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18 Apr 2019 17:25:20
OKC get Harris
Nets get Roberson 2019 1st, and future 2nd if needed

OKC improve their bench this off season they would have Schroder and Harris coming off the bench plus whatever they can do in FA with minimum contracts.

18 Apr 2019 17:40:19
Not enough for Harris. Roberson has negative value.

18 Apr 2019 20:01:09
Agreed, if for no reason other than we don’t know what a Roberson who missed this season is going to be like when he eventually gets back on the court.

18 Apr 2019 20:26:55
Exactly Triangle. Until he plays, he's dead cap.

13 Apr 2019 21:29:41
Possible draft day trades/offseason trades the Hawks could make in the 2019 offseason with Kent Bazemore as their base

1) Hawks receive Timofey Mozgov with the possiblity to get a 2020 1st rounder (lottery protected) or 2020 & 2021 2nd rounders
Magic receive Kent Bazemore

2) Hawks receive Bismack Biyombo with the possibility to get a 2020 1st rounder (lottery protected) or the 2020 NYK 2nd rounder & 2021 BRK 2nd
Hornets receive Kent Bazemore

3) Hawks receive Allen Crabbe with the possibility to get 2019 DEN 1st draft night or 2020 IND 2nd & 2020 DEN 2nd rounders (possibility to add TOR 2021 to the other two 2nds since they will most likely be late second round)
Nets receive Kent Bazemore

4) Hawks receive Evan Turner with the possibility to get 2020 1st (top 20 protected year 1 then lottery protected for year 2 then convoys to 2 seconds) or 2021 & 2024 2nd round picks (also the same to picks for the first round that doesn't convoy)
Blazers receive Kent Bazemore
(most plausible ^)

14 Apr 2019 03:16:24
Soooo. You basically believe that Bazemore is worth a cheaper expiring contract and 2 second round picks?

Sorry. Not seeing the value. MAYBE at the trade deadline, but I wouldn't count on it at that price.

11 Apr 2019 16:49:31


11 Apr 2019 17:34:39
Magic better off just riding out the last year of Mozgov.

07 Apr 2019 13:47:51

BKN get Davis

NOLA get Allen, Levert, Kurucs, Crabbe exp (salary purposes) & 3 1st round picks

BKN sign Irving & KD

Pg Irving/Dinwiddie
Sg Harris/
Sf Durant
Ce Davis

07 Apr 2019 14:31:28
So the Nets didn't learn anything from the KG/ Pierce trade?

07 Apr 2019 19:47:52
I find it funny that we can apply the "trade for Davis and sign Irving + Durant" to almost any team in the league like.

Sacramento trades Bogdonvich, Bagley, Fox and Bjelica for Anthony Davis

Sacramento sends Barnes (if he opts in) to Boston as a S&T for Irving.

Sacramento signs Durant

Irving/ Farrell

And Sacramento uses its 3 2nd rounds to fill out the bench on the cheap (carson Edwards, Chuma Okeke, Taco Falls? ) .

08 Apr 2019 14:52:16
There is no way that offer competes with other teams.

09 Apr 2019 17:36:58
That trade would put the Kings into a must-win-now situation with the Warriors still dominant in the Pacific. I think that they are better off waiting for their own window instead if rebuilding the Pelicans.

10 Apr 2019 12:34:03
It's really hard to get this many unbelievables.

09 Apr 2019 15:34:29
Pretty much any team csn do this scenario. Trade your roster for AD and then sign the others.

Sacramento trade Bogdonavich, Bjelica, Fox and Bagley for AD

Send Barnes (if he opts in) to Boston in a S&T for Irving

Sign Durant.

Irving/ Farrell

Use 3 2nd rounders to fill out bench.

28 Mar 2019 11:21:14
Mavs have the luck in the draft and get #2.

1. Draft day trade:
Suns: #2, #32
Mavs: Bridges, Suns pick (#4)

2. Draft day trade:
Pistons: Powell, Lee #4 (Pistons draft a wing #4 and Center #16)
Mavs: Drummond

3. Free agency:
Hornets: S&T Burke, Jackson
Mavs: Walker

28 Mar 2019 13:16:35
So you think the suns are going to give up bridges who they used 2 1st rounders to get just to move up 2 spots? Yet you have the Mavericks giving up Powell and the 4th pick for Drummond. Do you have any clue on player and draft value? Also how many times are you going to offer this? It was ridiculous the first time and nothings change since.

