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18 Apr 2018 14:38:30
Brian Windhorst on ESPN (very reliable when it comes to Lebron) said that Kawhi's and Lebron's futures are linked and that Lebron will reach out to Kawhi after playoffs to discuss potential landing destinations. Windhorst mentioned Philly, Lakers and Clippers as potential destinations. Kawhi will be a free agent in 2019 and can demand which team the Spurs trade him to and Lebron can also force a sign and trade like Chris Paul did last summer.

Let's look at the Clippers case. Jerry West is probably the best in the business and has contributed in building superteams including this current Warriors team. Steve Ballmer is also willing to pay "whatever it takes" to get his team a championship. Clippers could package two lottery picks and Tobias Harris (very good player) for Kawhi which he would push the Spurs to accept or lose him for nothing.
Clippers could then sign Lebron and Paul George

- Tobias Harris, 2018 Clippers 1st, 2018 Detroit 1st for Kawhi Leonard

- Lebron James - 3yrs/100M (S/T with Gallinari off to Cleveland)
- Paul George - 3yrs/100M
- Deandre Jordan opts in
- Fill out the bench with vets and young players for minimum contracts

Total Payroll would be around $140M

PG - Beverley, Rivers, Evans
SG - George, Williams, Thornwell
SF - Kawhi, Dekker,
PF - Lebron, Harrell,
C - Jordan,

18 Apr 2018 15:00:59
Clippers don't have cap space for that. Gallinari takes up 20m.

18 Apr 2018 15:22:09
I like this idea, but the Clippers need to trade Gallinari to make this work.

18 Apr 2018 16:22:10
Why would the Cavs take on Gallinari's contract? He's overpayed, always hurt, about to be thirty, it would keep the Cavs deep in the luxury tax, and the Cavs will be tanking if Lebron leaves. I can't see them taking on major salary without getting some significant assets back.

Also, Kawhi doesn't have much control over where he's traded. He can't just pick one team and say trade me there. He's under contract and doesn't have a no trade clause.

The Clippers would be the worst of the 3 options you mentioned. The Lakers and Philly both have significant cap space and young talent. The Clippers are capped out and just to get Lebron and Kawhi, they would probably have to trade every asset they have and there's no way they would be able to bring in George, Lebron, and Leonard.

18 Apr 2018 16:36:43
That would be after the 2019 season. And, he CAN'T, demand to be traded to someplace he wants o be traded to. That is ridiculous. The Spurs will trade him to whomever has the best offer. If the best offer is from the team he wants to go to, fine. But it will be on the Spurs terms not his.

18 Apr 2018 16:30:16
One huge problem with your logic: Leonard can’t demand the spurs trade him to a specific team. If he wants out, they have absolutely no loyalty to him or what he wants. Look at Paul George as precedent of that. George wanted to go to the Lakers, but Indy didn’t care. And there would absolutely be teams that would take him on a rental and risk him bolting.

18 Apr 2018 21:11:42
Not to mention that LBJ is a FA this off season and he will be signing a long term contract somewhere.

13 Apr 2018 18:20:43
The Cavs get Leonard, D.Green, Gasol, and Mills

The 76ers get Love

The Spurs get Bayless(exp), Jr Smith(buyout) , Clarkson, Nance, Osman, TLC, the 8th pick, the 10th pick, the 38th pick, the Cavs 21 and 23 1st with swap options in 20 and 22. Plus they open up 15 million this year and 38 million next year.

The Cavs end up with what they need to have a chance against the Warriors or Houston at the expense of almost all of their young assets.

The 76ers get a veteran allstar with finals experience cheap and gives them more of the shooting they need around their stars. Also, the trade could make Philly really appealing to a free agent like George since this will be their last chance to make a big free agent splash before signing Embiid and closing out a ton for their cap space.

The Spurs get an infusion of young talent while opening up a max contract next summer. The Spurs get to pull off a quick rebuild for Pop's stretch run, while insuring the team will be in great shape even once he retires.

