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20 Jul 2017 11:34:33
Knicks Get: Wesley Matthews, Cole Aldrich, Devin Harris, 2019 Warriors 2nd (via Mavericks), 2021 Cavs 1st, 2023 Heat 2nd (via Mavericks)

Mavericks Get: Kevin Love

Cavaliers Get: Carmelo Anthony, 2018 Timberwolves 2nd

Timberwolves Get: Iman Shumpert

20 Jul 2017 12:00:57
Again and again, Cavs not going to deal Love for Melo.

20 Jul 2017 13:12:34
I don't know about that anymore USA. If LBJ really is unhappy about the team's current direction, and Gilbert wants to keep him in town long term, they may be willing to do something as drastic as move Love with Melo being the key piece coming back. I'm not saying they should, just that backs against the wall, it could happen.

20 Jul 2017 13:52:11
And mavs don't get love for that crap package.

20 Jul 2017 17:47:19
Triangle O, if Lebron wanted Melo for Love to happen, I think it would have been done a long time ago.

In this trade the Cavs give up the most valuable piece in Love and then add a 1st round pick to it (depending on the Lebron it could be a fairly valuable pick) . There is no way the Cavs give up all that even if there was competition for Melo, but with him only willing to go to Houston or Cleveland, why would the Cavs throw all that out for Melo. The Rockets are most likely offering a bad contract, either Ariza or expiring contracts, and what will be a late first or 2. Even if he would be willing to go to Portland, a bad contract would have to be involved.

If I'm the Cavs I'm offering Shumpert, Frye, Jefferson, Felder, Tavares, and the 21 first lottery protected. If that doesn't work o well.

19 Jul 2017 02:13:10
Pelicans get Melo Lee Noah N.Hayes
Wolves get Moore
Nets get Asik L.Thomas Pelican 1st
Knicks get Rondo Lin Carroll Solomon Aldrich

Pelicans might have best starting 5 can be sleeper team to beat warriors.


Nets add a pick, save money fill team void at backup SF and Center


Knicks fill their void PG and SF. At the cost of Melo and Lee, get rid of Noah. Get better contracts.


Wolves add sg, at cost of Aldrich

18 Jul 2017 12:55:07
Im a fan of these 2 teams but i'm very Dissapointed on their offseason moves..

Cavs signed Calderon, Green and Osman.. resigned Korver

Spurs signed Gay and resigned Mills, lost Simmons and Dedmon..

Both facing salary cap problems and they need to upgrade their lineup to beat the Warriors..

18 Jul 2017 16:11:42
Agree that they've both had disappointing offseasons.

The Cavs have been pretty confusing so far. I liked the Green signing. He's long, athletic and can score. He's not a heralded defender, but he has the size and athleticism to guard Durant and Draymon Green. It feels like they could have done better though and they missed out on some really solid perimeter defenders. The only thing I can think of is possibly they think Cedi can come in and play right away. They were trying to move Shump for a pick and that makes me think they're pretty high on Osman. He was a defensive stopper in the 2nd best league in the world, but we'll see how he can respond to the athleticism and speed of the nba. I hate the Calderon signing. They need a guy who can defend at the back up point. They missed Delly last year. The biggest disappointment is obviously not landing any of the two way stars who were available and the possibility that Gilbert getting rid of Griffin might be the reason why. There's obviously still some hope of a trade or signing after a buyout to improve the roster, but so far it's been pretty frustrating. The big question is are the Cavs afraid to get rid of Love, Irving, and picks because they think Lebron is gone. I'm not really buying the media reports yet. I mean we saw how fast the Paul George stuff changed and I don't think there are many teams out there that really give Lebron a better chance to win and he's a mega star to the point where market is completely irrelevant.

I'm not a Spurs fan, but I trust their front office. I think they idea right now is to try and open up cap space to add another star before Pop retires. They can't do that if they're handing out big long term contracts to marginal players. Pop some how makes players like Dedmon and Simmons out any player with athleticism and a decent work ethic. For the Spurs they seem replaceable. What they can't make are players with the raw talent to become offensive super stars and that's really what they need right now. They have Leonard who is great and they have Aldridge who just isn't the player we saw in Portland, but he's solid, but they need another guy who can give them 30 on any given night and create his own offense. If he can create offense for others that would be even better.