28 Mar 2019 13:23:04
No on trade #2. Powell had 21, 13, 4blks the night before last, he costs 10M, and can play next to Porzingis at either position based on nightly match-ups.

29 Mar 2019 17:55:08
But Bridges was a #10 pick and Suns would Change e. g. the #5 for #2 and they could get the player they need in Morant! IF the Mavs have the lottery luck, as discussed.

27 Mar 2019 10:07:02
If Suns pick drops to 4-6 and Morant is of the board.

Cavs - Knicks - Suns

Cavs gets:
2020 1st rd pick (Bucks)

Knicks gets:
2019 1st rd pick (Suns #4-#6 overall)

Suns gets:
Smith Jr.
2020 2nd rd pick (Hornets)
2021 2nd rd pick (Hornets)

27 Mar 2019 11:01:49
Suns don't have the cap for this, do they?

27 Mar 2019 11:43:47
Dear cavs fans- nobody wants Love. He is overpaid and hurt. He was ok as a expiring deal but your dumbass resigned him.

27 Mar 2019 12:57:54
Suns have cap space this summer.

27 Mar 2019 12:58:41
I believe a team like the Suns would trade for a former star in Love to pair with Booker and Ayton.

27 Mar 2019 13:57:48
OK, the Suns are pretty messed up (top to bottom) but just how does a wacked out deal like this help them? Right, it doesn't. The K. Love ship to PHX (and most other places) thing sailed over 2 years ago. J. R. Smith? Seriously? True that the Suns are likely looking to move Warren and Jackson but not in a deal like this one.

27 Mar 2019 14:33:43
I’d assume he meant Dennis Smith Jr. Also, just seeing what Love has done for the Cavs young guys since coming back, I think he’d be good for the Suns. He just makes an offense work so much better. He’s a high end shooter, he can play in the pick and role, he draws double teams in the post, he’s a really good passer out of the post, he starts the break, he’s a high end rebounder, he gets guys in foul trouble, he’s a good teammate, he can be the number one option and he can be affective without plays being called for him, he tries on defense, and he rotated correctly. He’s going to give Booker and Ayton the room they need and make the smart play when he touches the ball. He’d be an interesting mentor for Ayton. The Suns just need smart veteran players that fit next to their guys and know how to win at this level. Love isn’t the perfect guy, but he’s a good fit and he comes cheaper than other players that offer what he does. If you add him, a top 5 pick, and another veteran or two plus you get another year of development and I think you have a realistic chance at contending for a playoff spot. They really need to make some big moves this offseason to build a winning culture.

27 Mar 2019 17:07:55
Magnusarn- do the suns have enough cap for this deal to be possible?

27 Mar 2019 17:17:54
according to Spotrac, the Suns have $4.4 mil in available cap space next year if Johnson opts in + their cap holds on Daniels and Oubre.

That is not counting the cap hold for the first round draft pick. Assuming that Phoenix gets the #2 pick for Morant, that is a $7.2 cap hold. This puts them over the projected salary cap of $109 mil.

Now, Phoenix can waive all their cap holds except for Oubrie and Morant which total $9.4 mil. Then $9.4 + $4.4 - $7.2 = $6.6 mil under the salary cap.

$37.1 (Phoenix outgoing salary) + $6.6 cap space - $44.6 (Cavs outgoing salary) = -$1 mil. Not enough cap space

So Phoenix would have to waive one of their non-guarenteed contracts (Ferdette or Spalding) to make the numbers work.

27 Mar 2019 22:06:05
Love for Johnson no picks no knicks.

27 Mar 2019 23:59:59
Add Johnson to the Cavs and it could work.

28 Mar 2019 13:23:08
That trade doesn't warrant the 4th pick alone much less Warren and another first. Phoenix could ha e had Smith jr for the bucks pick before the deadline but they didn't want him. So why would they give up a top 6 pick along with Warren for love and his horrible contract?