13 Apr 2018 18:37:42
Cavs couldn't get more then a mid 1st for love. No way they get leonard.

13 Apr 2018 18:56:59
I think Sixers want James, but wouldn't be interested in Love all that much, even if it allowed them to ditch Bayless. Saric is pretty good, better shooter, decent rebounder.

13 Apr 2018 19:20:06
Wait, Saric is a better shooter than love? How? Every stat says the opposite.

The Cavs aren’t giving up Love for Leonard. They’re givjng up love, 3 firsts, and two swap options. It’s a horrible deal for Cleveland. it’s worst than what the Nets did with Garnett/ pierce.

13 Apr 2018 19:50:49
Love played in 59 games, Saric played in 78. Love is .415 from 3, Saric is .393. Saric is better, given his age, and games played. Love has never shot this well for a season. Add 20 games to Love, and I'd bet that % goes down.

14 Apr 2018 13:36:02
i think spurs don't get enough in that trade i think spurs don't agree in your trade.

14 Apr 2018 14:03:52
3-4 young prospects. Salary relief. 4 firsts. 1 second. 2 swaps.

And you don’t think it’s enough? Oooooookkkkkk

Dude is injury prone and expiring after playing less than 10 games this year. Just stop.

12 Apr 2018 10:06:33
Orl & GSW

Orl get 28th pick

GSW get 35th & 41sr pick

Orl do it to draft Issac Bonga a 6'9 sg/sf who is a high risk reward player but fits what Weltman and Hammond look for. He has great size, can handle the ball, has good court vision and shown a shooting touch jus needs to make it more consistent. He is a raw talent but could be the hidden gem of the draft.

GSW save money they can draft and stash a player like Kurucs or add to their bench a Allen, holiday, Shamet, Brown etc this give them a options and flexibilities with out costing them anything.

12 Apr 2018 16:55:18
Makes sense for both teams.

09 Apr 2018 16:05:13
Warriors/Pelicans Trade

This scenario is only valid if Demarcus Cousins leaves in free agency and if the Warriors miss the NBA Finals or lose in the NBA finals. Obviously this trade seems totally unrealistic. However, the Pelicans are going to want to restart. Jordan Bell and Patrick McCaw both have potential to be good players in this league if given the chance. The Pelicans could use a sharpshooter like McCaw and Jordan Bell is a potential defensive monster.

Warriors Receive: Anthony Davis

The Warriors lacked a rim protector/rebounder this season. Anthony Davis would give them just that+a whole lot more. This team would become younger, bigger, and perhaps even more athletic. Although they lose some depth with this trade they will still have those second round picks in which they seem to always capitalize on.

Depth Chart:
1-Steph Curry
2-Klay Thompson
3-Kevin Durant
4-Anthony Davis
5-Zaza Pachulia

Bench=Andre Iguodala, Quinn Cook, Javale Mcgee

Pelicans Receive: Draymond Green, Jordan Bell, rights to Patrick McCaw, 2018 first round pick, 2019 first round pick

The Pelicans are going to want to restart. Jordan Bell and Patrick McCaw both have potential to be good players in this league if given the chance. The Pelicans could use a sharpshooter like McCaw and Jordan Bell is a potential defensive monster. Not only will the Pelicans bring in more depth but they will also clear out cap space. Although this scenario seems unrealistic all together, they could end up in the market for a player like Deandre Jordan. Jordan is really good defensively and him paired up with Bell and Green would be probably the best defensive lineup in the league+they still get scoring/shooting from Moore, Mirotic, and McCaw. Keep in mind that Deandre Jordan is just a possibility and not apart of this main scenario. The Pelicans will have reshaped their roster and also

Depth Chart:
1-Rajon Rondo
2-Jrue Holiday
3-Draymond Green
4-Nikola Mirotic
5-Deandre Jordan?/Kyle O'Quinn?/free agent signing?/Emeka Okafor

Bench=Jordan Bell, Rajon Rondo, Patrick McCaw, E'Twan Moore

09 Apr 2018 16:18:09
Cousins sign and trade for Green makes more sense not for mvp candidate. Jello green is an allstar while davis superstar. Curry or Durant will gwt u davis.

