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16 Apr 2019 01:07:15
Bucks dip hard into Luxury Tax to keep Giannis happy (after draft).

Blazers send: Turner, Pick 25, '20 1st (top 25 protected converts to 2 seconds)
Receive: Hill (waive, DiVincenzo
Save 17m+ in salary for next year and pick up a solid wing prospect.

Cavs send: Love
Receive: Turner, Snell, Wilson, Picks 25 & 30, '20 1st (Blazers)
Receive 3 1sts, a prospect and 2 shorter bad contracts for a player that doesn't fit their timeline.

Bucks send: Hill (1m Guaranteed), Snell, DiVincenzo, Wilson, Pick 30
Receive: Love

Bucks resign Middleton 4-5 years starting at 25m.
Resign Lopez 1 year 5-6m (MLE)
Resign Mirotic 2 year starting at 10m
Match Brogdon (15m/y)
Sign Lin , Rondo or Isaiah Thomas to Vet min

PG: Bledsoe, Lin
SG: Brogdon, Connaughton
SF: Middleton, Brown
PF: Giannis, Mirotic, Ilyasova
C: Love, Lopez

16 Apr 2019 05:48:56
I like the Blazers deal if the '20 1st is hit, or miss instead of 2 2nds. Blazers are down a few of those already.

16 Apr 2019 11:09:11
Love is not the player he was. Not even close. He's overpaid and will miss a bunch of games every year. If he's part of a championship rotation, fine, but you cannot rely on him anymore.

16 Apr 2019 17:21:24
Maybe I'm just really low on DiVincenzo, but giving up two firsts to unload Turner is way too high of a price to pay. Maybe if Turner had multiple years left, but he'll be an expiring contract.

I think Turner could even be a decent trade chip going into next year as salary filler to take on a big contract with more years.

16 Apr 2019 22:54:33
Isnt just having the Bucks waive G. Hill better for the Bucks in the long run?

17 Apr 2019 09:05:40
They can give Hill the guarantee, and he can agree to stay for less. That's not a bad deal, if his terms are reasonable. Bucks are not paying 19M.

17 Apr 2019 16:47:18
agree with Bmiller, 1 pick is enough to unload Turner.

17 Apr 2019 17:41:50
@Gasupo, One 1st rd pick is to much for give up for Turner. Like Love, he simply isn't worth it.

04 Apr 2019 00:58:35
DSJ to Miami FOR Jaxson Hayes-13
Knox to Spurs for Bol Bol-17
Thomas 2 2nd for cap space since only 1.6 is guarenteed
Ntilikina Trier for Brooks 50th

Aubrey Dawkins-50th
Taco Fall-53

trades clears 10 mil which allow ny 2 max deals and 4yr 68 mil Terence Ross


04 Apr 2019 01:42:55
When did the Knicks add Irving and Zion?

04 Apr 2019 02:52:56
Spurs say no

Memphis says no.

Not sure how you are trading away two seconds to shed Thomas salary when you are later making 2 draft picks. Unless you are giving up future picks 20 + 21 Charlotte picks? If so, Kings will take those pronto.

Lastly, don't think you considered the $12.8 mil cap hold on Mudiay and the cap hold for the #1 pick to get Zion in you salary cap computations.

04 Apr 2019 13:17:11
shizzee, enough with trading half the roster for draft picks, seriously.

04 Apr 2019 13:59:33
Knicks players don't have much value.

05 Apr 2019 00:06:05
My ideas always gets cavs and celtics fans support. That's all that matters 🤣.

05 Apr 2019 01:30:19
I think they might be used in part as S&Ts for Durant or Irving.

01 Apr 2019 11:30:39
LA has $43 mil in cap space(five or take)
Legit strategy: Sign DeAndre Jordan, Jimmy Butler, Seth Curry, Nik Stauskas. Resign KCP, Rondo and Mcgee afterwards. Try the trade for AD again. May be more attractive with the 10th pick, BI, Ball and Kuzma.
You're looking at:

As a Laker fan, I would prefer Klay over Butler but I'm realistic. Either way, Lebron could let two others carry the offensive load while he facilitate. Davis would be the obvious heir to the throne. After some time, he'll be able to fix the roster like he wants it....Lebron gets 2 more rings before he retires.

