 15:36:53
LeBron wouldn't approve of this.

15 Jun 2017 18:06:50
The Bucks (And Cavs. ) say NO! Why would the Bucks give up 2 1st rd picks, Middleton, Parker, and Henson for Love, Jordan, and Shumpert?
Trade Henson to Phoenix for Knight. Salaries match. The Suns get their "Rim Protector" and the Bucks get back their "Combo PG/ SG" they've been looking for. Henson needs a change of scenery, And Knight played some of his best Basketball in Milwaukee.

14 Jun 2017 23:12:17
Bucks - Cavs

Bucks gets:

Cavs gets:
2018 1st (Lottery protected)

Milwaukee gets a star and shooter in Love to have next to Giannis while getting a defensive weapon in Shumpert as well.

Cleveland move Smith to the bench and starts Teletovic at the 4. Delly returns to the bench and gives the toughness of the bench.

Cavs 2017/18

15 Jun 2017 18:18:43
Milwaukee says NO! Why would the Bucks give up 3 shooters, plus a protected 1st rd. pick to get back 1 shooter? When did Love become a Star? When did Shumpert become a defensive weapon?

14 Jun 2017 20:25:08
Pelicans offseason

Let Holiday walk

Trade #1

Pels - Corey Joseph

Raptors - 2 future 2nd round picks

Raps try to clear cap to resign Lowry

Trade #2

Pels - Jeremy Lin

Nets - Tim Frazier, E'twann Moore, future protected 1st

Nets don't gain contracts while adding a first rounder

Sign Tim Hardaway 4 yr 70 mil
Sign Kyle Korver 3 yr 18 mil

Draft pick #40 - Josh Hart


PG - Jospeh - Lin
SG - Hardaway - Hart
SF - Hill - Korver
PF - Davis - Diello
C - Cousins - Asik - Aijanca.

15 Jun 2017 22:59:05
Why would you let Holiday walk? It opens up next to no additional cap space.

14 Jun 2017 02:12:44
Celtics get Jordan Butler sign Griffin
Bulls get 1st 8th Noah Ndour
Knicks get Crowder Bradley 16th
Clippers get Lopez Melo 3 Celtics 2nd

Crawford Rivers W.Johnson for Wade Grant Canaan

2nd power team in west LeBron takes less to beat Warriors than Celtics

Rebuild with great backcourt

Best team in East

Evan Turner 28th for cap space Bradley EXT 20 mil per season

Great defensive team 50 wins

14 Jun 2017 08:34:54
There is this thing called a salary cap. Celtics could hardly afford getting Jordan and Butler in a trade let alone sign Griffin to his 25+ mill per year max contract afterward when they have no cap space.

Other than that I think the trade works out nicely for all the teams involved. As far as other moves Lebron is under contract next season so he can't sign with Clippers for cheap (doubt he would anyway) . As much as he may want to play with his "friends" that team would be worse than current Cavs with even worse depth so I don't see Lebron sacrificing a chance at more rings and his legacy to play with his buddies.

Also, zero chance Fox lasts until #8 pick. He could go as high as #2 and I don't see a scenario where he makes it past Kings at #5.

14 Jun 2017 17:01:53
I'm all about that if you're getting Griffin at the vet minimum, but the money just doesn't work. There's also not much point in bringing in Griffin AND Jordan since you're then putting a maxed out Horford on the bench. That's just silly. If you were to make this trade (and there were no financials involved) you'd sign Hayward not Griffin. Then you have the IT/ Butler/ Hayward/ Horford/ Jordan lineup.

Still, either way it's not possible.

12 Jun 2017 18:41:47
Pelicans offseason

As much as Pels fans love him it may be better to let Jrue leave and spend money on multiple players for depth


Pels - Alex Burks SG

Utah - Alexei Ajianca C, future 2nd round

Utah needs a back up C (Withey is FA) while saving money on the cap and New Orleans gets a quality SG


Patty Mills 3 yr 50 mill
Kyle Korver 3 yr 24 mil


PG - Mills - Frazier
SG - Burks - Moore
SF - Hill - Korver
PF - Davis - Diallo
C - Cousins - Asik

Mills is a solid PG option with cousins and AD running the team and hit the 3.

12 Jun 2017 22:17:35
Pelicans certainly need more help than Jrue Holiday can supply and they have major depth issues. The problem is they don't have much cap space or trade assets to improve talent-wise. They only have about 11 mill in cap space if they were to renounce the rights to their free agents. The mid-level non tax player exception is expected to be around 8.4 million and bi-annual exception starting at 3 mill so Pelicans wouldn't be much worse off just keeping Holiday. For the long term implications I could understand not wanting to commit that much money to Holiday who has a long injury history and is likely going to be grossly overpaid.

12 Jun 2017 22:18:59
Only problem I really see is that they need someone who will be able to facilitate. Holiday is a great passer and they won't have anyone on that roster that will be able to set up Davis and Cousins like Holiday would be able to.

Mills is a great addition but he isn't a point guard that is great at running offenses. He can shoot and the Pelicans definitely need that around two bigs but they also need a point guard.