15 Jul 2017 19:26:25
OKC Thunder moves

-Trade Kyle Singler and Chicago's own 2018 2nd back to Chicago for cash considerations and salary relief (and opens roster spot)

-Sign Boris Diaw 1yr minimum

PG: Westbrook, Felton, Christon
SG: Roberson, Abrines, Ferguson
SF: George, McDermott, Huestis
PF: Patterson, Grant, Collison
C: Adams, Kanter, Diaw

My Bold Predictions for OKC:
•Team finishes 3rd in West
•Westbrook- 1st team All-NBA
•George- 3rd team All-NBA
•Roberson- 1st team Defense and improves his 3pt% to 29% (from 24.5%)
•Kanter- Finalist for 6th man of year, improves his defense from horrible to below-average
•Grant- hits the weight room and gains 5-10 pounds
•Ferguson- above-average defender, offense is very raw
•Team defeats GSW in at least 2 games through season (including playoffs)
•Team makes WCF and loses fo GSW
•Westbrook and George re-sign in OKC.

16 Jul 2017 05:29:10
All very possible but they would need to make a very strong pitch to get George to stay, don't get me wrong, OKC is good and will be good for a while longer but the Lakers are just about to finish their rebuild. They just need to resign Lopez and they would have a lineup of Ball KCP George Ingram Lopez with Clarkson and others coming off the bench and they could also try to resign Randell but I doubt they will considering they will need to pay both Lopez and George. They also need to unload Deings contract.

16 Jul 2017 05:38:09
Okay but you also realize how young OKC is right? And in OKC he has another superstar with him in Westbrook.

14 Jul 2017 14:55:19

Okc- Kanter, abrines, singler, 2 2nd round picks or one 1st

Memphis- gasol, Tony Allen (S&t) for 5 mil a year

Okc becomes the best defensive team that could then match the warriors

Memphis goes younger and more offensive. At best they are 8th seed anyways.

15 Jul 2017 02:52:20
What a terrible deal for Memphis.

15 Jul 2017 16:50:56
Olidipo and sabonis for George is a terrible trade for Indiana too.

17 Jul 2017 04:22:57
This trade maes no sense for the thunder and I'm a thunder fan Adams deserve to start and gasoline deserves to start bc this is the NBA we play in and Memphis would never do this a different trade would be Adams singler and a couple of second round picks for gasol and then sign tony Allen that makes more sense.

17 Jul 2017 04:31:00
And the line up should look something like this
Westbrook/ Felton/ Christian
Abrines/ T. Allan/ Fergersun
Roberson/ McDermott/ Huestis
George/ Patterson/ Collison
M. Gasol/ Kanter/ Johnson
Allan comes off the bench vs start to help with the defense in the second unit and it doesn't make since to play Allan and Roberson at once and then abrines will help space the starting lineup.

17 Jul 2017 04:33:04
U could also do the exact same trade I proposed earlier for boogie (cousins) bc the pelicans don't feel the fan keep boogie and would rather be safe and sorry with Adams which can still develop to be one of the best centers on the league.

08 Jul 2017 23:07:54
Now that Hardaway is Knicks 😏

Nets get Gordon Hartenstein

Cut payroll add for future


Rockets get Melo Noah cut Goodwin Randle sign Foye M.Ellis vet min

Challenge warriors


Knicks get R.Jackson T.Harris Anderson

4 new younger starters with zinger with big salary that he can grow with


Piston get Lin Lee Ariza Booker

They cut future payroll with quality talent while they fill there roster


09 Jul 2017 00:54:35
Rockets aren't challenging the Warriors with that lineup. Offensively you have to figure they'd be able to get it done even with Nene and Capella both very limited offensively since they have best pure point guard in Paul and two of the best iso scorers in NBA but that team would get killed defensively.

I really don't think a trade for Melo makes sense for them since they'd have to give up more than Anderson which hurts their depth which is weak as is. Similar situation with Cavs. I think both should wait for a buyout and then try and sign Melo.

09 Jul 2017 05:08:26
No thank. pistons.

09 Jul 2017 15:16:01
Jaw Phil Jackson got fired so Melo never gets bought out. Dolan said it himself. Harden can carry them all yr. If CP3 and Melo get plenty of rest, they will match curry and Durant in finals offensively. They just can't sustain it all season. Bench is solid. Don't sleep Noah. Noah's salary is bad he may never be 30 min guy every night but off the bench on 50-60 win team he is a monster and leader with hustle.

09 Jul 2017 16:10:32
That's all well and good jaw. But Knicks have no reason at all to buy him out. Literally none. They know it and Knicks know it. So a trade will happen.

I'd love a trade like

Melo and Noah for ariza Anderson and Gordon.

Melo replaces Anderson at pf and improves offense and defense. Gordon is a third option anyways due to Paul and harden. And ariza is just. there.

