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20 Jun 2018 21:43:54
Cavs/ wiz

Cavs/ Beal+pick 15

Wiz/ Smith (exp) +clarckson+pick 8+'20 second+2021 unprotected first rounder

Cavs/ OKC

Cavs/ Paul George s/ t

OKC/ Kevin love+Ante zizic

Cavs/ pelicans

Cavs/ DeMarcus cousins s/ t

Pelicans/ Tristan Thompson+Kyle korver+pick 15+'19 second

George Hill
Bradley Beal
Paul George
Lebron James
DeMarcus Cousins

21 Jun 2018 01:06:43
Lil j he packed his bags already. Lebron is in la.

21 Jun 2018 02:10:23
Dude keep dreaming wizards are not going to give Beal away for nothing, second the lady place Cousins will go is Cleveland, wow,

20 Jun 2018 05:28:20
OKC Draftnight


OKC-38th and 39th picks

PHIL-Abrines, Singler,2019 2nd round pick


38-Javon Carter

39-Shake Milton

53-Kostas Antetekumpo

57-Karem Kanter

20 Jun 2018 13:11:47
Phillies going to want to keep cap flexibility for Free Agency. While Antibes would be nice, Singler and him cut into that by $10M next year.

20 Jun 2018 17:41:18
Triangle 0 is 100% correct on this one. No way Philly gives up a big chunk of it's cap space for bench guys with low ceilings. Just doesn't make any sense for Philly.

20 Jun 2018 21:17:21
They need to clear roster spots. They can buyout Singler easily and they get someone to replace Reddick so they can let him walk. Ihis saves them from paying two rookies and a MLE to Reddick.

19 Jun 2018 21:07:56
Trade 1). Cavs gets Parsons stretch, pick 4, pick 32. Grizzlies receive Kevin love

Trade 2) trade Tristan Thompson and pick 32 to mavs for pick 54

Trade 3)
Trade Jr, pick 54,2020 second to Kings for a future second

Trade 4)
Trade clarckson to nets for pick 45

After draft night

Trade 5) OKC gets Rodney hood s/ t 2/ 30m salary fill, pick 45,2019 Minnesota second round pick, unprotected first rounder 2021

Cavs receive Paul George opt in

Stretch Parsons 5 yrs

Resign lebron 5/ 32m avg.

Sign DeAndre Jordan 2/ 46m

Draft young and Porter

Porter Jr

19 Jun 2018 07:23:20
Anyone think the Thunder would be desperate enough to accept a sign and trade with the Cavs. Rodney Hood for PG?


Cavs can trade 8th pick Nance Osman Zizic and Jr for Kawhi


19 Jun 2018 08:12:00
I don't think PG would go to Cleveland.

OKC should take all talent they can get for PG in a sign and trade.

19 Jun 2018 12:01:41
I don't think they would be desperate enough to give Hood the 30 million needed to match salaries.

19 Jun 2018 14:40:16
Once James bolts Cleveland will return to irrelevancy.

Fire sale starts June 21 thru the month of July.

19 Jun 2018 03:17:53
Only way to keep LBJ in Cleveland:

Spurs receive: Hill, Osman, Pick 4, '21 Cavs 1st
Cavs receive: Leonard, Parsons, 32
Griz receive: Love

Cavs receive: 12 & 13, Beverly (Irving Trade exception)
LAC receive: Pick 8, '23 1st (Top 5 protected), '20 2nd

Cavs receive: PG13 (S&T)
Thunder receive: Clarkson, Korver, Zizic, Pick 13

Cavs receive: MKG
Hornets receive: Smith (Exp), 3m cash

Cavs receive: Noel (S&T)
Mavs receive: Thompson, Pick 32, 3m cash

Draft 12 Sexton

Resign Hood 50m/4y
Resign Green Vet min

PG: Beverly, Sexton
SG: Leonard, Hood
PF: James, Green
C: Nance, Noel

19 Jun 2018 04:47:06
Stretch Parsons like 9 mil over 6 years.

19 Jun 2018 05:35:36
My bad, I meant to have Parsons as the back up PF.

19 Jun 2018 14:57:05
Clippers are not trading both lottery picks and their starting PG who they are very high on, who also has a very cheap salary, to move up 4 spots and get a draft pick years from now. If the clippers are going to trade both picks, they are getting into the top 5. If not, they stay put.