01 Apr 2019 12:50:55
U said realistic 🤬.

01 Apr 2019 17:20:14

01 Apr 2019 18:00:18
This is realistic. On Fantasy Island

Also. You won't be getting Davis.

01 Apr 2019 18:08:17
DJ and butler will cost over 45 just those 2.

01 Apr 2019 19:35:45
Take out jordan And kcp.

06 Apr 2019 14:27:17
Irving and AD are the only players I can see playing with James in LA, and I don't see either ending up there in '19-'20. Maybe Irving, but it's not very good odds.

31 Mar 2019 22:41:21
Sac: S&T Willie Cauley Stein (3yr/ $35 mil)

Miami: Whiteide + 2019 1st rounder.

Saves Miami over $30 mil in luxury tax for next year.

01 Apr 2019 03:31:09
If you were lucky to have the Heat bite on salary savings this could happen without the pick

Kanter is a better player than WCS. I wouldn't pay Kanter 8M, or more than anyway. Why would the Heat want WCS when they have Olynyk, and Adebayo?

01 Apr 2019 12:52:50
I take defense over offense at center any day of week. Kanter misses post scoring opportunities consistently.

01 Apr 2019 14:30:20
Shizzee are saying WCS is a defender, or better at defense than Kanter? Use your words!

01 Apr 2019 15:11:59
Would say Kanter and WCS are on the same talent level. However, with the Nurkic injury, I don't think the Blazers are going to let Kanter go without offering a one-year deal in the $12 mil range.

01 Apr 2019 15:49:34
I highly doubt it, the blazers, or anyone else. Kanter is junk.

01 Apr 2019 17:05:34
Kanter is a great backup center or a disappointing starting center. Definitely not junk, just not a starter.

Portland can’t offer Kanter anything above MLE. They’re over the cap and don’t have any bird rights. Same with Hood and Curry. I think they’ll let Kanter walk and try to hold onto the other two.

Hopefully Collins takes a step forward this offseason and he can start at center to start next season until nurkic comes back. That has to be Portland’s plan. Then have Leonard back him up. The biggest problem would be if Aminu leaves and they can’t fill the hole at PF. Do you go small and start two of Layman/ Harkless/ Hood? Do you dare play Leonard and Collins together in the starting lineup?

01 Apr 2019 18:29:47
Bmiller, draft a Grant Williams, PJ Washington or Jontay Porter in thr 1st round?

Try to purchase the Kings second 2nd roubder to dradt Tillie?

01 Apr 2019 19:23:38
I don't like anything about Kanters game other than he is good for the blazers now as a substitute. All other options are better for future plans. Blazers don't have a full MLE, they signed Trent using it, and also Seth Curry. Kanter, M. Leonard is a wash. One plays post, one plays perimeter, both stink on defense. At least Leonard has some freakish size/ athleticism going for him.

01 Apr 2019 21:21:07
Kanter has one elite thing (rebounding) going for him. Most great bench players are one trick ponies, but elite at that one thing.

Yeah, I never really wanted Kanter in Portland. His defense isn’t just bad, it’s statistically the worst in the NBA of any center of the last few years (maybe second behind okafor) .

I think Collins is by far the best option starting center moving forward without Nurkic. He’s got the raw skills of a top tier defender, and has a lot of offensive moves that make me feel like he can be great if he figures it all out. Might as well give him all the minutes at the start of next year and those him into the deep end.

02 Apr 2019 02:08:26
Kanter can rebound.

30 Mar 2019 07:05:42
Bucks don't sign Middleton:

Sign Durant for the Max allowed

Re-sign: Mirotic, Lopez, Brogdan, Hill

Let Middleton go unless he wants to opt in

Draft Kenny Wooten, Louis King,Cameron Johnson (if he's available) or Jalen Mcdaniels #30

Better than the Warriors?

30 Mar 2019 19:30:28
Not sure about resigning Lopez and Hill.

Mirotic, Durant, Giannis, Brogdon, Bledsoe starting 5 would be very, very interesting. They could play an uptempo pace that would be truly scary.

30 Mar 2019 22:36:28
@jorgawood, Middleton is their #2 player. I believe Milwaukee will resign him. Durant is interested in NY. Stated so before. He would be a great addition to the Buck's. But, I don't see that happening. I do agree on resigning Lopez, Mirotic, and Hill. I would trade Brogdon to the Lakers for Ingram. Brogdon has already stated he really doesn't like Milwaukee, To racist for him. No problem, I would send him to the Lakers. I would also put Middleton back at SG. Then get a SF to replace him.