Basically works salary. And would be an amazing turn around for the Knicks.

But knowing the Knicks. They trade melo for Anderson and some other awful contract just to make fans more depressed.

09 Jul 2017 19:15:33
Might have to add Lee and Kelly hamburger. Swing Gordon a pg Jackson make sense.

06 Jul 2017 14:24:54
Celtics future:


Smart and future 1st(maybe another pick as well) to the Jazz for Hayward

Have a lineup of


And have a bench of Brown Taytum Zizic Rozier Jackson(or they could waive him and bring in a veteran backup).

They still have they possibility of having 2 lottery picks and they should use them on the international SG(who will be in high demand) and Ayton.

They need to sign IT to a long term deal.

A lineup of


With guys like Crowder Brown Taytum and Rozier and Zizic coming off the bench with others as well is scary good and is good enough to beat the Cavs and challenge the Warriors in my opinion

06 Jul 2017 16:32:46
Crowder will go to Jazz hands down.

06 Jul 2017 16:47:15
Unless Hayward wants to throw his old team a bone and demands Celtics do a sign and trade to get him this isn't realistic. Celtics could easily get something in return for Smart (a draft pick from another team) instead of giving up him and a 1st virtually for free. They should trade Bradley, Smart or Crowder depending largely on the returns they can get for them but ideally from a financial perspective you move Bradley since he'll be the most expensive to keep next year and is unrestricted FA, Smart would be next since although he is restricted he is still a FA and Crowder they'd ideally keep since he is signed cheaply for next few years but this also makes him attractive to other teams via trade.

06 Jul 2017 09:03:55
Rest of Thunders Offseason


Bulls - Thunder

Bulls gets
2018 2nd back (via Thunder)
2018 2nd (Thunder)

Thunder gets:

Sign Dakari Johnson to 4 year minimum deal.

Resign Collison at minimum.

Thunder 2017/18

2nd seed in the West and can compete with the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

06 Jul 2017 09:43:12
2nd seed lol. No way. 5th max. Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, Twolves, maybe even Nuggets and Clippers will be better depending on how will all the new guys fit.

06 Jul 2017 10:22:12
I don't think its likely Thunder get to 2nd seed but I wouldn't rule it out and I certainly think they can do better than 5th seed. Warriors are the only team clearly better than them in my opinion so I'd say their best case 2nd seed and worst case 5 or 6th seed with a likely 3rd or 4th seed finish.

Spurs haven't been able to make any improvements to their team, still haven't even brought back all their FA, and with an old team getting 1 year older (Parker out until Jan and Manu may retire) I could easily see them dropping in the standings.

For the Rockets it'll be interesting to see how Paul and Harden coexist but even then I don't see how their roster is significantly better than Thunder's currently who have an equally potent top 2 players with more defense around them and a big in Adams that Rockets can't compare to.

Twolves I think have a more talented roster than Thunder especially considering the natural growth of young guys KAT and Wiggins (especially on the defensive end) but they are adding a lot of pieces so it remains to be seen how they'll gel together and how much their lack of 3pt shooting will hurt them in a league that lives off 3s.

Nuggets I think will be a good team and playoff team but even with Millsap I don't think they have the star power to compete with Thunder. I guess they have a ton of depth which could help them to do better in the regular season but in a playoff series I don't think Nuggets could hang with Westbrook and George since they are weak at pg and don't really have anyone on perimeter who can compete with those guys on both ends of the court.

Similarly I think Clippers are a playoff team but they don't have anywhere near the depth as Denver, and although Beverley is a solid 3 and D pg Griffin and Jordan will suffer significantly without Paul running the offense (Beverley isn't much of a playmaker) . I don't think Galo and Griffin are great fits either especially defensively and both are injury prone. I don't see them finishing better than Thunder since they don't have the perimeter player talent in a league driven by perimeter players.

06 Jul 2017 12:17:53
Wouldn't be surprised if Clippers become a better team without Paul.

06 Jul 2017 14:27:14
The guy who said the Thunder's ceiling is the fifth seed is a hater. Russ carried that team to the 6th seed last year and now he has a legit co-star and a better supporting cast. 2nd seed is the ceiling, I think they'll be a 4th or 3rd seed.

06 Jul 2017 15:09:50
Espn33, I think the problem was Griffin more than Paul.

08 Jul 2017 04:26:42
How do the thunder get the 5 seed I get maybe 4 but the t wolves aren't better than the thunder they have no bench lol.