26 Mar 2019 05:18:38
If spurs want to rebuild

Spurs - Batum, Bridges, Allen Hernangomez, Favors(exp), Hornets 1st and Jazz 1st
Hornets - LA and Belleneli
Jazz - Derozan

- Spurs: Gets 3 young players, exp contract and 2 more picks
- Hornets: Gets a big man to pair with Kemba
- Finally gets another top option to pair with Mitchell

Spurs draft - Bol Bol, Washington, Okpala, and Schofield

Peoltl/Bol Bol/Hernangomez



26 Mar 2019 05:23:47
Protected future Hornets 1st, and the Derozan deal looks lite too.

26 Mar 2019 09:33:21
I don't think Charlotte can keep Walker. the franchise should tank a few years and develop young talents.

26 Mar 2019 20:05:03
Gasupo no one can pay as much as the Hornets, and more often than not, cash wins. Hornets will pay him, how much is the only unknown.

23 Mar 2019 21:18:34
BKN if they can't get KD and Kyrie


WSH get Caris Levert, Allen Crabbe (exp), Dzanan Musa, 2019 1st round pick own, 2021 1st round pick (top 5 protected) & 2nd round pick

BKN get Bradley Beal

sign Demarcus Cousins 4yr/100mil
sign Isaiah Thomas 1yr/5mil

BKN resign D'Angelo Russell, RHJ & Demarre Carroll

Pg Russell/Thomas/Napier
Sg Beal/Dinwiddie
Sf Harris/Carroll
Pf Cousins/RHJ
Ce Allen/Kurucs/DEN pick

If Cousins and Allen doesn't work, they could deal Allen midseason for picks or players of needs.

24 Mar 2019 02:21:27
Cousins is a cancer, he is the only reason, why warrior could possibly lose a title.

25 Mar 2019 16:33:34
It's a good offer for Beal, he has 2 seasons left. I'd pay a little more for him than AD because of the extra season, 2 years younger.

19 Mar 2019 07:07:30
Here's a possible trade the Lakers could make this offseason if they trade Lebron .

Nets - Lakers
Allen Crabe, Joe Harris , Jarret Allen , 2019 Den 1st , 2019 Nets 1st
Lebron James

Nets then Resign DLo for 4 yrs 84mil
And Demarcus Cousins.

19 Mar 2019 07:14:50
Why would the Nets do this?
And why would LBJ wants this?

Lakers should jump on this, that's a nice package for their young core.

19 Mar 2019 09:07:53
It is laughable to think LBJ would ever consider going to the Nets. He would fade into obscurity. Not happening.

19 Mar 2019 11:16:41
Its laughable joeb FAs to Boston.

19 Mar 2019 12:41:34
What is Lebron going to do--retire? He wants to pass Abdul-Jabbar as the scoring leader and play with/ against Lebron Jr.

Plus, Lebron doesn't have a no trade clause anymore.

19 Mar 2019 14:00:54
Shizzee, at least we have been able to sign fa's. Who is the lastfree agent to sign in NY?
God. I hope the Knicks end out of the top 3 in the draft. Just to pick you insufferable Knick fans. Lmao.

19 Mar 2019 14:05:31
He has a lot of tricks in his bag to stop the trade. It’d be hard to get any value out of him unless he wants to be

19 Mar 2019 22:02:06
Horford = Amare neither a superstar allstar caliber. Not counting melo or Irving, since both traded here. Remember what Davis father said about c's management. We have worst and worst record, still Irving coming here over boston.

19 Mar 2019 23:31:59
Since Horford came to Boston, the Celtics have gone deep in the playoffs and 2 straight ECF's. For a lot of those games, Horford was arguably their best player and leader.
As for Davis' father, do You Shizzee, agree with everything your father says or does? I'm guessing not. If Davis is traded to Boston, it will give them, at the very least, to get him to fall in love with Boston. I'm sure Ainge thinks he can persuade him to re-sign with them.
It'll be another lottery pick for the Knicks in 2020. Qith no Williamson and no top Free Agents. Lol.