09 Apr 2018 17:42:59
I don’t like building around Green. Nor do I like letting him go if I was GS. Trading Thompson makes more sense to me for both sides.

09 Apr 2018 17:58:44
Davis youth and rise to super stardom would have to be a package of Thompson, and Green. Minimum.

09 Apr 2018 19:44:50
Jello, The Pelicans are likely the 5th seed in a tough West without one of their two Superstars and you think they are in rebuild? Either you have a pretty distorted view or you are a GSW fan looking to get AD. let's assume the latter. You do not build a team around Draymond Green and give up a once in a generation talent like AD to do so.

09 Apr 2018 20:33:50
With the injury and the success of the Pelicans I can see Boogie waking. Plus, I think it would make more sense for both teams for it to be Klay and Draymond. It the Warriors a better younger third option and makes the numbers not work for them. It will be hard to pay all 4 of their stars.

09 Apr 2018 23:35:52
I don't see the Pels letting Boogie walk without a minimum of a sign and trade, they don't have cap space for next year even with his contract off the books.

Re-sign Boogie, and go Davis for Green and Thompson.

10 Apr 2018 13:43:16
the pelicans don't "let him walk" either he resigns with them or he stays. This scenario is only if he leaves in the first place.

10 Apr 2018 16:14:41
I can't see Boogie walking*.

07 Apr 2018 14:59:46
if leonard leaves

suns gets SF Kawhi Leonard, PG/ SG patty mills

spurs gets PF/ C Dragan Bender, PF Jared Dudley, SF/ PF Josh Jackson, 2018 first-round pick

mavs get jared dudley waive and #50
spurs get # 35

resign tony parker 2yr/ 16m
resign kyle anderson 4yr/ 25M
resign davis bertans 3yr/ 19m
sign tryeke evans 5yr/ 60m

draft Deandre Ayton

spurs depth
PG murray/ parker/ brown-#21
SG evans/ green/ ginobili/ white
SF jackson/ anderson/ gay
PF aldridge/ bertans
C ayton/ gasol/ lauvergne

this much scary team that warriors and rockets next 1-3 years

any thoughts?

09 Apr 2018 18:07:52
First, suns aren't giving up the #4 pick 2 years ago, the #4 pick this past year, potentially the #1 pick this year, for a player that you wrote left. so its a sign and trade? Stupid.

But even if he doesn't leave, there is little chance he stays in phoenix long term, so again, ridiculous.

But beyond all that nonsense. you annoint that spurs team as better than the warriors and rockets for the next 1-3 years? Seriously? I don't think that team makes the playoffs. But you have they instantly better than the Rockets and the warriors? let me guess. only one to agree with this post was you?

Also, stop starting every comment with bro, its weird, and sounds like a horrible attempt at jersey shore.

07 Apr 2018 14:36:23
The Warriors get Winslow and Whiteside

The Heat get Bell, Igoudola, Livingston and 2 Warriors 1sts

04 Apr 2018 12:21:27
I think East are all set now for playoffs..
Raptors, Celtics, Cavaliers, Sixers
Pacers, Wizards, Bucks, and Heat

West lockup teams: Rockets, Warriors and Blazers
Its up to these 7 teams fighting for 5 spots left:
Spurs, Thunder, Wolves, Jazz, Pelicans, Nuggets and Clippers

06 Apr 2018 00:54:19
Thanks, Captain Obvious.

31 Mar 2018 07:39:13
3 way trade between Sixers, Spurs and Warriors.

Sixers: Kawhi Leonard

Spurs: Klay Thompson

Warrios: Robert Covington, Markelle Fultz, laker's 2018 first rounder.

Kawhi to the Sixers gives them the 3rd star they need with Embiid and Simmon's. Puts Kawhi on a team where he has stars, the money to pay him and in the 5th biggest sports market in the country.

Klay gets to go to another great organization where he can be the guy and they would be able to pay him which the Warriors will not.

The Warriors get the younger SG in Fultz who has a lot of potential to be a star now that he looks healthy. Covington is on a very team friendly deal for the next 4 years and is a nice 3 and D player to come off the bench to replace Iggy. The Lakers pick will be the 10th or 11th pick which could give the Warriors good, cheaper talent.