04 Jul 2017 16:34:09
After Melo can waive his trade kicker and if the Cavs think the Knicks won't waive Melo

Cavs get Kyle O'quinn (trade exception), Ryan Anderson, and Danny Green

Give Shumpert, Fry, Felder, Smith, and a 2nd

The Knicks get Shumpert, Fry (exp), Felder, a Cavs 2nd, a Houston 2nd, Houston 18 1st, and all of Houstons expiring contracts they bought totaling 7 million.

Give Melo and O'quinn

Houston gets Melo and Jr Smith

Gives Ariza, Anderson, 2 1sts, a 2nd, and expiring contracts

Spurs get Ariza and a Houston 2020 1st

Give Green

The Cavs do this to improve their benching and starting sg. They end up with a big that can do what Fry does, but is more athletic, younger and playable against the Warriors. They add Danny Green, one of the premier 3 and D guys in the league and an athletic in O'quinn who can block shots.

The Knicks get Melo out of town, add very little future salary as most of the contracts are expiring or not guaranteed, they get Shump a former fan favorite who is young enough to go through a rebuild or could be trade for a future 1st, get a few picks, and a guy in Felder who has some upside. They lose O'quinn, but Hernangomez is most likely the center of the future in NY.

Houston gets Melo, a guy they've targeted. They end up having to take on Smith, but he's improved his d, kept out of trouble recently, and his shooting fits in perfectly with what they want to do on offense. They include the Cavs in this for their large expiring contracts, ability to take on Anderson, and add a few younger players that New York maybe interested in.

The Spurs end up getting rid of Danny Green, but save money this year and have the option of letting Ariza walk opening up more money next year and giving them a chance to improve their roster. For this year Ariza can give them a lot of what Green does . They also add a pick and no one has had more success finding players in the draft with late picks than San Antonio and it gives them more ammo if they find a star they want to trade for.

04 Jul 2017 16:58:31
The picks would be 2020 and 2022 from Houston*.

30 Jun 2017 15:02:29
I will start by saying I don't want the Thunder to trade Russ. But, as a pure NBA fan at heart, it'd be fun to see the Cavs make a monster move to fuel the rivalry with Golden State... And imagine this.

Suns get Kevin Love, Semaj Christon, Josh Huestis
***Love is under contract 3 more years, and he'd be a nice compliment to Booker. They've got lots of cap room and could still add a big piece. They've been rumored to have an offer ready for Griffin, but Love would be the better fit in my opinion.

Thunder get Eric Bledsoe, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, Marquese Chriss, Josh Jackson, Cavs future first, Suns first
***This would be a bigggg return for Russ. They get some picks, young talent, and stop gaps. They can buyout Frye for cap room. Bledsoe can stay as point. Chriss, Jackson, and the picks provide a nice pool of talent to start the rebuild.

Cavs get Russ, Kanter
***They basically flip Love and role players for Russ and Kanter. A lineup of Irving, Russ, Lebron, Kanter, and Thompson would be insanely fun to watch. Kanter is not so great at D, but they have the cash to buy him out and chase a vet to fill that spot if they choose.

I don't want to hear "That'll never happen!" But instead, how would you see that improving the Cavs, Thunder, and/or Suns? Would it make for a more insane playoffs next year? Let me know!

30 Jun 2017 15:23:10
The Cavs definitely get better. That's a strong package for Russ. The Suns get screwed. Love isn't worth Bledsoe, Chriss, and Jackson. Chriss and Jackson could turn into All-Stars.

30 Jun 2017 15:24:25
So. PHX gives up much of its future. for Kevin Love. so Cleveland and OKC can get better? No. as in no way. or "That'll never happen! "

30 Jun 2017 15:40:54
The Suns are giving up to much for Love and this doesn't make the Cavs much better. There is one ball and 3 ball dominant players. Lebron and Westbrook together is a bad fit and this team gets significantly worse on defense. Teams are going to clog the paint and live with the perimeter shots Russ and Lebron make. The Cavs already needed more length and they end up with an even smaller back court and a pf who wasn't good enough on defense to even play in the playoffs this year.

Theoretically, if the Suns were willing to give this kind of return for Love, The Cavs could get George and then use some of the other moving parts to go after players like Danny Green. They need guys who affect the game without having the ball in their hands.

30 Jun 2017 16:45:10
If the Suns were willing to give all that up for Love why wouldn't they just cut out the Cavs and do the trade with the Thunder since the only pieces worth keeping around for the Thunder are coming from the Suns.

30 Jun 2017 18:01:49
The K. Love to PHX ship sailed about 2 years ago. PHX doesn't need to basically gut their youth movement to put a guy into their lineup who has proven, at best, a second banana. Now, if the Suns were one scorer away from seriously competing. maybe something could be done. but they are not.