18 Jun 2018 20:23:21
Draft Day Trade

Abrines and Johnson
2019 1st Round Pick & both 2nd Round Picks 53rd and 57th

for Kover and the 8th Pick in the 2018 Draft.

Trade Deadline Deal
Thunder to Cavs

2020 2nd Round Pick

Cavs to Thunder
Thompson (Backup for Adams)
Clarkson (Replacement for Westbrook)
Nance (for Value)
2020 1st Round Pick

18 Jun 2018 20:36:04
Why would Cleveland deal picks on a rebuild?

18 Jun 2018 17:14:51
Cavs Re-tool

Trade 1:
- CHA receives: #8 Pick, Jordan Clarkson, JR Smith (expiring)
- CAVS: Kemba Walker, Marvin Williams

Trade 2: (S/T)
- OKC receives: Kevin Love and Kyle Korver
- CAVS: Paul George

PG - Walker, Hill, Calderon
SG - George, KCP,
SF - Lebron, Osman, Holland
PF - Williams, Green,
C - Thompson, Nance, Zizic

Cavs clear $59M in salary by trading away Love, Smith, Clarkson and Korver. Lebron recruits George to play in Cleveland and Cavs sign KCP with the MLE (Klutch sports connection). Cavs could also buy a 2nd rounder from Philly who have 4 2nds this year to get a young player off the bench

18 Jun 2018 15:40:19
Memphis: G Hill+ Smith+ Clarckson+ 1rnd pick 8+ future 1rnd pick OKC

OKC: M Gasol

Cle: C Anthony+ M Conley

18 Jun 2018 09:21:09
Lakers got 61 to spend. If they stretch Deng they have 72 mil after they announce all free agents and will have 12 mil cap hold with 60 mil left if they want randle but here there keeping him.

Sign James and George 28 each. With 4 left for Noel. Mle on reddick for four years 34 mil. Signn randle to whatever it takes.
Kuzma randle Hart and Ingram would be a strong bench.

Or rid randle use the 16 mil on Avery Bradley. Use mle on Evans for years 34 mil. Sign Noel with the other 4.4 exception.
With Evans Hart Ingram and kuzma off bench would slaughter golden state. I would like to see Ball handle the rock and see how much king James can score. With shooters like Bradley and George. And a rebounder like Noel. Ball can guard Klay while Bradley chases around Curry. With George putting good d on Durant. James can relax on d guarding green with Noel on there starting center.

So this requires no trades just there willingness to sign with this great situation. That's y there so much speculation with Lakers because they can sign all the players to create a team that would beat golden state. With James and George joining the Lakers with 16 left and mle would be better then the cavs And thunder

18 Jun 2018 09:36:13
Best possible scenario maybe if we can sign James and George on a discount but i don't think it would happen.

18 Jun 2018 12:40:41
Ingram averaged 16 say he can put up 14 off the bench plus kuzma doing the same. Plus Evans and Hart all caple of averaging 10 plus points off bench with James averaging 27 George averaging 24 plus Bradley 16 and ball like 12 and 8. Plus Noel 7 and 12. Plus have solid defenders, this team be Scary. Point is what more help would they need so no needforr james and George to take less then 28 that is a discount.

18 Jun 2018 15:25:15
noel 4 mil and Reddick MLE, what are you talking about.

18 Jun 2018 19:59:48
Lebron and PG are not taking paycuts to play with guys that have only been in the league for a couple seasons and haven't proven anything. Either way, the math is way off on this one. If you have cap room, you do not get the full MLE worth 8 mill/ season. You will get a room mle for 4.3 mill/ season for 2 years tops.

18 Jun 2018 05:59:33
Cavs/ Spurs

Cavs Leonard+18+bertans

Spurs love+Smith+8+crdi+2021 first

Cavs trade nance+zizic to bulls for pick 22+'20 second

Cavs trade tt+bulls second, Minnesota second

Mavs trade Noel

Trade clarckson to nets for pick 45

Cavs/ OKC

OKC s/ t hood 2/ 30m+Irving trade exception+pick 22 +45

OKC sends pg (opt in)

Buyout hill

Draft divincenzo


18 Jun 2018 06:13:19
Just stop. If Lakers have a very slim chance to land those 3, Cavs absolutely have zero.

18 Jun 2018 06:22:12
As far as the cap situation it'll be tough but Cavs already have Bron,Lakers tryna get all three

18 Jun 2018 08:39:54
Leonard is going to be traded, because he rather plays in a big market than signing a max. So this would be a one year rental for Cleveland.