31 Mar 2018 08:07:07
Warriors:Saric, Fultz, 2019 1st sixers/ sac

Spurs:Thompson, Lakers 1st


31 Mar 2018 09:25:50
Sixers can't trade their pick in 2019 or the Kings pick. The Kings pick belongs to the Celtics since the Lakers pick will most likely not land in between 2-5 this year. The Kings pick only belongs to the Sixers if it lands #1 overall and then the Sixers surrender their own pick in 2019 to the Celtics. Sixers can only trade their pick this year and the Lakers pick once the lottery selection is determined.

31 Mar 2018 16:32:42
Yup, forgot about BOS. No dice then.

03 Mar 2018 01:28:26

Pelicans Receive: Kawhi Leonard

-This is a no brainer obviously for the Pelicans. Kawhi is undoubtedly a superstar in this league. They give up a lot here but it's worth it. Given Rondo can settle into his role, they can sign some shooters and other role players to fill in a round the new big 3, NOP will be a huge threat to the Warriors.

Spurs Receive: Cheik Diallo, Nikola Mirotic, Jrue Holiday, 2018 unprotected NOP first round pick, 2019 unprotected NOP first round pick, 2022 unprotected NOP second round pick

-The Spurs simply cannot beat the Warriors even with Kawhi Leonard healthy. They do not have enough pure talent. If they start their rebuilding process now, they will be able to get enough young talent to compete in the future once again. The assets that they receive from this trade are amazing. The 2018 first will be valuable because Demarcus Cousins and Kawhi Leonard are out for the season. The 2019 will be less valuable given the team will be healthy. Holiday and Mirotic are solid role players and Cheik Diallo is a nice young player. 3 future picks are very valuable and given Kawhi is rumored to leave in 2019 free agency, the Spurs will want to capitalize now before the last year of his contract begins.

03 Mar 2018 09:00:17
Salaries are 20 million off and Pelicans traded their 1st rounder for Mirotic.

24 Feb 2018 16:08:56
Lakers off-season

This only works if everyone involved is looking for a title chance.

Sign George and Cousins to 30 million 1 plus 1 deals

S and T For Lebron 1+1 at 25 million
Sending Kuzma, Deng and 2 1sts to Cleveland

Lakers get Walker and Hernangomez
Hornets get Ball, Ingram and 2 2nds

Split the MLE and give Thaddeus Young and JJ Reddick both 4 million

Resign Brewer
Sign Harris
Sign Illyasova
Sign Wilson Chandler
All to the veteran minimum

Walker/Hart or Harris
Reddick/ Brewer or Harris
George/ Chandler
Lebron/ Thaddeus Young
Cousins/Zubac or Illyasova

The bench is a little rough, but this is a team that has a legit shot at the Warriors as long as Boogie can come back even 85 percent of what he was this year. The only thing that might be slightly unrealistic is the money, for the stars, Chandler and Young, but I would imagine they're all hungry for a championship, i probably low balled what they could offer by a few million for the stars, and if one of them is willing to take a decent discount it becomes even more plausible.

24 Feb 2018 16:12:58
Add Hernangomez in at back up center my bad.

24 Feb 2018 16:33:05
Ur such full of it, Reddick went from 20 to 4mil Young 14 to 4 mil, Cavs would never trade LeBron. Hornets rob Lakers in that trade. Are looking for attention.

24 Feb 2018 16:48:43
I'm a Cavs fan and don't want to see Lebron walk, but if he is going to walk, that sign and trade would be best case scenario for the Cavs. Thad got that contract 3 or 4 years ago when he was younger and the market was different. He doesn't get more than the full MLE this year and that's too end. The 76ers needed to may the cap floor and offered Reddick far over market value so that he would except a 1 year contract for a team that has no chance at a title. No one has money this year. Reddick isn't getting a big contract. Look at what Williams just ended up with.