20 Mar 2019 15:13:05
LAL say no.

18 Mar 2019 23:49:45
Nets Off-season 2019 Free Agency

Nets Sign Kevin Durant 3 + 1 yrs 148 millions with no Trade Clause

Nets Sign Kemba Walker 3 yrs 100.8 millions

Nets ReSign Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 3 yrs 38 millions

D'Angelo Russell renounce right

D'Angelo Russell probably going to sign with Hornets

19 Mar 2019 05:52:20
If Dlo signs with the Hornets you mine as well do a sign and trade.

19 Mar 2019 08:05:31
Durant has to be with the Nets for 4 years before they can offer him a no trade clause.

19 Mar 2019 13:06:41
DLo would not be able to sign with the Hornets without it being a sign and trade, they don’t have the cap space even with Kemba leaving. They’re at $102M next year plus draft slots, and while they have three players with Player options totalling $45M, none of the three are going to turn them down. Marvin, MKG and Bis would have zero chance of getting close to the money they have on their options next year.

19 Mar 2019 18:03:21
I don’t see why you bail on DLo to sign an older smaller guard. It seems like to small an upgrade for it to be worth the player being older and more expensive. Plus, you could tell Russell that you’ll sign him last assuming his cap hold is significantly smaller than his max. That way you can fill out the roster before resigning him. It could be the difference between getting a pat Beverly or Danny Green and getting a Corey Brewer or Shabazz Napier.

18 Mar 2019 19:24:00
Updated mock

1. Knicks - Williamson PF
2. Suns - Morant PG
3. Cavs - Barrett SG
4. Bulls - Garland PG
5. Hawks - Hunter SF
6. Grizz - Reddish SF
7. Hawks - Bol Bol C
8. Pelicans - Langford SG
9. Wizards - Hayes C
10. Lakers - Culver SG
11. Hornets - Porter C
12. Wolves - White G
13. Magic - Johnson SG
14. Celtics - Hachimura PF
15. Heat - Little SF
16. Nets - Doumboya F
17. Pistons - Porter Jr SG
18. Celtics - Jones PG
19. Jazz - Grimes SG
20. Spurs - Okpala SF
21. Thunder - Horton Tucker SG
22. Blazers - Nickeil Alexander G
23. Celtics - Fernando C
24. Pacers - Wilkes SF
25. Cavs - Schofield SF
26. 76ers - Washington F
27. Nets - Dort SG
28. Warriors - Clarke C
29. Spurs - Williams PF
30. Bucks - Gafford C

19 Mar 2019 00:23:26
Too High Garland Bol Grimes and Hayes

Too Low White Little Fernando and Alexander

Or else it's perfect 😁.

19 Mar 2019 08:07:32
Spurs trade up for Little? Package their 2 1st rounders to move up?

19 Mar 2019 09:12:17
God, I so hope the Knicks end up out of the Williamson sweepstakes. Just to pick off all Knicks fans. Lol.

19 Mar 2019 11:19:49
Still irving is leaving to the knicks. And Davis won't join either. Puke green is done 🤣.

19 Mar 2019 14:04:24
Hahaha. laugh it up now Shizzee. You'll be puking in your mouth when the Celts trade for Davis and resign Kyrie. L.

19 Mar 2019 18:04:41
You’ll both be upset when the Cavs get Zion!

19 Mar 2019 22:04:04
I would be upset if cavs get him, not Phoenix though.

10 Mar 2019 18:49:54
Randle-sign and trade 3 years 45 player option on 3

'19 1st protected 1-10

10 Mar 2019 04:40:10
Nets Off-Season

Sign and Trade D'Angelo Russell 4 yrs $100 millions to Pelicans

Nets Trade D'Angelo Russell Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Jerrett Allen Joe Harris 2019 first round pick 2021 first round pick to Pelicans

Pelicans Trade Anthony Davis to Nets

Nets Sign Kyrie Irving 4 yrs 140 millions

Nets Sign Kevin Durant 3 yrs 131.5 millions

10 Mar 2019 04:43:20
You can’t s and t and attach extract picks and players.

10 Mar 2019 04:49:39
Yea I can I rather sign and trade with Pelicans to unload Russell for Davis go Get Kyrie Irving and Durant.

10 Mar 2019 05:27:16
No MD, you can’t, NBA rule.

09 Mar 2019 22:50:46
Nets get AD

Pelicans get Dinwiddie, Allen, Kurucs, Musa, the 19 and 21 Nets picks unprotected and the 2023 Nets pick top 10 protected.

The Nets go out and get Durant and then resign Russell and RHJ. Give the minimum to Carroll and Ed Davis. Plus, they have exceptions.

