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18 Jun 2019 01:51:09
Let's make a 2019 version of the Bad Boys Pistons, yea?

Detroit gets Chris Paul, 2nd rounder
Houston gets Reggie Jackson, John Leuer, Langston Galloway

Detroit gets Steven Adams, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala
OKC gets Blake Griffin, Houston 2nd, GSW 2nd
GSW gets Andre Drummond, Andre Roberson, OKC first

Okc gets a 3rd star.

Golden State seem committed to Klay and KD. Idk how they also pay Draymond. Gives them someone to replace Boogie. And this is the one place I can think of for Roberson that could (1) be their best wing defender and (2) could hid his bad shooting with great shooting.

Detroit adds JR Smith when he inevitably bought out. Signs Patrick Beverly. Drafts Rui Hachimura. Resigns Pachulia.

Paul, Beverly
Kennard, Smith
Iguodala, Robinson
Green, Hachimura
Adams, Maker, Pachulia

Maybe not the best team, but it's fun to make the Pistons the bad boys again. Who'd make your version of today's Pistons Bad Boys?

18 Jun 2019 02:48:17
They better be a top defensive team bc they’ll be one of the worst offensive team by far.

18 Jun 2019 04:18:11
If I had to make a bad boys team with everyone in the league


18 Jun 2019 04:55:33
Wiggins?!? One of the softest guys in the L.

18 Jun 2019 06:48:49
I primarily picked the most hated at each position.

16 Jun 2019 11:21:43
lf warriors won't compete next year


GSW- Solomon Hill, Josh Hart, one of Lakers pick.
NOP- Andre İguadala, second round pick.

Pelicans can use iggy as a mentor for young player.

Second trade

Gsw- Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie

Nets- Draymond Green and first round pick Gsw 2020 and a second

16 Jun 2019 11:57:00
why should Pelicans trade Hart and a 1st rounder for someone who is going to retire after next season?

16 Jun 2019 12:05:26
1 round for dumping hill. İguadala can help pelicans. He is good player and good defender. He is the definicion of profecional basketball player.

16 Jun 2019 12:24:02
Hill is on an expiring. Why would they need to dump him?

16 Jun 2019 13:53:48
Be easier to sign Vince Carter as mentor.

15 Jun 2019 06:56:56

Jazz: Draymond Green

Warriors: Jae Crowder, Derrick Favors & 23rd pick

15 Jun 2019 14:06:55
Why would GS do that?

15 Jun 2019 14:06:57
While not a horrible deal, I don’t think the Warriors are going to tear it apart next year, especially if Klay re-signs. Definitely not if Durant opts in or re-signs.

15 Jun 2019 19:33:08
TrianglO,even if they resign Klay and Durant they will both be out till at least the All-Star break. They will probably have about 25 losses by then and be fighting to make the playoffs with their current team, so doing this trade would give them more depth and a better shot at making the playoffs

15 Jun 2019 20:28:49
Having D. Green is giving you a better chance to make the PO than Crowder and Favors.

15 Jun 2019 04:33:47


GSW-21st pick

It's a simple but good trade for both teams. The Warriors get a pick to try and get talent in case Thompson, Durant, or both leave.
OKC gets a shooter and some cap relief.

14 Jun 2019 13:42:58
If KD opts out:

Warriors send Jacob Evans
Twolves send Wiggins, Saric, and Pick 11

At 11 the Warriors pick Nassir Little.

Warriors get a pick and Saric to take Wiggins, who while grossly overpaid, has value for the Dubs. The Warriors get a volume wing scorer which the Warriors need due to Klay’s injury. It would be interesting to see what Steph’s spacing and incredible work off ball would mean for Wiggins. Finally, I think Kerr could do wonders for Wiggins.

Then the Warriors take high upside but immediate impact wing defender at pick 11 and also get a young big whose best asset is his incredible passing which fits so well with the Warriors.