30 Mar 2019 22:53:19
I would 100% re-sign Lopez if he signs the same deal or even 7-8M. Hill too, if he would play for 5M. They would still need solid rotation guys. If those guy cost too much then no, of course. No one was suggesting paying G. Hill 18M.

30 Mar 2019 23:47:41
Torque, send him to another team. Lakers will not give up Ingram for him. You are proposing that multiple times already. It’s not happening and you know that ingram’s health is not good as of now. I never saw you agree to any Bucks trade on here now let me disagree with you as a Lakers fan.

31 Mar 2019 15:08:19
Yes this makes so much sense 😏 Durant leaves Warriors to join Milwaukee. Milwaukee is the Marketing capital of the nba and where he can improve legacy in Giannis shadow.

31 Mar 2019 15:27:25
It's extremely unlikely to happen. I think I just agreed with the always disagreeable Shizzee. Wow. Maybe Durant will go to NY.

31 Mar 2019 23:48:33
@usa, I have agreed to a lot of trades regarding The Milwaukee Buck's. Ingram will not be with LA long. Since his surgery, The Lakers will look to trade him. As a Laker fan, You also should understand that. I also don't see L. James there very long. LA bought in more Veterans than needed. Now, trying to give younger players time on the court, is a little to late. As will be defined if by all rumors the Lakers hire J. Kidd for a coach! Look what he did for the Buck's.

01 Apr 2019 04:52:57
He will not be a Lakers but it’s not for Brogdon. That is what i’m pointing Torque.

01 Apr 2019 18:04:34
Durant is not going to Bucks, but to be honest that's a good thing for Milwaukee. That team has really good chemistry and i see no reason not to focus on keeping their core intact.

27 Mar 2019 14:54:31
The Cavs get Jackson, Warren, and Johnson

The Suns get Love, Smith( cut and save 10 million), and the Bucks 21 1st

The Suns sign Rubio and Danny Green

draft Morant

resign Oubre and Holmes

Pg Morant/Rubio
Sg Booker/ Oubre
Sf Green/Bridges
Pf Love/ Bender
C Ayton/Holmes

That line up is an offensive monster with some good defenders sprinkled in.

27 Mar 2019 18:13:17
Love is too expensive for 50 games a year. Until he has one year left on contract he is a cav.

27 Mar 2019 18:34:49
I agree with Shiller. Cavs didn’t give Love that big contract to trade him.

27 Mar 2019 18:58:59
Warren's #s alone are better than loves. Why would phoenix throw in jackson.

27 Mar 2019 19:31:19
This is an incredible deal for PHX. Love and a '21 MIL 1st? Suns should get off of Jackson, Johnson anyway, and Warren is worth losing for this. Booker, Love, Ayton, '19 1-5 pick is going to do some damage. Especially if they can get a couple of decent lower tier free agents with the rest of their space, and re-sign Oubre. Not sure about Rubio, Green. I think they would require Ariza pay to think about it, but even without those guys that's a competitive team. (uninjured)

27 Mar 2019 22:04:32
Love for Johnson fair value.

28 Mar 2019 02:27:51
I like everything but the Rubio signing. Isaiah Thomas May be a good pickup to mentor Morant or maybe DRose.

28 Mar 2019 11:27:53
Love and Ayton would be the softest front court in the league.

28 Mar 2019 13:20:06
Jorganwood the suns should get off of Jackson? Even if Jackson was a bum which he isn't, he's only making 5 mill. Or so on his rookie deal. You don't go and take the worst contract in the league and give up Warren to move on from a draft pick. according to yur logic they should take on 30+ million a year to get rid of 5 million.

28 Mar 2019 17:08:13
I didn't claim that Love was cheaper than Warren, or Jackson, or that the Suns could save money in any way. It was not my intention to insult, it never is, I wasn't responding to you personally either, it was for Rkenne_16. Not sure if you think this is a proper way to disagree, but calling people stupid is going to far. Clean it up a little, no one was trashing you or your team on a personal level. I didn't make any claims about "cheaper" or anyone's contract. You are disagreeing with your own imaginings. When the cap is109 next season, and 118M in '20-'21, this deal isn't bad at all really. Relax, take a chill pill. Love wouldn't interfere with contracts or anything in PHX long-term. He shoots a much needed 3 @ a PF position, and passes way better than Ayton. There is some upside to this.