28 Jun 2017 06:39:20
Bleacher Report suggested this deal.

San Antonio Spurs Get: Wilson Chandler, Emmanuel Mudiay, Trey Lyles

Denver Nuggets Get: LaMarcus Aldridge

I personally think it's too rich of a return for the Spurs given that Aldridge has a player option next summer, but I like the idea of Aldridge in Denver. I think acquiring a major player like Aldridge helps the Nuggets become more legitimate players in free agency. Popp can start Chandler at the 4 and the trio of Green, Kawhi and Chandler on the wing gives the Spurs a significantly better matchup against the Warriors.

28 Jun 2017 06:48:36
Love it for the Spurs hate it for the Nuggets. I understand Nuggets wanting to get a star player but Aldridge is on a fast decline and isn't really the type of player that would help Nuggets. Nuggets were a top 5 team in offensive efficiency while 2nd worst in defensive efficiency. Adding a once great but now waning offensive player that is an awful defender, soft and only has 1 year + a player option left isn't a recipe for success in my book. I guess hate is a little strong since they aren't giving up that much for him but I'm not really a fan of Nuggets getting Love or Aldridge. At least with Love he is signed longer and younger. If I were Nuggets I'd be trying to get an upgrade at point guard like Bledsoe or Rubio who could help with perimeter defense and be competent so they don't have to give Nelson big minutes (Mudiay is too raw) .

28 Jun 2017 13:34:03
Aldridge is a great fit in Denver, but he's to old for that team.

28 Jun 2017 14:46:25
i like faried and murray for aldrigde and anderson

spurs fan here!

28 Jun 2017 05:01:55
Celtics offseason:

Sign Heyward
Sign Hardaway JR
Re-sign Olynyk

Trade Crowder Bradley and 2 first(non-Brooklyn) picks to the Pacers for George
*only if George promises to sign a 3 year extension

Trade Zeller to Kings for future picks

Hardawy Jr./Bird/Allen

This team is one SG away from being the Warriors of the east and next years free agent SG class should be pretty good and they have a deep bench as well. This all depends on if George is willing to sign an extension with the team and if that isn't the case then they stick with Crowder and they don't need to trade Bradley and get to keep their picks and won't need to sign Hardaway.

What do you guys think?

28 Jun 2017 05:36:08
Celtics won't have cap space to make all those signings. Hardaway Jr. will likely get upwards of 15 mill and as one of few promising and young players on Hawks they aren't going to let him go in RFA. Celtics should aim for Hayward and if they can't get him Griffin. Then trading for George would be a sensible decision even if they cannot get a guarantee extension since I think its worth the risk as they'll be a very good team and he'd be their best all-around player (IT would still be the face of the team tho kinda like KD and Curry in GS) . If I were Celtics I'd explore moving Horford since he makes a lot of money and they could probably do with a less skilled and more conventional center with all the talent they'd have at the forward slots.

Bradley and Crowder wouldn't be bad pieces for Pacers (although Bradley will be a FA at end of season so some risk of him leaving but he likely wants to get paid and Pacers could do that) but they could be more valuable to other teams as cheap defensive additions to a contender so it may make more sense for Pacers to trade them for younger assets.

28 Jun 2017 14:15:53
Not sure if Zeller is worth picks, maybe a pick. He'll be part of the George to Boston deal if Bradley isn't included.

Hoping Bradley is not part of the trade, he can be traded for future picks for down the road. The Hayward and George rumors are picking up steam. Pacers want to get it done now while Boston wants to wait. Probably don't have a Hayward commitment yet.

LBJ and Co. must be getting a little nervous by now.

28 Jun 2017 14:31:38
Like Jaw said, there's no possibility of signing all these guys. I like the idea of Heyward and George, but I'd have them at the 2 and 3. At that point, you need to try for a vet PF or C or two to come in on a cheap contract to fill out the frontcourt with Horford, Yabusele and Zizic. They'll need some serious rebounding if they want to beat the Cavs. but I think that team is built pretty well to run with the Warriors.

26 Jun 2017 04:57:31
Celtics off season

Release/cut/dont sign
=Zeller,Green, Olynyk, Johnson

Sign Gordon Hayward

Trade (after signing)

Indy:Paul George (With extension as reported by Adam Kauffman)

Boston: Bradley, Crowder, Mickey, Jackson, 2018/19 La/Kings 1st rounder, 2018 Boston 1st (top 3 protected) 2019 La Clippers 1st, 2018 2nd rounder, 2019 2nd rounder, 2020 2nd rounder.