14 Jun 2019 14:05:10
Why would the Timberwolves do that? They try to help the Warriors stay significantly good?

14 Jun 2019 14:11:21
The Warriors don’t have cap.

14 Jun 2019 15:20:31
usa, because Minnesota needs to get of off Wiggins deal, just dumping 1 first rounder is a deal.

rkenne_16 yes they do since Klay and KD will be opting out they’ll have plenty of space and they can use Bird Rights on Klay since it’s a resign. At least, if I understand it correctly.

14 Jun 2019 16:20:37
They have capholds and even without Durant’s salary on the books, they don’t have cap.

14 Jun 2019 16:57:11
Yeah, the only way they can resign Klay with Bird Rights is if they have a ~30 million cap hold (taking up that space) . So they don't have cap space unless they waive Durant and Klay's Bird Rights.

14 Jun 2019 18:09:03
I have a funny thinking that both Klay and KD are either opting in or signing deals with GSW.

So you all better get your championship teams put together for next year to try to beat the Klaw in Toronto.

14 Jun 2019 18:27:20
The Warriors are saying they will offer Klay and Durant max contracts. As ESPN puts it, the Warriors know they will have $350mm in salaries, but with their new arena being a cash cow, they can afford it. And they will have a big storyline with KD and Klay sitting together and coming back in 2021. They can tank next season and have KD and Klay returning with a good draft pick.

11 Jun 2019 02:53:30
3 team trade salaries work. i know it won't happen just an idea, and i'm obviously an OKC fan i have made that known and it benefits them, but i honestly think it benefits the other teams involved. What are yalls thoughts? How far off is it from working?

CHI get Adams Schroder and their 2020 2nd back from OKC, and another future 2nd from OKC

OKC get Davis, Hill, Dunn, Porter Jr.

NOP get Westbrook, Hamidou Diallo, Carter Jr., OKC 2019 1st and OKC future 1st.

CHI gets rid of Porter jr's contract who has a bigger and worse contract than Adams. They upgrade their PG which they need, and they get back 2 2nds and their 2nd could be a higher 2nd next year.

OKC needs change and they take a bet on Davis and hope he will resign to play and compete for a title with George. GSW are likely bout to break up their big 4 so a Davis George duo could be a great recruiting tool for thunder to resign Davis. They take on Hill to make salary work. The take Dunn and hope they can turn him around and give him a 2nd chance, and they take on Porter Jr contract put him on bench to bring scoring to the 2nd unit. They also shed about 8 mil in salary relieving some luxury tax.

NOP wants a current all star that would be Russ a future all star Carter Jr could be that they also get Diallo as a young asset that could develop nicely and they want picks they get 2 1sts. This package fits everything they are asking for and they may not get a lot of offers that has everything they are asking for. They stay in the playoff run with Russ and Holiday while doing a mini rebuild.

11 Jun 2019 10:55:50
I’d much rather have Carter and porter than Schroeder and Adams.

29 May 2019 00:08:48
LeBron to warriors

Durant to lakers sign and trade.

Lakers sign Durant best friend Irving.

29 May 2019 00:45:55
Wow. Hopped off that Lebron train rather fast!

29 May 2019 04:24:28
Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

29 May 2019 12:19:47
If magic leaves his beloved Lakers, do you really think he anybody is there.

29 May 2019 13:13:12
If the media is talking about how the Warriors May be better without Durant right now because they can play their system without him, how do you not Bron making that 10 times worse.

19 May 2019 07:21:54
let's say 76ers don't resign Jimmy or Reddick
Warriors create more cap space
J Simmons

Warriors let KD go
Keep Winning More Rings
Resign Thompson 5yrs Max
Sign Ariza 3yrs 24mil
Sign Zubac 3yrs 18mil

19 May 2019 09:56:32
I don't think they are going to trade Iggy. He will retire a Warrior imo.

19 May 2019 11:35:53
Why would Philly trade a 22 year old Simmons, who is not even close to his prime years for a 35 year old jiggy, who is pretty close to retirement? No chance this happens.