I think that since they have Holiday's bird rights they will be better trying to sign other players and then resign Holiday using those bird rights.

12 Jun 2017 22:19:39
Problem is Jrue leaving does not clear up a lot of cap space.

12 Jun 2017 18:27:46
Phoe: J Parker+ 10 pick+17 pick

Sac: 4rd pick+ Monroe

Mil: WC Stein+ Bender

I like this trade for all teams

Sac moves up in the draft and still keeps two draft picks, they can draft Fox and Isaac.

Phoenix receives a great player and future all star. If any medical staff can keep J Parker healty, it's Phoenix. And they can draft Markkanen or Ntilikina and Justin Jackson.

Milwauke receives a good defensive player and they can dump Monroe's contract. And they also receive a good young prospect in Bender

12 Jun 2017 19:32:14
I think the bucks get the short end of the stick here pretty easily.

12 Jun 2017 19:59:34
No way the bucks sell that low on Parker yet.

12 Jun 2017 21:58:24
Milwaukee says no, How about, Henson from Milwaukee, to Phoenix for Knight. Salaries match. The Suns get their "Rim Protector" they've wanted, and the Bucks get back their "Combo PG/ SG" they've been looking for. Knight played his best ball at Milwaukee. This would reunite Knight WITH Monroe, and Middleton!

If you're going to trade J. Parker, trade him to the Lakers, for B. Ingram! When healthy, (As you stated) Parker would be more of a "go-to-guy" than Ingram would ever be! The Bucks could also send, PG/ SG J. Terry, or PF/ SF Teletovic, or SG Vaughn, along with Parker for Ingram. If the LA Lakers plan on getting Paul George, Ingram would sit anyways, As Deng would backup George.

13 Jun 2017 22:04:53
No from Bucks

10 Jun 2017 11:07:54
Milwaukee Bucks give 17th pick, receive 20th and 26th picks from Portland

Portland give 20th and 26th picks to Bucks and receive 17th pick

10 Jun 2017 16:07:48
Sounds good. And then Portland flipping 17 and a bad contract for future picks and a 1 year 17 million or so contract. They really need to get that cap down. But if they do have to take pick (s) they need to take European (s) and stash them overseas.

09 Jun 2017 13:54:35
Kings and Bucks draft night trade

Bucks get 5, 10, affalo and whatever crap contracts kings would want to unload

Kings get Jabari, Brogdon, 17, Delly, 2019 first

Kings get a potential franchise player in Jabari which a team like that needs. And an ultra reliable day 1 starter in brogdon.

A core of Brog, Jabari, WCS, and Hield is at least promising.

Bucks take out a lot of the unknown in their future by getting rid of Jabari. Get two super good picks in a loaded draft. They could use those picks many different ways depending how the draft plays out. Ideally they could use the picks to take Tatum, and Smith. (Those two are available at the picks on DX, which historically is the most accurate mock site) . They get a scoring PG, and an all around wing.


In 2 years that's championship caliber. Not to mention it's an extremely low cost team so they would have the ability to sculpt the bench pretty much any way they wanted and could get some really good players.

09 Jun 2017 14:39:02
kings say no.

09 Jun 2017 15:14:32
I think jabari's injury history will kill his fair trade value. Because of this, he's more valuable to hang on too then his return value from another team. Gms don't want to give up top lotto picks for injury prone players. Kings say no.

09 Jun 2017 16:26:59
Kings have 2 top 10 picks in a loaded draft they need to focus those picks on building.

09 Jun 2017 16:34:34
You say "Bucks take out a lot of the unknown in their future by getting rid of Jabari. " yet you are trading him for two draft picks which are literally 10X more unknown then someone already in the league. Even someone who's been plagued with injury.

09 Jun 2017 19:59:45
Laughable! Why would the Bucks even consider it? Brogdan, (Starter) J. Parker (Starter when healthy) Delladedova (Also a Starter) 2017, and 2019 1st rd. picks? For Who? Affalo and What ever CRAP? Busks say NO!

10 Jun 2017 03:58:12
nah getting rookies might stunt the improvement of the bucks and brogdon is very much apart of their future.

12 Jun 2017 06:33:10
Bucks say no.

02 Jun 2017 21:04:55

Bucks get Clarkson
- Move Clarkson to backup G and start Delly and Malcom

Lakers get Lopez
- Although he is an exp deal he will help the lakers win more this year and open cap (they don't have a first next year so little is lost)

Nets get: Mozgov, Henson, Vaughn, Lakers 1st (via Houston)
- nets gain a third 1st round pick, take on a contract that will help them reach cap floor, and two players under reasonable deals so if they start producing they can gain more picks

03 Jun 2017 02:43:23
Nets say no way.

03 Jun 2017 04:27:53
Bucks don't need Clarkson but I think its solid value and he'd improve their bench.

Lakers are getting too much. That offer without Mozgov is probably not even enough to get Lopez alone so I don't think Nets would take that offer with Mozgov's bad contract included too.

