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21 May 2017 23:44:36
Nuggets - Thunder

Nuggets gets: Kanter, McDermott, 21st, future 2nd

Thunder gets: Faried, Chandler

22 May 2017 21:07:22
Nuggets don't need Kanter. McDermott doesn't help for Chandler.

21 May 2017 19:42:16
Clippers:1st pick (L Ball)+ T Zeller+Kanter

OKC:IT+ Griffin

Boston: D Jordan+Westbrook

21 May 2017 20:32:33
Westbrook isn't going anywhere now, unless money is not important to him.

IT rumors should be dead now until February.

21 May 2017 23:40:38
If the Clippers core breaks up, I could see the Deandre for the 1st overall and Zeller, but if they are going to start a rebuild, I think they would rather see Griffin walk than have to take on Kanter's contract.

22 May 2017 00:45:16
I wouldn't mind Jordan going the C's but unless he would resign I don't see them giving up the 1st for a rental of 1 yr.

22 May 2017 17:00:36
I love the thought of Jordan coming to Boston, but not at the expense of the 1st. I think I would throw the 2018 Nets pick out there though, or find a team with a high pick looking for a package including Bradley and Crowder to bring in as a third partner.

Westbrook is an amazing player, but I just don't think I like his game working with Stevens and Ainge. His skill set would fit anywhere, but all I can see is discord with the staff and front office. Too many strong willed people in that scenario, and Stevens is one of the few coaches who actually comes out ahead in that situation at this point.

21 May 2017 17:53:57

Thunder get Blake Griffin (3yr 85m), JJ Redick (2yr 36m), and #47 pick (via Pacers)

Clippers get Paul George, Thad Young, and Alex Abrines

Pacers get Victor Oladipo, Enes Kanter, Brice Johnson, and #21 pick (via OKC)

21 May 2017 18:08:48
why would indy do this?

21 May 2017 18:15:38
Ok thunder. Just stop.

21 May 2017 18:40:12
Instead of losing George for nothing, the Pacers go young and build around Turner.

21 May 2017 21:57:51
PG13 wouldn't turn down a 200 Million contract.

22 May 2017 04:39:57
Of course PG13 wouldn't turn down 200 mil. But he can only get 180 mil over 5 years.

20 May 2017 14:40:50
Lakers, Thunder, Sixers

Lakers get Kanter, Henderson
***This is a move about Paul George. Two guys who can be stopgaps and also prep the Lakers for Next summer. Henderson's $9M will be up then and Kanter could be flipped or stretched at that time. Opens up $26M.

Thunder get Okafor, Clarkson
***Thunder completely dip in all facets with Russ off the floor. Clarkson can be an incredible backup to Russ plus play along side him in some lineups. Kanter played big in the regular season at times but was unplayable in the playoffs. Okafor can do the same thing for far less money.

Sixers get Luol Deng, Semaj Christon, OKC 17 first, Lakers 17 second
***Sixers are incredibly young. They'll add more young talent this summer. Deng could be a smart swallow while adding more assets. Deng is a solid vet who (although very overpaid) can still play multiple positions and be a good player/coach for this young team.

20 May 2017 17:57:08
If I'm 76ers I'd want more than that. I think Okafor is worth a late 1st and I'd need another 1st to take Deng's contract minimally. If Lakers added Houston pick I think its more possible.

20 May 2017 19:30:31
The Thunder need to give up more.

20 May 2017 03:25:41
Magic-sixers trade

Magic gets saric, okafor, thunders 1st 2020 and 2 2nd picks
Sixers get #6 and hezonja

Sixers draft monk or isaac
Magics trade vucevic or okafor to other team.

20 May 2017 06:58:22
Hezonja and Okafor value wise are probably fairly close but for a team like Magic especially when they already have an offensive center in Vucevic I'd prefer upside of Hezonja even if he hasn't really showed any indication of ever reaching that. Saric although good I don't think is worthy of #6 pick in this deep draft even when adding those smaller pieces. Magic should be getting more

I think it would be extremely foolish for 76ers to waste #3 on Monk or Issac. I think Jackson is clearly the best prospect available at #3 (although not a great fit) and a case could be made for Tatum since he is a better fit but doesn't have quite upside of Jackson. If 76ers really want Monk I think they'd be better suited trading down. Should be plenty of teams wanting to move up to get Jackson.