28 Mar 2019 21:13:34
Jorganwood do you just believe whT you want? Read my post I never said you were stupid, and besides even if i did how's that going to far? Are you 12? You said this was an incredible deal for Phx. So it has everything to do with money. Warren alone puts up better #s then love. So giving up Jackson who is only 19, and taking on Smith's money to get a late 1st rounder is ridiculous. I don't care what the cap is you don't pay a guy like love 30+ million he's nothing more that a role player with all the injurys he's had. If you felt me disagreeing with you about yur trade is calling you stupid maybe you should thing before you comment.

28 Mar 2019 22:01:38
Speaking of 12, Classy. Jackson is 22, and your grammar stinks. Hope it rains on your BBQ, good day.

29 Mar 2019 05:01:36
Yep def. 12, and yet my grammar is still 10x better than your trade ideas.

29 Mar 2019 05:02:04
They’d only have to pay 4 million of Jr’s 14 million as long as they cut him. They actually save about 7 million in cap space this year.

Some of Warren’s raw stats are better than Love’s, but it’s not hard to see that Love is a significantly better player if you watch the game. He draws a ton of attention and makes smart plays. You can’t say that about Warren at this point. They need veteran guys that know how to win playing big roles around their promising young guys.

29 Mar 2019 05:18:26
How'd the BBQ go?

27 Mar 2019 10:07:02
If Suns pick drops to 4-6 and Morant is of the board.

Cavs - Knicks - Suns

Cavs gets:
2020 1st rd pick (Bucks)

Knicks gets:
2019 1st rd pick (Suns #4-#6 overall)

Suns gets:
Smith Jr.
2020 2nd rd pick (Hornets)
2021 2nd rd pick (Hornets)

27 Mar 2019 11:01:49
Suns don't have the cap for this, do they?

27 Mar 2019 11:43:47
Dear cavs fans- nobody wants Love. He is overpaid and hurt. He was ok as a expiring deal but your dumbass resigned him.

27 Mar 2019 12:57:54
Suns have cap space this summer.

27 Mar 2019 12:58:41
I believe a team like the Suns would trade for a former star in Love to pair with Booker and Ayton.

27 Mar 2019 13:57:48
OK, the Suns are pretty messed up (top to bottom) but just how does a wacked out deal like this help them? Right, it doesn't. The K. Love ship to PHX (and most other places) thing sailed over 2 years ago. J. R. Smith? Seriously? True that the Suns are likely looking to move Warren and Jackson but not in a deal like this one.

27 Mar 2019 14:33:43
I’d assume he meant Dennis Smith Jr. Also, just seeing what Love has done for the Cavs young guys since coming back, I think he’d be good for the Suns. He just makes an offense work so much better. He’s a high end shooter, he can play in the pick and role, he draws double teams in the post, he’s a really good passer out of the post, he starts the break, he’s a high end rebounder, he gets guys in foul trouble, he’s a good teammate, he can be the number one option and he can be affective without plays being called for him, he tries on defense, and he rotated correctly. He’s going to give Booker and Ayton the room they need and make the smart play when he touches the ball. He’d be an interesting mentor for Ayton. The Suns just need smart veteran players that fit next to their guys and know how to win at this level. Love isn’t the perfect guy, but he’s a good fit and he comes cheaper than other players that offer what he does. If you add him, a top 5 pick, and another veteran or two plus you get another year of development and I think you have a realistic chance at contending for a playoff spot. They really need to make some big moves this offseason to build a winning culture.

27 Mar 2019 17:07:55
Magnusarn- do the suns have enough cap for this deal to be possible?

27 Mar 2019 17:17:54
according to Spotrac, the Suns have $4.4 mil in available cap space next year if Johnson opts in + their cap holds on Daniels and Oubre.

That is not counting the cap hold for the first round draft pick. Assuming that Phoenix gets the #2 pick for Morant, that is a $7.2 cap hold. This puts them over the projected salary cap of $109 mil.