24 Feb 2018 16:59:10
Kuzma and 2 1sts for Deng is an overpay. LAL wouldn't deal Kuzma alone to offload Deng. T. young isn't needed. Pay Randle, sign Chris Bosh. Reddick is alright, but will make L. Williams money. Around 8-10 probably.

24 Feb 2018 17:39:49
Jorga, the linchpin to all of this is that they get 4 stars. None of the teams that are going to lose their star for Deng and 2 1sts plus it crunches the money a bit more if they keep Kuzma. None of the other teams go full rebuild other than the Cavs and Hornets and the Hornets can't take on Deng. The Cavs would have more leverage than can normally be suspected. With Boogies injury, is it worth it for any player to go to the Lakers if they can't get all 4.

24 Feb 2018 03:44:05
SAS-BOS Offseason Moves

1. SAS-BOS Trade

SAS Receives: Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown rights to the Lakers 2018 pick if it lands top 3
-3 young players
-Tatum is a guaranteed future all star and Jaylen Brown is a defensive monster and potential all star
-Terry Rozier has shown flashes of greatness as well this year

BOS Receives: Kahwi Leonard, Brandon Paul
-Another star to help compete with Lebron's Cavs in the East and the Warriors/Rockets out West

2. Draftnight

SAS selects Brandon McCoy with the 25th pick (projected) and Borisia Simanic with the 55th pick (projected)

BOS selects Tony Carr with the 27th pick (projected)

3. Free Agency

SAS signings: Let Rudy Gay walk, Manu retires

BOS signings: Let Marcus Smart walk, sign Wayne Ellington to a 1 year 7 million dollar contract, sign Brook Lopez to a 1 year 8 million dollar contract
-Brook takes payout to play for a contender which he's never done and it's only for a year

4. G-League Assignments

SAS sends: ] Matt Costello and Borisia Sminaic (Overseas or G-League)

BOS sends: Kadeem Allen and Guersheron Yabusele

5. Staring Lineups

SAS Rotation:
1-Dejounte Murray
2-Jaylen Brown
3-Jayson Tatum
4-Lamrcus Aldridge
5-Pau Gasol

BOS Rotation:
1-Kyrie Irving/Shane Larkin/Tony Carr
2-Wayne Ellington/Brandon Paul/Jabari Bird
3-Gordon Hayward/Ojeleye/Abdel Nader
4-Kawhi Leonard/Marcus Morris/Daniel Theis
5-Al Horford/Brook Lopez/Aaron Baynes

SAS Rotation:
1-Dejounte Murray/Tony Parker/Terry Rozier/Patty Mills
2-Jaylen Brown/Bryn Forbes
3-Jayson Tatum/Kyle Anderson
4-Lamarcus Aldridge/Davis Bertans
5-Pau Gasol/Joffrey Lauvergne/ Brandon McCoy

24 Feb 2018 03:59:25
The salary in the trade doesn't work, Boston needs to add salary and I'm not sure if Boston has their full MLE, but even if they do only one of those signings is possible at those numbers.

24 Feb 2018 05:01:57
Ok, you're right. Add Horford and a future protected first but take out Brown.

24 Feb 2018 05:37:00
No possible way I’d trade Tatum and brown (on rookie deals locked in long term) for pretty much anyone.

24 Feb 2018 13:03:32
Bmiller, I love Tatum, but get real. You give both up if you can get KL (a healthy one) . Boston is even more likely to do something like this should they be eliminated by Cleveland this year, and LBJ decides to resign with the Cavs.

Finally, keep in mind that the Claw is only 26, the C's would be landing a still young player.

24 Feb 2018 15:46:41
You’d give up two talented young wings for a great player on an expiring contract? That is incredibly foolish. Also, who knows if Leonard is healthy, he probably won’t play the rest of the season, his health is a major question mark.

18 Feb 2018 23:54:53
Lakers trade Deng and cavs first and a future first pick plus Hart for a future 2nd round pick and have 81 to spend.

Durant and James get 29 MIL each.

They now have 23 left.

Sign Avery Bradley for 4 yrs. 60 MIL. First year at 13 with 10 left.

Sign Noel 4 years 40 MIL.