C's Starting lineup (with overseas players coming over.

Pg-Thomas/Rozier/ Allen
PF- George/Yabusele


Boston gets the super team to push Cleveland and maybe challenge the Warriors. They cash in most of their assets but, they keep the 2018 Brooklyn pick and they are both very young and are able to contend for a long time.

Indy who doesn't have much leverage gets a great haul. 3 1st round picks, 3 2nd round picks, Two low prospects, Crowder who has an amazing contract and Bradley all nba defender. Perfect rebuild starter.

26 Jun 2017 13:56:38
I don't hate that trade for the Celtics. I'm still not sure how a Hayward/ George addition works, as they really would need another big man. You have a solid team at that point, but I think they need a true center on the roster in addition to Zizic, or at least a starting caliber PF. They could probably pull someone in on the cheap if they had that team put together though.

IT/ Smart/ Rozier
George/ Brown
Hayward/ Tatum/ Ojeleye/ Nader
Horford/ Yabusele
F/ A C or PF/ Zizic

That's a really young bench, and I'm not sure exactly what to make of it, but it is also one that gives you five or six guys who can play two or more positions. Stevens does love that versatility.

26 Jun 2017 15:09:26
That sounds good to me too, maybr Bogut on a veterans minimum?

26 Jun 2017 16:21:02
Bogut, when healthy, is exactly what the Celtics needed this year. He's likely what they need next year as well, but I have a feeling he stays in Cleveland. If he wanted to play in Boston, he would have done that post buy out this season.

26 Jun 2017 02:32:48

MIN get Kevin Love
- acquiring him back is not a bad idea, he can be the best fit alongside KAT , Butler & Wiggins and would give some challenge on the Warriors
sign Jeff Green , Kyle Korver & Pattrick Patterson

Pg Rubio/Jones
Sg Butler/Korver
Sf Wiggins/Green
Pf Love/Patterson
Ce Towns/Patton/Aldrich

IND get Gorgui Dieng , Iman Shumpert , Shabbaz Muhammad (s&t) , future 1st from MIN & CLE
there's no more they can do acquiring some picks would be nice and they get Dieng who is a complement to Turner

Pg Teague/Young
Sg Shumpert/Ellis
Sf Muhammad/Robinson
Pf Turner/Young
Ce Dieng/Jefferson

CLE get Paul George & Nemanja Bjelica
- get a new big 3

Pg Irving/Williams/Felder
Sg George/Smith
Sf James/Jefferson
Pf Frye/Bjelica
Ce Thompson/Bogut (sign)

26 Jun 2017 05:01:53
Love as shown on CLE wouldn't help Twolves against Warriors too much but I do think he'd be generally a good fit to a lineup that can use 3pt shooting. Minnesota is also getting him for very little. Twolves would have to give up more since I don't think Pacers would take this offer for George. Those picks would be far in future (Don't think either have their 2018 picks) and not good since both teams are good and the players are just meh.

27 Jun 2017 17:33:04
This seems a lot more reasonable than most of these deals that spin Love for Paul George. I don't think a rental of PG is going to bring much after his agent saying he will only re-sign in LAL, especially with GSW dominating, but if any team is going to value a rental, it would be CLE.

Gorgui Dieng is a surprisingly good player as wellcheck out his advanced stats), and a couple late picks seems reasonable. The defense may make Thibs tear out his few remaining hairs, but Love adds talent, in a complimentary way, so it might work - though they aren't getting past GSW.

Plus who wouldn't want to see the look on Love's face when he was told he was going back to Minnesota?

26 Jun 2017 01:34:17
Dream scenario for the Cavs

A 3 way with the Nuggets and Pacers getting back Faried and George giving up Love, Shumpert, and possibly picks

Possible 3 way trade with the Spurs and a team who needs shooting recieving Danny Green and giving up Osman, Felder, and Smith.

Resign Bogut, and Korver

Sign Tony Allen

Melo and Wade get bought out and the Cavs sign them


The chances of all this happening are small, but it's one of the few lineups that have any possibility that could put the Cavs over the top against the Warriors. The team could score with the Warriors, has the length and versatility to make things difficult on them on defense, and this team would be a great group of rebounders.

26 Jun 2017 03:05:09
who defends Durant in that line-up? It would only make sense with C. Anthony coming off the bench as a scoring/ shooting only sixth man.