19 May 2017 17:30:38

Thunder get Blake Griffin (3yr 80m) and JJ Redick (2yr 32m)

Clippers get Paul George, Thad Young, Doug McDermott, and #47 pick (via Pacers)

Pacers get Victor Oladipo, Enes Kanter, and Brice Johnson.

19 May 2017 18:51:35
Gotta add couple picks to pacers.

19 May 2017 19:13:51
Reddick isn't going to okc for that little, especially years. And Blake will want and get a max deal. Even with Westbrook there, okc is faaaar from a destination, guys aren't taking less to go there.

19 May 2017 21:21:11
Pacers could get a better offer than that for George from most teams in the league. Clippers and Thunder are two teams extremely short on movable assets outside of their core. Both would be hard pressed to add talents of this caliber and will likely have to settle with smaller deals. Clippers could luck out and get Melo since Jackson has ruined his value so much but that is probably the best they can hope for.

19 May 2017 21:23:52
As much as i would love this for the clippers. Highly unlikely. Sign and trades rarely happen in the new cba and even so rarely happen with players involved. I don't think its actually even possible to have multiple sign and trade players involved in the same trade.

18 May 2017 03:41:54
OKC Off-season

LAC / OKC / NYK Trade

LAC Trades: Blake Griffin (Sign and Trade), 2020 2nd Rounder (CLE)
LAC Receives: C. Anthony, Singler

OKC Trades: Kanter, Singler, Sabonis, 2018 2nd Round PIck (CHI)
OKC Receives: Blake Griffin (Sign and Trade)

NYK Trades: C. Anthony
NYK Receives: Kanter, Sabonis, 2018 2nd Round PIck (CHI), 2020 2nd Rounder (CLE)

LAL / OKC Trade

LAL Trades: 28th Pick
OKC Trades: D. McDermott (and maybe a future second round pick if needed)

21st: Harry Giles
28th: Jawun Evans

Jeff Green (Vets Min)
Roberson (Match his offer sheet)
Hibbert (Vets Min)
Taj Gibson (Loves OKC and so he may take a mil or two less than his market value to come back)

OKC 2017-18 Team
PG - Westbrook / J. Evans / Christon
SG - Abrines / Oladipo / D. Hamilton
SF - Roberson / J. Grant / Huestis
PF - B. Griffin / Taj Gibson / Jeff Green
C - S. Adams / H. Giles / Collison

This team would have blake who is a playmaker and has a great post game. He also isn't straight garbage on defense as Kanter is. They also have youth still and are great at developing young players through their team. They could develop Giles and Evans and the others they currently have. Gibson would be brought back to help the second unit with energy and defense. He would also help teach the young players in that unit. Lastly, this starting lineup with Gibson last year when on the floor, were ranked in the top 5 (Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me). Also, this off-season Oladipo can work with coaches and others on his playmaking and can run the second unit with gibson as J. Evans (The OSU kid) develops. They are starting Abrines because they need his shooting and hopefully his Defense gets a little better during the offseason. If not, he can be helped by Westbrook, Roberson and Adams.

Tell me what you think....

18 May 2017 04:58:48
love it u genius as okc fan hope it happens.

18 May 2017 03:19:59

LAC Trades: Blake Griffin (Sign and Trade), 2020 2nd Rounder (CLE)
LAC Receives: C. Anthony, Singler

OKC Trades: Kanter, Singler, Sabonis, 2018 2nd Round PIck (CHI)
OKC Receives: Blake Griffin (Sign and Trade)

NYK Trades: C. Anthony
NYK Receives: Kanter, Sabonis, 2018 2nd Round PIck (CHI), 2020 2nd Rounder (CLE)

Reason LAC Does the Trade: They do this if Griffin says he is leaving and then they can get another star to pair with CP3 and Jordan. Also, then they don't have to get rid of Crawford or Rivers or any other pieces.
Reason OKC Does the Trade: They do this to not only get rid of Kanter's contract, but also to get a star to pair with Westbrook. They will also have to get rid of Sabonis who has a bright future, but get a star that is in his prime to pair with Westbrook.
Reason NYK Does the Trade: NYK do this to not only get rid of Anthony, but also to get in a 24 year old big that is a defensive liability, but also would be perfect for the triangle offense if the Knicks plan to keep running it. Also they get Sabonis and a few late draft picks. You may say the knicks could maybe get better returns for Anthony, but at the end of the day, Anthony still has to agree to go to the place. He might not want to go to Boston, or any other places, you don't know. There has been interest in going to LA to play with Paul though and Jordan can cover for his defense.