19 May 2019 12:54:05
Philly wouldn't mind trading jonathon simmons for iggy.

19 May 2019 13:58:26
JoeB, not Ben, Jonathan Simmons.

Iffy is much more valuable to the Dubs. The guy steps up huge every spring.

19 May 2019 15:04:54
My bad, boys. Sorry I missed the J. Lol.

11 May 2019 21:43:45
Harden style of play will work against the elite team, they had a better last yr. Warriors are hard to beat especially if Harden blinded by master of cheap shots Draymond Green. The series was lost after the eye injury. Harden played great, but he missed a lot shot too that normally would more consistently. Hard to if it was his playoff woes or his eyes

Plenty of options even with cp3 even at 35 yrs old and 35 mil

But as far getting under the money faster.

Lowry Powell if Kawhi resigns
Teague Dieng

Move Harden to pg permantly
Warren Jackson and Bridges if morant is drafted before they pick
Mosgov Fultz 2019 unprotect if no walker in free agency

09 May 2019 07:37:58
Clint Capela has been pretty bad most of the season and has been almost unplayable in the playoffs.

The rockets should trade him for someone who has proven he can play against the Warriors and has an expiring contract

Cavs get Capela
Rockets get Tristan Thompson

This would be beneficial for both teams.

09 May 2019 10:33:35
Uh. wrong.

09 May 2019 11:33:18
Capela is so much better than Tristan at this point. TT is a shell of his former self.

09 May 2019 13:04:16
Nene is better than TT for 1/ 10 of the price.

09 May 2019 14:55:10
Just to double down, if the Cavs did that I wouldn’t be able to wear gym shorts for a week.

09 May 2019 18:47:33
I wouldn't trade a really good center on a reasonable contract just because he hits a matchup that isn't great. Especially since it feels like the Warriors won't be the same horrible matchup for him next year.

If they play Denver, Phili, Portland, Toronto, or Milwaukee, Capela will be a huge piece to winning those series.

Even if they did try to trade Capela, trading him for Thompson is ridiculous. They could get considerably more for him.

30 Apr 2019 01:45:02
Kings - Gallo(exp)
Clippers - Bjencia and future 2nds

- Kings add a combo forward who can bring scoring & shooting
- This trade saves around 15mil for the clips to try to add 2 stars (Leonard/Butler) Resign Bev if he'd take the min

- Let wcs go unless they decide it's cheap enough to match. This team could reach the playoffs next year as a 6-8 seed.

- Becomes one of the best perimeter defensive teams in the league. I think this team could beat the Warriors even if KD comes back.

30 Apr 2019 05:38:40
Simple and Creative, not sure it’s enough from the Kings but good job.

30 Apr 2019 19:29:22
How do the contracts work for this trade to legally work?

01 May 2019 01:40:30
Not enough for Kings. Bjelica's last year is not guarenteed so he is essentially an expiring contract as well. Kings are not going to "help" the Clippers clear salary AND give them draft picks no matter how "talented" Divac thinks Gallinari is. We are talking about a difference of $15 mil in salary.

Take that offer to Atlanta (Gallo for Len + two 2nd rounders) and see if they bite.

22 Apr 2019 20:07:06
Far fetched crazy idea wouldn't happen I don't know if it can happen, but here it is. 3 team trade raptors warriors thunder

Leonard KD both agree and the teans do it so they don't lose a super star for nothing.

Warriors get Leonard S&T
Thunder get KD S&T
Raptors get Westbrook

Warriors keep a super star SF stay a super team and get someone to replace the defense they lose in either Thompson this year or Green next year because they can't keep them both. Leonard agrees still a big market and he has a high chance at more rings.

Thunder also fire Billy Donovan pair up George and KD build around them change it up cause what they have isn't working. KD agrees to go back to OKC since Westbrook and Donovan are gone to try and bring a title to OKC.