Line up

Pg Russell/ exception
Sg Levert/ Graham
Sf RHJ/ Harris
Pf Durant/ Carroll
C Davis/ E Davis/ exception?

That's huge small ball line up and all of the starters can impact the game in multiple ways. With an addition at pg and maybe another traditional big that would be a legitimately good bench.

10 Mar 2019 04:23:17
Put Hollis-Jefferson on that deal too.

10 Mar 2019 04:46:03
RHJ is a free agent.

10 Mar 2019 06:36:46
What about Joe Harris?

10 Mar 2019 07:18:34
I’m not sure how much Harris moves the needle for the Pelicans. If they wanted more, they’d probably want Levert.

10 Mar 2019 14:10:05
Rkenne hate for knicks continues 🤣

Cavs get Lebron
Lakers get Barrett Knight JrSmith

This should help you sore 🐎.

10 Mar 2019 19:20:02
What does this post have to do with the Knicks?

11 Mar 2019 00:16:18
I think that's too much for the Nets to give up. If they had a better pick this year, I'd like their chances better to pull off a reasonable AD trade.

09 Mar 2019 01:13:52
Kent Bazemore and Alex Len
Malik Monk Bismarck Biyombo and 2nd

Hawks draft Little and Hayes
Hornets draft Hachimura



09 Mar 2019 02:42:44
Good for the Hawks, bad for the Hornets.

09 Mar 2019 03:50:10
Len a free agent?

09 Mar 2019 06:36:54
Len signed a 2-year last summer. Not sure if it's fully guaranteed next season.

09 Mar 2019 07:57:30
Jorga, do you think it’d be good for the Hornets if they swap their 1st with the Dallas first in this trade?

09 Mar 2019 13:21:06
Bazemore is not a good enough player. He and Biyombo are different in terms of value, but because both are expiring, and the Hornets need salary savings, I wouldn't trade a future asset to get him as an expiring deal. The swap is interesting, but I don't like losing Monk and a 1st for expiring Bazemore. Walker leaving could alter the teams' value of specific draft prospects, and make the swap a real option if the player they want will be available around that #.

08 Mar 2019 20:04:25
Nets Off-season 2019 Free Agency

Nets ReSign D'Angelo Russell 4 yrs 90 millions

Nets Sign Brandon Ingram 3 yrs 76.4 millions

08 Mar 2019 23:41:15
Ingram doesn't become a RFA until the start of the 2021 season.

09 Mar 2019 02:03:11
U sure?

09 Mar 2019 02:05:05
Never mind you’re right.

08 Mar 2019 17:30:00
The Lakers get Harris and Allen

The Nets get Ingram

09 Mar 2019 00:05:50
I don't see a very good reason for the Lakers or Nets to let those guys go. Allen is a solid defensive big, with a capella-like stamp on his future. Ingram is still developing, and I don't see another team offering enough to lure him away just yet. If he has only gained 10lbs and hasn't improved his shooting in 2 years then dump him maybe. He's sean Livingston at the worst.

09 Mar 2019 04:58:20
He’s a 22 year old averaging 19 5 and 3. He has all star potential, but he doesn’t fit well next to Lebron and the Lakers need guys now. Allen and Harris are both young, have some upside, and fill two of their biggest needs. Plus, they’re both ideal players to have around Lebron and/ or other stars.

09 Mar 2019 09:22:02
I don't hate this trade for the Lakers but i value Ingram more. Maybe i’m wrong but that’s how i see it. I also agree that he doesn't fit well with LBJ.

09 Mar 2019 12:32:19
Just read ingram wants out. He's definitely going to be involved in a trade it looks like.

09 Mar 2019 14:06:33
@ jorgawood, What do you think of the Milwaukee Bucks sending M. Brogdan and C. Wood to the Lakers for B. Ingram? They could then use Ingram at SF and move Middleton back to SG.


09 Mar 2019 16:09:04
I'd do that deal if I was both teams teams.

09 Mar 2019 18:09:33
I think Ingram and james work. James need to step up defense and be more a defense leader. Plus lakers need ball back.

09 Mar 2019 18:31:34
Exactly, the issue with the Lakers is defense. They are last in the league in defensive efficiency. They need to get 2 way players to "teach" the young wings how to slap the floor.