26 Jun 2017 04:02:19
you can also sign paul and griffin bec you are just dreaming

26 Jun 2017 04:04:30
Crack must be free in Cleveland tonight.

26 Jun 2017 04:06:06
Just getting George would be a huge win for Cavs if they were able to snag another solid role player in Faried that would be terrific. Green would also be a great pickup as one of the best 3 and D players in the league. The other signings are just gravy (could probably do better than Bogut at center) but should probably get an actual backup pg. Also, with plenty of offense in that starting lineup I'd probably start Green at sg, george sf and Lebron at pf so its better defensively and melo and wade can do their things off bench.

26 Jun 2017 05:13:15
Like I said, it's not likly to happen, but it's not out of the realm of possibility for any of those things to happen. Allen is a mid 30s free agent, Wade is fairly likely to be bought out, its been hard for the Knicks to find a trade for Melo without bringing back a big contract, and the 1st and 2nd trades have been talked about.

As for the starting line up, I think you start Melo to match what the Warriors do. They start the game with a center and Draymon. Lebron or George can start the game on Durant and Melo on Green. Melo is a bad defender, but he isn't going to be over powered or to slow to guard Green. Once they bring Iggy in you can bring Green off the bench.

They may be able to find a better center than Bogut, but honestly I don't think a true true center plays more than situationally for the Cavs. Faried and Thompson would play the bulk of the minutes.

I think with as many ball handlers as they would have, a true pg is unnecessary and length and defense would be more useful. They would need to find a pretty talented pg to make it worth playing him. They could stagger Irving and Lebron and George, Wade, Melo, Green and Allen are all solid secondary ball handlers.

23 Jun 2017 16:13:11
If Lakers really want to go after George and LeBron next year.

Chicago gets Ingram and Deng

Lakers get LaVine

Sign George and LeBron. Resign Lopez.

Ball, LaVine, George, LeBron, Lopez.

That is a lineup that can compete with Golden State.

23 Jun 2017 16:26:10
If I'm Lakers I wouldn't even consider this trade now. Maybe revisit it part way through the season once we've seen how LaVine has recovered from his injury and how Ingram looks in his second season. In general I don't see why Lakers were so aggressive to move Mozgov's contract right away (I would've liked to see how Russell and Ball were together) especially if they aren't going to trade for George now. It would be foolish to make the same mistake with Deng. It would be wisest to deal him next offseason when he'll have another year off his contract making him easier to move and Lakers would have a better sense of if Lebron or other FA would actually be interested in going there (it would be awful if they gave up Russell and Ingram to clear all this salary then they can't attract any top FA) .

23 Jun 2017 17:03:08
Even with the upside of Ingram and Lavine's knee, I'm not doing that if I'm the Bulls and I don't see that team having a chance against the Warriors. They would need Ball to out shine Lavar's hype to even have a shot. They would get owned on the boards, Lopez would be almost unplayable (his offense is almost his entire game and you can question how good he even is), George is the only really good shooter on that team, Lavine after a knee injury is a huge question mark, Ball is a question mark, outside of Lebron and George there defense doesn't look passable, and the bench will be most likely be patch work at best.

22 Jun 2017 15:58:34
Cavs get Carmelo Anthony and a second round pick

Knicks get Kevin Love

It's no secret that Phil Jackson wants Melo out of NY, he offered the Cavs a Melo-Love swap at the trade deadline in February. This time the Cavs take the deal with a second round asset included. Melo provides the Cavs with much more offensive versatility and firepower.

Cavs get Dwight Howard

Hornets get Tristan Thompson, Richard Jefferson, and NY's second round pick

Howard is exactly the kind of defensive/rebounding presence the Cavs will need against the Warriors. Dwight has flown under the radar the last few years but in my opinion he's still an elite big man.

The Hornets get a much more youthful and less expensive big man in Thompson to pair with their young point guard Kemba Walker. Thompson provides a better long term solution for the Hornets.

C: Dwight Howard
PF: LeBron James
SF: Carmelo Anthony
SG: JR Smith
PG: Kyrie Irving

22 Jun 2017 16:16:43
Love has a lot more value than Melo. That trade isn't close and as well as just saw Dwight Howard has almost no value. He really doesn't give the Cavs much more than Tristan and is a bad match up against the Warriors. He isn't as versatile as Tristan and can't guard the personality meter. The Cavs don't need that headache.

22 Jun 2017 16:20:59
Second round picks have little value.
If the Knicks are going to dump Anthony, they'd have to include the 8 pick.

22 Jun 2017 16:21:16
CAVS don't have the cap for that.

22 Jun 2017 16:47:57
You must not have watched the Hawks play this year. Howard was a role player at best. Couldn't even get on the court in the playoffs.

