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15 Jul 2017 20:13:53
Celtics are the clear favorites to land Anthony Davis if the Pelicans decide to trade him. It all depends on this season. If the Boogie-AD project didn't work, the Pels will look to trade him and Rebuild. Davis is also a big fan of Gordon Hayward.


Celtics get: Anthony Davis

Pelicans get: Jaylon Brown, Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris and Aaron Baynes + 18 Nets Pick, 18Lakers/19 Sac Pick and 19 Grizzlies Pick.

15 Jul 2017 21:19:26
Why is it that Celtics fans live in a 24 hour Fantasy land?

15 Jul 2017 22:35:50
Yes, the C's have the resources to get him, no, the Pels aren't dealing him.

16 Jul 2017 02:38:55
So the. They don't have the resources to get him.

16 Jul 2017 05:25:24
Even though we have the assets to trade for him, it would mean we would have no bench and deplete our stash of picks. Plus even if the AD, Cousins pairing doesn't work I doubt AD is the one that will get moved, AD is a better all around player but he is the face of that team. I am a Celtics fan and don't get me wrong I would love to have Davis on the team but I think it would take a lot and it probably wouldn't be worth it to trade for him, even if he became available.

16 Jul 2017 13:21:37
I'm a Celtics fan. that's unrealistic. The only way Davis gets moved is if he asks, and I just don't see that. If anything, you should be looking at a trade for Cousins. which IS actually something that could happen, and he could be had for a much lesser package. The Brooklyn 1st and salary would likely be able to get it done at that point, as it would still be an upgrade from what they sent out to get him. He'd be on his last year however, and you'd have to throw him into the mix of guys needing to get paid next season.

16 Jul 2017 13:28:17
You'd have to think it would be Crowder, Morris (can't be traded until September, but NO will try the twin tower experiment at least that long) and Smart as the pieces heading to NO. Does a starting lineup of IT, Brown, Hayward, Horford and Cousins have what it takes to win it all this year? Your bench would be Rozier, Baynes and mostly rookies, which does come into play.

17 Jul 2017 16:07:24
@Hamburger It is not that they do not have resources. But unless you are in total rebuild you do not trade a handful of pieces for a Superstar. Pels did not bring Cousins in to enter a rebuild phase.

12 Jul 2017 17:40:45

•Cavs get Kosta Koufos and 2018 Kings 2nd
-Sign Thabo Sefolosha 1yr minimum
PG: Irving, Calderon, Felder
SG: Smith, Korver, Osman
SF: James, Sefolosha, Jefferson
PF: Love, Green, Frye
C: Thompson, Koufos, Tavares

•Twolves get Iman Shumpert and rights to Dom Pointer (via Cavs)
-Sign Aaron Brooks 1yr minimum
-Sign Anthony Morrow 1yr minimum
-Sign Mike Dunleavy 1yr minimum
-Sign Maurice Ndour 2yr minimum
PG: Teague, Jones, Brooks
SG: Wiggins, Crawford, Morrow
SF: Butler, Shumpert, Dunleavy
PF: Gibson, Bjelica, Ndour
C: Towns, Dieng, Patton

•Kings get Cole Aldrich and 2018 OKC 1st (via Twolves)
PG: Hill, Fox, Mason
SG: Hield, Bogdanovic, Richardson
SF: Jackson, Carter, Temple
PF: Randolph, Labissiere, Giles
C: WCS, Papagiannis, Aldrich.

12 Jul 2017 19:22:49
While the Cavs could probably use a bigger defensive minded center, I don't think it's worth trading for one unless they can some how pull in one of the elite defensive centers in the league. First and foremost another star player in addition to the big 3 would be ideal, 2nd multiple long athletic defenders, 3rd someone who come off the bench and be a secondary ball handler (I hate the Calderon addition) and then maybe a bigger back up center. There isn't a team that can challenge them in the playoffs who has a center that is going to physically dominate the Cavs.

12 Jul 2017 19:31:50
Well now the Cavs can't sign Sefolosha. Maybe Mbah a Moute could work.

09 Jul 2017 11:19:08
3 more trades and 1 free agent signing the Pistons can do to get better

Pistons get:
PG J. Nelson
SF M. Miller
'18 2nd round pick (POR or SAC pick)
'20 2nd round pick (DEN pick: UP)

Nuggets get:
PG R. Jackson

Pistons get cheaper and add 2 future draft picks and add 2 veterans who can lead the Pistons with the younger players. Plus Nelson, played under SVG.