09 Mar 2019 19:11:06
In a effort to eliminate defense the NBA has put a premium on defensive players. Changed the Center position dramatically.

09 Mar 2019 22:21:06
They where a top ten defense and 3 or 4 games behind first before james got hurt. There a top 4 team in west when all healthy so y can't james and Ingram play together. That was through 34 games.

10 Mar 2019 04:16:40
They were that until James got hurt and other teams started to figure out the New LA Lakers with James and Chandler. I think it just took half the season for other teams to figure them out.

10 Mar 2019 04:53:29
It was just a messy team with a bunch of volatile aging misfits and young guys that don’t really know how to win. Lebron held it together until he was hurt and he looked out of shape after coming back. Which makes sense given how big he is, how old he is, and the fact that resting his lower body was really the biggest part of healing.

11 Mar 2019 00:11:45
I could see something like this happen. Their chemistry sucks. I wonder how much effect the failed tampered AD trade affected Ingram and Kuzma.

11 Mar 2019 00:12:21
Ok, but why would the Nets want to offload Allen for Ingram, when they have no replacement for Allen, but have many for Ingram: Levert, Crabbe, Hollis, Harris, Carroll. Allen for Ingram is probably closer. I think Harris adds too much from the Nets. This is fine for the Lakers obviously.

11 Mar 2019 00:13:13
Ingram is as frustrating as Wiggins. Similar stats. Doesn’t make the team better offensively or defensively. Just overpaid.

05 Mar 2019 03:19:02
Cavs offseason if land number 1

Trade Kevin love to Charlotte for mkg,Marvin Williams, pick 11,wizards 2019 2nd,2022 2nd

Pick 1,Tristan thompson to Atlanta for turean prince,pick 4,pick 9,pick 45,2020 Atlanta 1st top 5 protected,2022 okc 1st

Jr smith to Brooklyn for Allen Crabbe and pick 28

Jordan Clarkson for Reggie Jackson,2021 1st
4-cam reddish
9-jaxson Hayes
11-keldon Johnson
21-Tyler hero
28-Goga Bitadze
39-Mattie's thybulle
45-jalen leque

05 Mar 2019 04:38:17
Geez can I have a hit. man that's got to be Hawaiin powerful stuff. 🍺.

05 Mar 2019 13:42:55
Prince>Thompson. So no way Cleveland gets all those draft picks.

05 Mar 2019 15:50:01
Friedman, that’s what it would take to trade for Zion and I don’t think that’s even a no brainer for Cleveland. The guy is most likely a sure fire future star.

05 Mar 2019 21:00:18
Okay. So Atlanta is trading away Collins to make room for Zion? Atlanta doesn't seem like a good "trade up" partner for Zion. I think they are going with the bedt player available option in this upcoming draft.

04 Mar 2019 17:27:05
Detroit: turner+Leonard+ Z collins+ 1rnd pick Portland+ 2rnd pick Nets 2020

Port: B griffin

C: nurkic
Pf: B Griffin
Sg: McCollum
PG: Lillard

04 Mar 2019 21:10:41
As a Blazer fan, I'd take that in a heartbeat.

02 Mar 2019 22:25:20
Cavs Off-season 2019 Free Agency

Cavs Trade Tristan Thompson

Hornets Trade Bismack Biyombo Dwayne Bacon 2019 second round pick

Cavs Waive Jr Smith no teams won't take his contract

Cavs accept Marquee Chris (players option)

Cavs Draft Rui Hachimura # 3 pick

Cavs Draft Bol Bol # 23 pick via Houston

03 Mar 2019 01:10:49
Hachimura at 3?

03 Mar 2019 02:52:15
Smith’s contract is the reason that teams will take him. They can save 10 million dollars by cutting him before his contract gets fully guaranteed.

As for that Thompson trade, they should pass. Thompson’s been a solid locker room guy this year and he’s a solid player. Why trade him for a 2nd and take on extra cash in the deal that might push them into the luxury.

I don’t see the Cavs reaching on Hachimura or Bol being there that late.

11 Mar 2019 18:51:42
No way Hachimura goes at no 3 to the Cavs. That's way too high when Ja, Reddish, and maybe RJ will still be available.

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