Now, Phoenix can waive all their cap holds except for Oubrie and Morant which total $9.4 mil. Then $9.4 + $4.4 - $7.2 = $6.6 mil under the salary cap.

$37.1 (Phoenix outgoing salary) + $6.6 cap space - $44.6 (Cavs outgoing salary) = -$1 mil. Not enough cap space

So Phoenix would have to waive one of their non-guarenteed contracts (Ferdette or Spalding) to make the numbers work.

27 Mar 2019 22:06:05
Love for Johnson no picks no knicks.

27 Mar 2019 23:59:59
Add Johnson to the Cavs and it could work.

28 Mar 2019 13:23:08
That trade doesn't warrant the 4th pick alone much less Warren and another first. Phoenix could ha e had Smith jr for the bucks pick before the deadline but they didn't want him. So why would they give up a top 6 pick along with Warren for love and his horrible contract?

25 Mar 2019 19:23:52
If the Kings pick jumps up to the #2 overall, I think I would rather the Celtics draft Morant than keep Irving. The team seems to play much better without him, and his media comments just kind of drive me crazy. I think Morant, with his scoring ability but passing attitude, would fit the style of play better as well. In this situation I would draft Morant at 2, Bol at 19 and another big at 22. The way he's been playing I don't think Clarke makes it that far, but a guy like Fernando, Porter or maybe even Hayes might be there.

I'd resign Baynes to a $5 mil-ish deal, and try to see if Horford would be willing to take less...somewhere around $20 mil. If he's willing to do that, then the Celtics would have right around $9 mil to bring in another guard...I'd shoot for Beverly, but there's a few guys out there that would be quality additions.

This would leave you with

PG Smart, Morant, Beverly?
SG Brown, Hayward
SF Tatum, Ojeleye
PF Horford, Clarke?, Yabusele
C Baynes, Williams, Bol

That's a lot of young pieces in Smart, Morant, Brown, Tatum, Clarke, Williams and Bol to work with. It's a team that can compete now, and has enough veterans to help the kids learn with a TON of potential for growth.

25 Mar 2019 23:48:01
Wouldn't worry about that, I'd the pick ends up #2, it will be on the way to New Orleans in a deal for Davis.
I think the pick will be in the deal anyway, but the higher it gets, it lessons what else is in the deal.

26 Mar 2019 02:54:54
Garland is realistic, not morant.

28 Mar 2019 11:24:11
Do not think it is feasible. Since Mavs get the lucky #2 pick. : )

29 Mar 2019 00:31:22
Drainer- don't you mean hawks.

23 Mar 2019 02:56:19
Lakers get beal. Have about 22 mil left.

Atl get mahinmi,bonga and lakers 2020 first unprotected

Washington get cap relief rights to lakers 2019 first, 2022 first lakers, Ingram and hart.

23 Mar 2019 04:36:42
I mean rights to lakers 2019 pick. So this enables them to trade 2020 and 2022 firsts.

23 Mar 2019 10:27:26
Washington should do this if LA would offer all of that for Beal.
Ingram is a risk, but that's a lot of assets for a rebuilding team.

23 Mar 2019 12:02:53
Best offer for Beal I have seen so far.

Just doubt that Lakers will give up 3 picks and Ingram + Hart. That 2022 pick will be owed after Lebron and Beal have both left LA at the end of their deals.

23 Mar 2019 13:19:17
Just thought lbj would play beyond 2022 and Beal would resign.

23 Mar 2019 17:29:12
If next season is the same as last season, does Lebron opt out and leave the Lakers? I say YUP.

23 Mar 2019 23:52:19
Heyward. Lakers trade lebron. I hope it's right before deadline with no rumors so he is blindsided and since he is a professional he won't bitch or loose focus right?

22 Mar 2019 14:35:43
Draft night trade!

Knicks - Suns

Knick gets:
2020 1st from Bucks (1-7 protected)
2019 2nd from Suns
2020 2nd from Suns

Suns gets:
Smith Jr.

22 Mar 2019 15:01:21
If the Suns can’t we Morant and the Knicks have Kyrie or Kemba basically In the fold already, I like it for both teams. It gives the Knicks even more flexibility to go out and get the right players to fill out their roster. The suns get a potential answer at pg.