Raptors then trade Lowry for the best package they can get Westbrook replaces him. i'm sure Westbrook isn't their player of choice but i'm sure they would rather have Westbrook than lose Leonard for nothing. And maybe in the east with a deeper roster and better coach Westbrook can lead Raptors to at least conference finals.

Let me know What u think. Is it even possible for this to happen?

22 Apr 2019 20:28:54
I'd add another shooter at the PF, OR swing for Walker in a S &T. Thunder compete for a title with a lineup like that. RW isn't as valuable as KD, and KL. SVG would be a great fit. He's smart, and he knows team build, and fit. Presti pulls the personnel strings, but he's pretty good, and I think he and SVG would agree on a lot.

22 Apr 2019 20:31:38
Kd and Leonard would probably not want to do this. Plus, Kd and Leonard have more value than Westbrook.

22 Apr 2019 20:43:59
KD would have to agree to go back to OKC and that bridge was burnt when he left.

23 Apr 2019 03:49:05
Raps rather rebuild. Russ is great until playoffs.

18 Apr 2019 08:34:03
If KD is 100% leaving

76ers - KD (s&t)
Resign Butler and Reddick
Warriors - Simmons

Mavs - Green
Warriors - Lee Jackson Antetokounmpo and 2nd
Resign Cousins and Thompson



Doncic/Finney Smith

18 Apr 2019 12:31:12
Why would gsw want Simmons. Why not just sign tobias Harris after kd leaves?

18 Apr 2019 13:33:36
Warriors have no money for Tobias, they are still over the cap even if KD leaves.

18 Apr 2019 14:49:15
What if KD is only 50% leaving? Lol.

18 Apr 2019 18:43:31
Why trade Green for so little if they're retooling to stay a championship contender? A core of Curry, Klay, Green, and Simmons could compete.

Or, I think they would be smart to flip Simmons for another star that fits that team better.

18 Apr 2019 21:23:03
I think Simmons would thrive with Curry and Thompson. They could keep green and have him run small ball center instead of resigning Cousins. I only traded Green for more bench depth but they could always easily sign vet free agents for the min.

24 Apr 2019 13:35:10
Sixers don’t make that trade. Ever.

30 Mar 2019 07:05:42
Bucks don't sign Middleton:

Sign Durant for the Max allowed

Re-sign: Mirotic, Lopez, Brogdan, Hill

Let Middleton go unless he wants to opt in

Draft Kenny Wooten, Louis King,Cameron Johnson (if he's available) or Jalen Mcdaniels #30

Better than the Warriors?

30 Mar 2019 19:30:28
Not sure about resigning Lopez and Hill.

Mirotic, Durant, Giannis, Brogdon, Bledsoe starting 5 would be very, very interesting. They could play an uptempo pace that would be truly scary.

30 Mar 2019 22:36:28
@jorgawood, Middleton is their #2 player. I believe Milwaukee will resign him. Durant is interested in NY. Stated so before. He would be a great addition to the Buck's. But, I don't see that happening. I do agree on resigning Lopez, Mirotic, and Hill. I would trade Brogdon to the Lakers for Ingram. Brogdon has already stated he really doesn't like Milwaukee, To racist for him. No problem, I would send him to the Lakers. I would also put Middleton back at SG. Then get a SF to replace him.


30 Mar 2019 22:53:19
I would 100% re-sign Lopez if he signs the same deal or even 7-8M. Hill too, if he would play for 5M. They would still need solid rotation guys. If those guy cost too much then no, of course. No one was suggesting paying G. Hill 18M.

30 Mar 2019 23:47:41
Torque, send him to another team. Lakers will not give up Ingram for him. You are proposing that multiple times already. It’s not happening and you know that ingram’s health is not good as of now. I never saw you agree to any Bucks trade on here now let me disagree with you as a Lakers fan.