Nuggets get a PG who can play better then what they currently have and help them get better.

Pistons get:
PF N. Bjelica
'18 1st round pick (MIN: Top 10 protected)

Wolves get:
SG M. Gbinije
PF J. Leuer

Pistons get cheaper in this contract and add a 1st round pick next year which based on the recent signings for the Wolves, theyd moat likely be picking in the late teens.

Wolves add a young guard who if they choose to keep but if not just waive him. Plus they add Leuer who can help the Wolves and is even from Minnesota.

Pistons get:
SG N. Stauskas
C J. Okafor

76ers get:
SG K. Pope
'18 1st round pick (DET: Right to swap)

Pistons add depth with Stauskas who can help in the 3 point shooting area and Okafor who can move to PF and form a good duo with Drummond in the front court. He can even potentially replace Drummond if they choose to trade him.

76ers add Pope who was recently linked to the 76ers and form a good young lineup of (Fultz-Pope-Covington/Saric-Simmons-Embiid) and help in the long run for the team and the pick they get is a right to swap with the Pistons pick and 76ers pick and if they choose not to swap then, the rights would be extinguished.

(Free Agent)
SG James Young
4 years $10,000,000
Yr 1) $1,000,000...100% guaranteed
Yr 2) $2,000,000...50% guaranteed
Yr 3) $3,000,000...0% guaranteed
Yr 4) $4,000,000...0% guaranteed

Yrs 3 would then become 50% guaranteed if the Pistons give Young the 2nd year as 100% guaranteed. But Young can opt out after yr 2 depending on playing time levels.

Young adds athleticism and just hasn't shown it much but going to the Pistons can hell him ease into it as he is from Detroit.


PG: A. Bradley - I. Smith - J. Nelson
SG: L. Kennard - L. Galloway - N. Stauskas
SF: T. Harris - S. Johnson - M. Miller/J. Young
PF: J. Okafor - N. Bjelica - H. Ellenson
C: A. Drummond - B. Marjanovic - E. Moreland

Bradley moves to PG while Okafor also moves to PF. If they want to give Kennard playing time then this is what they do but if they choose to not to then Bradley goes to SG while Galloway to PG with Smith starting

09 Jul 2017 12:12:41
Minnesota's 2018 1st goes to Atlanta and they don't have the cap space to do that.

09 Jul 2017 14:07:15
If your a Pistons fan I'm sure you know how bad Jackson was this past season. I don't think Pistons can get rid of him that easily even to a pg needy team like Nuggets. Do Nuggets even have enough cap space to take on his big contract after Millsap signing?

In 2nd trade nothing Pistons are giving up is remotely worth a 1st rounder. Leuer isn't that good and has a decently sized contract that I think Pistons would have to give up assets to move.

In 3rd trade I'm assuming 76ers have enough cap space to sign Pope outright (otherwise they likely wouldn't even be able to do the trade since Stauskas and Okafor don't make that much) so swap rights for the two is pretty bad value. Okafor would make a crappy pf next to Drummond especially in today's nba.

09 Jul 2017 14:21:44
The 1st trade doesn't work. The Nuggets take on to much salary and I doubt there is much interest in Jackson around the league.

The Timberwolves need to give up about 8 million more to make the salaries work in the trade and they already have two solid pfs. I don't see why they would want to give up a 1st for Leuer.

Detroit waived the rights to Caldwell Pope. They can't even sign and trade him.

Okafor at pf would be a disaster. He isn't atheltic enough to guard other centers. He would get torched at pf and I doubt Bradley can be an effective starting pg. He isn't a great ball handler or passer. He's at his best playing off the ball spreading the floor.

09 Jul 2017 02:28:04
Some trades to improve the Timberwolves:
Tell me which are good and the most realistic

1. Twolves-Nets
Twolves get Justin Hamilton and Joe Harris
Nets get Cole Aldrich and 2018 OKC 1st

2. Twolves-Knicks
Twolves get Lance Thomas and 2018 2nd
Knicks get Cole Aldrich and 2018 OKC 1st

3. Twolves-Suns
Twolves get Jared Dudley and 2018 2nd
Suns get Cole Aldrich and OKC 2018 1st

4. Twolves-Kings
Twolves get Garrett Temple and 2018 2nd
Kings get Cole Aldrich and OKC 2018 1st.

09 Jul 2017 05:05:14
Don't like the first 3. 4th better.

09 Jul 2017 14:06:47
1st done can't get done. Hamilton in T. O.

09 Jul 2017 14:08:47
#1 can't happen now. Raptors traded D Carrol. future 1 and 2nd rounder's for Hamilton. Brooklyn hasn't learned about not trading 1st rounder's yet.