18 Jun 2018 04:49:20
Cavs rebuild:

Cavs send: Love
Mem send: Parsons, Pick 4 & 32

Cavs send: Thompson, pick 32
Mavs send: Noel S&T (1+TO 5m/y)

Cavs send: Lebron (Opt in)
Phi send: Bayless (Exp), pick 26, '20 top 10 protected

Cavs send: Smith (Exp)
Cha send: MKG, '20 2nd top 40 protected

Cavs send: Korver
OKC send: Picks 53 & 37

Cavs send: Hill (Exp), Pick 53 & 57
NY send: Noah, pick 9

Cavs send: Clarkson, Zizic
Pacers send: Jefferson (Waive), pick 23

Resign Hood: 50m/4y
Sign McDermott 1+PO 4m/y (Cap Space)
Sign Exum 1+TO 8m/y (MLE)

Draft: 4 Bamba, 8 Young, 9 Porter, 23 C.Hutchison

PG: Young, Exum, Bayless
SG: Hood, Osman, Hutchison
SF: Porter, Parsons
PF: Nance, MKG, McDermott
C: Bamba, Noel, Noah

'19 aim is to tank to keep their 1st (top 5 protected I think). This team is now a non-tax team, has multiple high upside prospects (Bamba, Young, Porter), a couple of wild card prospects (Hood, Exum, Noel) and some rock solid young role players (Nance & Osman).

18 Jun 2018 11:29:02
You think Osman and nance are solid?

18 Jun 2018 01:42:03

OKC get Kris Dunn, Denzel Valentine, John Henson, Omer Asik (waive), 7th pick, 22nd pick, 2nd rd pick MIL & future 1st round pick CHI

CHI get Russell Westbrook

MIL get Robin Lopez

CHI sign LeBron James & Demarcus Cousins

Pg Westbrook/Grant/Payne
Sg LaVine/Nwaba
Sf James/Kilpatick
Pf Markannen/Portis
Ce Cousins/Felicio

18 Jun 2018 04:40:14
the bulls would have to add markannen as well bc Dunn isn't super promising and his work ethic is questioned. maybe lavine would get it done instead but i like the idea.

18 Jun 2018 00:39:00
Suns take over West.

Trade Jackson,warren, bender, and Two first but not this year number one. Next best available picks. For Leonard.
George opts in
Thunder get Parsons and pick 4
Memphis get Miami pick and Suns 2019 unprotected plus Knight chriss Dudleyy. All can contribute better then pick four and Parsons. Parsons two year contract is that bad. Knight be a great 6th man.
Suns get George and clear cap.

Trade Chandler Alan and Daniels plus number one pick for Lillard.

Sign cousins

18 Jun 2018 02:24:18
Phew! and if "ifs and buts were candy and nuts, what a merry christmas we'd all have". Enjoy your time in Fantasyland.

18 Jun 2018 02:44:34
So you trade 2 future 1sts to SA for Kawhi, but not this year or next? So SA has to wait until 2021 and 2023? You think they want to wait that long? SA passes.

16 Jun 2018 23:30:22
Leonard to OKC

No Russ or aPG

I think that Leonard can reflect on pg last year and would be willing to resign

Leave your suggestions below

16 Jun 2018 07:02:49
3 team blockbuster
OKC/ cavs/ Spurs

OKC/ Aldridge+love

Spurs/ Adams+clarckson+cedi Osman+8+future second

Cavs get Kawhi Leonard+Paul George

Cavs trade hill+2021 pick

Cavs get. Eric. Bledsoe

Cavs trade tt+3 future seconds

Cavs get Noel s/ t 2/ 16

Buyout Jr

Sign shooters with mle, minimum


16 Jun 2018 12:48:04
Okc wants two bigs? Why are bucks getting screwed?

16 Jun 2018 21:03:40
lma and love would be good around russ. but spurs are getting killed for their two best players.

16 Jun 2018 01:48:30
Spurs - Raptors

Spurs get:
Demar DeRozan
OG Anunoby
Delon Wright

Raptors get:
Kawhi Leonard
Patty Mills

I would say this is similar to what OKC gave up to get Paul George.

Raptors spruce up their roster for one last run before the Celtics and 76ers dominate the East. If it doesn't work, and Kawhi leaves, they blow it up.