31 Mar 2019 15:08:19
Yes this makes so much sense 😏 Durant leaves Warriors to join Milwaukee. Milwaukee is the Marketing capital of the nba and where he can improve legacy in Giannis shadow.

31 Mar 2019 15:27:25
It's extremely unlikely to happen. I think I just agreed with the always disagreeable Shizzee. Wow. Maybe Durant will go to NY.

31 Mar 2019 23:48:33
@usa, I have agreed to a lot of trades regarding The Milwaukee Buck's. Ingram will not be with LA long. Since his surgery, The Lakers will look to trade him. As a Laker fan, You also should understand that. I also don't see L. James there very long. LA bought in more Veterans than needed. Now, trying to give younger players time on the court, is a little to late. As will be defined if by all rumors the Lakers hire J. Kidd for a coach! Look what he did for the Buck's.

01 Apr 2019 04:52:57
He will not be a Lakers but it’s not for Brogdon. That is what i’m pointing Torque.

01 Apr 2019 18:04:34
Durant is not going to Bucks, but to be honest that's a good thing for Milwaukee. That team has really good chemistry and i see no reason not to focus on keeping their core intact.

29 Mar 2019 17:52:27
S&T Durant to a 3-year, 3rd player option

Hayward, SAC 1st

If Bill Simmons is right about Durant, then Durant is available, and this would help the Warriors long term, and replace Durant, with a cheaper, temporary option. Hayward would do well playing D, and spotting up for 3 in SanFran. I think

29 Mar 2019 21:10:40
Hayward isn't cheap for his production.

29 Mar 2019 21:41:20
Cheaper than Durant.

30 Mar 2019 01:24:50
Dollar wise, but no comparison in talent. Hayward’s contract is not looking good right now, almost wonder if the Warriors would want to make a deal for that contract and go deeper into the luxury tax or not.

31 Mar 2019 05:34:32
Funny, I was looking at Hayward + Kings draft pick for Harrison Barnes. that way Barnes and Horford both come off the books after next season.

31 Mar 2019 06:05:13
GSW would never facilitate a trade to the celtics. This was for fun. Barnes for Hayward, SAC 1st- Divac would be all over that. Hayward has nothing but upside, unless he's permanently hobbled, but I don't think he is. He's had bright spots this season, and I think a physically diligent rehab in the off season could do a lot for him come next season.

31 Mar 2019 14:39:34
Has nothing but upside? You make it sound like he’s a young player continuing to improve. He’s 29 with nine years under his belt. I don’t know that what we’re seeing is an aberration, this could be the new norm from a guy who is not young and is trying to return from that horrific injury. He does have 68 games under his belt this year, and has not shown consistent growth back to the player he was, or even close this season. 68 games is a long enough time to get a feel for where he’s at and where he may go.

31 Mar 2019 15:16:14
Jorgewood, loves to Durant anywhere but in a Knicks uniform. 😉.

31 Mar 2019 15:17:00
Mathews didn't hardly show any explosiveness early on in his return, but has slowly gained it back. Hayward has already looked more explosive at times than Mathews this season. Different injuries, but ligaments, and tendons don't get a lot of blood supply, and healing takes a bit. Mathews was older, and possibly a worse injury.

31 Mar 2019 16:14:30
Durant to NY is so far fetched. Other than a media personality proposing it, where are the bought houses, the family moving to NY? Durant doesn't go anywhere without his mama. Dolan is hated, and the Warriors can offer him the most money. That is more than enough for me to doubt Durant to NY. Quit acting like a child shizzee, and accept the fact that some people don't lie all the time, and therefore don't believe them either. That isn't hating on your knicks, although because of you, and I think you actually care, I hope they lose even more next season. That'd be great right!

06 Apr 2019 21:56:05
I've heard a bunch of Durant to BOS for Hayward and a pick. I don't know that Golden State would want to move him to a team that could really contend with them in that case, but I don't know what other offers are really out there for opt in and trade purposes. Everyone would love to have him, but not many are in the position to have assets to move for him without seriously diminishing their total team. I'm still a Hayward believer, and I would hate to see him moved, but I think he might fit the pecking order better in Golden State, and I wouldn't want to turn down a chance at Durant. They'd still have assets for an AD push too.