I think after signing Crawford the Wolves are going to cool it for a bit, they've been very busy this off season.

06 Jul 2017 17:44:38
Kings - Wizards

Kings gets:
Bogdanovic (S&T)
2018 1st round pick
2019 2nd round pick

Wizards gets:

Kings get another Bogdanovic and two picks for taking on Mahinmis bad contract. They rebuild and won't compete next year.

Wizards shead salary to get tax relife. When they match Porter their tax bill will be huge and moving Mahinmi is the right move.

06 Jul 2017 17:12:35
Cleveland Cavs Moves

-Trade Iman Shumpert and rights to Dom Pointer to Minnesota for Cole Aldrich and OKC 2018 1st

-Trade Cole Aldrich and OKC 2018 1st to Sacramento for Kosta Koufos and 2018 2nd

-Bring over Cedi Osman
-Sign Thabo Sefolosha 1yr 3.5m
-Sign James Young 2yr minimum

PG: Irving, Calderon, Felder
SG: Smith, Korver, Young
SF: James, Sefolosha, Osman
PF: Love, Jefferson, Frye
C: Thompson, Koufos, Tavares.

06 Jul 2017 03:38:14
Porzingis Blockbuster
Celtics receive:
F Kristaps Porzingis

Knicks receive:
F Jae Crowder
F Jaylen Brown
18' Nets 1st (unprotected)
19' Grizzlies 1st (protected)
19' Clippers 1st (protected)
18' Lakers 1st or 19' Kings 1st (protected)

Celtics with Porzingis
PG Isaiah Thomas / Terry Rozier
SG Avery Bradley / Marcus Smart
SF Gordon Hayward /Jayson Tatum
PF Al Horford / Guershan Yabusele
C Kristaps Porzingis / Ante Zizic

Carmelo Blockbuster
Rockets receive:
F Carmelo Anthony

Suns receive:
F Ryan Anderson
20' Rockets 1st (protected)
22' Rockets 1st (protected)

Knicks receive:
G Brandon Knight
F Jared Dudley
C Alan Williams (sign-and-trade)

Stretch and waive Joakim Noah's contract

Knicks Post Melo and KP
PG Frank Ntilinka / Brandon Knight
SG Courtney Lee / Ron Baker
SF Jaylen Brown / Jared Dudley
PF Jae Crowder / Kyle O'Quinn
C Willy Hernangomez/Alan Williams

Start with this roster into next season. Eventually move Lee for a late first. Get a second rounder for Kyle O'Quinn. See if anybody wants Lance Thomas. Would be hesitant to move Crowder because of his contract but if a team offers two firsts, take it. Bottom out. Get the two top picks in the upcoming draft with yours and Brooklyn's and just redraft this whole ship. Jaylen Brown has a good chance to be an All-Star and then get some more via the draft. Probably be relevant again in 2020. It's better than watching the Knicks win 32 games with Melo and KP on the roster.

06 Jul 2017 05:28:56
I'm high on Porzingis, but that offer seems like to much. Also, if I'm the Knicks, I take the picks and swallow Anderson's contract. They could feature him early on and possibly get rid of him around the deadline. He's a solid player and his contract isn't ridiculously bad.

05 Jul 2017 20:20:52
Celtics - Knicks - Rockets

Knicks Send - Kristaps Porzingis, Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah
Knicks Receive - Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, Jordan Mickey, 2018 Brooklyn 1st Round Pick, 2018 Lakers Pick if Lakers land 2-5, otherwise 2019 Kings Pick, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, 2020 Houston 1st Round Pick, 2018 Indiana Second Round Pick

Knicks dump Joakim Noah's salary and get an overpayment for Melo and Kristaps. They get a lot of future picks for a potential rebuild but haven't hit the rebuild button yet, might need to make a few more trades for young players, but with all the assets they have recieved they should be fine making this trade.