22 Mar 2019 15:13:15
Bucks 2020 first is likely going to be in the 25-30 range, don’t see the Knicks giving up DSJ for a pick in that range and a couple of 2nds.

22 Mar 2019 15:41:29
Suns give up 2020 pick top 5 protected.

22 Mar 2019 19:23:16
Phoenix had a chance to get Smith before the deadline. They had no interest in him. It's not a terrible trade, but it's never going to happen.

22 Mar 2019 23:23:11
Up the Andy, if they loose out to Morant and Zion, they 6 wings

DSJ NTILIKINA KNOX ny 2020 2022 1st

Draft Barrett

DSJ Ntilikina Knox
Jackson Bridges

Irving/ Mudiay/ Allen
Jackson/ Trier/ Jenkins
Durant/ Bridges/ Dotson
Zion/ Vonleh/ Ellenson
Jordan/ Robinson/ Azibuike-2nd.

23 Mar 2019 04:45:20
This would be good if suns win lottery and draft Williamson.

18 Mar 2019 19:24:00
Updated mock

1. Knicks - Williamson PF
2. Suns - Morant PG
3. Cavs - Barrett SG
4. Bulls - Garland PG
5. Hawks - Hunter SF
6. Grizz - Reddish SF
7. Hawks - Bol Bol C
8. Pelicans - Langford SG
9. Wizards - Hayes C
10. Lakers - Culver SG
11. Hornets - Porter C
12. Wolves - White G
13. Magic - Johnson SG
14. Celtics - Hachimura PF
15. Heat - Little SF
16. Nets - Doumboya F
17. Pistons - Porter Jr SG
18. Celtics - Jones PG
19. Jazz - Grimes SG
20. Spurs - Okpala SF
21. Thunder - Horton Tucker SG
22. Blazers - Nickeil Alexander G
23. Celtics - Fernando C
24. Pacers - Wilkes SF
25. Cavs - Schofield SF
26. 76ers - Washington F
27. Nets - Dort SG
28. Warriors - Clarke C
29. Spurs - Williams PF
30. Bucks - Gafford C

19 Mar 2019 00:23:26
Too High Garland Bol Grimes and Hayes

Too Low White Little Fernando and Alexander

Or else it's perfect 😁.

19 Mar 2019 08:07:32
Spurs trade up for Little? Package their 2 1st rounders to move up?

19 Mar 2019 09:12:17
God, I so hope the Knicks end up out of the Williamson sweepstakes. Just to pick off all Knicks fans. Lol.

19 Mar 2019 11:19:49
Still irving is leaving to the knicks. And Davis won't join either. Puke green is done 🤣.

19 Mar 2019 14:04:24
Hahaha. laugh it up now Shizzee. You'll be puking in your mouth when the Celts trade for Davis and resign Kyrie. L.

19 Mar 2019 18:04:41
You’ll both be upset when the Cavs get Zion!

19 Mar 2019 22:04:04
I would be upset if cavs get him, not Phoenix though.

14 Mar 2019 16:33:53

June 30th - Oklahoma gets Snell, 2022 SRP, 5.5 mil cash with Melo exception and Connaughton with Luwawu-Cabarrot exception.

July 1st - Ilyasova for Patterson

Oklahoma adds three role players that will help their shooting and depth issues. They will be taking on 14.5 mil from this deal, but it will be for three players over one and they get some cash to lighten their tax bill. They also take a SRP as a sweetener to draft a high school player in 2022.

Milwaukee opens money to bring back their FAs and even avoid the tax. With Lopez taking the full MLE (9,2 mil) and Middleton, Mirotic, Brogdon starting at 25, 16, 15 they will be just at the tax line. They will have some more money till the apron to spend if needed.

14 Mar 2019 22:05:17
Ilyasova for Patterson I wouldn't do. Snell might become necessarily expendable.

15 Mar 2019 01:11:16
@jorgawood, Agreed! Brogdon also might become expendable. I would look to trade Brogdon to the L. A. Lakers for B. Ingram. Then Move Middleton back to SG.
Giannis A.


15 Mar 2019 05:57:56
The news front dropped a bomb, and then went pretty quiet on Ingram. That usually means this is serious as can be. 2 months we'll know for sure, and if Brogdan would sign a friendly deal for at least 3 seasons to make the S&T possible, then it sounds pretty good. Also, couldn't interfere with any Laker FA plans. Ingram is going to be even more expensive than Brogdan for the Bucks to keep if he plays well, after next season.