Spurs get all star level talent and a Kawhi junior in return.

16 Jun 2018 13:50:47
but if it doesn't work and kawhi leaves you gave a 2 good young pieces in delon wright and anunoby and gave up a star who can be traded for more young assets.

17 Jun 2018 03:16:43
Raptors say no.

15 Jun 2018 23:38:38
OKC/ Kawhi Leonard, Rudy Gay

Spurs/ Steven Adams, Terrance Ferguson, Patrick Patterson 53 57 2019 first rounder, and 2022 conditional pick he resigns

15 Jun 2018 23:51:08
Not even close. They need allstar upside for him.

16 Jun 2018 01:15:03
I'd say okc is pretty far out of the running in the leonard sweepstakes. Not much to offer in terms of future assets and young players.

15 Jun 2018 18:12:57
Westbrook to Suns

Trade Deadline Deal

Send Westbrook and a 2019 1st Round Pick to the Phoenix Suns for

C Chandler (Adams Backup)
G Knight (Point Guard, Replacing RW)
F Warren (SF, Moved George to PF)

And a 2020 first round pick and the Thunder gives the Suns two 2nd Round Picks in 2019 and 2020 in return.

Sign Paul George Super Max - Focus on George not Russell.

With Anthony Gone in 2020 - they have a chance to get another free agent.

15 Jun 2018 19:12:01
I'm not sure what the market for Russ would be, but it's better than that and no one is coming to OKC to play with George. You're basically in the same spot the Pacers were paying mediocre players to much money to at best get to the 2nd round. That's all under the unlikely assumption that George comes back and that George wouldn't figure out a way to force his was out if Russ was traded.

15 Jun 2018 19:16:02
George will be gone before next season, nevermind the trade deadline.

14 Jun 2018 22:02:29
Rumor has it the Grizz are looking to package and move Chandler Parsons and the 4th pick. Who'd be a good trade partner?

Suns have several pieces and the 16th pick. They could absorb him and send out less. That'd give the Suns a shot at landing both Ayton and Doncic (the next Stoudemire and Nash?).

I also like the idea of the Thunder. It'd be a swap of bad deals. Melo could fit well as he needs great team defense around him and Memphis needs scoring. Thunder are low on assets but they could offer to take another contract back of Memphis's choice and give them Ferguson and their two second rounders in this draft. Not enough probably but worth a thought? Presti often pulls off magic trades.

Trade 1->
Memphis gets Chriss, Bender, Dudley, pick 16
Phoenix gets Chandler Parsons, pick 4

Trade 2->
Memphis gets Melo, Ferguson, 2 seconds
OKC gets Chandler Parsons, Ben McLemore, pick 4

15 Jun 2018 00:51:14
I actually really like the 2nd trade idea. Only problem is if Memphis is willing to take Melo AND if Melo is willing to waive his no trade clause to go to Memphis.

15 Jun 2018 00:57:33
Toronto gets puck/ chandler for derozan.

15 Jun 2018 04:31:56
I like the deal for okc I think they might need to give up a bit more like Patterson or something but it looks good. I think melo would accept just bc Memphis would buy him out and he could go to Houston, golden state, or who ever lebron is on and chances are melo wouldn’t get all 28 million but Memphis still gets out of parsons deal for the long term.

14 Jun 2018 16:32:29

Sign LeBron James
Sign Chris Paul
Sign Dwayne Wade (Veteran Exception)
Trade for Carmelo Anthony (OKC, Miami, and LA Lakers) has to work out a deal.

Do this for one Year sake -- this would be the only way that these four friends to play together.

Make it work and the Lakers will gain 26 Million next year additional Cap Space . it's a deal that Magic Johnson must do.

According to the NBA Trade Machine it's a possibility that this can happen - Only Lakers, Thunder, and the Heat can make it happen.

This way the Thunder can sign Paul George and another free agent next year.

14 Jun 2018 17:04:23
OKC is capped out even if they can dump Melo for nothing. It's hard to imagine the Lakers getting Lebron and not George. I also don't see the banana boat crew ever getting together. Wade is about shot, Melo is straight bad, Paul is in a good place, and Lebron wants championships more than friends.

14 Jun 2018 22:53:51
Georgeis staying in okc.

14 Jun 2018 23:26:25
Dont want paul on the lakers.

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