Use mle on Evans for 4 years.


Durant desides to leave because he figures warriors can't afford the team so he joins Lakers before George does.

18 Feb 2018 23:58:05
Meant Evans for 4 years 40mil and noel get mle for 4 years.

19 Feb 2018 00:42:51
I don't think the Lakers would have to trade two firsts and a decent young prospect just to get rid of Deng's contract.

19 Feb 2018 00:43:29
Also Durant going to the Lakers is not going to happen.

19 Feb 2018 01:32:21
The trade would have to be for Lebron, if the Cavs are the team to do it. If Lebron walked that would be right at the soft cap line.

19 Feb 2018 02:09:55
I'd rather try to land Hood, or keep Pope than pay Bradley 15 mil. Pope is younger, and #'s are nearly identical.

19 Feb 2018 03:03:03
Durant is not leaving Lakers anytime soon.

14 Feb 2018 01:35:42
Knicks Offseason Plan:

1. Fire Jeff Hornacek

2. Hire John Calipari after he had a tough season at UK or just a younger coach to benefit their youth movement

3. Promote front office position such as Scott Perry to president and fire Steve Mills

4. Knicks/Warriors Trade

a. Warriors Receive: Kyle O-Quinn

b. Knicks Receive: GS 2018 first round pick, Patrick McCaw

5.Select Miles Bridges with their first round pick (projected 8-11) and select Austin Wiley with the Warriors first round pick (projected 30)

6. Lett Jarret Jack walk in free agency

7. Resign Michael Beasley to a 1 year 10 million dollar contract, resign Enes Kanter on a 4 year 80 million dollar Contract, sign Mario Hezonja to a 1 year 3 million dollar deal, sign Lucas Nogueira to a veterans minimum for some rim protection

8. Trade Joakim Noah, a 2022 top 10 protected first round pick, 1 future second round pick to the Chicago Bulls for cash considerations.

9. Send Isaiah Hicks back to the G-League and send draftee Austin Wiley to the G-League for a season+fully guarantee Luke Kornet to the MLE for 1 year.

2018-2019 Lineup

1. Frank Ntlikina-3 M
2. Tim Hardaway Jr. -17 M
3. Miles Bridges-7M
4. Kristaps Porzingis (once he returns)-4 M
5.Enes Kanter-20 M
6: Michael Beasley-10 M
7. Courtney Lee-13 M
8. Emmanuel Mudiay-3 M
9. Lance Thomas-7 M
10.Lucas Nogueira-3 M
11.Dameyan Dotson-800K
12.Trey Burke-780K
13. Luke Kornet-1 M
RES. Ron Baker (reserve until he recovers)-4 M
RES. Isaiah Hicks(reserve/G-League)

Player Pay Roll=(Roughly) 93 Million Dollars compared to last year's (Roughly) 103 Million Dollars.

14 Feb 2018 06:23:39
Trade Lee for Asik if CHI is open to it, (Asik expires next season) maybe A. Jefferson? Discourage Kanter from signing if possible, (terrible on defense without Porzingis) Trade if possible for value. Take on Biyombo, or Dieng, and a good player or pick. I like the valuation on Beasley. No more than 2 years for Beez though. Bridges, Lee, Thomas way too similar to M. Leonard, Harkless, Turner. Avoid that. Burke will have interest from other teams if Knicks don't pay a little more. No on Nogueira. Pray Ntilikina shows something soon, and isn't another Caboclo. I'd trade him for value now that Mudiay is there. Burke is better too. BOS, and PHI are showing everyone the example of how to build. CHI, LAC are doing good too. No Mills, no Hornacek. Hire Udoka from S. A. Or Stackhouse from G-league. See if Steve Nash wants to coach? One of the hardest workers, and fundamentals guy to ever play. His style was the new NBA. Get a coach to grow with the players. Calipari too high profile paid too much too. Porzingis is the star, not the coach. 2019 is a good free agent summer. Be prepared with cap. Round out the roster with scrappy hard working non-guaranteed deals. Hardaway, Beez, Porzingis, Mudiay, this years pick are the foundation.