15 Mar 2019 15:06:49
I don’t see Brogdan taking a team friendly S&T deal to go to the Lakers. I think he’s going to want to hit the market, and someone is going to give him some cash.

15 Mar 2019 21:41:29
@ Triangle O and jorgewood, . From what is being said in Wisconsin, Brogdon is becoming a little to "political" for some peoples taste. Including management. Its said, "Now I have a platform to speak about all the segregation here in Milwaukee! I was "warned before I got here, Now I can see it for myself! " Not a good way to let people (And management) know you want to stay in Milwaukee!


15 Mar 2019 22:12:19
Not a good way to let them know? Or letting them know he wants to be part of the change to make Milwaukee "better".

15 Mar 2019 23:16:01
Everyone has the right to free speech. I would say not 2 inches from my face, but yes that right is real, and important to America. If Brogdan is laying false claim, or bringing problems where none exist, my line with him would firm up significantly as an owner.

16 Mar 2019 22:02:05
Ingram had some good news today. His condition was structural and not blood related. Dodged a huge bullet it appears. Glad to hear it.

17 Mar 2019 10:13:42
@Fredman and jorgawood. My thoughts are, If Milwaukee is so segregated and racist as Brogdon and actually the President of the Bucks stated, #1, Why not ask for a trade? #2 Then why did the Pres. take the job? Agreed, Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But, I don't think using the "Job" forum is the way to go. Go to your jobs, and try using it to promote, or discuss your private political thoughts in any meeting, Or in public, While representing the Co. You work for. Again, my thoughts


13 Mar 2019 15:07:36
Bulls trade boston

Bulls get smart

Boston get dunn and 2nd round pick

Bulls need a pg and smart can start

Boston needs to free money up to get davis because i'm sure horford going to sign is player contract for 30 mil next yr so they going to be tight

13 Mar 2019 15:20:00
I just don’t see the point of it for the Celtics. The only way they can open up cap is if Irving walks and if Irving walks, they need Smart at pg.

09 Mar 2019 21:26:06
Celtics Offseason Moves
Let Kyrie walk
Sign and trade terry rozier, robert williams, kings pick (12-14) for Deangelo Russel

Trade with T Wolves
Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, grizzlies pick (either 9 in 2019 or 2020 pick), clippers 15th overall pick, celtics pick
Get Karl Anthony Towns

Trade- Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart, Semi Ojelye, Celtics 2020 first, Celtics 2020 second

Get Bradley Beal, Ian Mahimi

Sign Deandre Jordan to a back ended deal (remember Tatum is getting payed 6 mil per year)

Celtics Starting Lineup
D Russel

10 Mar 2019 03:23:55
And Minnesota does that why?

10 Mar 2019 04:10:22
Cant include other players in a sign and trade for Rozier.

Plus isn't Russell also a RFA?

10 Mar 2019 04:47:36
So make a bunch of super one sided trades that make no sense for the other team?

10 Mar 2019 13:25:02
Also, the days of back end deals are gone with latest CBA. 5% max raise from year to year on contracts.

01 Mar 2019 23:43:00
Pau to the Bucks, Bledsoe re-signed. Looks like they are going to stick with their roster, and re-sign players this summer.

02 Mar 2019 02:10:33
I like what they are doing.

03 Mar 2019 17:20:26
The only thing I will say is Bud had great regular season records in ATL as well, and then couldn’t win once he got to the playoffs. Should they make at least an ECF run, I do think you re-sign and tweak instead of doing something drastic.

26 Feb 2019 23:28:58
Swap '19 @ draft

Swap '19 @ draft

27 Feb 2019 01:32:44
Bucks get the best player and best pick?

Is this assuming Dragic opts in?

27 Feb 2019 02:56:15
Heat gives up the best player. Why would they swap picks w the Bucks?

27 Feb 2019 03:47:38
Milwaukee owes their first to Phoenix.

27 Feb 2019 13:44:10
Trianglr, Milwaukees pick will not convey to Phoenix this year due to protections. They can trade it "on draft day" and avoid Stepien Rule which would be after Dragic opts in and before Hill could be waived for only $1 mil salary cap hit.