Celtics Send - Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, Jordan Mickey, 2018 Nets 1st Round Pick, 2018 Lakers Pick if Lakers land 2-5, otherwise 2019 Kings Pick
Celtics Receive - Kristaps Porzingis

Celtics possibly overpay for Porzingis but they are able to get rid of Crowder, paving the way for Hayward and Tatum while getting rid of Smart and Mickey's contracts in order to sign Hayward. They get another young star who can help them take down Lebron in the east, and they keep assets like Tatum and Brown who they can potentially use later to trade for another star player.

Houston Send - Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, 2019 Houston 1st Round Pick, 2020 Houston 1st Round Pick
Houston Recieve - Carmelo Anthony

Houston become a bigger threat in the west with this trade. They may lack depth, but their starting lineup will be one of the best in the league, and it will most likely translate to more wins. The Rockets have expressed interest in Anthony and he has said he will waive his no trade clause if he gets traded to Houston or Cleveland.

Brooklyn send - 2018 Indiana Second Round Pick
Brooklyn Recieve - 2019 Houston 1st Round Pick, Joakim Noah

Brooklyn sends relatively nothing in exchange for a Joakim Noah salary dump and a late first round pick in 2019. The Nets won't mind taking on a salary at the moment as they have lots of cap, and Noah can step into the starting center position now that Lopez is gone, much needed by the Nets.

05 Jul 2017 22:00:47
Porzingis trade isn't bad, but I don't see Ainge being willing to part with that much (I'd argue KP is worth it) . If the Knicks could get that it might be worth it.

The Rockets can't trade back to back picks so it would have to be the 2020 and 2022 picks since they already trade the 18 and I don't see them including Gordon. It would have to be Anderson.

Noah's contract is terrible and I don't see anyone taking it on for a pick like Houston's. It would have to be a pick with lottery potential.

06 Jul 2017 11:36:07
yeah but remember it is the Nets, and they could do with Noah as a backup for Jarrett Allen. Maybe Knicks send the Nets a pick too.

05 Jul 2017 05:01:44

Thunder >> A Bradley & J Mickey


Celtics >> W Cauley-Stein , D McDermott & 2018 2nd round pick OKC


Kings >> J Crowder , K Singler & 2018 protected 1st from Thunder


05 Jul 2017 05:49:34
Thunder don't own a 1st Rd pick they can trade until 2022.

05 Jul 2017 11:40:35
lol what even is this trade tell me how the celtics giving up avery bradley, jae crowder, and jordan mickey results in a bust, a young player who will likely be a bust and a shitty 2nd round draft pick, while the Kings give up Cauley Stein and recieve Crowder, Singler and a 1st round pick bruh this faggot really made some fake accounts to click the believable button too i'm done.

03 Jul 2017 18:55:59
Some LA Laker salary dump trades to clear cap space for 2018 offseason

•1. Lakers-Bulls
Lakers get Dwyane Wade
Bulls get Luol Deng and Julius Randle

•2. Lakers-Pacers
Lakers get Monta Ellis
Pacers get Luol Deng and Jordan Clarkson

•3. Lakers-Kings
Lakers get Garrett Temple
Kings get Luol Deng and Julius Randle.

03 Jul 2017 19:13:21
Every team says NO. Clarkson, as reported by many, has very little value. Randle is decent offense, no defense. Nobody is taking on 3 years of Dengs contract for either of those 2 guys. Just not going to happen. Wishful Laker thinking.

03 Jul 2017 19:17:08
Okay Wade is going to leave either way
And Ellis or Temple have value?

03 Jul 2017 20:03:37
The issue isn't ellis's or temples value. Its the NEGATIVE value of Dengs 51 million owed for 3 YEARS. don't know what your not seein here. Its a bad move for all teams but the lakers. Pretty simple. Not going to happen.

03 Jul 2017 20:24:27
Yeah, Wade will leave and they'll have cap space. Deng is signed for 3 more years. Maybe they can find a taker in a deal similar to what you proposed, but it would take someone being fairly high on Randle or Clarkson. They both have some value, but neither seems like a player that could ever start on a championship level team and between the Deng and Randle being resigned or Clarkson's contract a team would have to be willing to commit a 3rd of their soft cap for the next few years to acquire one of them.

03 Jul 2017 17:32:52
Minnesota Twolves Moves

-Trade Cole Aldrich, OKC 2018 1st, to Sacramento for Garrett Temple and 2018 2nd

-Sign Arron Afflalo 1yr MLE
-Sign Mike Dunleavy 1yr minimum
-Sign Isaiah Canaan 1yr minimum
-Sign Randy Foye 1yr minimum

PG: Teague, Jones, Canaan
SG: Wiggins, Temple, Foye
SF: Butler, Afflalo, Dunleavy
PF: Dieng, Bjelica, Oliver
C: Towns, Gibson, Patton.