21 Mar 2019 00:00:35
KD and Kyrie are rumored to want to play with each other. Boston might be the best situation for those two. However, the only way it would be possible is through a sign-and-trade deal with GSW.

Celtics get Kevin Durant

Warriors get Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum

The Celtics need to move either Hayward or Horford in order to match KD's projected salary. Celtics would obviously prefer to move Hayward, but the already expensive Warriors are unlikely to want him. However, if the Celtics sweeten the pot by including Tatum, I don't see how the Warriors could pass. GSW stays at a championship level and makes their future much brighter with Tatum. Much better than losing KD for nothing. Celtics set themselves up for true championship contention. Everyone wins.

21 Mar 2019 08:45:53
Hayward is a good fit in GS.

21 Mar 2019 09:09:04
Nothing happens in Boston until Irving opts out and they trade for A Davis. Sorry, but Tatum will probably be in New Orleans.

18 Mar 2019 19:24:00
Updated mock

1. Knicks - Williamson PF
2. Suns - Morant PG
3. Cavs - Barrett SG
4. Bulls - Garland PG
5. Hawks - Hunter SF
6. Grizz - Reddish SF
7. Hawks - Bol Bol C
8. Pelicans - Langford SG
9. Wizards - Hayes C
10. Lakers - Culver SG
11. Hornets - Porter C
12. Wolves - White G
13. Magic - Johnson SG
14. Celtics - Hachimura PF
15. Heat - Little SF
16. Nets - Doumboya F
17. Pistons - Porter Jr SG
18. Celtics - Jones PG
19. Jazz - Grimes SG
20. Spurs - Okpala SF
21. Thunder - Horton Tucker SG
22. Blazers - Nickeil Alexander G
23. Celtics - Fernando C
24. Pacers - Wilkes SF
25. Cavs - Schofield SF
26. 76ers - Washington F
27. Nets - Dort SG
28. Warriors - Clarke C
29. Spurs - Williams PF
30. Bucks - Gafford C

19 Mar 2019 00:23:26
Too High Garland Bol Grimes and Hayes

Too Low White Little Fernando and Alexander

Or else it's perfect 😁.

19 Mar 2019 08:07:32
Spurs trade up for Little? Package their 2 1st rounders to move up?

19 Mar 2019 09:12:17
God, I so hope the Knicks end up out of the Williamson sweepstakes. Just to pick off all Knicks fans. Lol.

19 Mar 2019 11:19:49
Still irving is leaving to the knicks. And Davis won't join either. Puke green is done 🤣.

19 Mar 2019 14:04:24
Hahaha. laugh it up now Shizzee. You'll be puking in your mouth when the Celts trade for Davis and resign Kyrie. L.

19 Mar 2019 18:04:41
You’ll both be upset when the Cavs get Zion!

19 Mar 2019 22:04:04
I would be upset if cavs get him, not Phoenix though.

14 Mar 2019 05:03:44
Lakers get - Durant (s&t)
Warriors get - Lebron

- Lakers get younger, better on defense and better chance at signing superstars
- Warriors stays on top and doesn't lose KD for nothing. Lebron stays in LA would thrive with GSW shooters and wouldn't have to play 35+ minutes to win.

Lakes sign Kyrie and draft Hayes (maybe trade Ball for Bam or another young center)
Warriors resign Klay



14 Mar 2019 09:12:36
Everyone had a good laugh, and lived happily ever after.
Why would KD go to LA without LBJ? He may not want to go to LA with LBJ, but he's certainly not going g there without him either.

14 Mar 2019 11:21:20
JoeB, I don't agree with the trade happening. Durant would only go if lebron is not there or why would he leave the warriors.