01 Jun 2017 01:35:26

sas- monroe/ mil 2017 1st rd pick
spurs need young talent

mil- gasol/ sas 2017 1st rd pick
bucks get vet that can be a mentor to the bucks big man even antetoukumpo.

01 Jun 2017 03:11:14
Monroe will stay in Milw. Gasol is to old, while the Bucks are rebuilding. They also have S. Hawes, And J. Terry as Vets.
Trade Parker and Vaughn to L. A. Lakers for B. Ingram Move Giannis A. to PF, Ingram to SF. Put Middleton back to SG. Bucks lineup, Maker, (C) Giannis A (PF) Ingram (SF), Middleton (SG) and Brogdan (PG) Gasol would actually slow down the Bucks.
If anything, Trade Henson (PF/ C) to the Suns for B. Knight (PG/ SG) Phoenix gets their rim protector, and the Bucks get back another Combo guard. Then, Move Teletovic, and Terry. As far as a Mentor for the Bucks big Men, They usually bring in the Big Ticket for that!

01 Jun 2017 04:32:20
Gasol is worth much more than Monroe, and the trade of picks is not enough to make that deal.

01 Jun 2017 04:42:11
The Dark Side get real no team is giving up anything of value up for Parker until they see him healthy again especially not Ingram who Lakers reportedly think is closest to untouchable on their team.

Henson for Knight makes sense for the Bucks and value-wise but Phx already has Chandler, Len, Bender, Williams and Chriss as bigs don't think they want another one unless Bucks add a future draft pick or something.

01 Jun 2017 04:50:06
Has Parker even played a full season?

01 Jun 2017 14:42:12
Now, if MILW did offer Henson to the Suns for Knight. PHX would most likely agree to that deal on that call.

01 Jun 2017 20:41:57
@ Jaw457, Ingram also has had knee surgery. Plus, Ingram will never be the GUY! He has an outside shot, but not much more after that. His defense is also questionable at times. Randle also is more of a "Clean-up" type of player. also NOT a "Go to Guy! " It will be the same if the Lakers draft ball. Also NOT a Go-To-GUY! Parker (Yes, agreed, when healthy) can be that Guy! The problem is, Milw. Already has that guy in Giannis A. Even Brogdan, Milw. could also send a player? (Vaughn, Terry, Delladedova, ) and, or a Pick (No, Not a first round) ASs far as Ingram being "Untouchable? ) Probably not, He's still a rookie, with rookie mistakes, It will be a while before he is considered "Untouchable" Ingram has been starting so The Coach's can see what he can/ can't do, since LA was losing a lot, and was not going to make the playoffs any time soon, and nothing more. If they had be winning, Deng would have been starting at SF, Not Ingram! And yes, The Bucks should try and trade Parker, and Yes, LA Should consider the trade!

29 May 2017 19:39:24
Sixers, Knicks

Sixers give #3 (swap), 2 2nd rounders, our own 18' and 20' 1st rounders, Saric, Okafor

Knicks give #8 (swap), Porzingis, Noah

The knicks gets a much better pick for this year, and multiple other picks for the next couple years. A young center with at least one above average skill, and 2 years left on his rookie deal, who needs a change of scenery. A replacement for porzingis who doesn't have as much raw talent, but still is young and will be a good player in the nba. But best of all for the knicks is we take joakim noahs contract off their hands and frees up almost 20 mil in cap space. They can then trade Rose and Melo for w. e else then can get and start a full rebuild since every player in that building seems to be unhappy. Or if they can't get a return on melo that they feel happy with, use that cap space to get a player to play with melo, saric, and the 3rd pick. (jackson, tatum or fox)

For the sixers, the obvious is it gives us simmons, porzingis, and embiid. But this trade also rounds out the rest of our roster. Joakim noahs contract is a hard pill to swallow, but we can max both embiid and porzingis while having him on the roster and then simmons is up the same year noah is gone. His experience and hard working reputation at back up center would only help our roster. And well also be able to pick monk with the 8th pick this year (making a trade back up to 6 or 7 if neccessary) .
Leaving a roster of.

Simmons, Mcconnel
Bayless, Monk, Stauskus
Covington, TLC, Anderson
Porzingis, Holmes
Embiid, Noah

Plus we hold onto the lakers and kings picks, and have a dozen 2nd rounders the next couple years.

30 May 2017 00:21:28
Knicks keep 8th.

24 May 2017 09:55:34
Milwaukee Bucks give 17 pick, receive 22 and 27 picks from Nets

Brooklin Nets give 22 and 27 picks to Bucks and receive 17 pick

24 May 2017 10:23:16
The value is there, it's just not the right two teams making the deal.

The Nets cupboard is so bare that taking advantage of two 1st's is probably their best course of action right now.

Milwaukee is on the rise, and doesn't need to add two late firsts, they're better taking advantage of the earlier pick to find another rotation player.

23 May 2017 21:33:30
Draft pick moves

Blazers get #8
- draft an impact player

Bucks get #20 and #26
- draft raw talent

Knicks get #15, #17, Vonleh, Vaughn
- just like how the Nuggets dropped back when they traded McBuckets to Chicago, Phil gets more youth and players that can play multiple positions.

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