03 Jul 2017 18:32:08
Still hoping for CJ Miles.

03 Jul 2017 16:07:46
OKC gets Koufos, Arthur, Lyles
***Frontcourt depth they desperately need.

Kings get Kanter
***Could fit with WCS well.

Denver gets Temple, Huestis, OKC pick
***Eliminate overcrowding, add a pick.


03 Jul 2017 17:40:15
what u mean depth outside of lyles no one is even worth mentionong and add pick? .

03 Jul 2017 05:22:27
Sacramento Kings Moves

-Trade Garrett Temple and 2018 2nd to Minnesota for Cole Aldrich (waived) and OKC 2018 1st

-Sign Jonathon Simmons 3yr 41m
-Sign Danilo Gallinari 2yr 51m
-Sign Jan Vesely 1yr 5m
-Sign Norris Cole 1yr 3m

PG: Fox, Mason, Cole
SG: Hield, Bogdanovic, Richardson
SF: Simmons, Jackson, Vesely
PF: Gallinari, Labissiere, Giles
C: WCS, Papagiannis, Koufos.

02 Jul 2017 16:24:39
OKC Thunder Moves

-Trade Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, Josh Huestis, and 2018 2nd to Sacramento for Kosta Koufos and Rudy Gay (2yr 22m, team option on 2nd year)

-Sign Shelvin Mack 1yr MLE
-Re-sign Andre Roberson 4yr 70m
-Sign Mo Speights 1yr minimum
-Sign Gerald Henderson 1yr minimum
-Bring up Dakari Johnson

-Jerami Grant hits the weight room and gains 5-10 pounds

PG: Westbrook, Mack, Christon
SG: Roberson, Abrines, Henderson
SF: George, McDermott, Ferguson
PF: Gay, Grant, Speights
C: Adams, Koufos, Johnson.

02 jul 2017 06:02:07
kings off season

3 team trade

sac- love
cle- wade/ lopez
chi- papagianis/ kuofos/ rookie justin jackson/ temple/ and 2018 sac 1st rd pick top5 protected

porter- max
mason plumlee- 15m/ yr if not match by den
evans- 12m/ yr
teodosic- 7m/ yr
dunlevy/ felton/ terrence jones- vet min

line up
pg. fox/ teodosic/ felton
sg. heild/ bogdanovic/ richardson
sf. porter/ evans/ dunlevy
pf. love/ giles/ jones
c. cauley-stein/ plumlee/ labissiere.

02 Jul 2017 13:41:00
The money isn't any where close to working in that trade and makes 0 sense for anyone, but Chicago.

01 Jul 2017 19:25:06
The Minnesota Timberwolves have had a very eventful offseason since trading for Jimmy Butler on draft night and signing Jeff Teague. Now they must close off their activity by bringing Paul Millsap. There are two ways that they can bring in Millsap and both are a bit complicated. Under contract for next year is Butler, Towns, Wiggins, Dieng, Jones, Bjelica, Aldrich, their draft pick Patton, and the newly signed Teague. They also have a qualifying offer on the table for Shabazz Muhammad, who's cap figure is $7.62M and are paying $1.36M in dead cap. Let's assume Millsap is only going to sign for the full max deal worth four years and $154M. The Wolves can either hope to sign him outright or hope Atlanta agrees to a sign and trade.

Option 1: Signing Millsap outright.
Minnesota can clear cap room by moving Cole Aldrich and his $7.3M expiring contract by pairing him with the 2018 protected pick the Wolves acquired yesterday from the Rubio trade to a team with enough cap space (BKN, PHX, NYK, PHI, SAC, CHI, IND). Then the next move would be to take away the qualifying offer from Shabazz Muhammad making him an unrestricted free agent. Even then, they are only $23M under the cap and need to get to $36M. The obvious guy to move the needle is Gorgui Dieng's $14M salary, but moving him may not be easy considering he's owed $64M over the next four years. At that point, they'd probably have to dig into their own future draft pick chest, and pair a future protected 1st or two with Dieng to say Sacramento and take no salary back in return. After that move, Millsap's max contract slips in easily into the Wolves cap table.