14 Feb 2018 07:34:54
Anyone know if Knicks could pay Noah 30 million next season, and 6 the following in a buy-out? With Zinger out, and next season likely a rebuilding year take the brunt of the contract all at one time?

14 Feb 2018 11:03:39
Trust the calamity (New York )

14 Feb 2018 13:07:53
No one should hire Calipari. The guy is a great recruiter, but only a mediocre coach. They should just eat Noah's contract. I don't see Kanter opting out of his contract this year and if he did, he isn't getting 20 million. There aren't a ton of teams with big cap space. I think that's an over pay for Beasley as well.

14 Feb 2018 16:36:24
I never understand all this love for Calipari. He gets the top guys year in and year out but has only done something with the top talent once. Like you said great recruiter but VERY mediocre coach.

14 Feb 2018 17:35:11
Thats why he will be good for a big market team. To attract free agents. come on now Larry use your head.

15 Feb 2018 01:15:03
Jay Wright.

15 Feb 2018 17:16:53
Tostitochip17, I don't think New York has really ever failed to attract free agents. The city speaks for its self. They have done that time and time again, just look back to 2010 when they had Melo and Amare. The problem has always been that they don't have a capable coach to surround these guys. Just having the best guys on one roster doesn't mean anything if the coach can't coach. And I think that's exact the case for Callipari.

12 Feb 2018 20:45:38
Knicks Offseason

Draft - (9th) SF Mikal Bridges
(38) SF Chandler Hutchinson
(51) PG Jevon Carter

-Fire Jeff Hornacek, Hire Mark Jackson as HC
-Hire Pablo Prigioni as Assistant HC

Knicks receive 2019 2nd Round Pick (41-50 Protected)

Pelicans receive SF Lance Thomas

Free Agency:
-Enes Kanter/Ron Baker opt in, Kyle O'Quinn opts out
-Let Jarrett Jack walk in free agency
-Re-sign Michael Beasley 1 year $8.5M (player option for 2nd year)
-Re-sign C Luke Kornet 2 year deal (Year 1, $1.5M fully guaranteed; Year 2, $1.85M partially guaranteed)
-Sign and trade C Kyle O'Quinn (4 years, $24M) to Golden State for (2020,2021) 2nd Round Picks, C Damian Jones
-Sign PF/C Mike Muscala 1 year $4M

PG: Frank, Mudiay, Burke, Carter
SG: Hardaway Jr, Baker, Dotson
SF: Lee, Bridges, Hutchinson
PF: Beasley, Muscala, Porzingis (injured)
C: Kanter, Kornet, Jones, Noah

12 Feb 2018 22:25:28
I don't think Pels would want Thomas again.

13 Feb 2018 03:47:39
I don't like giving Beasley the 2nd Year option, unless it were the team's instead of his. Warriors are also not in a position to take on $6M a year.

13 Feb 2018 11:54:44
Back to back tanking, thank god your not the gm. Please no more former players as coaches. We need a head coach, who can teach defense to my identity back. No more international players who can't play defense and aren't athletic. Jay Wright Knicks next coach

Piston get Hardaway Teletovic Burke
Suns get R. Jackson Kanter Dellavedova
Knicks get Chandler Galloway Dudley Suns-1st
Bucks get Leuer Knight Pistons 1st

Draft Porter-Suns Bagley-Knicks
Mudiay Ntilikina for Sexton

Sign Marcus Smart 4yr 70mil

Wolves get Lee Noah
Knicks R. Anderson Aldrich T. Williams 52nd
Rockets get Dieng Thomas

Sexton/ Brunson-45/ Roach-35
Smart/ Dotson/ Milton
Porter/ Dudley/ T. Williams
Bagley/ Anderson/ Kornet
Porzingis/ Chandler/ Aldrich

Full rebuild mold with defensive identity with vets that have the same identity.