Tell me what you think about this trade. Also maybe you can add other small picks to the deal to make it work, but this was just thought of kinda quick.

17 May 2017 17:19:08
Hornets, Suns, Thunder

Thunder want to clear space for Blake Griffin
Suns don't need Knight and with them slotted to pick Jackson don't need Warren
Hornets need help

Hornets out 7m (lettting Sessions and BRob walk) Marco and Plumlee
Suns out Knight and Warren
Thunder out Kanter

Hornets in Knight, Warren and Kanter
Suns in Plumlee
Thunder in Marco and 7mil savings

Kemba, Knight, Weber
Batum, Lamb, Graham
MKG, Warren, 2nd rd pick Thornwell
Marvin, Frank, #11 Collins or trade
Zeller, Kanter, O'Bryant.

17 May 2017 22:03:46
Awful trade for the Suns. With Chandler making big bucks and Len about to make big bucks they don't need acquire a guy that'll be their 3rd string center and make over 10 mill per year. If Hornets included their draft pick Suns would do this.

17 May 2017 02:15:39

OKC trade - Kanter, Abrines, Sabonis, Huestis and 21st overall draft pick 2017

KINGS trade - Gay, Labissere, Koufus, McLemore and the 10th overall pick 2017


17 May 2017 07:03:53
Don't like it for the Kings. Labissiere was balling out at the end of the year and they should be able to get a solid prospect at #10 (Markkanen or Ntilikina) .

Kanter and Sabonis are both high floor, low ceiling guys who aren't the type of players a team as bad as the Kings should be targeting. In fact none of those pieces has the upside that Labissiere or the #10 pick could provide.

16 May 2017 22:11:32
Hawks - Magic - Thunder

Hawks gets: Kanter, Singler

Magic gets: Howard

Thunder: Biyombo, Augustin

17 May 2017 07:07:12
If I'm the Hawks I think I may prefer Biyombo's defensive style over Kanter's offensive style. Both are younger players than Howard so i could see Hawks going this route if they want to let Millsap walk and try to rebuild around younger guys liek Schroeder, Hardaway and Prince. The issue is this doesn't present too promising a future so they may just be better off keeping Howard and resigning Millsap so they can stay a top 5 seed in the east and hope things go there way and they can slip into the finals.

15 May 2017 21:52:06
okc get tobias harris

detroit gets sobonis abrines 2nd round pick

15 May 2017 22:35:56
share what u think plz.

15 May 2017 23:00:50
I would like Harris on a the Thunder but think Kanter need to be involved for salaries to match. Also believe Sabonis is untouchable unless an unlikely trade for a star/ superstar would happend.

16 May 2017 02:25:14
well maybe right about sabonis but nba trade machine.

16 May 2017 04:44:46
It's a decent trade for both sides. OKC will do anything to keep Westbrook. I doubt Sabonis is anywhere near untouchable.

16 May 2017 05:56:33
I don't think it makes Thunder dramatically better and it adds decent amount of salary to their books so I don't think they'd do it. If I'm Pistons I'd be interested in the cap relief and Sabonis a solid big who could potentially be a stretch big compliment to Drummond.

15 May 2017 21:30:01
(Assuming Knicks land #3 pick, Twolves fall to #7)

Thunder get Carmelo Anthony, Kyle O'Quinn, and #44 pick (via NYK)

Knicks get Enes Kanter, Cole Aldrich, Doug McDermott, #7 pick (via MIN), and #21 pick (via OKC)

Twolves get Joakim Noah, Lance Thomas, Kyle Singler, and #3 pick (via NYK)

15 May 2017 22:51:48
Knicks getting to much to Melo and unloading Noah's contract.

15 May 2017 19:18:02
SAC: Trade Rudy Gay (OKC) Kosta Koufus (OKC)
OKC: Andre Roberson (SAC) Enes Kanter (DAL)
DAL: Dwight Powell (SAC)
Sacramento sign a trades Rudy Gay to a playoff team,
OKC gets scoring a better back up big, while DAllas gets another asset that can score behind noel.