Option 2: Sign-and-trade.
Just like in the first scenario they'd have to move Aldrich's expiring deal using the Thunder pick. After that, they'd have to hope the Hawks are willing to except a package for Millsap that includes Gorgui Dieng and a newly signed Shabazz Muhammad and you'd expect the Hawks to demand one of the Wolves future draft picks as well. Obviously, this scenario is contingent on the Hawks willingness to help facilitate Millsap's arrival in Minnesota, so it might just be easier for the Hawks if they just sign Millsap outright, considering you're losing essentially the same pieces.

In the end, it's a no-brainer. You move your starting four, an ok bench scorer, and a backup five for a four-time All-Star in Millsap, who is also one of the 15 best players in basketball today. A starting lineup of Teague, Butler, Wiggins, Millsap, Towns would really elevate the Wolves status in the Western Conference.

01 Jul 2017 04:51:26
2 possible moves for OKC now

•1. Thunder-Bulls

Thunder get Nikola Mirotic (3yr 40m) and Jerian Grant

Bulls get Enes Kanter and a 2018 2nd

•2. Thunder-Kings

Thunder get Kosta Koufos and Darren Collison (2yr 16m)

Kings get Enes Kanter and a 2018 2nd.

30 Jun 2017 06:04:21
The Celtics are in a truly unique situation in terms of possibilities for their offseason starting this Saturday. They have, by far, the best mix of veteran talent, young talent, draft assets, and cap space to finesse into a super team if they so desire. Countless rumors have already floated around the Celtics, and big names such as Gordon Hayward, Paul George, and Blake Griffin have been linked to the Celtics. Here is a breakdown on how the Celtics can acquire all three of these names while also bringing over Guerschon Yabusele and Ante Zizic from overseas, all while hanging on to a good chuck of those aforementioned assets.

Transaction #1: Renounce the right to Jonas Jerebko, Amir Johnson, James Young, and Gerald Green as free agents, don't tender Kelly Olynyk a qualifying offer, and release Tyler Zeller, Jordan Mickey, and Demetrius Jackson before their contracts become guaranteed.

These moves would allow the Celtics to free up a decent amount of cap space since, all of them possess cap holds that would otherwise hinder the Celtics ability to sign Hayward. Here is a look at the Celtics' salary cap situation without any of those players as a part of their roster:

Al Horford: $27,734,405
Avery Bradley: $8,808,989
Jae Crowder: $6,796,117
Isaiah Thomas: $6,261,395
Jayson Tatum: $5,645,400
Jaylen Brown: $4,956,480
Marcus Smart: $4,538,020
Guerschon Yabusele: $2,247,480
Terry Rozier: $1,988,520
Ante Zizic: $1,645,200
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Total Salary: $72,253,236

With an estimated salary cap of $99 million and Gordon Hayward expected to take nothing less than the maximum $29.7 million available to him, the Celtics will have to find a way to shed slightly less than $3 million off their current salary cap to be able to sign him. One man in this group who has trade value and an expiring contract (retaining him after this season would be a difficult choice for the Celtics to make since he will undoubtedly receive inflated offers from various teams due to his defensive skill set and young age) is Marcus Smart, and he should be the odd man out in my opinion should the Celtics get a verbal agreement from Hayward to sign with them. If this is the case, the Celtics should look around throughout the league for a defensive-minded big man who is on a cheap contract. Therefore:

Transaction #2: Celtics trade Marcus Smart to the Sacramento Kings for Skal Labissiere

Labissiere would provide the Celtics with a young center (something they are lacking) who could potentially start for this team immediately and not have to worry about the burden of providing anything on the offensive end, instead focusing strictly on the defensive end and rebounding. Although the Kings just drafted De'Aaron Fox, already have Buddy Hield, and just signed Bogdan Bogdanovic, they can use Smart off the bench to back up both starters and provide the team with a lot of energy and very strong defense off the bench. Shall he perform well for them, they will have more than enough money to retain him once he becomes a restricted free agent next year. Here is how the salary cap situation would look like for the Celtics following this trade:

Al Horford: $27,734,405
Avery Bradley: $8,808,989
Jae Crowder: $6,796,117
Isaiah Thomas: $6,261,395
Jayson Tatum: $5,645,400
Jaylen Brown: $4,956,480
Guerschon Yabusele: $2,247,480
Terry Rozier: $1,988,520
Ante Zizic: $1,645,200
Skal Labissiere: $1,242,240
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Total Salary: $68,957,456