11 Feb 2018 19:08:14
Where I'd like to see some of the top possible free agents sign

•Tony Allen: Cavs or Thunder
•Vince Carter: Celtics or Raptors
•Derrick Rose: Wizards, Nuggets, or Warriors
•Nerlens Noel: Cavs or Spurs
•Josh McRoberts: Thunder or Spurs
•Ersan Ilyasova: Raptors or Thunder
•Shabazz Muhammad: Pelicans or Wizards
•G. Papagiannis: Thunder or Spurs.

12 Feb 2018 02:54:31
I’d like to see carter or Ilyasova go to the pistons. They need a shooter like Ersan.

13 Feb 2018 17:24:25
that's funny I was going to say the raptors for both raptora waive a player to bring in both.

09 Feb 2018 18:40:55
2018 Offseason Plan (Lakers)

Step One
Magic Receive-Luol Deng, 2018 Cavs first round unprotected pick, 2020 Lakers first round unprotected pick

Lakers Receive-Wesley Iwundu

Step two
Lakers extend Julius Randle and sign Isaiah Thomas+Avery Bradley in order to compete

Step 3
Have assets to move at the 2019 deadline and still save a load of money to spend on 2019 free agents. Klay will be available and want a max deal which the Warriors won't be able to afford. Jimmy Butler will also be there but that's unrealistic. Lebron James will likely only sign a 1 year tenure to the Rockets or excursive his player option to return to the Cavs. All in all, the Lakers will have money to sign a superstar weather they want to in 2018 or 2019. Personally I think that the free agent class will be stronger in 2019 compared to the 2018 class.

09 Feb 2018 19:42:45
Thomas with no defense why would Lakers sign him to a contract.

09 Feb 2018 19:45:20
I think the 2018 is stronger with James George Durant cousins Paul and possibly Jordan. But 2019 is younger and better to build with Lakers. Leonard and Klay would be great and trade Ingram for a center. Plus they could keep Deng for one more year and can easily trade in 2019 with Ingram and a couple picks for whiteside.

09 Feb 2018 19:47:16
Orlando takes that deal in less than a heartbeat.

11 Feb 2018 04:20:00
Dallas would take send for two first round picks.

11 Feb 2018 07:23:41
@true99 i'd keep ingram regardless of if u can get lebron, pg, kawhi, butler. the way the league is moving, wings are invaluable and u can do just fine without a traditional big. and ingram will be an all star. come 2019-20 whiteside and dj (both 30+) won't give u close to the same value as him.

09 Feb 2018 19:28:53
the magic have too many highly paid players with long contracts as it is. No way they'd accept another for what could be 2 very low firsts.

08 Feb 2018 04:07:43
Detroit gets Hill, F.Mason, N.Young, C.Butler

GSW get Galloway, protected 2nd sac, 2nd det from Bradley trade.

Sac get Jackson, Leuer, elenson, 1st GSW, future 1st Det

08 Feb 2018 03:14:03
Knicks need to undergo full rebuild after Porzingis injury.

Knicks - Patrick McCaw, 2018 1st Round Pick

Warriors - Kyle O'Quinn

Knicks - Jarrett Jack

Wizards - 2020 2nd Round Pick

Knicks - Amir Johnson, Justin Anderson, 2019 1st Round Pick Lottery Protected

76ers - Courtney Lee

Callup Hicks

PG: Ntilikina, Burke, Jackson
SG: Hardaway, McCaw, Dotson, Baker (Injured)
SF: Thomas, McDermott, Anderson
PF: Beasley, Johnson, Hicks, Porzingis (Injured)
C: Kanter, Noah (Not Active)

08 Feb 2018 02:27:51
Warriors Receive- Marcin Gortat, Tim Fraizer

The Warriors need a rim protector and center. Washington is trying to get Marcin Gortat off of their hands and the Warriors could actually use him.

Wizards Receive- Nick Young, Shaun Livingston, 2018 GS first round unprotected pick

The Wizards could use an experienced point guard come playoff time since John Wall is injured. Another shooter off the bench would be nice too.

08 Feb 2018 01:57:33
The deal to break the NBA

Warriors trade: Iguodala, Livingston, Young, Mcgee, 3x Unprotected 1st DP

Cavs trade: Lebron

08 Feb 2018 04:05:03
Cle can do better even on a rental.

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