14 Mar 2019 13:52:36
Then we agree, Shizzee. Wow. did not see that coming. Lol
Durant may not have a Choice. If he won't give Golden State a hometown discount again, they may not be able to re-sign him and Klay Thompson.
So, KD can sign where he wants.

14 Mar 2019 14:00:58
It's not going to happen, but i like this trade idea.

The warriors are the best destination for LBJ to win another title.

And I like that Lakers team. Durant could come to LA if they can get another all star player, durant likes.

15 Mar 2019 21:19:05
That trade i hope would never happen cause lakers would be trash and we would suck aka the warriors cause lebron is getting older and as he gets older he is going to suck more and more so i don't agree with the trade.

10 Mar 2019 19:17:46
The Warriors get Wiggins, Dieng, Saric, Okogie and Covington

The Timberwolves get Ball, Igoudala(expiring), Livingston(expiring), Evans, Jones, Mckinnie, and 20 million in immediate savings

The Lakers get Draymond

The Warriors try to build a good young supporting cast around Klay and Steph assuming that Durant is gone. Saric, Okogie and Covington seem like they would thrive in the Warriors system. Dieng gives them some big man depth. The Warriors are one of the few franchises that could possibly save Wiggins from himself.

The wolves just scrap everything to build around KAT. The roster has so much dead weight. They are probably better off just getting off what they can even if it means they have to over pay some mid level free agents. Ball and KAT fit well together.

The Lakers desperately need a star next to Lebron and it looks like it's going to be hard to get. Draymond isn't exactly a star, but he's in the mold of the guys they said they wanted with Lebron before the season. I also think having a guy that is willing to clap back at Lebron might be a good thing for the Lakers.

10 Mar 2019 19:53:27
This is bad, like really bad, for Minnesota.

10 Mar 2019 19:58:58
I would be really surprised if they don't offer Durant good money, and he'd turn it down if they did. 1st season in a new building that the title run built, in a new more wealthy city. Seems like a good spot to be in, but I don't really know, so if they lose this could very well happen. I don't think Green is a huge problem other than money, if they sign Klay and Durant. If Durant goes I'd deadline trade Green if team performance was poor up to that point. Maybe even consider signing Cousins reasonably.

11 Mar 2019 00:29:25
Ball gets Draymond Green?

11 Mar 2019 04:57:37
Carl, what is the ceiling of a team with Covington as it’s 2nd best player. They have 2 years to build a winner around KAT and they don’t have very much flexibility right now. Saric, Okoge and Covington are nice players, but they’re no where close to being the star they need next to KAT. Wiggins and Dieng are both horrible contracts.

Fredman, Ball and 10 million in cap space. Draymond has been pretty down this year, he’s been trending down the past few years, he’s volatile, you’ll have to max him out, and he could walk. He doesn’t have a ton of value right now.

11 Mar 2019 14:08:36
And with Ball as their 2nd best player (along with the circus his Dad brings), KAT will want out before training camp.

18 Feb 2019 09:04:11
If Durant said he's leaving for Celtics, will the Warriors agree to a sign and trade?

Celtics- Durant

Warriors- Tatum & Hayward

Just curious.

18 Feb 2019 10:46:04
I would try Horford and Tatum

I think the goldenstate run is over if, KD leaves, so they could accept that deal.

18 Feb 2019 15:34:02
I think if KD leaves, GSW are going to push to resign Cousins.

18 Feb 2019 22:43:49
The Celtics won’t have any cap space and there’s no way that KD will accept the MLE and give up almost $30 million per year on his next contract. GSW calls his bluff and says no deal.

18 Feb 2019 22:46:01
He won't leave Warriors for Celtics. He leave winning team with equal market, for a less winning team. If he goes. It's new york biggest market on a loosing team t o win to improve his legacy.

18 Feb 2019 23:18:21
He can’t leave for C’s, they don’t have the space. Would have to request S&T. Don’t see him wanting Boston as his destination.

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