Transaction #3: Sign Gordon Hayward

The previous mentioned trade would leave the Celtics with enough money to sign Gordon Hayward, making their salary cap situation look like this:

Gordon Hayward: $29,700,000
Al Horford: $27,734,405
Avery Bradley: $8,808,989
Jae Crowder: $6,796,117
Isaiah Thomas: $6,261,395
Jayson Tatum: $5,645,400
Jaylen Brown: $4,956,480
Guerschon Yabusele: $2,247,480
Terry Rozier: $1,988,520
Ante Zizic: $1,645,200
Skal Labissiere: $1,242,240
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Total Salary: $97,841,841

Now that the Celtics have Hayward, let's move on to George, who the Celtics would have to acquire via trade by meeting salary cap rules since they'd be dangerously close to being over the salary cap after signing Hayward. Provided below is a trade that would work salary wise and the Pacers would have a very tough time turning down:

Transaction #4: Celtics trade Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, 2018 Celtics first round pick, 2019 Boston Celtics, and 2019 Los Angeles Clippers first round pick to the Indiana Pacers for Paul George

With the packages teams have received for superstar players in the last few months (DeMarcus Cousins and Chris Paul), there is no way the Pacers would receive a better offer for George than this one. It's a hefty price to give up if you're the Celtics, but necessary since Crowder's and Bradley's salaries are the only two salaries that can be put together to legally, under salary cap rules, work out a trade for George, unless they'd be willing to give up Isaiah Thomas, Jaylen Brown, or Jayson Tatum, which is highly doubtful. The Celtics' pick next year and in 2019 will not be high picks at all (they would be allowed to trade both in consecutive years since they have another first round pick next year in the Brooklyn Nets' pick) and the Clippers' pick has no potential to be a lottery pick, taking the various protections into consideration. All those picks would be well worth giving up for a player of George's caliber. Here is a breakdown of how the Celtics salary cap situation would like following this trade:

Gordon Hayward: $29,700,000
Al Horford: $27,734,405
Paul George: $19,508,958
Isaiah Thomas: $6,261,395
Jayson Tatum: $5,645,400
Jaylen Brown: $4,956,480
Guerschon Yabusele: $2,247,480
Terry Rozier: $1,988,520
Ante Zizic: $1,645,200
Skal Labissiere: $1,242,240
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Total Salary: $102,561,308

Now here is where things get interesting. The Celtics' interest in Griffin has also been well documented, as it should be. Despite suffering through some injuries this past season, Griffin is one of the most offensively gifted big men in the league. He is also only 28-years-old. The problem is that the Celtics wouldn't have anything close to enough money to sign him outright as a free agent. However, what if he were to inform the Clippers that he plans on leaving them in free agency regardless of who he signs with? Wouldn't the Clippers want to get some type of value in return for him? Wouldn't someone like Al Horford be more than they can ask for in a situation in which they lose Griffin?

Transaction #5: Celtics trade Al Horford to the Los Angeles Clippers for a sign-and-traded Blake Griffin

Although Horford may be a better defensive player than Griffin, there is no denying who the better overall player is out of the two. Taking into account the fact that Griffin is a few years younger than Horford, this trade would work out to be a good trade for the Celtics in both the short term and the long term. Here is a final breakdown of what the Celtics' salary cap situation and depth chart would look like following all of these transactions:

Gordon Hayward: $29,700,000
Blakr Griffin: $29,700,000
Paul George: $19,508,958
Isaiah Thomas: $6,261,395
Jayson Tatum: $5,645,400
Jaylen Brown: $4,956,480
Guerschon Yabusele: $2,247,480
Terry Rozier: $1,988,520
Ante Zizic: $1,645,200
Skal Labissiere: $1,242,240
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Empty Roster Slot: $815,615
Total Salary: $104,526,903

PG: Thomas/Rozier
SG: Hayward/Tatum
SF: George/Brown
PF: Griffin/Yabusele
C: Labissiere/Zizic

Through these various transactions, the Celtics would acquire three bona-fide superstars to add to another superstar in Thomas, all while keeping their salary cap payroll below the luxury tax limit (at least for one more year), bringing over their two young rookies from overseas that they selected last year (both who could play a crucial part on the team since it would be lacking experienced big men), keeping all of their important future first round draft picks that could all turn out to be high draft picks, and keep youngsters such as Brown, Tatum, and Rozier while acquiring another one in Labissiere (albeit at Smart's expense).