15 May 2017 20:31:13
Rudy Gay opted out.

15 May 2017 01:33:09
Thunder need a big shake up.

Lakers get: Kanter, Bayless, Heustis
***Lakers have lots of young assets. They can grow into something special, and a low-post scorer could help.

Philly gets: Deng, OKC first
***Deng is overpaid and aging. For Philly, he can eat up some of their excess cap and be a great vet presence for this young squad. They get a first for their troubles.

OKC gets: Gerald Henderson, Corey Brewer, Jahlil Okafor
***Okafor is a very similar player to Kanter, so OKC can still have a low post scorer when they want one. They also get two guys that they can flip as expiring deals later next season while moving on from Kanter.


15 May 2017 01:58:47
Philly will be looking to add free agents that can help them win before they have to resign their young guys. Deng would limit their ability to do that and a late first really isn't a big incentive for them to take on that terrible contract at this point

Similiarly, the Lakers are looking to get out from under their bad contracts to go after stars. They won't want Kanter's contract on thr books.

It's not bad for OKC, but I think they would rather package up their assets to go after a player that can take some of the load off Westbrook's shoulders.

15 May 2017 02:05:28
Philly should be getting more. The first compensates them for taking on Dengs contract but they aren't getting anything really in return for dealing away Okafor, Henderson or Bayless.

Makes sense for Lakers who get a young center in Kanter who although still overpaid isn't quite as big a contract as Deng.

Would also be a smart cost cutting move for OKC who would also get solid veterans.

15 May 2017 02:06:54
Lakers say no.

15 May 2017 02:28:18
So philly gives up Okafor, Henderson, and Bayless for an old overpaid vet, which they don't need since they have Henderson and Bayless to be to be those guys and are on way better deals, and a 1st round pick that will be in the mid 20's. I believe they would pass on this.

15 May 2017 02:32:16
It would take a Christmas miracle for the lakers to receive a very skilled young big man in Kanter, Bayless, and Huestis for an aging, overpaid Deng. Also, this move does not eat up Philly's cap space but rather opens up more for them. I don't think the 76ers would be willing to give up 3 players for ovepaid veteran leadership and a low 1st round pick, but it's possible. I do think the Thunder need to bring in some fresh faces but I feel like they would want some better wings than brewer and Henderson. Okafor would be a nice piece for the Thunder. He is a cheaper, younger Kanter. I'd suggest replacing the 76ers with a different team and I think the lakers should probably part ways with Clarkson in this type of deal.

15 May 2017 03:31:42
Sixers have no incentive to do this deal.

14 May 2017 22:29:22
Boston: R Westbrook+ S Adams
Trade: IT+ 1rnd pick Nets+ Zeller

OKC: 1rnd pick Nets+ 1rnd pick NY+ J Noah+1rnd pick NY 19
Trade: Adams and Westbrook

NY: I Thomas+ Zeller
Trade: Noah+ 1rnd pick+ 1rnd pick 19

C: Adams/ Johnson
PF: A horford/ Jerebko
SF:Crowder/ Brown
SG: Bradley/ Smart
PG: R Westrook/ Rozier

OKC can go for a descent rebuilt, drafting
Nets pick: Fulzz
NY: Monk or Isaac
OKC: Collins or Giles

New York receive a third star and they can sign a fourth one in free agency

15 May 2017 01:25:56
They could get a better offer than that for Westbrook and why would they get rid of Adams in the trade. He's young and could be a player they build around.

15 May 2017 02:41:04
Sub kanter for Adams.

16 May 2017 03:18:18
yeah the thunder aren't going to get rid of adams maybe kanter and their not going to take noah A. his contract is too big and B. he would do nothing to help out the thunder the thunder would never do this deal.