24 Feb 2019 05:31:13
1 July salary dump trade

Clippers trade Gallinari + 2019 1st round draft pick (assuming that they are not top 3 after the lottery) .

Kings trade Bjelica + 2019 2nd rounder (Orlando)

Saves Clips around $15 mil for second max FA while Kings would have a shot at drafting DeAndre Hunter.

24 Feb 2019 05:40:18
For Bjelica? This is a Joke right?

24 Feb 2019 02:11:30
If Irving, Durant decide to stay their final yr and Davis does get trade until deadline to Lakers

Knicks get Thompson Henson Knight Dellavedova (JrSmith released) Barrett-3rd
Cavs get DSJ Ntilikina Ellenson 2021 and 2023 Dal 1st

Cavs avoid luxury taxes, cut 62 mil in future salary, will have 40 mil cap space, add 3 players to develop and 2 future 1st.

Knicks delay 1yr for super free agency signing with 2 super flexibilty




24 Feb 2019 04:55:19
Cavs say no.

24 Feb 2019 05:38:59
I can’t see the Cavs trading out of Barret or Zion. Maybe if it’s the 3rd pick and Morant is sitting there, I could see them trying to trade back, if they aren’t very high on him.

24 Feb 2019 13:56:47
Knicks maybe can sign free agents, but no one on the current roster has any trade value.

24 Feb 2019 23:48:49
Supercollier 🤣🤣 my nemesis your team is falling apart. Everyones leaving, good luck with reasoning anybody.

23 Feb 2019 11:56:53

Milwaukee get Holiday

Pelicans get Snell, Wilson, DiVincenzo, Brown and the player Bucks draft with their FRP

Memphis get Ilyasova with Temple exception

The Bucks bring back first all their FAs. Lopez with the tax-MLE and the others as less expensive they can. This team will probably cost up to 150 mil, which means that owners will have to pay big taxes.


The Pelicans cash in Holiday with three young players that have shown flashes in limited time, a FRP and Snell as salary filler.

The Grizzles get Ilyasova to backup/mentor JJJ for a year. If not interested, I think there could be here 3-4 other interested teams to get Ilyasova for free.

23 Feb 2019 14:46:37
Not enough.

23 Feb 2019 15:19:37
Too much for Holiday!

23 Feb 2019 20:12:30
@ Milpso, Just a fyi. Ersan Ilyasova is signed with the Bucks thru 2020-2021. He signed a 3 year 21 mil. back in 2018. What is Memphis giving up?

24 Feb 2019 00:07:10
@torque Nothing. They take him with the Temple exception they own. Maybe for a top 55 SRP if needed just to be legal.

24 Feb 2019 01:16:10
@Milpso, I believe the Bucks will keep Ilyasova. They need his shooting, and defense.

22 Feb 2019 21:18:54
Magic Off-season 2019 Free Agency

Magic Trade Johnathan Issac Markelle Fultz Timofey Mozgov 2020 first round pick (unprotected) to Portland

Portland Trade Damian Lillard to Magic

Magic draft Nassir Little SG/SF

Magic Sign Tobias Harris 4 yrs 103.2 millions with no Trade Clause

Terrance Ross 2 yrs 24 millions

NIkola Vucevic Walk no offers

Jerian Grant Walk no offers

Magic sign Quinn Cook 1 yrs 4 millions

Magic Trade DJ Augustin Melvin Frazier to Bucks for DJ Wilson Sterling Brown

22 Feb 2019 21:28:04
Add 3 more first.

22 Feb 2019 22:14:29
Not enough for Lillard.

23 Feb 2019 00:16:37
He is worth 3 first round pick?

23 Feb 2019 00:56:47
No way the bucks do that.

23 Feb 2019 01:18:12
Fultz has negative impact as of right, magic got hoses in fultz deal, why would harris leave philly for orlando.

23 Feb 2019 01:54:37
If Porzingis can get 2 firsts, then yes Lillard is in the 3 first rounder category.

23 Feb 2019 12:29:17
Stop with all the no trade clause junk. In order to be eligible you need 8 years of service and 4 years with the current team. None of which have that that you keep offering.

Using big words to sound smart usually makes you sound dumb. Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.

23 Feb 2019 13:57:58
Sooo. Lebron doesn't have a no trade clause with the Lakers? Hmmmmm, interesting.

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