22 Jun 2017 15:16:18
Cavs get DeAndre Jordan

Clippers get Kevin Love

With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin likely on their way out, the Clips need a new leading scorer and face of the franchise if they hope to keep the fan base interested. Love put up 26 & 12 as a number one option in Minn and 19 & 10 as a third option in CLE, so I have to imagine he would again put up star numbers in LA.

The Cavs get the upgrade in size and defense that they desperately need. DJ would create mismatch problems against a smaller Warriors lineup should they meet in the finals again.

Cavs get Paul Milsap via sign-and-trade

Hawks get Tristan Thompson

TT becomes expendable for the Cavs with DJ around, and the team suddenly needs a stretch four without Love. Milsap is a great offensive player who would help space the floor for LBJ and Kyrie.

The Hawks have a need for an experienced center with Howard gone and they're hoping to land some kind of value for the free agent Milsap. This sign-and-trade gives the Hawks a young, excellent offensive rebounder with upside in exchange for their parting star.

C: DeAndre Jordan
PF: Paul Milsap
SF: LeBron James
SG: JR Smith
PG: Kyrie Irving

22 Jun 2017 15:30:36
They're not leaving. Both of them are involved in hollywood life. They're not going to take less money to leave. Blake has child #2 on the way with his LA native girlfriend. CP can bring in lebron and melo next year.

22 Jun 2017 16:03:01
@Gpack17 CP3 to SAS and Griffin to Boston rumors seem to have a lot of traction. If the Clips do manage to re-sign both of them, they'll have to pay top dollar and will then no longer be in the position to sign Melo or LeBron.

22 Jun 2017 16:32:55
The rumors make no sense financially. For cp to sign with the spurs, they have to get rid of 2 players valued at over 10 mill each. they won't most likely get rid of parker, it's not the spurs way. would have to be aldridge and green. that leaves cp in a big 2 with kawhi. they would have a worse roster than what he would have in LA. Plus he loves the LA life. He had a day earlier this season where he went to the oscars after the game.

Blake has a new baby on the way. His gf is from LA. he is involved with producing movies now. This is a business. As much as fans think it's about winning to a lot of people, it's not always the case. Both still have time to join teams like that in 4 years.

22 Jun 2017 16:34:10
also, deandre could opt out after next year to get a max deal. they can trade an expiring jamal crawford and austin rivers to free up space for lebron.

19 Jun 2017 00:46:55
1. Kevin Love, Cedi Osman and Kay Felder for Paul George
2. Iman Shumpert for Tyus Jones

- Carmelo Anthony (Rumours are that the Knicks and Melo could agree to a buyout, then he'll choose between Cavs/Clippers)
- Tony Allen - 1yr/Vet Min
- Zach Randolph - 1yr/Vet Min (Allen and ZBo take the min for a chance to win the title)

PG - Kyrie, T. Jones, D. Jones
SG - JR Smith, Korver, T. Allen
SF - George, Melo, Jefferson
PF - Lebron, Randolph, Frye,
C - Thompson, Bogut, Tavares

Cavs get their own killer lineup that can matchup with the Warriors.
Kyrie - Curry
JR - Klay
Lebron - Draymond
George - Durant
Melo - Iggy

19 Jun 2017 05:40:32
Melo would start over JR let's get real!

19 Jun 2017 07:05:40
I haven't heard buyout rumors but that is about the only scenario I could see Cavs getting Melo and bench role is the best one for him. In order for the George trade to work I think a 3rd team would be involved to take Love and provide younger assets to Pacers. A team like Nuggets or even Celtics could work.

17 Jun 2017 17:38:48

Bulls Trade: Jimmy Butler
Celtics Trade: 2017 number 1 pick, 2018 Nets pick
Sixers Trade: 2017 number 3 pick, Jahlil Okafor

Bulls Get: 2017 number 3 pick, 2018 Nets pick, Jahlil Okafor
Celtics Get: Jimmy Butler
Sixers Get:2017 number 1 pick

Bulls draft Jackson and build around him and the Nets pick next year. Also Okafor is a bucket and could start after some development.

Celtics also sign Hayward and Griffin this summer and make a super team to take down the Cavs and Warriors

Sixers draft the perfect guy for their team in Markelle Fultz and put a young possible future super team

17 Jun 2017 18:08:59
How do sixers move from 3 to 1 by only giving up a bench player for the third worst team in the league?

17 Jun 2017 19:00:15
The Celtics would not have enough room to sign either Gordon H. or Blake G. In this trade scenario, let alone both. Therefore, the Celtics would say no because it would be Fultz, probable top 5 pick next year, and the ability to sign Hayward or Griffin for Butler.

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