14 May 2017 16:56:25

•Nuggets get Enes Kanter, Avery Bradley, #21 pick (via OKC)

-Re-sign Danilo Gallinari
-Sign Blake Griffin or Paul Millsap
PG: Murray, Murray
SG: Bradley, Harris, Beasley
SF: Gallinari, Barton
PF: Griffin, Arthur, Hernangomez
C: Jokic, Kanter

•Celtics get Kenneth Faried (and something else small)

-Draft Markelle Fultz
-Sign Gordon Hayward, Aron Baynes
-Bring over Yabusele
PG: Thomas, Fultz, Rozier
SG: Hayward, Smart
SF: Crowder, Brown
PF: Faried, Yabusele, Mickey
C: Horford, Baynes

•Thunder get Wilson Chandler and Jameer Nelson

-Trade McDermott for a 2nd round pick
-Sign Alex Len (MLE)
-Re-sign Taj Gibson, Andre Roberson
PG: Westbrook, Nelson, Christon
SG: Roberson, Oladipo, Abrines
SF: Chandler, Grant, Huestis
PF: Gibson, Sabonis
C: Adams, Len.

14 May 2017 18:22:17
I forgot Alex Len might be restricted, if they can't get him they could target Amir Johnson, Willie Reed, Mo Speights, or Cristiano Felicio.

15 May 2017 19:14:29
Denver doesn't want Enes and give up half their lineup? No fricken way!

13 May 2017 05:46:50
Let's be honest the thunder can't make any huge significantly big moves without going over the cap because they want to reset the clock of going over the cap 4 out of 5 seasons where you have to pay a even bigger penalty for going over the space. , which I mean isn't terrible because they will still have at the very least a little better of a team next year and here's a few things how they can.

Extend Westbrook
Resign Roberson and Gibson
The thunder obviously want to resign Roberson but sign Gibson to trade him later on to get some value from him and stay under the tax.

Trade Kanter and maybe either to the kings for willie Cauley-stein and their 10th or maybe even 6th or 8th round pick where ever they lan and the first second round pick. Or trade kanter tot he celtics if willing for their first round pick, second round pick (37) or last two second round picks and Avery Bradley. The kings trade would most likely happen.

If still don't have a back up after draft or uncertain pg could trade singler for brandon knight this would work bc both cities won't both players off their team and it would cut some cap room from the suns and give the thunder a little bit more cap room but knight would actually play.

After trades find a solid back up either in the draft or free agency and a cheap wing option that could help out team and possibly a center.

13 May 2017 11:47:03
Kanter for the possible first overall pick in the draft?
I'm sure the Celtics will jump on that one as fast as they can.

13 May 2017 12:28:52
You had me until you attempted to trade Kanter for top 10 picks and/ or picking up a superior player in Bradley. Both are just ridiculous.

Kanter has little value. Don't know if you've heard, but during the playoffs Donivan at one point said to an Assistant "we can't play Kanter". That's not good to say the least.

They will be able to move Kanter, there will be teams looking for an offensive big off the bench, but I would a trade like this is much more likely:

To CHI - Kanter

To OKC - MCW (option picked up), future 2nd.

13 May 2017 15:45:22
Kanter and McDermott to the Knicks for Noah and a 2nd.

11 May 2017 20:08:58
Bucks - Thunder

Bucks gets: Kanter, Singler, 21st

Thunder gets: Dellavedova, Henson

11 May 2017 22:26:25
If I'm OKC, I don't want to move pick number 21, and if Monroe decides to opt in, the Bucks would absolutely not want Kanter.

12 May 2017 01:44:18
no way there's a chance with that package they can get melo.

13 May 2017 05:48:15
The thunder won't trade for melo we would be way over the salary cap they need to be under. But I do not agree with this trade either.

11 May 2017 19:58:39
Thunder Offseason

Pistons gets: Kanter, Singler, 21st

Thunder gets: Harris, Marjanovic, 2nd

Resign Roberson, Collison

Let Gibson and Cole walk


11 May 2017 20:05:07
Why would pistons trade harris for kanter if they still have drummond?

11 May 2017 20:11:13
Use Kanter as a backup and with Drummond missing free throws, his playingtime will be like the one in OKC.

11 May 2017 22:29:07
Magsnusarn, do you ever get tired of trying to deal Kanter and Singler? You're like Knicks fans trying to deal Melo to the Clips in 100 different formats, just you've been doing this for much longer.

12 May 2017 12:14:43
What's wrong with making different kind of trades including the same players from one of the teams?

You have to compare offers in trades to see which value players have and what you can get for them.

12 May 2017 13:38:20
Because you offer the same package. Why not go this package to any ok offer from any team. Save some space.

Also. Most teams don't actively look to overpay a backup center. So yeah. Dumb.

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