Finally, the team would then be free to go out and pursue free agents such as Ersan Ilyasova, Nene, Tony Allen, Vince Carter, Zaza Pachulia, Andrew Bogut, David Lee, or David West for the league minimum or sign some of their second round picks (Kadeem Allen, Jabari Bird, Abdel Nader, or Semi Ojeleye) for the league minimum.

30 Jun 2017 06:23:43
If I'm Celtics I'd probably prefer WCS (Kings may too since Labissiere can play some pf) . Probably should try and bring a 3rd team into the Clippers trade but I guess if they got Horford they could sign a point guard and still try and be half decent (although their best route would likely be a big rebuild where they get a draft pick or young asset instead of Horford) .

30 Jun 2017 13:14:33
I can't see the clippers wanting to take on the horford contract, a contract I consider to be a bad one.

30 Jun 2017 14:31:03
Can you expand on your proposal a bit more? LOL kidding.

30 Jun 2017 15:20:47
Lol was that an essay or a trade idea? Lol.

30 Jun 2017 18:04:09
Did you get enough words in to get a decent a grade on this novellete?

30 Jun 2017 19:01:41
Seriously, I simply can't read all this. How do you possibly have the time to put in such an effort to write all this? Seriously. its insane.

28 Jun 2017 05:01:55
Celtics offseason:

Sign Heyward
Sign Hardaway JR
Re-sign Olynyk

Trade Crowder Bradley and 2 first(non-Brooklyn) picks to the Pacers for George
*only if George promises to sign a 3 year extension

Trade Zeller to Kings for future picks

Hardawy Jr./Bird/Allen

This team is one SG away from being the Warriors of the east and next years free agent SG class should be pretty good and they have a deep bench as well. This all depends on if George is willing to sign an extension with the team and if that isn't the case then they stick with Crowder and they don't need to trade Bradley and get to keep their picks and won't need to sign Hardaway.

What do you guys think?

28 Jun 2017 05:36:08
Celtics won't have cap space to make all those signings. Hardaway Jr. will likely get upwards of 15 mill and as one of few promising and young players on Hawks they aren't going to let him go in RFA. Celtics should aim for Hayward and if they can't get him Griffin. Then trading for George would be a sensible decision even if they cannot get a guarantee extension since I think its worth the risk as they'll be a very good team and he'd be their best all-around player (IT would still be the face of the team tho kinda like KD and Curry in GS) . If I were Celtics I'd explore moving Horford since he makes a lot of money and they could probably do with a less skilled and more conventional center with all the talent they'd have at the forward slots.

Bradley and Crowder wouldn't be bad pieces for Pacers (although Bradley will be a FA at end of season so some risk of him leaving but he likely wants to get paid and Pacers could do that) but they could be more valuable to other teams as cheap defensive additions to a contender so it may make more sense for Pacers to trade them for younger assets.

28 Jun 2017 14:15:53
Not sure if Zeller is worth picks, maybe a pick. He'll be part of the George to Boston deal if Bradley isn't included.

Hoping Bradley is not part of the trade, he can be traded for future picks for down the road. The Hayward and George rumors are picking up steam. Pacers want to get it done now while Boston wants to wait. Probably don't have a Hayward commitment yet.

LBJ and Co. must be getting a little nervous by now.

28 Jun 2017 14:31:38
Like Jaw said, there's no possibility of signing all these guys. I like the idea of Heyward and George, but I'd have them at the 2 and 3. At that point, you need to try for a vet PF or C or two to come in on a cheap contract to fill out the frontcourt with Horford, Yabusele and Zizic. They'll need some serious rebounding if they want to beat the Cavs. but I think that team is built pretty well to run with the Warriors.

28 Jun 2017 04:12:43
Lakers get Melo Temple
Kings get Noah Hart
Knicks get Deng Brewer Black Koufos

Lakers get Melo at cost losing Deng loosing Hart

Kings get Noah for 1 more yr at cost of Adding Hart.

Knicks loose 2 from Noah contract at cost of Melo

28 Jun 2017 06:21:47
Why would the Kings do that?

28 Jun 2017 06:31:51
Melo likely won't allow himself to be traded since he wants to be released. I'm not sure if Lakers should even add him but they certainly shouldn't trade for him and take on his huge contract. They want cap space for next offseason so Melo's contract is actually more prohibitive than Deng's in getting FA.

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